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A cartoon depicting a drunken mate who is confronted by a Customs Officer

Skip to content. Contact Details of Directorates and Divisions. General Contacts of Sri Lanka Customs. Customs Enquiry Point. Information Officer I. Under the Right to Information Act Ms. Karunathunga, Deputy Director of Customs. Information Officer II. Under the Right to Information Act Mr. Designated Officer for Appeals.

Gnanaraj, Director of Customs. Appeals Directorate. Central Intelligence Directorate. Central Investigation Directorate. Central Valuation Directorate. Compliance and Facilitation Directorate. Central Cargo Examination Directorate. Declaration Directorate. Employee Services Directorate. Exports Directorate. Finance Directorate. Human Resource Development Directorate. Human Resource Management Directorate.

ICT Directorate. Policy Planning and Research Directorate. Legal Affairs Directorate. Logistics Directorate. Passenger Services Directorate. Preventive Directorate. Revenue Task Force Directorate. Social Protection Directorate. Specialized Services Directorate. BOI Coordination Directorate. Statistics Directorate. Our Office Addresses.

Customs Headquarters. Bandaranaike International Airport. Postal Appraisal Branch.

Caricature Of Customs Inspection At The Border Of The Country.

The work of a Customs Officer is quite possibly the most sought occupation in India. As it is administration work so you can be carefree about professional stability and a fat check when you will resign. Aside from that, a customs officer enjoys a great reputation in Indian society. So you may be wondering how one becomes a customs officer?

The remaining cartoons were seized by the Customs Preventive Officer of the Patna Preventive Customs Commissionerate. The goods were provisionally released.


Skip to content. Contact Details of Directorates and Divisions. General Contacts of Sri Lanka Customs. Customs Enquiry Point. Information Officer I. Under the Right to Information Act Ms. Karunathunga, Deputy Director of Customs.

Imperial Customs officers

customs officer cartoon

In the years leading up to the American Revolution, both the British and the colonists used broadsides to influence public opinion. Malcom struck Hewes with his cane and fled the scene. He was thrown into a cart and driven through the city streets. The mob drove on past the Liberty Tree, where they threatened to hang Malcom. They put a rope around his neck, tied him to the gallows, and beat him with clubs.

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We're sorry, but Freepik doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. Support Contact. Customs employee checking luggage of tourist. Airport security check baggage scanning male and female police officers doing luggage scan on conveyor belt travel control at arrival or departure. Customs officer concept passport control at the airport security checkpoint and registration in the airport metal detector for safety on board isolated flat vector illustration.

customs agent

Your hand-baggage will be security screened before you can proceed to the baggage claim area. These include but are not limited to :. There are two Customs channels to choose from. If requested by a customs officer, you are expected to disclose any amount of currency, jewelry or precious stones in your possession. Refusing disclosure and providing incorrect or incomplete information is a criminal act and may result in confiscation of the items. You may need to pay taxes or duties on items that you bring into Qatar. Please see this list for more information.

Customs officer cartoon character. Border security illustration. Security guard vector. Important day vector art, clipart and stock vectors.

This cartoon refers to the riot in Boston in which John Malcom, a customs officer, was tarred and feathered and theatened with hanging. Here, Bostontians pour tea down the throat of a tarred and feathered excise man. The Liberty Tree has a noose hanging from a branch, and a sign saying "Stamp Act" upside down posted on it. In the background, crates of tea are being poured from a ship.

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Dozens of Customs and Border Protection employees violated policies by posting offensive and unprofessional content on social media, including an anti-immigrant cartoon of children locked in kennels, according to a new government watchdog report. A senior Border Patrol headquarters official ultimately disciplined four of these employees, the report said. Of the 83 employees noted, 51 worked for U. Maloney , D-N. She also noted the inspector general had not evaluated the level of discipline enacted against employees who violate social media policies. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez , D-N. While 14 of the reported 83 cases stemmed from social media activity in that Facebook group, none of the cases was related to social media posts revealed in news reports, the inspector general said.

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