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Convenience Store Boyfriends Episode 3. Nijiiro Days - Ep. Komi Can't Communicate Episode 7. Plunderer Episode Aho girl! Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Official Trailer 2.

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Konbini kareshi confession

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I didn't actually start following season to season until this year. Before then, my watching habits were sporadic and disorganized. I never had the time to watch anything I was always busy with work or my other projects and anime sort of took a back seat to that.

After all, who had the patience to sit still for 25 minutes for however many episodes were in a show, for how many appealing shows there were? The time starts to add up after a little while! That said, I delegate my time much better now and am able to fit in a viewing schedule that works for me. Sometimes it's heavier, sometimes it's lighter, but it averages out to an healthy level of cartoon consumption each week.

I won't be listing shows from other seasons that I'm currently watching, for the purposes of being relevant, nor including shows that started in a prior season and are continuing this season. This season, for me at the very least, has seen an unusual increase in the number of romance-related anime that appealed to me.

Interestingly enough, this may or may not be related to a show I watched during the Winter season of this year, Scum's Wish , which quickly became my instant-AOTS Anime of the Season and one of my top five shows of all time. It could have been the pessimistic, brooding and calculated approach to romance and love that was the underlying premise of that show that caused it, but I think I was sorely in need of a cleanse of some sort, especially as I bore this burden throughout the Spring season through other equally grim shows such as Attack on Titan or shows on the opposite end of the spectrum - shows that were completely devoid of any meaningful emotional sincerity at all like Eromanga Sensei.

Fortunately, I was in luck with Summer , because now there is no shortage of cute, innocent, feelsy shows to self-insert myself in and fantasize about an idealistic romance. Initially, I wasn't all that interested in Gamers! After all, how much innovation could there possibly be left to make to this genre after 5 years of SAO-clones?

The answer: nothing. This show brings no groundbreaking concepts to the table, except it seems less-focused on gaming and moreso on character development. I wasn't interested in this show until i saw this video on Facebook of a really cute scene between two of the main characters, and it was then that I realized this was one of those school romance shows with shenanigans and sentimental moments between characters.

I don't watch this show for it's plot - I do so for those moments. Tsuredure Children is like the center of a Cinnabon roll, except you're eating an entire bowl of them. I was highly interested in this show from before it aired, just having viewed some promotional material for it, and I made the right decision. This show is nothing but teenager confessions , so take from that what you will. For me? This show alone counterbalanced all of the angst of Scum's Wish and more.

There are so many characters and so many situations that it is impossible to not relate to at least one of them in some capacity. Whether it be stuttering face-to-face confessions, frustrating misunderstandings, serendipitous encounters or outbursts of embarassment, Tsuredure Children has no shortage of warm and fuzzy tropey goodness. I literally love this show, and I've watched it from the first episode about five times now, and it has never gotten any less wonderful.

This is another show i was quite interested in from the get-go. It had what seemed to me to be an interesting premise. Except for one thing: I did not know what it was actually about. All i knew was that there were couples doing secretive and manipulative things, and that had my Scum's Wish senses tingling. Therefore, when I sat down to watch this, I had high hopes. Unfortunately, it's a short form show of about 9 minutes, which means stunted or rushed character development, as well as a breakneck pace that likely leaves significant chunks of the plot out.

I say this because this show is a manga adaptation that I've been told is superior and complete, so I have that earmarked in my to-read list. So far, I've been enjoying it as much as I can. There are moments when it channels that dark place where moralities begin to blur, and the salient scenes are very well animated, but beyond that, this is basically diet Scum's Wish.

Of all the shows in the season I'm currently actively watching, this has the silliest premise but arguably most sensible execution. Another schoolyard romance, but of the 7-Eleven kind.

I really disliked the quality of the animation and the lack of plot that the first episode brought, so I put it down for three weeks, but I picked it up again out of curiosity and it seems to have grown on me.

It's mostly filled with pretty anime boys But the protagonist is a boy and the story is effectively told from a boy's perspective and they always meet up at this convenience store where all the employees are pretty anime boys and the boys are always sleeping at each other's houses and boys take up all the screentime aaand I think I'm gay now.

This show is as anime as anime gets. It's about a high school girl who has nothing but air in her head and an unsatiable hunger for bananas and the people in her social circles grow evermore frustrated at her antics and general lack of awareness, intelligence, rationality and common decency. I was rolling with laughter watching this for the first time and pausing every few seconds to take it all in. I never paid this one any attention until I started seeing clips turn up on Facebook.

This show must be brilliant because, although it was another short form show of sub minutes' length, whenever someone uploaded videos entitled 'Aho Girl Episode 1 funny scenes' the videos usually ended up about 12 minutes long. That's damn good mileage if you ask me. Let me know your thoughts on this season below! I'm open to recommendations too, so don't hesitate to hit me up with your top picks and what you like about them. As always, thanks for reading, and See You Space Steemers ;.

This post has received a 1. Upboat is a friendly half-human, half-robot which hopes to help promote the better posts of Steemit by trying to ensure they get the recognition they deserve. Hey zaiageist I really enjoyed reading your quick fire reviews! I'm very selective in what I watch, I think I'll pick up a show based on your post! I wasn't too impressed with this seasons genre selection but I highly recommend Kakegurui if you enjoyed NGNL or One Outs, gambling is always exciting.

If you enjoyed One Outs, read the manga or watch the drama of Liar Game I believe Liar Game is one of the best stories I've read in the recent years If you're interested in manga, I have a series: Learned from Manga you might find interesting.

I did like No Game No Life I only watch the well known animes, recently caught with hunter x hunter. Ahh HxH, my bane. My friends speak very highly of that show and the manga, and that alone has gotten me interested. I may have to bump it up a few spots Hunter X Hunter is one of the very best anime I ever watched I want write a post about that.

