Anime wins death note

For horror anime lovers, Death Note is one of the best supernatural thrillers of all time. Anyway, here are some awesome Anime like death Note that you will love. Check then out…. The storyline is about Light Yagami, a teenage genius, discovering the Death Note, a mysterious notebook for Shinigami Ryuk. The book grants Yagami the power to kill anyone whose name is written inside it. A boy named Lelouch Lamperouge encounters a mysterious girl named C.

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Anime wins death note

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30 Best Light Yagami quotes from Death Note

It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. After L's death in episode 25, we assume that Light won. But in episode 26, L leaves a message in his computer which Light deletes in the same episode. L had confirmed that Light is Kira but could not prove it in front of the whole world. He was able to see that Light would come to kill him in the future and confirmed that Light is Kira when Light smiles at L's dying body.

This is purely a theory based on the possibility that the transmitted data can indeed be the case data stating Light as Kira. L had been suspicious, strongly suspicious and just a tad less strongly suspicious of Light being Kira throughout the entire anime or, well: those potions wherein he was alive. L, however, wanted to prove that Light was Kira with evidence that would suffice to try him guilty. They never achieved that or they would have arrested and subsequently tried Light.

L did not win the mind game. We was on a good track, but he was short of the goal. However, he was stopped just short of proof. In the end L won because it was his successors who proved Light was Kira. Kira being caught was the end goal, regardless of L being alive when it happened which is why from the beginning he said he had to prove he would risk his life. He also told Soichiro that if he were to die, Light is probably Kira meaning he considered the possibility of dying and believed that Kira could be stopped.

L was considered to be slightly evil by the creator, I agree only in the sense that he was willing to do necessary evils, he was only bad in that Makeaveli way, by means to an end. If that meant dying so be it. Remember he considered the murders to be atrocious and could not go unpunished.

Light had been punished and died before he could face trial, by the will of Ryuks Death Note. Aside from personal beliefs, it was a draw.

They both died from the hands of a shinigami because of the actions of people close to them. Misa is the reason Rem chose to kill L, because she would have been executed or sent to prison. Near is the reason Ryuk chose to kill Light, because he would have been executed or sent to prison.

I love L so it is my own personal opinion that he won. L knew the whole time that Light was Kira. The problem was the proof. Even when confronted with the 13 day rule, L knew he was backed into a corner, he knew that proving Light was Kira was a deathwish, that Light would not let this happen.

He tells light that they will soon part, and asks Light if he knows how boring that will be for LIGHT - because L was his greatest adversary.

When he died all the info was sent to near, about the death note, that Light was Kira, about the 2nd Kira, how everything works, and instructions to take Light down. We don't get to know Near because after all he's just following L's plan the whole time. And the whole time Near is cheating, he knows the outcome.

He's just watching the pieces fall into place because unlike how "L" had to contemplate all of his choices, Near never does - Near KNOWS and that's the huge difference and why some people hate Near, because he doesn't have to think. But if you rewatch it - knowing that Near already knows everything and how it ends - and I think he used the death note to kill light and described his death far before the scene in which Light dies - because LIGHT would never be stupid enough to admit to being KIRA - he was compelled to do so by Near.

That was the plan the whole time. I believed that Light was smart and did have a running start but there was so many other factors, each character has their own flaws and the two opponents used this to their own advantage by the middle of the anime the two was basically on equal footing. L was happy to find somebody to interact with on the same intellectual level and this ended up leading to his death but not downfall.

Near was given the information that L had gathered outta the mud and deduced that L died because of his respect for light. Hold up. Many people might not like my theory, but I think both of them won and lost in a way. Let me explain why. It was his biggest wish. Now L won and lost. The second part however, not so much.

He died before he got to kill him, and Near had to finish off I mean Ryuk in the end but well. Therefore I think he won, but lost to Kira. Now Light or Kira in the other hand. He wanted to become a god of the new world, and kill anyone who tried to stop him originally criminals but later on innocents , but died trying to achieve it.

He kind of stayed as some sort of a god even after he died, since he still had worshippers on Earth. And when Light became a shinigami I believe the shinigami theory, cause it seems really possible and well proven , he became a GOD of death, he wanted to become a god of the new world, and he became a god of death, but died in the human world.

Therefore, I think L and Kira both won and lost to each other, both got what they wanted but suffered and died at the same time. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge. Create a free Team Why Teams? Learn more. Did L win against Light?

Ask Question. Asked 5 years, 6 months ago. Modified 2 years, 5 months ago. Viewed 23k times. Let me elaborate: After L's death in episode 25, we assume that Light won. Also, at the end of the episode, we see that some data is being sent from L's personal computer.

Improve this question. Lucifer -. Lucifer - Lucifer - 3 3 gold badges 4 4 silver badges 9 9 bronze badges. Obviously, when I say "the transmitted data can indeed be the case data stating Light as Kira. What is your definition of winning? Set the win conditions for each one of them. Or that is opinion-based. IMHO — Mindwin. That whole is a part of my theory. IMO this is a pretty poorly defined question. What is to "defeat" if death doesn't count? You definition of defeat isn't clear.

