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Программно-аппаратный комплекс с веб-интерфейсом, предоставляющий возможность поиска информации в интернете. Под поисковой системой обычно подразумевается сайт, на котором размещён интерфейс фронт-энд системы. Программной частью поисковой системы является поисковая машина поисковый движок — комплекс программ, обеспечивающий функциональность поисковой системы и обычно являющийся коммерческой тайной компании-разработчика поисковой системы. Большинство поисковых систем ищут информацию на сайтах Всемирной паутины, но существуют также системы, способные искать файлы на FTP-серверах, товары в интернет-магазинах, а также информацию в группах новостей Usenet. Улучшение поиска — это одна из приоритетных задач современного интернета см. Cистема поиска Программно-аппаратный комплекс с веб-интерфейсом, предоставляющий возможность поиска информации в интернете.

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Напореден текст на англ. Цветковски: стр. Cvetkovski: стр. ISBN 1. Андоновска, Ленче а Писатели - Битола - Биографии. Petkovski Jovan Kostovski and the Albanian poet and novelist Migeni Milos Gerg Nikola and others, happened several important events almost one after the another.

In the both cases the writer Lazo Karovski had his own great contribution. For this situation in Bitola there were objective and subjective reasons. When we discuss this, before all we mean to the direct participation of the human factor, the municipality and the society, all of that transformed in a Culture community and its leaders.

There was something more than that. All of this is mentioned in order. Во шеесеттите години, што ги земаме за клучни, во Битола се школуваа и други писатели.

Cvetkovski,Vele Smilevski, Pande Manojlov and others given in alphabetic order as it was published in the magazine were the core of Bitola Literary circle. In the sixties which we take as crucial in Bitola there were other writers. Во него посредно или непосредно беа вклучени и писателите.

Тоа беше третиот настан што се случи во Битола. Подоцна го именувавме како Битолски книжевен круг. Тоа што тогаш се зборуваше, стана вистина. It directly or indirectly included writers. That was the third event that happened in Bitola.

Much later, the obsession of some one to have its own publishing activity and its own magazine conditioned its felling apart. Later, it was named Bitola literary circle. What it was said before became truth.

Most probably to the number beside those ten writers, who already promoted themselves by their literary qualities and fought their place at Macedonian Writers Association, it was thought to the rest so hopeful Bitola writers. However, some of them did not come over and did not step over the literary quality. A huge part in all. All of them ten regular members of Bitola literary circle, eight are members of Macedonian Scientific Association in Bitola, founded before Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Beside the regular members there are ten more authors who are associate members out of which five or six claim for admission at Macedonian Writers Association. We want to emphasize even more the necessity of such informative manual that Bitola misses. Macedonia, gained national value and as such fits in the overall efforts for proclamation of A year of Macedonian language and Bitola the City of Culture.

Simulatneously, these projects not only they are related, but they fulfill each other. As a wider idea for publishing there will be other projects In that case the said thought will gain its truth. According to the way the manual is made. А тоа е и корисно и важно и за Битола и за би- толските писатели. А такви во периодот од година наваму ги има над десетина. And that is crucial for Bitola and Bitola writers. From the other side, taking into consideration the frequency in the publishing realization by its quantity and its quality, The Library is encountered among the most successful libraries in Macedonia.

It has large number of such achievements in its upstream increasing. And as such in the period from there are over ten.

Мислам дека разбирате на што се алудира. Though them the continuity and the upper flow of the editorship is preserved. For the authors taking into consideration in this book from one side the name of Bitola and the author from the other side, it was not easy to take the responsibility in the election of the distinguished people for Bitola, this time writers, out of seventy in Bitola and outside its borders. At the same time they had to draw a line to the upper and especially the lowest line, but not formally as each such rising or putting down of the editorship line can provoke increasing or decreasing for about two-three authors.

And it was made in such a way not because they wanted to, but because new reasons and additional requests appeared. I think you know the thing I allude. Only in that way it is possible to circle the number of represented authors.

The election contains the criteria birthplace and. Андреевски и Анте Поповски. Всушност, оваа книга не е затворена еднаш засекогаш.

И сега и тогаш е добро ако се прави тоа со почит и кон личноста писател и кон неговото дело. Сите тие, застапените, и оние кои не влегоа во ова издание поети, раскажувачи, романсиери, драматичари, критичари и книжевни историчари се книжевниот образ на Битола. It says a lot for the concrete choice of authors. This is emphasized for the importance and the weight of the organization where there is no withdrawing.

Actually this book is not closed once and for ever, this could never be final version as there are new authors to come.

After a period, this book will go above itself which will take its new edition with supplement of new authors. But, then the edition line should be drawn. And it will be such in every new edition. Now and then, it will be well done with respect to the personality, writer and his work. Bitola as a city -the citiest, it could be also said the most literary city, something that many cities could not show, justifies the edition of this informative manual and the finance support by the Ministry of Culture of R.

