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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays T-Shirts

It is the fourth of the network's Cartoon Cartoons. The series centers on I. Weasel voiced by Michael Dorn , a smart, caring, beloved and highly successful weasel ; and I. Baboon voiced by Charlie Adler , an unsuccessful, rude, and unintelligent baboon who is envious of Weasel's successes and constantly tries and usually fails to threaten him.

I Am Weasel originally aired as a segment of Cow and Chicken from to , often airing as the third of three segments in an episode. A fifth season with 27 new episodes aired from June 10, , to and joined the original 52 which were previously part of Cow and Chicken. The entire series includes 79 episodes overall. The series chronicles the random adventures of two animal frenemies : I. Weasel Michael Dorn and I.

Baboon Charlie Adler. The first one is a famous, heroic, eloquent, highly intelligent and very talented least weasel who always tries to help people out and is thus adored by everybody, constantly shouting his catchphrase "I am Weasel! Red Guy", an allusion to Weasel's and Baboon's names. As the series progresses, I. Weasel, initially showed as an invincible hero, gradually loses the focus to I.

Baboon, because people are shown to get gradually dumber. While season one does not have any link to Cow and Chicken universe, from season two, I Am Weasel usually happens in the same universe of that show, as its characters mainly the Red Guy usually appear, but, most of the time, in different places. Cartoon Network demanded a second cartoon to join Cow and Chicken in its half-hour time slot, so David Feiss came up with I Am Weasel , loosely based upon the novel I Am Legend , one of his favorite books as a teenager.

I thought against type, that instead of a weasel who was a weasel, this guy would be smart and heroic". According to Feiss, the idea for creating the show began as a single drawing of I. Weasel with the caption "I Am Weasel" and that suggested many stories to him. The mere fact that he didn't wear pants was a challenge for a lot of people and I am glad Cartoon Network let it go - he's my favorite character".

Production began around April [24] and the show was inserted as a series of segments in Cow and Chicken until mid Right after the end of that show, it was spun-off into a new separated series produced until September 16, , [7] with all the previous episodes incorporated and removed from Cow and Chicken.

General production took place at the studio of Hanna-Barbera, in Los Angeles , with the series being labeled as part of both the collection of cartoons of that company and Cartoon Network's Cartoon Cartoons. Animation production was made overseas by Rough Draft Korea , in Seoul. From season two onward, the show's story, recurring characters and art style underwent significant changes. Baboon went on to become gradually more friendly to Weasel and less seen as antagonist , as that role was taken over by the Red Guy.

Supporting characters from seasons one to three, such as Loulabelle and Admiral Bullets, became less and less seen, completely disappearing from season four. Many characters from Cow and Chicken were added as supporting or recurring characters.

But Cartoon Network wanted to spin off Weasel , so we did. I don't really remember asking if I could or could not cross populate the two shows--I just did it because it felt like the same universe, plus I thought it was funny to have the Red Guy in I Am Weasel ".

The story started to show more of Weasel's shortcomings and at times allowed him to lapse into a wise fool , suffering similar gags as I.

Baboon started to become more like a hero than a villain, also taking that role from Weasel in some episodes of season five, leading to the finale. The exact same art style of Cow and Chicken is used starting from season two. Humor relies on slapstick comedy and moderate off-color humor , as typical of many s cartoons, and is based on the existent gap between the central characters, with I.

Baboon being the center of most running jokes , which are mostly about his stupidity and big red butt, though some episodes show I.

Weasel or the Red Guy also taking this role. Butt jokes are also more frequent when the Red Guy is around and parodies of popular culture and other shows and crossovers also take place in some episodes. Weasel directly talks to the audience. Season one shows Weasel as a "perfect" character, not leaving a single shortcoming, and Baboon as exact opposite to this, but that gradually changes throughout the series, with Weasel later starting to show some misbehavior and inefficiency, mostly because he notices people around him are getting dumber, and thus I.

The fourth wall is often broken, mostly at the end of episodes. The characters do it to make some ending commentaries, give advice to spectators or just call for the end of the episode.

The title sequence features I. Weasel constantly saying his catchphrase "I am Weasel! Baboon doing his trademarked victory dance. Michael Dorn provided voice for I. Weasel and Charlie Adler did both voices of I. Baboon and the Red Guy. A sneak peek for the series was aired on July 15, with the eleventh episode, "Law of Gravity", [7] [33] [34] and then it started its original run from July 22, with the second episode, "I. Reruns aired prominently from early to , including on Cartoon Cartoon Fridays.

Some episodes were also made available on Cartoon Network Video in the early s. Weasel, I. This series was also the first-ever Cartoon Network production exclusively made for Brazil.

The series consists of five seasons and 79 episodes. The first four seasons contain the segments that originally aired during broadcasts of Cow and Chicken , while the fifth contains a further 27 episodes produced independently of that show. They were all eventually mend up into the whole I Am Weasel series, although they still air sometimes within Cow and Chicken timeslots.