Since L died wouldn't that count as a defeat already? If that does not suffice you must at least state what parameters count as a defeat. Otherwise this question is too broad and bordering on a close vote from me. Show 1 more comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. It really depends on what you call winning. Since you now clarified what you mean by winning: L did not win the mind game.

Improve this answer. Jan Jan 1 1 gold badge 10 10 silver badges 31 31 bronze badges. L had proved to himself that Light is Kira but could not prove it in front of the whole world. Lucifer- L would not have considered Light to be proven as Kira at any point in the anime.

So, was L sure that Light was Kira? If not,what is with that "Transmission" and that message in L's computer. And the thing in the PC could legitimately just be his notes. Show 3 more comments. Nevios 1, 1 1 gold badge 11 11 silver badges 37 37 bronze badges. Pierce Nealy Pierce Nealy 21 2 2 bronze badges. Add a comment. Dx Dx 1. Didn't Ryuk write Light's name in the Death Note? And did Near really write it in the last 6 minutes and 40 seconds? Anonymous Anonymous 1.

Gao 9, 8 8 gold badges 55 55 silver badges 95 95 bronze badges.

Light is an amazing protagonist, but what exactly are the best Light Yagami quotes that really stood out to you in Death Note? To find out which Light Yagami quotes really resonated with fans, we're ranking his most memorable lines, with the help of your votes. Take a look at the Light quotes below, and vote up the ones that stand out to you. He's not known for his humor, but Light's quote about eating a potato chip while writing names in his Death Note became somewhat of a meme - "I'll solve equations with my right hand and write names with my left. I'll take a potato chip Most of the other Light Yagami quotes on this list are during serious moments, like when he managed to defeat L. Some of these are long than others, so you might consider them Light Yagami speeches rather than just quotes.

Light as he appears in the Death Note Anime he manipulates Rem into killing L, winning the long battle between the two characters.

5 best anime Roblox games for fans of Death Note

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. In the Death Note anime, Light quickly falls under the observation of L and the rest of the special investigation tasked with catching Kira. He is forced to hide his use of the Death Note. But unbeknownst to L, he is secretly getting the names of criminals from a miniature TV hidden in a potato chip bag, so that he can kill them with the Death Note. The orchestral music swells. A gothic chorus chants. Light will study with his right hand!

anime wins death note

Did you like the deathnote ending? Anime Answers. I'm definitely in the "it sucked" group for several reasons. Near didn't really outwit Light he just got lucky because of Mikami's mistake. If Light had to lose, it should have been to L and it should have been because of some clever trick not sheer luck.

Brutal murders, petty thefts, and senseless violence pollute the human world. In contrast, the realm of death gods is a humdrum, unchanging gambling den.

[Top 10] Death Note Best Moments

The last two episodes of the penultimate season of Stranger Things hit Netflix on Friday. In the meantime, co-creators Matt and Ross Duffer are beginning to share their plans for life after Stranger Things , and those plans involve a live-action Death Note show on Netflix. Hilary Leavitt Orphan Black , Ozark will run the company. They also took the opportunity to announce five projects in active development. The first of the projects is an all-new live-action TV adaptation of the Japanese manga and anime Death Note. Death Note was one of the most popular and highest-rated manga of the s.

Duffer Brothers Start Upside Down Pictures, Projects Include Death Note, The Talisman

It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. After L's death in episode 25, we assume that Light won. But in episode 26, L leaves a message in his computer which Light deletes in the same episode. L had confirmed that Light is Kira but could not prove it in front of the whole world.

is the eleventh and penultimate episode of the Death Note anime Season 1. would get a mask and the others won't as a means to protect them also.

Stranger Things Creators Eye Death Note, King/Straub Adapt & More

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The creators of Stranger Things are making a Death Note show for Netflix

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In the early s, anime lovers were introduced to some ancient Japanese lore. Before people knew it, they were experts on death gods and Japanese grim reapers. Death Note , the manga, and eventual hit anime, added some new creepiness to the anime world. The story of a concerned but arrogant teenager who decides to use a death notebook to become a vigilante is considered to be one of the best anime in the past fifteen years. It forces viewers to come to terms with how they would react if they could control the fate of any and everyone.

Ah Death Note, my love! This show has so many amazing and intricate moments.

The Duffer Brothers have recently announced the formation of a new production company running under the name of Upside Down Pictures, following the success of the fourth season of their Netflix series, Stranger Things. While the siblings announced that they'll be working on an adaption of Stephen King's Talisman, they are also working on a new live-action adaptation of the classic anime franchise known as Death Note and fans of Light Yagami and Ryuuk are shell shocked at the major news. If you haven't dived into the world of Death Note before, t he series explored the story of a young high schooler who was given a magical notebook that can kill anyone whose name is written within its pages. Light, the protagonist of the series, aims to make the world into a place where crime no longer exists and is accompanied by the disturbing, yet hilarious, shinigami known as Ryuuk. Light is hunted by an enigmatic detective known as L and a battle of wits takes place that sees the roles of cat and mouse switch between Kira and the detective looking to stop his plan.

Did you fall in love with anime after watching Death Note? It is one of the most popular anime the world has ever seen. The anime series has a thrilling story, clever plot, and mind-games that itch your brain. Anime series are known for their engaging and meaningful story in addition to the stunning animations — even better than some of the best animated movies.

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