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Хочу поделиться с вами своим семейным рецептом засолки скумбрии. Скумбрия по этому рецепту получается очень вкусная, дети её кушают с большим удовольствием. В граммах скумбрии содержится около Ккал. Берем свеже мороженную скумбрию, моем под проточной водой. Режем кусочками.

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Meanwhile, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell let loose a blast at the National Football League for postponing a Philadelphia-Minnesota game because of an upcoming blizzard. Take the U. Well, bad times are supposed to be great for military recruitment. After all, it was so last year.

The fattest? The least well educated? Not yet, but heading that way. Words matter, as candidate Barack Obama said in the election campaign. Certainly, he knew that those words would resonate with the troops as well as with the folks back home. In fact, this sort of description of the U.

Air Force officer and a historian who teaches military history. The retired officer in me warms to the sentiment of our troops as both unparalleled fighters and selfless liberators, but the historian in me begs to differ.

If so, on what basis is this claim made? Consider that no leading U. Measured in terms of sheer destructive power, and our ability to project that power across the globe, the U. Our nuclear arsenal remains second to none. First and foremost, of course, should come favorable results set against the quality of the opponents bested. Certainly, and World Wars I and II were such wins, even if as part of larger coalitions; Korea was a frustrating stalemate; Vietnam was a demoralizing loss; Desert Storm in Iraq was a distinctly flawed win; and efforts like Grenada or Panama or Serbia were more like scrimmages.

Arguably our biggest win, the Cold War, was achieved less through military means than economic power and technological savvy. Sir, no, sir. Americans often seem to live in the eternal now, which makes it easier to boast that our military is the finest ever.

Most historians, however, are not so tied to nationalistic rhetoric or the ceaseless present. If asked to identify the finest fighting force in history, my reaction -- and I would hardly be alone in the field -- would be to favor those peoples and empires which existed for war alone. Examples immediately spring to mind: the Assyrians, the Spartans, the Romans, the Vikings, the Mongols, and the Nazis.

These peoples elevated their respective militaries and martial prowess above all else. Unsurprisingly, they were bloodthirsty and ruthless. Unstinting ambition for imperial goals often drove them to remarkable feats of arms at an unconscionable and sometimes difficult to sustain cost. These brigands of the world have exhausted the land by their rapacity, so they now ransack the sea. When their enemy is rich, they lust after wealth; when their enemy is poor, they lust after power.

Neither East nor West has satisfied their hunger. They are unique among humanity insofar as they equally covet the rich and the poor. They conquered many peoples, expanded far, and garrisoned vast areas of the Mediterranean, North Africa, and what would become Europe, while their legions marched forth, often to victory not to speak of plunder , for hundreds of years.

Still, the gold medal for the largest land empire in history -- and the finest fighting force of all time -- must surely go to the thirteenth century Mongols. Led by Genghis Khan and his successors, Mongol horsemen conquered China and the Islamic world -- the two most powerful, sophisticated civilizations of their day -- while also exerting control over Russia for two and a half centuries. And thanks to a combination of military excellence, clever stratagem, fleetness of foot and far more important, hoof , flexibility, and when necessary utter ferocity, they did all this while generally being outnumbered by their enemies.

Even the fighting power of the finest militaries waxed and waned, however, based in part on the quality of those leading them. The Macedonians blossomed under Philip and Alexander. It was not simply Rome that conquered Gaul, but Julius Caesar. Measure that against the American military today.

General David Petraeus is certainly a successful officer who exhibits an enviable mastery of detail and a powerful political sense of how to handle Washington, but a Genghis Khan?

An Alexander? A Caesar? After all, at the head of the most powerfully destructive force in the Middle East, and later Central Asia, he has won no outright victories and conquered nothing. For that is the price of building a fighting force second to none -- and one reason why our politicians should stop insisting that we have one. In reporting on our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Rosen and others have offered ample proof for those who care to consider it that our foreign interventions have been anything but benign or beneficent, no less liberating.

Our invasion of Iraq opened the way to civil war and mayhem. In Afghanistan, Rosen points out, most villagers see our troops making common cause with a despised and predatory government. Huge infusions of American dollars, meanwhile, rarely trickle down to the village level, but instead promote the interests of Afghan warlords and foreign businesses.

Small wonder that, more than nine years later, a majority of Afghans say they want to be liberated from us. If the U. Such ideals are shared by many peoples.

In this sense, when it comes to advancing freedom, the pen has indeed been mightier than the sword. A global war on terrorism has, however, proven anything but consistent with expanding liberty at home or abroad. Indeed, the seductive and self-congratulatory narrative of our troops as selfless liberators and the finest freedom fighters around actually helps blind us to our violent methods in far-off lands, even as it distances us from the human costs of our imperial policies.