There was a small case of censorship in the episode "I. Mommy", in which the letter "N", present on an American football helmet used by I. Baboon a reference to the Nebraska Cornhuskers , had to be digitally removed in after Cartoon Network was sued by the University of Nebraska , who alleged the reference was derogatory for their institution.

It became one of the most successful Cartoon Network original series of its time, usually being remembered along other major Cartoon Cartoons and recording high ratings for the network in both incarnations of season one and seasons two to five. The premiere of season five on June 10, reached 1.

Pixie Fairie" and "I. In Thailand, complete seasons have been released on DVD since by MVD Company; season one's was released on December 23, , and a release for season two was also planned but went unreleased. The show also has two audio tracks featured in Cartoon Medley , a compilation album made by Kid Rhino for Cartoon Network, containing tracks from many animated series from the network and others. It was released on July 6, , in CD and cassette releases, [56] and contains the show's audio tracks "I Am Weasel", which is the theme song, and "I.

Weasel's Poem", an oral text spoken by I. Weasel is a playable character, while I. Baboon and the Red Guy must be unlocked to play with, but the first is available in the DS version only. Weasel Super Tournament" modes, respectively. Baboon shorts", which were player-wearable shorts based upon I. Baboon's buttocks. Flash games of the series were also available on Cartoon Network website during the s and s.

American animated television series created by David Feiss for Cartoon Network. Comedy Slapstick. Michael Ryan [1] Steve Marmel [1]. Michael Dorn Charlie Adler. Bill Fulton melody [2] [3] Richard Pursel lyrics [3] [4]. Brian A. David Feiss [4] Vincent Davis [5] [6]. The central characters: I. Weasel right and I. Baboon left.

Former Hanna-Barbera studio building, in Los Angeles , seen here in Series creator David Feiss in Michael Dorn left and Charlie Adler right , who provided voices for the three main characters. See also: List of I Am Weasel episodes. Archived from the original on December 1, Retrieved September 29, Archived from the original on December 12, Retrieved July 6, Archived from the original on July 14, Retrieved November 20, Retrieved December 1, Retrieved May 29, Who's Who in Animated Cartoons.

New York: Hal Leonard Corporation. ISBN Archived from the original on November 23, Retrieved October 20,

Spooky Good! Disney’s Halloween Programming for Kids Kicks Off Oct. 1

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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays

It was the highlight of my early adolescence. It was always a great way to kick off the weekend. I love most of the shows as well as the character interactions. Here, on the 20th anniversary of the second season, I am going to give a rundown on the history as well as my personal thoughts about CCF. The original season was marketed by live action sketches of actors doing things like mock weather reports and marching bands. It also featured many NFL stars. The weekend of August 20 was known as Cartoon Cartoon Weekend. This was basically like CCF but it lasted all weekend.

Fandom Fridays: Halloween Movies To Watch

cartoon cartoon fridays halloween

Cartoon Cartoon Weekend consisted of an all-weekend marathon of Cartoon Cartoons. Some non-Cartoon Cartoons were also aired during the block. Cartoon Cartoon Fridays was a Cartoon Network block that lasted from It included Cartoon Cartoons, originally created as a block for additional reruns back in In it began telecasting new episodes of Cartoon Cartoons.

It's been a long week, school, chores, homework.

Cartoon Network Scares Up Halloween Programming

It is the fourth of the network's Cartoon Cartoons. The series centers on I. Weasel voiced by Michael Dorn , a smart, caring, beloved and highly successful weasel ; and I. Baboon voiced by Charlie Adler , an unsuccessful, rude, and unintelligent baboon who is envious of Weasel's successes and constantly tries and usually fails to threaten him. I Am Weasel originally aired as a segment of Cow and Chicken from to , often airing as the third of three segments in an episode.

Halloween 2002

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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Halloween Party

Ken Murdock was a soldier in a bloody international Mafia war. Journalist Jon Wells delves inside the mind of the Hamilton-born killer and his demons. York Regional Police Const.

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Hosted by the Cartoon Cartoon characters in Costume as other characters for Halloween. It starts the last friday of October, every Halloween. Between each of the shows broadcast, segments were presented. Cartoon Cartoon Fridays is having its' annual Halloween party.

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Part of the fear comes from not wanting to see these characters hurt or killed but there's not a choice sometimes. Just finished Final Crisis for the second time still don't fully understated what exactly happened and a crazed evil Wonder Woman freaked me out, as did a semi-bald crazed evil Mary Marvel. Mob Rule: The idea of someone cutting himself up rubs me the wrong way just enough to be interesting That sounds dirtier than it's meant to. The Joker: I'm really surprised he isn't on your list. The Court of Owls: See your comments 2. The Hunters Three: The pure amount of grotesque in these guys

This article has been tagged as Needing work due to its lack of organization and concrete references. It lasted from June 11th, , to February 23rd, Although many episodes have been recovered over the years, others remain lost. This was the premiere night of the short-lived series Sheep in the Big City.

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