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An anime television series adaptation by Bones began airing in Japan in July The story takes place in a dystopian city known as "No. What Shion soon discovers is how drastically life will change after meeting with the mysterious Nezumi, with whom he had shared one unforgettable, stormy night. Shion is an intelligent, idealistic boy who was on his way to going into the Special Curriculum for gifted students, specializing in Ecology, until his fateful encounter with Nezumi on his twelfth birthday. Although he knew Nezumi was a wanted fugitive, he cared for the bullet wound that on his shoulder, fed him, and sheltered him for the night in his room.

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In the novels, Nezumi is described as having a fair, pale complexion and a slender jawline, giving him a feminine image. He has gray eyes and black hair, which is short and just covers his ears. Nezumi wears a dark grey, green-tinted leather jacket that is decorated with pockets and zippers. Underneath, he wears a pale yellow long-sleeve shirt. His beige cargo pants have large pockets on either side, and he only tucks the left leg into his combat boots — the right side is left loose and is tattered.

Around his neck is a large, dark grey scarf made of incredibly durable superfiber cloth, which doubles as his cloak. In the manga and anime, Nezumi wears his hair differently. It is longer, about shoulder-blade level in length.

He is most commonly seen with it in a spiked ponytail, and he appears to use some of his own hair to secure it. In the anime adaptation, his hair is the color of slate instead of black. His attire consisted of a light gray sweater with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and denim blue shorts. He was also shorter than Shion. Every time Shion asks Nezumi about himself, Nezumi shortly tells him to stop being nosy.

When speaking with others, he often takes on a condescending or mocking tone. Nezumi has a cruel streak when it comes to getting what he wants, such is demonstrated when he tortures the No. However, no matter how much Nezumi denies it, he is capable of thoughtful gestures. Nezumi also has a tendency to to be dramatic and theatrical, due to his love for classic literature.

His room is filled with books that range from Shakespeare to Ecology and Scientific Journals. For someone who has no formal education, Nezumi has a vast amount of knowledge.

However, he is unorganized — a fact that is noted by Shion and proven by how messy his room is. At the beginning of the series, Nezumi is a very cold individual who keeps himself distanced from others. He stands firm to the belief that you should live only for yourself, that memories and relationships are like shackles that ultimately lead to your downfall. As the series progresses, this resolve crumbles. He becomes protective and fond of Shion, and there are a number of times he puts Shion before himself.

A few similar scenarios are shown in the manga and novels. Nezumi is descended from a race that once lived in Mao Forest, otherwise known as the Forest Folk. They resided there for eons, long before most of the planet was destroyed by war. The Forest People were peaceful, they lived in harmony with the wind, earth, rivers, and sky. They could communicate with animals and the forest itself, which they protected and revered.

They pleaded with Elyurias to not turn them into hosts for her parasitic wasps. So long as the forest people guarded the eggs with their hearts and souls until they hatched, they would not be harmed. This bargain was carried out through countless generations. These parasite wasps have the ability to control their human host, a trait most parasitic organisms posses. That is the power that No. When No. In response, No. Nezumi was only five when he witnessed his family, friends, and home burn.

During his attempt to flee, he received the scars on his back. He only survived this tragedy thanks to an old woman who carried him out on her back and took care of him. When Gran attempted to carry out assassination on the Mayor of No.

As result, Nezumi was captured and taken to the Correctional Facility, where he was left in the basement to die. He found the tunnels that led to the underground society, and there he met Rou. Before sending Nezumi off, Rou gave him a knife and told him to escape the very moment the opportunity opened up. During his escort to the Moondrop, Nezumi was able to slip away from the Security Bureau. Once security let their guard down he was able to escape into the sewers, with backup close on his trail.

Nezumi was first shown staggering to the outside of a tunnel, appearing to be wounded on his shoulder. He made it out alive and is seen promising himself that he would not die a meaningless death.

He then appeared in front of Shion as he entered the window leading to his room. Shion, then twelve, was surprised by his sudden appearance but before he could say anything Nezumi quickly silenced him with a choke hold. Nezumi was shocked by this sudden request. Nezumi released Shion and he asked if the wound was from a bullet. When Nezumi responded Shion was shocked to know that anyone other then the hunting group even possessed weapons.