I really like Isekai Shokudou this season, it's pure slice of life goodness. It's really fun watching our worlds food become a true masterpiece in a fantasy world. Just read the synopsis I don't watch anime season to season I actually only watch one or two per season.

I've read a manga from the author of Aho Girl.. I might read Aho Girl next I prefer manga than anime most of the time since I can read anywhere. Tsuredure Children seems very interesting in the way you wrote it I read it Tsundere each time until I wrote it in this comment!! I wish there was an anime titled Tsundere Children it'll be too hilarious!!

Well, SAO depends on the taste too much I find it amazing idea with terrible execution as Anime. I'm writing a series called Learned From Manga. All posts. Newcomers' Community. Steem Venezuela. Steem POD Team. Comunidad Latina. Explore communities…. Dear Steempunks: Welcome to the first episode of Anime Days, the series in which I write about shows I'm watching or am interested in!

I won't be listing shows from other seasons that I'm currently watching, for the purposes of being relevant, nor including shows that started in a prior season and are continuing this season General thoughts: This season, for me at the very least, has seen an unusual increase in the number of romance-related anime that appealed to me.

Reply Sort: Trending Trending Votes Age. I look forward to seeing more, thanks! I'm glad you're looking forward to more, momosan. Reading your article Konbini Kareshi looked good until Coin Marketplace. STEEM 0. TRX 0. JST 0. BTC ETH USDT 1. SBD 2.

Chuuya Stan — reilink: Smoothest Confession Ever.

On this blog I write about anime that contain romance. Here you can find the anime with some information and the romance rating. This section should only help you to find a new recommendation. If you are just looking for a new anime, this section will be enough for you. Here you can find spoilers for various facts. You can decide for yourself how far you want to spoil yourself. If you want to know more, you can click through further information, such as:.

Natsuki Enomoto has finally mustered the courage to confess to her childhood friend, Yuu Setoguchi. 1user Konbini Kareshi.

First Impressions of Anime Summer 2017

Convenience stores in Japan are small national landmarks. Offering a variety of food and everything from toiletries and daily necessities to manga and magazines, these places become the best friends of anyone living in Japan. Here, new high schooler Haruki meets a girl who reminds him of a girl from his past, while his friend Towa meets up with his fellow class rep and finds out she likes reading shoujo manga. Many other couples will also find connections and possibly even love with the help of this store. The episode starts off with nearly two straight minutes of nothing but a guy running to a convenience store at night. If that does not immediately make you want to hit the Back button on your browser, then maybe this show will work for you like it did for me. I do have to admit this show has very little going for it; the characters are overall rather bland, the artistry is subpar, and the show moves at a glacial pace that makes even other slice-of-life shows this season feel like adrenaline rushes.

—Konbini Kareshi – Convenience Store Boy Friends—

konbini kareshi confession

A shorter show, Tsurezure Children is essentially a collection of self-contained stories all taking place at the same high school, featuring a variety of young couples, of all varieties. With the episodes only being minutes long, each little mini-arc is kind of short, but sweet as well. Episode 1 shows us 4 different confession scenes, from a boy getting confessed to by his shy crush, to the bubbly but laid-back class rep confessing to the boy she likes during after-school duties. Finally, we see the adoring junior working up her courage to confess to her club Senpai on the last night before he graduates.

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Konbini Kareshi~Save me [AMV]

So far Summer has had some great romances and some pretty trash ones. Below are the shows from this season that I think you should both watch and avoid for various reasons. Also let me know in the comments below what you thought about any of these. Without further ado, here are the new romance animes of the Summer season. The story revolves around two main pairs of high schoolers who meet and fall in love with their crushes at a convenience store near their school. The story continues to follow them as they deal with their everyday life troubles and try to confess to their crushes.

First Impressions: Convenience Store Boy Friends (Konbini Kareshi)

Love is blooming at Sakuragaoka High School. Natsuki Enomoto has finally mustered the courage to confess to her childhood friend, Yuu Setoguchi. However, in the final moments of her confession, an embarrassed Natsuki passes it off as a "practice confession. While Natsuki deals with her failed confession, fellow classmate Koyuki Ayase struggles with his own feelings for Natsuki. Despite his timidness, he is determined to win over her heart. Zutto Mae Kara Suki deshita. Meanwhile, close friends also find themselves entangled in their own webs of unrequited love and unspoken affections.

Anime Suggestions and Recommendations for Konbini Kareshi (Convenience Will Natsuki ever be able to stop “practicing” and actually confess her love to.

It is spring, right around the time when new students start getting used to their school lives. Meanwhile Nasa Sanagi, sole member of the cooking research club, continues with his club activities from middle school, striving to work on the theme that his adviser laid out for him. Second year student Natsu Asumi, although he matured a little since the height of his impudence during his first year, has nevertheless chosen to remain alone this year.

Cellchrome will perform the anime's opening theme song "Stand Up Now. The site previously streamed a promotional video for the anime in June. The series will premiere on TBS at night on Thursday at a. Sayaka Kanda as Miharu Mashiki. Kenichi Suzumura as Towa Honda.

Each of the students goes there for different reasons: to eat ice cream after club activities at school, to get the latest issue of this week's game magazine, to purchase ingredients for cooking, to meet friends, or to stock up on their favorite bread or chocolate drink.

This about wraps up what I will try to cover this season with a few exceptions here and there. Isekai Shokudou. I can dig it. The opening sounds like a punchline for a shitty joke. I can see two paths for this and either one sounds good. Also, does Aletta know how dreams work? Konbini Kareshi.

I didn't actually start following season to season until this year. Before then, my watching habits were sporadic and disorganized. I never had the time to watch anything I was always busy with work or my other projects and anime sort of took a back seat to that.

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