6 ну погоди

Само почакай! Допълнителни серии са създадени през и година. Класиката е наситена с изключителна динамика и разказва за Вълка, който иска да хване Заека, за да го изяде, но все не успява. За разлика от американската анимация с участието на Том и Джери , тук Заекът не върти подли номера на Вълка, а вместо това е добродушен, понякога дори наивен, и винаги е готов да помогне на Вълка в беда. Сериалът се състои от 20 епизода.

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ПОСМОТРИТЕ ВИДЕО ПО ТЕМЕ: Ну, погоди! - 6 серия - старые серии - Советские мультики для детей

Вълка и Заека ще се гонят в нови 26 серии на “Ну, погоди!”

Well, Just You Wait! Nu, pogodi! The series debuted in and became popular in the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries. The series follows the comical adventures of a mischievous yet artistic Wolf Волк , trying to catch — and presumably eat Hare Заяц. The original film language is Russian , but very little speech is used, usually interjections or at most several sentences per episode.

It also includes many grunts, laughs, and songs. The Hare , commonly transliterated into English as Zayats Russian : Заяц , is portrayed as a supposedly positive hero. In later episodes, the role of the Hare becomes more active and developed, and he even manages to save the Wolf on several occasions. The Hare is portrayed as a percussionist in a number of episodes.

The character was originally voiced by Klara Rumyanova. The Hare is often mistaken as a female due to his appearance and voice, however he is actually a male.

There are rare exceptions, however: in the prologue of Episode 8, he appears in an ice-skating outfit, and later on in the same episode he is dressed with intentional absurdity as the grandfatherly Ded Moroz Father Frost , the silliness of which is only heightened by the Wolf then appearing as his granddaughter, Snegurochka, aka the Snow Maiden.

The Wolf , commonly transliterated into English as Volk Russian : Волк , is initially portrayed as a hooligan who eagerly turns to vandalism , abuses minors , breaks laws, and is a smoker. His appearance was inspired by a person the director Vyacheslav Kotyonochkin saw on the street, specifically a man with long hair, a protruding belly, and a thick cigarette between his lips.

His most common line throughout the series when things are not going as he expected is "Nu, pogodi! Well, just you wait! In the first episode, while climbing a high building to catch the Hare, the Wolf whistles the popular mountaineer song, "A Song About A Friend" a signature song of Vladimir Vysotsky.

During the late Soviet and post-Soviet era, however, the Wolf gradually became more buffoonish than menacing. In the last episode 20 , for example, the Wolf is seen chewing a lollipop instead of smoking and his drawing style is reminiscent of new Russian cartoons Russian : Новые русские мультфильмы rather than the old Soviet slapstick genre.

He is most often seen in a pink shirt with a yellow necktie, but occasionally Episode 7 appears in a naval undershirt telnyashka and in Episode 8, he appears in drag, impersonating the Snegurochka.

In Episode 11 he wears a jacket in the beginning, but soon removes it when chasing the Hare. Not infrequently, he loses most of his clothes during the chase, going on in his chintz underpants only those are a realistic depiction of Soviet-style underwear , though in episode 6, he retains only his shirt and pulls it down to cover up his "naked" hindquarters.

Humorously, all of his clothing below the waist has a special opening for his tail. In Episode 17 he wears a ponytail, and in Episode 18 his forelock is cropped and the mullet is tied into a ponytail.

However, in the three final episodes he resumes his earlier hairstyle of episodes The story also features a supporting cast of animal characters, the most commonly appearing of which is the physically strong and heavy Hippopotamus Russian : Бегемот Begemot , who participates in various roles e.

The episode ends with Wolf on a washbowl sliding down into the Moscow Metro and slamming head-on into, and ending up under the Hippopotamus. Another repeating character is the Cat Russian : Кот Kot , who is an illusionist and appears in several stage performances throughout the series. The Cat is shown to be a good magician, but very self-absorbed and highly sensitive to applause.

