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Europe’s Dirty Little Secret

Tom Stoppard, the celebrated playwright, is hailed as a "bard for our times," who has been showered with awards for his work. The reviewer, Ben Brantley described Minsk as "beautiful and brutal" and enthused about its "mythic" quality. Sir Tom is basking in reflected glory. The play is not his, but the work of the Belarus Free Theater , a company that he has long championed that was banned from performing in their homeland because of their daring criticism of Aleksander Lukashenko, the Belarusian autocrat.

Stoppard has also been helping another Lukashenko foe, Andrei Sannikov. The former deputy foreign minister was tortured and imprisoned for standing against Lukashenko in the December presidential elections. His show trial two years ago came to a dramatic standstill when a letter of support by Tom Stoppard was read out. But despite their victory, neither the dissident nor playwright is capable of really opposing Aleksander Lukashenko.

Under him, Belarus, a country the size of Kansas, with 9. The regime has carefully orchestrated every election and national referendum since The first line of the national anthem may proclaim, "We are Belarusians, a peaceful people," but a secret death squad has been in operation since the late s.

A dozen members of the opposition have disappeared and a number of activists are thought to be political prisoners. The Belarusian KGB Lukashenko has clung to the old Soviet name and model for his secret police keeps an eye on their fellow citizens.

New laws make that all the easier, especially online, with the government investing heavily in the development of software to track Internet users i. Lukashenko has also been orchestrating cyber attacks against activists.

On December 19, , the day of the last presidential elections, opposition sites were blocked. Its existence should fill Europeans with shame and the European Union with guilt. The institution that likes to grandstand about a common moral purpose and a sterling record on rights has done little to clean up the mess on its doorstep. Belarus may not be a member, but it routinely deals with the European Union — which actually tends to put its weaknesses on vivid display.

Andrei Sannikov certainly thinks so. Self-interest should prompt them to action, he argues: "Westerners should remember that what happens in Belarus affects them. Lukashenko has established ties with other rogue states around the world, and supplied terrorists with arms. But not in the way Sannikov hopes. The surveillance equipment he uses to spy on his citizens is made by Swedish telecommunication giant Ericsson — though when confronted by Index on Censorship, Ericsson explained that this was because the company had sold its equipment to Turkcell, a Turkish cell phone operator, which in turn had sold their wares to Belarus.

Is it any wonder the Belarusian opposition thinks Europe is propping up the "last dictatorship? The West finds it convenient to portray Belarus as a "basket case," he says indignantly, because depicting Belarusians as "passive and brutalized" makes it easier for Europeans to wash their hands of their troublesome neighbors.

Belarus has long been a geographical expression, but it only gained independence in — and even then for only a few months. Today it remains sorely dependent on Russia for its energy supplies. As for their leader, Lukashenko uses Russian for all official functions — though the wily dictator may do this to please Vladimir Putin.

The two leaders have had their run-ins, though. Only last year, Russian television broadcast an unflattering four part series titled The Godfather , as it dubbed the Belarusian dictator.

The Mafia soubriquet fits only to a point. Lukashenko often plays the clown, Berlusconi-style. He ably plays Russia against the European Union and is not above using political prisoners as bargaining chips — but only, Sannikov claims, because Europe allows it.

Despite the bleak history of his homeland and the cunning ploys of its dictator, Andrei Sannikov has no time for those who claim Belarusians are not interested in democracy. For Sannikov, democracy is about aspiration, not habit. It exists in Belarus as in North Korea and China. Natalia Kaliada, who with her husband Nikolai Khalezin founded the Free Belarus Theatre, was arrested at the election protests.

She recalls being pulled up into a paddy wagon. I managed to send many names … but then the police started shouting that they would rape us women and take us into a wood and shoot us.

Kaliada was taken instead to a detention center already full of women protesters. She was released 48 hours later, and escaped through Russia to London. Her family has joined her there. Like Sannikov, she believes that "so many [Belarusians] have experienced first-hand the brutality of the authorities, they will realize they cannot live with this regime.

Sannikov believes that those 30, protesters will soon swell into , He points to the latest polls, which show that although a third of citizens support Lukashenko, 15 percent now side with the opposition. He believes he can stoke the fires of democracy from abroad — with a little help from his friends in the west.

Not only critics of the regime but an awful lot of high-up civil servants and government ministers are reading the site. Sometimes, Sannikov points out, grinning, "regime officials quote from the website… even on air.

The internet means we can work abroad but reach those inside. Sannikov calls on the West to help him and the opposition by adopting tougher sanctions. The recalling of ambassadors was one step. The European Commission also has drawn up a list of "undesirables" who may not cross its frontiers, and whose assets in the E.

On April 1, , their foreign minister [Vladimir Makei] said his country was ready for dialogue with the E. When targeted sanctions, and his own heroic opposition, fail to dent a dictatorship, what can Sannikov do? Exchange students, scout trips, cycle tours, and spa tourism: Greater exchange with the West, at every level of society, will make the Belarusian people "see for themselves freedom of speech, of the press, the rule of law.

Sannikov wants to persuade the European Union to change their visa requirements: Traveling abroad is allowed — but to date the West has made it difficult, as obtaining a visa is time-consuming and expensive. This may change, according to Marietje Schaake. The European Union wants to start negotiations on visa facilitation and readmission agreements for the public at large.

It will be difficult, Tom Stoppard warns: "What are a handful of murders in comparison to the massacres we see daily in Syria? What are a dozen disappeared in comparison to the scenes of destruction of the Arab Spring? Trending Now Sponsored Links by Taboola. View Comments. More from Foreign Policy. Will Boris Get Brexit Done?

December 31, , PM. Trending 1. Stephen M. Government Micah Zenko.

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She was raised primarily in Amherst, Massachusetts, and Woodstock, New York, though she spent time in India as a child before moving to New York City to pursue acting at the age of fifteen. Famous for her ethereal looks, she is best known for her collaborations with director Quentin Tarantino , who called her "up there with Garbo and Dietrich in goddess territory. Thurman married her State of Grace co-star, Gary Oldman, in , at the age of twenty; the couple later divorced, and she married Gattaca co-star Ethan Hawke in The couple had two children, Maya Ray and Levon Roan, before divorcing in Thurman now lives in New York City with her children. Celebrity Net Worth. Search Random.

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Шутка мат картун нетворк

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Tom Stoppard, the celebrated playwright, is hailed as a "bard for our times," who has been showered with awards for his work. The reviewer, Ben Brantley described Minsk as "beautiful and brutal" and enthused about its "mythic" quality. Sir Tom is basking in reflected glory. The play is not his, but the work of the Belarus Free Theater , a company that he has long championed that was banned from performing in their homeland because of their daring criticism of Aleksander Lukashenko, the Belarusian autocrat.

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