Famous female cartoon movie characters

Believe it or not, several female cartoon characters on TV are voiced by men. Men can easily give female characters an alto tone. Sometimes men are used to voice women for comic effect, while other times the lower voice is meant to be monstrous or old. Click through to see which female TV cartoon characters are voiced by men. Character: Tina Belcher on Bob's Burgers may not be the most popular girl at Wagstaff School, but she's an integral student, working for the school's news channel and safety patrol.

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Famous female cartoon movie characters

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Cartoon characters are a crucial part of our while when growing up. There have been uncountable cartoon characters that have been crafted with different looks, personalities, abilities, and mentalities. Each of the cartoons we watch has several male and female characters who act as role models for the young viewers. There are thus in fact many males as well as female cartoon characters that are very popular and not so popular too.

The favorite cartoon character varies not only from person to person but also changes from one age level to the other. However, one thing which remains constant is the desire to portray these characters on paper. The desire to creatively draw and color our favorite cartoon characters is an undying quench for art. Among the uncountable cartoon characters ever created, the ones which we were likely to draw mostly included female characters. Many popular cartoon characters are all females yet differ considerably in terms of appearance, personality, roles, and approach, which have been described below.

One of the most beautifully carved Disney princesses is Ariel, the little mermaid. This beautiful mermaid princess has been created so beautifully that every kid has tried their hands on drawing her.

The bright red hair of Princess Ariel reflects her passionate and headstrong character who desires not only to explore the marine world but also the human world.

Her hourglass figure is highlighted with a bright, sea green tail and her famous lavender bikini top, and her facial features were striking with an everlasting smile and mesmerizing aqua eyes complementing her fair skin. They always joyful and adventurous Dora was a little girl who had short, dark brown hair matching her wheatish complexion. Dora also had two big eyes with brown pupils and was always dressed up casually in her pain violet top and orange shorts. Although most of her facial features were not very prominent, she always held a wide smile.

Her eagerness and desire to go on every explorative journey made us all fall in love with the little girl and triggered our desire to draw the simple and pretty little girl. These three tiny little girls triggered our desire of becoming the superhero of our lives. Created in the laboratory by Professor Utonium, the three Powerpuff girls were super adorable who possessed superpowers and were very strong.

Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles had bright, glistening eyes and a dress of red, green, and blue color respectively. Their dress had a single black stripe and they wore a pair of black ballerinas. Buttercup, Bubbles, and Blossom had black yellow, and orange hair respectively.

Making the perfect drawing of the trio was the desire of all their fans. Her white tennis shoes completed her ideal teenage superhero look. Kim had bright orange, shoulder-length hair and two big, round eyes with placid green pupils. Owing to her teenage, she wore a dark red shade of lipstick. The pretty teenager was not only brave but also excelled in her academics. She is low in motivation and pretty inactive but is very intelligent and excels in her academics.

Daria is a realistic character who has reddish-brown hair and is dressed up in a dull green, long sports jacket which is half-zipped, under which she wears an orange top and a black pleated knee-length skirt. Although Daria had a very shabby look, she is one of the female cartoon characters that are very easy to draw. Frizzle has super curly and frizzy red hair which she roughly ties into a messy bun. She has a fair complexion and two tiny eyes, a properly constructed nose, and lips.

Frizzle wears a pair of yellow-colored, star-shaped earrings on both her ears. She pairs her outfit with a pair of red shoes with a yellow star charm. Daphne Blake of the Scooby-Doo series is one of the smartest female cartoon characters who has a charismatic personality and appearance.

Daphne Blake is one of the most active members of her gang who although not as intelligent but still is very smart as a character and actively participates in solving every mystery her gang comes across. She is a woman who has a good taste in fashion and holds concern for her dressing style. The teenage girl has an hourglass figure on which she commonly wears a purple dress with full sleeves, pink pantyhose, and purple shoes.

She has bushy shoulder-length red hair which she ties up with a purple hairband and has a green scarf around her neck. Jessica Rabbit was an immortal woman who was an actress as well as a singer in Los Angeles. Jessica Rabbit had an hourglass figure and was often wearing a red slit gown that highlighted her figure. She had sleek and straight, shiny and bright red hair with minimal description in her facial features.

Her tiny, round lips always had red lipstick and her eye shadow was always bold. The bold woman had a straightforward personality and was always calm and composed.

She was deeply in love with her husband, Roger Rabbit, and did not put eyes on anyone else. Cheetara is a thunder car that belongs to the planet of Thundera. She is a very powerful character in the cartoon Thunder Cats Roar. Cheetara was a warrior thunder cat who had a very strong and remarkable personality. She had a strong, athletic build-up and was the only adult female character of the Thunder Cat. Cheetara usually wore an orange-colored one-piece leotard holding the Thunder Cat emblem at the front.

