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Hello everyone! In this lesson, we are gonna be talking about the romantic comedy style of anime with one of my favorite stories in this category which is Lovely Complex! Or also known as LovCom. Ok, so first of all, this story is a shojo, shojo would be the opposite of a shounen which we discuss in Lesson 2. So, a shojo is a story targeted at girls having usually a girl or teenager as the main character and most commonly being romantic or romantic comedy type of stories.

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lKik — i love your lovely complex work ! good job ! keep...

Sign In. Lovely Complex —. Hide Spoilers. I loved every minute of this series! It had me in stitches, I was laughing so much! Risa Koizumi and Atsushi Otani have such a comical relationship and yet from the beginning you are rooting for them to get together. The series also portrays the insecurities of a first relationship very accurately and I'm sure most people can relate. Unlike many other anime series', I didn't feel frustrated by the writing or the lack of progress.

And, having listened to it in Japanese and read English subtitles , I commend the voice actors for conveying the emotions portrayed on screen excellently! All in all a series well worth watching and re-watching!

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Irishchatter 30 August I honestly loved Risa and Otani! They were always getting on each others nerves like an old married couple and like it was pure hilarious to hear them say rubbish to each other!

The comedy was pretty funny and the romance was just adorable! This is it - The Unbearable Lightness of Being in it's essence! Someone said that it is hidden in ignorance and apathy, but I fundamentally disagree with this statement and believe that the wings will acquire only those who want to know more, to be more proficient, who make their tries and don't afraid to make mistakes.

Lovely Complex is anime about that kind of persons - about children, the better ones, who we were when we were young. Exactly this an amazing work of Japanese animation will help you to regain long forgotten sense of youth. The sense of time when you probably do not know anything about unpleasant sides of life, but you are pretty sure that life is bright and certainly beautiful, that you need to clear it up what exactly it is.

Very often this innocent feeling is completely absent from our own real lives, and absence of it transforms them into a drab existence. Lovely Complex softens the soul so touching and tender that you won't notice the change in yourself immediately.

But you will, because all of us, without exception, are familiar with the feelings experienced by the main characters. At least all human beings, who tend to doubt no less than for breathing.

And it will make you want to fly because of how easily, gracefully and sincerely these feelings are showing. It will make you want to return to your , cross out the date of birth in the passport, wake up finally from the day-numbing mercantile wheel of fortune, breathe the smell of fireworks, wake up in the mornings cheerfully and happily with the thoughts of your friends, not abominable routine.

Everything written above doesn't mean that Lovely Complex is recommended only for those who are looking for oblivion, euphoria and youthful absolute-maximum happiness. Oh, no, this anime will stole your peace, you will want to experience all at once, to discover life in new ways. And It will awake you for life, sharpen your feelings and bestow an impulse to regain those subtle ephemeral moments that fill our lives with meaning, those moments which true value we can appreciate only after a while.

And no matter how many of them you will find in your past, it won't be enough. That's why just the thought of being sitting within four walls alone in front of flickering monitor will cause you at least a heartburn.

Yes, despite the fact that the complex is 'lovely', it will reward you with a great motivating kick up the backside. Because it is absolutely impossible not to fall in love with the main characters. It is impossible not to reconsider your retrograde views on school anime genre.

It is impossible not to forgive mistakes of the industry. Your lips will break into a smile because of what you'll see on the screen - absurdity; humor; foolishness, that comes not from stupidity, but from despair; courage that comes from a hopelessness; the first love; trembling hamstrings; thrill of the heart - all of us went through this, but not everyone managed to keep a joy of discovery. But don't be confused by the words written above, this one is that rare case when rose-colored sentiments will not cause you an allergic reaction - it is impossible to have allergic to yourself!

This work is light and easy, but at the same time it is stubborn and persistent as the inner voice, which repeats 'Everything will be fine'. And it certainly will, if you won't sit idly by. Lovely Complex contains one simple well-defined thought - unenterprising persons will lose.

For the love you have to struggle. For the sake of the friendship you have to be ready for anything. The authors invented the real time machine, which allows to re-experience the long-forgotten feelings, this travel could be bit painful yes, unfortunately time doesn't have reverse direction , but it is so comprehensive, so sincere and plausible. And you love, and you believe, and all of this is just because of some anime about Japanese teenagers What is it if not a real magic?

Lovely Complex is pretty much the best rom com I've ever watched. There's nothing like it. It's seriously hilarious and the characters are all well done and super relatable!! Highly recommend it if you are looking for a funny show!! This is one of the best anime ive ever watched! Its funny and uplifting while telling a story of a friendship turning into love. If you love having a laugh I highly suggest this anime!

DellaRiccaLuigi 26 May A good set of amorous comic anime. It is funny. One of the most beautiful comic amorous anime. HamChuuuuuuu 24 January The simply premise of a tall girl falling in love for a short guy is unique and interesting, this anime is from so that explains it hasn't the best animation but the magic comes from the amazing and lovely characters, even the friends of the mains characters are really cool, it's really fun anime and with all the faces that the characters do I was laughing so hard the whole time.

Definitely highly recommended even if you don't like anime in general but like romantic comedies. This series is very bautiful. Recommended at highest rating points. I've watched this anime so many times I've lost count, yet with every re-watch I grow to love the characters even more and there's always something new I notice.

Despite the iffy animation and the style it has a certain charm about it and the voice acting is phenomenal and unique with being in Kansai-ben. Even from reading the manga Koizumi really agitates me when she chooses to go with the other guy to the concert, the AMOUNT of time she spent head over heels in love with Otani and she goes and does that just added unneccesary filler to me. This series ends just as they graduate from high school but the manga follows them up until college.