In Episode 9 , the Cat traps the Wolf in his levitation act which saves the Hare from being caught. He drops the Wolf twice in his act to acknowledge and accept the applause from the Hare. However, once the Wolf is on board, he pretends to mop the deck in front of the Captain, tricking him into believing he is one of the crew members. Other animals are shown in the series, including bears, red foxes, elephants, beavers, dogs, and pigs. The original script for Nu, pogodi! It was shown as part of the first episode of the animation magazine Happy Merry-Go-Round in Kotyonochkin wanted the Wolf to be voiced by the actor and singer Vladimir Vysotsky , but was not given permission by the officials.

The actor Anatoli Papanov was approved instead. Actress Klara Rumyanova , who commonly voiced cute and small characters, received the role of the Hare. The first episode aired in However, it was temporarily halted for political reasons after the seventh episode in , as script writer Felix Kandel and his family wanted to emigrate to Israel , but were denied by the Soviet authorities. Episode 16, the last film created during the Soviet era, aired in The voice samples were used for the creation of the 17th and 18th episodes in The 17th episode in particular was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Nu, pogodi!

The two episodes were met with negative reactions. In February , the supermarket chain Pyaterochka announced that they had purchased the rights to create two new Nu, pogodi!

He eventually agreed and assembled a team of young animators at the studio Christmas Films , their average age being The production was funded by Pyaterochka with a budget of The scripts were written by Nu, pogodi! It was not possible anymore to simply insert popular international music into the shorts like during Soviet times, as copyright had to be taken into account now.

The budget did not allow for obtaining music rights. Therefore, it was decided to approach a domestic artist, namely Andrei Derzhavin of the band Mashina Vremeni , who immediately agreed to create a diverse soundtrack. In an interview, Kotyonochkin noted that Nu, pogodi! For two years, the latest two Nu, pogodi!

However, in late December a DVD was finally released in Russia which contained the two films, as well as a making-of film and comics drawn by Aleksey Kotyonochkin. As of now, it is available only in the supermarket chains Pyaterochka and Perekryostok.

If a follow-up was made, it would be very different from the existing films according to Kotyonochkin, possibly a full-length film in the format of 3D animation with a brand new story. The female Fox singer in Episode 15 is based upon Alla Pugacheva. The key is that Alyonushka is the heroine of the folk-tale Brother and Sister.

She apparently mistakes the Wolf, who had been transformed into a goat, for her brother. The series was, for many years, hugely popular among the Soviet public, and it is popular in the Federation to this day.

For his part, Vyacheslav Kotyonichkin was not a follower of auteur films many of which were being made at the studio at the time , and considered them to be examples of someone needlessly showing off. Kotyonochkin disliked subtext and tried to create very simple, straightforward scenarios. Because the series was so popular, however, it was often a subject for critical discussion and speculation — namely, that the series represented the struggle between the intelligentsia Hare and the working class Wolf.

Aleksey Kotyonochkin dismisses these interpretations as groundless. Since the s, when the fall of the Iron Curtain allowed better exchange of films, both Russian and Western audiences have noted similarities between Nu, pogodi!

The episodes of Nu, pogodi! Each episode has a different setting:. There was also a promotional 30 min. The show featured three never before seen sequences of Nu Pogodi!

They can, however, be seen on television on some channels during children cartoons time and are viewable through web video recordings such as YouTube. In August , it was decided television airing of the cartoons would not cut out scenes of the wolf smoking because of laws prohibiting material "deemed harmful to children". An agreement was made, "We will not cut anything, not even one cigarette. A number of memorable tunes were written or selected to match the action sequences of the cartoon.

Sometimes the words of the songs were modified or altogether substituted to correspond to the action, and a New Years holiday song duet between Papanov and Rumyanova that later became a popular standard [31] was written especially for the series. However, some homage to Vysotsky remains, as in the opening episode, Wolf is whistling his "Song of a Friend".

When the 19th and 20th episode went into production, times had changed and the music rights would have to obtained first, which was not possible with the budget. A national artist, Andrei Derzhavin of the band Mashina Vremeni , was contacted instead, who composed the music for the films. The shorts also feature excerpts of preexisting Mashina Vremeni works.