All of them the present ones and those not included in this edition poets, narrators, novelists, drama writers, critics and literary historians are the literary face of Bitola. They in their own way left mark of recognition for the existence of Bitola. We support that with those fifty authors who passed through this city and those twenty who live and work here. They are new to come and as the previous ones will leave their traces, their mark in the overall living of the.

Градот е во нивните дела. Вака оформена, книгата станува корисен и неодминлив информативен прирачник. Би го нарекле уште био-биб- лиографски прирачник. The city is their work. It lives there. That is why it makes me happy the fact that the number of authors is great, such number that who knows, if any other city in Macedonia can be compared with Bitola. In such form the book became useful and unsurpassable informative manual.

We could also name it bio bibliographical manual. There are present biographic and bibliographic characteristics the published work, gained awards and recognitions. Overall, we are discussing about rare edition attempt first of its type in Bitola. That is why the facts for the. Оттаму и релевантноста на фактите за авторите во книжевноисториската вред- ност на проектот. Патот од локалното излетиште кон универзалното е темата и високо книжевноуметничкиот квалитет.

А такви автори има и во Битола. Through all those personal and other literary historical data we come to the conclusion that Bitola -the citiest city, is not only city with cultural tradition generally speaking, but with literary tradition, which emerges in writers books, in continuity named as literary Bitola.

The beginning of such literary Bitola touches to the period between the both World Wars and not sooner. In that direction and on those facts Done Panovski named Bitola literary center which stands on a life literary activity and represents literary tradition in a continuity that passed through many marks over the stormy history of Bitola. Many of those forty writers are now well known in Macedonia and abroad. The path of local flying place to the universality is the topic and high literary artistic quality.

And such authors are in Bitola. That continuity lives in Bitola for generations. Here, we will put our ascent to the writer as creator on a level of cultural and literary Bitola, but also on national raising, which does stay in local and national frames but with its creational authority passes the literary border of Macedonia. Here comes the importance of this book, informative manual, which could include larger number because at least ten of those not present here could become members of the Macedonian Writers Association and to jump the edition line with necessary number of books.

As a result of that, for that national interest, but with clear image in reciprocal relation on all levels, the character concern should be even larger. So, with the existence of the University City and within its frames University library as National Institute, writers, scientists etc. In other words there are no upper steps without a magazine. Како инаку, освен ако тие не се збрани околу некое книжевно гла- сило? The holders of that life are the writers.

Most probably other editions will follow of this type. Годините на студии го обележуваат времето кога Петре М. He was born on 25 June in v. Sloes- tica. He finished his primary school in his birthpalce, high school in Bitola, and after that he studied Macedonian language and Yugoslav literature at The Faculty of Philos- ophy in Skopje.

His faculty period marked the period when Petre M. In he worked as a journalist at Radio Skopje children programs,youth programs, literary programs and programs on culture and art field. He also worked at Macedo- nian Broadcasting.

Значајни личности за Битола - писатели

Д л яэ тихце лейспециа ли с ты фирмыадап тиро ва ли техно ло гию ,примен яемуюво с ко ло чно -фу га снойгра на тека либра40х53ммHED P -R F во здушно гоподры вас радиочас то тным про граммированием. Вча с тно с ти ,водноми з вариан то ввме с тов зры в ча то говеще с т вап лани руе т с яи спо л ь зо ва т ьт ка не вуюи липро во ло чную се т ь. Вконцегодасо с то я ли с ьи спы тани яно выхбо еприпа со впро ти вБЛА ,находи вших с явпо ле те. Поза я влениюспециали с то в ,в се во здушныебе спи ло тныеце либы лиуни ч тожены. Обе спечение кибербе зопа сно сти электроэнер гетиче ской си стемыС ША Силы реа гирования Евро сою за.

the exhibition of books by local authors: Климент Охридски“ – Битола, „Народно “Bitola literary inheritance” held from 1 здравје“, пофалница за учество на Из- June to 14 June at KIC of Re-ложбата на книги од роднокрајни автори: public.

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Киц Диана шоу и киц Рома шоу

Видео тики таки киц

Напореден текст на англ. Цветковски: стр. Cvetkovski: стр. ISBN 1. Андоновска, Ленче а Писатели - Битола - Биографии.

Cvetkovski Radovan P.

Ярослава катается с горки на лыжах - блог про развлекательный центр

Ре дакци я н е н есет от ветственн ости з а и н ф ормаци ю, содержа щуюся в рекламн ых материа ла х. Serpuhovskaya str. Если отдельные рейсы будут отменены по инициативе перевозчика, то билеты на них пассажиры смогут перебронировать. Основная маршрутная сеть компании сохраняется. Пассажиры могут спокойно приобретать билеты на рейсы.


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