She had short, yellow hair and a fair complexion. Her eyes had orange pupils and were surrounded with a roughly rhombus-shaped orange patch that made her look like the ultimate superhero. The pretty teenage girl, Samantha Gracie Sparks was a subtle, sweet, and charming girl who was outgoing and brave and wanted to be a weather reporter. One of the female protagonists of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Sam Sparks has a simple yet sticking appearance.

She kept her appearance simple as her blonde hair was tied up in a loose ponytail and she wore a classic, broad-rimmed pair of glasses. Her dress-up was simple with a white tank top, brown skinny jeans, and a mint green blazer. The big, sparkly green eyes, tiny nose, and thin lips made her a character worth drawing.

Jane Jetson was the matriarch of the Jetson family and had a face with very simple and plain facial features. Jane lived with her husband George and the duo has 2 children together. The loving woman loves her family dearly and has a lively personality who loves to go shopping. One can easily draw Jane Jetson as she has a very simple round face cut who has a short length, bright red hair. Her attire generally is a purple dress with a white collar which she pairs with a pair of purple leggings that are a shade lighter than her dress.

One of the prominent female protagonists from the Scooby-Doo series is Velma Dinkley. Velma is a super-intelligent lady who is probably the most intelligent among every other person in her gang. Velma although has a very plain and shabby appearance, is naturally a genius who with her skills and knowledge solves every mystery with her gang. Her all-time attire is an oversized turtle neck orange top with a red skirt and knee-length orange socks.

Her face is simple with a tiny round nose and a straight smile, and her eyes are covered with a pair of classic broad-rimmed square glasses. Her hair is brown and short and she has prominent freckles on her cheeks. She-ra is the strong personality alter ego of Princess Adora.

She-ra has a hero-like appearance as she wears a short, one-piece white dress which is decorated with golden metal and she pairs her outfit with golden boots up till right below her knees. She wears a red cape and a golden crown which gives her a superhero look. Also, She-ra has long, waist-length, free-flowing, blonde hair. Her face is small with tiny lips smeared with red lipstick, blue eyes, and a thin nose.

The pretty princess of Agrabah has an exceptionally beautiful appearance which provokes our desire to draw her on paper. The Princess has mesmerizing deep brown eyes which hold her desire to break the law of staying confined within the four walls of her palace and moving out into the open.

The bold and charismatic princess is dark-skinned who has hip-length black hair complementing her complexion. Her outfit was a simple one with a sky blue colored plain, off a shoulder crop top, exposing her thin waist, paired with a pair of puffy pants of the same color. Her look represented a beautiful Arabic woman with a simple dress up yet a beautiful appearance.

Evil-lyn was an evil witch blessed with dark powers. Her overall look is attractive and simple to draw. Evil-lyn has a wheatish complexion and wears an outfit as well as her accessories which are all blue and purple. Evil-lyn wears a one-piece purple-colored leotard and a pair of knee-length boots of the same color. Along with this, she wears a blue-colored crown-like helmet that completely covers her head.

She holds her magic wand which also is blue and has a ball on the top end. The pretty woman is the only female character who appeared in the Wacky Races. She had a pretty face and wore an all-pink costume which makes her an easy-to-draw as a cartoon character.

Penelope Pitstop has waist-length blonde hair which she covers with a purple racer helmet and a pair of classic racing goggles. She wears a pink full-sleeved top with a pink skirt, under which she wears red pants. Her hands are covered with white gloves. Also, Penelope fastens a scarf around her neck which is of the same color as her helmet. She is a teenage girl who is 15 years old and can transform into a robot.

As a human, she not only has the teenage desire to be popular but also to have an on-point fashion and look. When Jenny transforms into a robot, she has a strong desire to save the world and can fly and fight like a superman. She has a cute robotic appearance having a round neck and two triangular ponytails, her robotic body holds a blue crop top and skirt, enhancing her look.

Her eyes are extremely big with a tiny smile. Although Mandy is not a character that is liked by most kids due to her strict, straightforward, and somewhat means personality, she is one cartoon character who can be drawn very easily. Mandy is the best friend of Billy as well as Grim, however, she is very bitter to them and barely talks. Her talks are usually full of sarcasm and she has a blunt and stern voice and tone of speaking.

Mandy is a tiny little girl with a big, round head, two big eyes, and a big mouth.