In , an LCD game titled Nu, pogodi! Between and , the Russian video game company SoftClub released five different PC games based on the cartoon series. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Nu, pogodi! This article needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Vypusk 2: Kruglyy schot Ну, погоди! Выпуск 2: Круглый счёт. Vypusk 3: Pesnya dlya zaytsa Ну, погоди! Выпуск 3: Песня для зайца. Vypusk 5: Po sledam zaytsa Ну, погоди! Выпуск 5: По следам зайца. Russia portal Soviet Union portal Animation portal.

Komsomolskaya Pravda in Russian. Retrieved NEWSru in Russian. Novaya Gazeta in Russian. Алексей Котеночкин: "Отец никогда не делал фильмов с фигой в кармане". Gazeta in Russian. Archived from the original on

Hase und Wolf

Ну погоди новые серии года смотреть онлайн. Как можно не любить мультсериал Ну погоди! Об этом мультфильме знает не одно поколение, так что рассказывать о нем не имеет смысла вообще. Хулиган Волк и смышленый Заяц бегают друг за другом, попадая в смешные и нелепые ситуации, что наводит на мысль, что Волк постоянно голодный. Не упустите шанс смотреть онлайн сериал Ну погоди новые серии года в хорошем качестве бесплатно без регистрации и причем все серии.

Музыкальная композиция «На колхозной птицеферме» в исполнении Выпуск 6. Ансамбль В. Мещерина, прозвучавшая в саундтреке «Ну, погоди! Выпуски ». Музыку и песни слушать онлайн, скачать.

Филм Ну, погоди - 6 епизод

Страница 1 из 3 1 2 3 Последняя К странице: Показано с 1 по 10 из Тема: Ну, погоди! Опции темы Версия для печати Отправить по электронной почте…. Ну, погоди! Последний раз редактировалось paravoz; Получено наград:. Всего наград : 1. Изображения Ну погоди - 1. Изображения Ну, погоди! Ну погоди!

Ну погоди новые серии 2018 года смотреть онлайн

6 ну погоди

Попали на кастинг гуляя в скай фемели парке. Дочка оказывается давно знала о центре, у нее ребята из школы снимаются уже давно у них, ей конечно тоже хотелось, но она не решалась мне сказать. Запомнить меня. Рейтинг : Сериалы. Babyphotostar отзывы о продюсерском центре бейбифотостар.

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Ну, погоди! - епизод 6 - На село

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(Ну, погоди!; translates roughly as “Just hold on! or “Just you wait!”) is one of the most famous Soviet/Russian cartoons of all time. Begun in , it ran until Several generations of Russians were raised on the antics of its two main characters. The show is often compared to a Russian version of.

Саундтрек к мультфильму "Ну, погоди! Выпуски 1-18"

Копирайте, оцветете и се забавлявайте! Картинки за оцветяване с Дисни и други любими герои ще намерите тук : Дисни, принцеси и Барби картинки за оцветяване Животни, цветя и известни хора за оцветяване Miley Cyrus, H20, Jonas Brothers, Twilight картинки за оцветяване. Публикуване на коментар.

Nu Pagadi! Wolf und Hase Episode 6 - Well,Hare,wait ! (Nu,Pogodi !) Ну, погоди!

ВИДЕО ПО ТЕМЕ: Ну, погоди! Все серии - Ну, погоди! - Выпуск 1

Она стала визитной карточкой самого известного мультипликационного детского сериала о приключениях обаятельного, но невезучего Волка и веселого, находчивого Зайца. Из серии к серии серый клыкастый хищник пытается поймать пушистого задиристого ушастика. И снова, в конце каждого выпуска Волк остается ни с чем, надеясь, что ему повезет в следующий раз. И опять мы задаемся вопросом, сможет ли наконец Волк поймать Зайца?

This is for all we fought and fight for, long live LaZad! Squat the air.

This is the only episode that the Wolf does not say "Nu, pogodi! After a lot of mishaps, the Wolf and the Hare allied and stayed friend for a while. Who has won the most Golden Globes? How many ties there have been in Golden Globes history? We counted those stats and more.

Ну, погоди! Действие фильма происходит в деревне. Волк [1] отдыхает на лугу, отпугивая пчелу табачным дымом сигареты.

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