Though we officially seek to extinguish terrorists, our actions abroad serve as obvious accelerants to terror. Better not to contemplate such harsh realities. Better to praise our troops as so many Mahatma Gandhis, so many freedom fighters. Better to praise them as so many Genghis Khans, so many ultimate warriors. At a time of feared national decline , our leaders undoubtedly prescribe military action in part to comfort us and themselves and restore our sense of potency and pride.

In doing so, they violate the famous phrase long associated with the Hippocratic Oath: First, do no harm. William J. Proxy Wars and Secret Ops in Africa. Behind closed doors, U. Almost half a century later, everything about that "invisible government" has grown vastly larger, more disturbing, and far more visible. The next year, she began following grievously wounded American soldiers from the moment they came off the battlefield all the way back home.

Her journey proved to be nothing short of an odyssey. Posted at PM on May 22, Resources Democracy Now! Department of Defense GlobalSecurity. Websites Alternet Antiwar. A project of The Nation Institute. Posted by William Astore at am, January 6, Email Print. Astore Words matter, as candidate Barack Obama said in the election campaign. Copyright William J. Overview Buy now. Search for content by date.

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Мультик Лего Бионикл смотреть онлайн все серии подряд без рекламы. Lego Bionicle на мифическом острове просыпаются силы зла, стремящиеся завладеть маской Созидания. Им предстоит найти свои Маски Силы, уничтожить Зло и спасти остров. А ведь не так давно на острове Окото царила полная гармония.

Маска Абсолютной Силы Здравствуйте, друзья. Сегодня вышел третий тизер продолжения сериала "Путь к Единству" и, кажется, леговцы наконец вспомнили, как делать их правильно.

Маски Силы

We use "cookies" to collect information. Click here to read more. Throw in the U, U and Beach Soccer World Cups and many more highlights, and it was a year of great goals and super football memories. Our Fan Movement members from all over the world have shared their football highlights. What were yours? This film charts the tournament through the eyes, and words, of some of the next generation of stars. Born in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, Doreen Nabwire has been on a journey ever since. Her football ability took her to play professionally in Germany. It helped her family out of poverty. Now she is overseeing the development of football for girls and women in her homeland, trying to ensure they have the same opportunities and more.

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Бионикл маска абсолютной силы

Lviv, Ukraine [Summer School Program]. Sykhiv is the biggest housing estate of Lviv, initially planned and built through the s and s. Composed of 12 microrayons, it was intended to become a home for thousand workers of the south-eastern industrial hub of the city. The systemic changes that came with the breakdown of the Soviet Union and the independence of Ukraine, resulted in multiple urban transformations on the different levels including that of the district.

In , the Summer School will take place from 5 July to 11 July

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Изучением сложных и удивительных свойств чисел ряда Фибоначчи занимались самые различные профессиональные ученые и любители математики. В году несколько странных особенностей ряда описал исследователь Владимир Михайлов, который был убежден, что Природа в том числе и Человек развивается по законам, которые заложены в этой числовой последовательности. Замечательным свойством числового ряда Фибоначи является то, что по мере увеличения чисел ряда отношение двух соседних членов этого ряда асимптотически приближается к точной пропорции Золотого сечения , основе красоты и гармонии в окружающей нас природе, в том числе и в человеческих отношениях. Отметим, что сам Фибоначчи открыл свой знаменитый ряд, размышляя над задачей о количестве кроликов, которые в течении одного года должны родиться от одной пары. У него получилось, что в каждом последующем месяце после второго число пар кроликов в точности следует цифровому ряду, которое ныне носит его имя. Поэтому не случайно, что и сам человек устроен по ряду Фибоначчи.

17 Dry Shampoos I Have Known and Loved

Главное Игры Кино Техника. Олег Куценко. Актер 3 Актер дубляжа На углу, у Патриарших мини-сериал. Берег его жизни ТВ. Люди Икс 2. Матрица: Перезагрузка.

Ruling of the Shariah Advisory Council (SAC) of Bank Negara Malaysia at its th and th Meeting (20 Dec ) The Shariah Advisory Coucil (SAC) of Bank Negara Malaysia at its th meeting on 25 June and its th meeting on 31 July resolved that the ar-rahnu product structure offered by Islamic financial institutions (IFIs.

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Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Abrams Inc. Уточнение информации Уточните пожалуйста, где ошибка. Что, где, почём?

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Главное меню Главная. Алфавитный указатель. Историческая Линия. Великий Дух. Орден Мата Нуи.

Dry shampoo is the only exception. What does that look like?

Он составлен из кадров с Экиму в формах и года, его соколом, а также флешбеком, в котором впервые демонстрируется новый дизайн Маски Абсолютной Силы. Ролик также доступен на YouTube. Главное меню Главная. Алфавитный указатель. Историческая Линия. Великий Дух. Орден Мата Нуи.

Бионикл англ. Компания LEGO возобновила выпуск серии в январе года [1] , а об завершении было объявлено в конце июля Ежегодно выпускалась очередная линейка игрушек, связанная общим дизайном и легендой.

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