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Did you know? Learn more. Female cartoon characters generally fall into one of two categories: sexy or hideous. We've already shown you the sexiest cartoon characters , now its time to dredge to the bottom of the barrel for the top 25 least-sexy cartoon chicks. Keep in mind though, throughout our list of the most hideous, that they're not ugly, they're just drawn that way.

Most Popular Female Cartoon Characters To Draw · Ariel The Mermaid · Dora · The Powerpuff Girls · Kim Possible · Daria Morgendorffer · Ms. Frizzle · Daphne Blake.

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Girl power is the hot topic on this week's episode of " Girl Code ," with the ladies talking about their most influential female role models -- like their moms, for example. Family members are often our biggest role models, but there are plenty of role models from TV and movies too. We rounded up some of our favorite inspiring cartoon characters, in no particular order. Was there anything this girl couldn't do? She fought off evil villains but still made time for school and cheerleading practice. Talk about multitasking. The "Rugrats" babies adored Susie, probably because she never purposely tried to scare or humiliate them -- like Angelica did on numerous occasions.

15 Of The Best Body Positive Disney Characters

famous female cartoon movie characters

Fictional female characters who err on the dark side often have three things in common: a killer wardrobe, a dramatic beauty look and an arsenal of memorable one-liners that help to ensure the spotlight remains firmly on them. Read more: Christmas Gifts For Mums. Here, British Vogue revisits some of the best portrayals of female villains in Hollywood history. With twisted horns, piercing eyes and a billowing black cloak, the Oscar winner becomes the titular mistress of evil in the fantasy epic and its subsequent sequel. They say revenge is a dish best served cold, and as Helen Sharp, Goldie Hawn waits seven years to wreak vengeance on her love rival Madeline Ashton, played by Meryl Streep.

We know Walt Disney to be a cinematic hero in the sense that he created some of the most beloved, most timeless movies of all time.

The 10 Most Badass Cartoon Heroines of the ‘80s

We're sorry, but Freepik doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. Support Contact. Set of people and pets avatars square round icons diverse men women girls boys cat portraits male and female characters with different appearance and ethnicity line art vector illustration. Woman face constructor, avatar of caucasian female character creation heads, hairstyle. Pretty young woman constructor in flat style.


Searching for a dog name that is creative, playful, and nostalgic? Look no further than your childhood favorite—cartoons! No matter where you look, animated characters from movies, TV shows, or comic strips can provide the perfect name inspiration for your new, fun-loving friend! From heroic animated dogs to imaginary friends and princesses, try one of these names inspired by classic Disney characters. These name ideas based on famous cartoon dogs make timeless options that will be recognized across generations. Cartoon Network is home to some of the most memorable characters of all time. Choose one of these iconic cartoon characters from your favorite show.

The 26 Most Brilliant Female Cartoon Characters Copper – The name of a hound pup from the movie “The Fox and the Hound” Choosing a baby name for your.

I Used AI To See What These 23 Popular Cartoon Characters Would Look Like In Real Life

Things you buy through our links may earn New York a commission. Blue is not a color that naturally occurs in nature very often, except for the Floridian cold springs where blue-flavor Gatorade is harvested and bottled directly from the source, of course, I think. Neither do blue eyes. How many could there be?

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These days, there are so many great animated shows and movies aimed at all ages that plenty of folks still turn to cartoons as a respite from the real world. Animation is a modern art form: It can be a commentary on society and a way of understanding the world, giving viewers the opportunity to see themselves in those colorful characters. But unlike live-action shows, cartoon characters often live in worlds of boundless possibility, creating a fertile space for exploring complex ideas, dabbling in the absurd, and parodying subjects that might be too sensitive to cover elsewhere. No matter how old viewers are or what generation they were born in, most have fond memories of cartoons that made an impression on them during their formative years. From early cartoons like Gertie the Dinosaur to iconic Disney villains like Ursula, everyone has their favorite.

She looks like an angel!

Animated Cartoon Characters : The second golden age of animation is well under way, with Aardman, Miyazaki, Disney Pixar and DreamWorks rolling out rather good stories on a fairly regular basis. These movies maintain a family-friendly nature like classic Hallmark movies, then it is combined with awesome animated characters that kids love. But which characters of the stop-motion, CG or hand-drawn world really make the grade? Which existing characters made the leap from short form to full-length feature with their dignity intact? How do the newcomers really compare to old hands of earlier eras? Read on to find out. Best Animated Characters - Totoro - My Neighbour Totoro Cuddly, gentle and peace-loving, Totoro is a pure forest spirit who comes to the assistance of people in emotional need.

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