Despite these shortcomings you also have: A great soundtrack, the 1st OP is still my favourite though. The supporting cast aren't just background characters and they mesh well with the main two. They of course don't get as much screentime but I cared for them. Otani and Koizumis friendship and banter is just everything, I personally love the first half of the series more because the comedy is a lot stronger; there is a tonal shift after the confession which I don't blame but I do feel episodes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 to be the strongest comedy wise.

Overall it is a nostalgic masterpiece that always has me hungry for more of these beloved characters. It's never too late for a season 2 though! Ali7alakbaR 20 January Loved it. This anime made me laugh, made me frustrated for Risa at times, but, it ended the best way it could.

The characters are amazing with each their own unique personnality. I can't recommend it enough. Create a list ». Anime completed. Watched anime. See all related lists ». Share this page:. Clear your history.

Lovely Complex

I love this guy. I really love this guy. From supernatural fantasy to melodrama that would rival any soap opera, the Shojo Beat manga line offers something for everyone. But at the heart of the Shojo Beat line is the romantic-comedy. Many of the most popular Shojo Beat manga are simply about high-school students falling in love, including Kimi ni Todoke and High School Debut. Although they tease each other constantly, Risa and Otani decide to help each other win over their respective crushes. In most romance manga shojo or otherwise , characters tend to fall in love for contrived reasons. › anime › Lovely★Complex.

7 Anime You Must Watch if You Love Lovely Complex

I find myself caught between two polar extremes as I try to think of what to write about Lovely Complex , not unlike how I felt when I wrote about Super Dimension Fortress Macross. On the one hand we have a charming, predictable, fun, and at the best of times, hilarious high school rom-com that hits all my anime pleasure buttons at various points. Sometimes all I want is a bare-bones love story with nothing extra and a happy ending. Given that these seem to be rarer than I had thought everything I watch lately seems to be incomplete or open-ended or bittersweet , LovCom was a welcome respite, delivering exactly what it promised. I walked away happy and satisfied. We have a predictable, easy story, so far so good. This is high school romance without past trauma , or mental breakdowns , or unnecessary action. This does not go beyond the constraints of how you would expect normal, middle-of-the-bell-curve teenagers to act. I feel like I should applaud the mangaka and especially the anime production team for not taking liberties and making the characters anything more than vanilla teens; and yes, there is some implied sarcasm there, but only a little, because come on, how often does this happen? Animation-wise, LovCom is pretty average.

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lovely complex good

October 8, by Hazy May. Nobu hits her with a broom and tells her off again for going out with another guy while Otani was working hard on his prep classes. Koizumi starts crying to Nobu asking what she should do. Koizumi tries to stop him from walking away, repeating her apology and pleading for him not to break up with her. This leaves Koizumi in much distress.

Becoming a formidable powerhouse in the s, the studio was responsible for classic, influential series such as Mazinger Z , Galaxy Express , and Sailor Moon. As one of the most prolific animation studios, Toei Animation brought anime to the masses and shaped much of what it's become today.

Lovely Complex Review

This anime, inspired from the manga with the same name, actually has one of the simplest stories that I have ever seen. The complex of these two is actually their heights, which they both see it as a big problem. Both of them start off liking someone of their height, so they arrange a double date, and, obliviously, they end up alone since both of their dates go with the others. Like a lot of romances, the second big focus of this anime is the comedy, which is pretty good I must say, some of the laughs and joke style might resemble the style featured in Seto no Hayanome with less epicness, but it still puts a smile on your face, and makes you laugh sometimes. Plus like I mentioned earlier there is some great drama in there, making you feel bad and sad and I mean really sad and really deep during the strangest and weirdest scenes ex: bear curry, you will get what I mean when you get there.

The BEST episodes of Lovely Complex

Similar: Toradora. From Me to You. Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun. Genre: Comedy Romance. Request an anime for review here. Lovely Complex takes the usual romance trope of tall guy with shorter girl and flips it. Risa and Ootani are two high school students looking for love, her insecure about being taller than every other girl and him insecure about being so short, even for a Japanese boy.

Discover short videos related to lovely complex manga on TikTok. Watch popular content from the following is lovely complex good or just nostalgia?

The show is entertaining and enjoyable. This is a Shoujo anime with some drama and romance thrown in for good measure. It includes a total of 26 episodes with each episode clocking in at roughly 25 minutes. The guy and the girl, on the other hand, face a slew of difficulties as they go on their romantic journey.

They publicly bicker a lot, including inevitable shots at each other's stature, but when they're enjoying their shared interests- water parks, arcades, or especially their favorite Japanese rap artist! Their friends think they'd make a wonderful couple, and Risa begins to feel that they might be right, but that's a challenging and frustrating path to take. The story here is told mainly from Risa's viewpoint, and she comes across as very human indeed: good-hearted but self-conscious because of her height, a mediocre student, and cursed with a hair-trigger temper. Her best friend urges her to act more feminine, but Risa has trouble maintaining that attitude, given her short fuse and Otani's delight in pushing her buttons. When she finally decides she loves Otani, she embarks on that emotional rollercoaster all young lovers ride, with the least kind word from Otani putting her at the top of the loop, and plummeting to the bottom when he treats her coldly. For HIS part, Otani seems to want to send her crashing to the bottom all the time.

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What do you think? Place your vote! I LOVE lovely complex!!!!!!!!!!!! Lovely complex all the way.

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