Four years later, Nezumi learns from his robotic rats that Shion was on his way to the correctional facility. He traces the police car in which Shion was being transported and rescues him. He leads him to West Block, just outside No. Nezumi later saves Shion from a fatal parasitic infection. When he learns that Shion wants to save the city from the infection -- thus contradicting what Nezumi desires -- he tells him that he would become his enemy if he carries out with that plan.

Nezumi is bright and has the animal-like ability to sense danger. He is noted to be agile and strong, proven when he survived the Correctional Facility. He is extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat and fighting with his knife.

He also appears to be fairly comfortable in shooting. Shion: He first met Shion when he entered his house through the window during a storm. When Shion asked if Nezumi wanted him to bandage the wound on his shoulder, he was rather taken aback, but agreed. He was telling him that the city was just used as a brainwashing project to enslave people and that it was not perfect.

Shion immediately agreed with him, surprising Nezumi. Nezumi seems to, in a sense, care for Shion deeply and he sees him as innocent. It is known that Nezumi and Shion have romantic feelings toward each other; a few hints are given off every time Shion is an issue. Then, in No. Another hint that they have romantic feelings for each other is seen in Episode 10, when Nezumi states, "I have fallen", after thinking about Shion; however the true meaning of what he says is unclear at the time, it later becomes more clear.

Nezumi kissed Shion in a romantic sense during episode 11, promising him that they would meet again. Nezumi has shown signs of being protective over Shion, as he helps him out in his own special way throughout the series to help him adjust to life in the West Block, but it was most prominently shown in episode In said episode, Nezumi lies to Shion, in order to calm him, that he used Safu as an excuse to blow up the Correctional Facility and said the line, "At the end of the day, you and I are just This is very significant because throughout the series, Nezumi states that once you find something to protect, you lose, Nezumi tried denying the fact that he loved Shion to the point where he would protect him up until that point where he lays his own life on the line to protect Shion.

Later, Shion strangles Rikiga when he asks Nezumi to work as one of his prostitutes. Inukashi points out Shion is the only person that can get Nezumi emotional or to feel emotions at all.

Nezumi caught them rummaging through his belongings, and threatened them for trying to steal from him. In an attempt to get away, Inukashi went into tangents about this and that to disract Nezumi. Eventually, the situation cooled down and they introduced themselves to one another.

She helped Nezumi survive, and is the source of his distrust in others and the belief that anyone can deceive another at any time. Nezumi showed great concern for her when she cried about how overwhelming her hate for No. She is said to have been strong-minded, and her grudge of No.

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No entanto Nezumi aparece e o salva e eles conseguem escapam da NO. Um dia, Shion e sua colega de trabalho descobrem o corpo de um homem aparentemente velho no parque. Nezumi o salva das autoridades e o leva para o Bloco Oeste, as favelas fora da cidade. Ferido e molhado, ele conheceu ocupante do quarto, Shion, um menino de mais ou menos a sua idade.

The characters are quite recognizable in daily life. I recommend this anime, and if you watch it, watch to the very end. I really wish there was a second season to help explain the after effects, and how it compares to the past. I did not want just one season of this anime. I think I should read the manga, and see if there is more.7,9/10(14,3 тыс.).


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Number 6 manga

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No.6 Manga

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The Espada are comprised of ten Arrancar with exemplary strength. Members of the Espada are given a number from There is a hierarchy among the Espada; a higher-ranked member can give orders to lower-ranked members, such as when Ulquiorra Cifer leads a team of lower-ranked Espada to kidnap Orihime Inoue.

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Sentai Filmworks will release the 11 episode series soon through

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Blue Submarine No. The OVA series was released in It is revealed that Zorndyke is attempting to decisively end the conflict in the favor of his hybrid children by artificially inducing a polar switch using geothermal energy at the South Pole. The original Blue Submarine No. The manga was later revised and reworked with new cover illustrations provided by Kazutaka Miyatake to complement the OVA adaptation. The manga was released under the new subtitle AO6. This version was published by Seika Bunkansha and serialized in Sebun Kansha magazine.

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The number of artists that draw digitally is at an all-time high, and with the widespread use of iPads and drawing tablets, artists can now enjoy drawing anywhere they want. The distinct advantage of digital art is its variety of expressions and efficiency. Clip Studio Paint puts emphasis on drawing and painting, allowing artists to draw just as they would on paper or canvas while accessing the best features of digital painting. From illustrators to concept artists, comic artists, and animators, Clip Studio Paint is used by beginners and industry professionals alike.

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