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queen beryl

However, in the modern era, the seal eventually weakened enough that Metalia's influence could seep through and Beryl returned to finish what she started. An incorporeal demonic force born from the sun that plots to use the Silver Crystal to Take Over the World.

Once an ordinary Earth woman, her obsession with winning Prince Endymion's love dragged her into Metalia's clutches; now she plans to use Metalia to have him at any cost. Queen Beryl's four generals who are tasked with gathering energy from humans for Queen Metalia's awakening. The Starter Villain of just about every version of the series, who concocts various plots to steal human energy in the Tokyo area.

Jadeite's somewhat bolder and more flamboyant successor who uses the movement of constellations to find his energy targets.

The most cunning and manipulative of the Shitennou, though he's also rather vain and petty. In the 90s anime, he was in a relationship with Kunzite. The leader of the Shitennou, and naturally Beryl's most powerful underling. He plans to root out the Moon Princess and steal the Silver Crystal. A mysterious individual heading the Dark Agency. He was formerly a soldier from Venus who fell in love with Sailor Venus from afar.

In the present day, he is being forced to serve Queen Beryl, but repeatedly saves Sailor V from Fluorite's minions as the mysterious Phantom Ace. An extremely powerful water-elemental Youma who belongs to an elite and high-ranking group of Youma under Queen Beryl's direct command. She is the only Youma and one of the only monsters-of-the-week, period shown to have any real personality and depth. She has unrequired feeling for Jadeite.

Reborn as humans and one cat , each carries one of the seven Rainbow Crystals inside them. The five are responsible for the death of all but Sailor Moon before the Final Battle. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. In General. Adaptational Villainy : In comparison to pretty much every other villainous group in the 90's anime, who tended to receive Adaptational Heroism and had at least a few members who redeemed themselves , the Dark Kingdom had a lot or their redemptive traits from the manga either downplayed or removed altogether.

Evil Counterpart : The Dark Kingdom as a whole seems to be deliberately made to draw parallels with the Silver Millennium of the past. Firstly both kingdoms are lead by a powerful queen Queen Serenity vs Metalia who have fellow monarchs that are in love with Prince Endymion Princess Serenity vs Beryl and whom are guarded by four capable generals that lead their armies the Senshi vs the Shitennou.

Unwitting Pawn : Of Queen Nehellenia in the manga. Nehellenia put a curse on the Silver Millennium when Princess Serenity was a baby, promising that the kingdom would be destroyed and Serenity would die before she was old enough to be queen. This retroactively meant that Queen Metalia and the Dark Kingdom were the unassuming tools that fulfilled Nehellenia's curse.

It's also likely this means that Nehellenia is responsible for Metalia's creation. Supporting this is the fact that both Nehellenia and Metalia are incarnations of Chaos.

Queen Metalia. Negaforce : Don't whine at me, Beryl! You're nearly as incompetent as your minions. I should abandon you, but I'm giving you this last chance! Queen Beryl. Click to see her in the original musicals. Click to see her in the new musicals.

From left to right: Kunzite, Zoisite, Nephrite, and Jadeite. Click to see them in the musicals. Click to see them in the 90s anime. And you've shown me your true identities! Luna gasps Sailor Moon : Oh great! We've been outed! Jadeite : "Your last hope, Tuxedo Mask, is now dead. Go on and cry! Do you need a man to do everything for you?! Women are such shallow, useless creatures! Let's show this jerk what girls are made of!

Dark Agency. Evil Diva : The Dark Agency is full of them. The Man Behind the Man : Fluorite is presented as the Big Bad in the first chapter, but is later revealed to actually serve Danburite, who in turn is serving Kunzite who himself serves Queen Beryl, who serves Queen Metaria, who in turn is a incarnation of series big bad Chaos. Always Someone Better : In his past he was a mere soldier, in his current time even with a power upgrade he's forced to work under Kunzite.

In the current day, she has fallen for him, except he is Brainwashed and must fight her. Apologetic Attacker : Does not want to be fighting Sailor V. However, You Can't Fight Fate.

Brainwashed and Crazy : Is being brainwashed into service. Curse : He "predicts" Sailor V will never find love due to putting her duty first, though he frames it as a good thing seeing as Sailor Venus eventually puts so much weight upon her identity as the leader of the Senshi.

Fanboy : In his past life he was a fanboy of Sailor Venus. Fighting from the Inside : His saving Sailor V and his attempts at helping her regain her memory are implied to be a result of this. From Nobody to Nightmare : He was a mere soldier in Sailor Venus's army in the past, brainwashed into his current form of Danburite. Unlike Nephrite in the anime, he's unable to fight off his brainwashing to earn true redemption, and he dies fighting Minako.

Meaningful Name : His past self was named Adonis. In other words, Venus's lover. It turns out that Naoko Takeuchi was playing off audience expectations, as Phantom Ace turns out to actually be the Big Bad , Danburite. This was by design though, as he was trying to help Venus as much as possible under brainwashing.

Orcus on His Throne : He does very little, letting his minion Fluorite do all the work instead because he has no real interest in working with the Dark Kingdom. This is a result of brainwashing, as he doesn't really want to fight her. Theme Naming : Named after a mineral much like the other Shitennou. Tragic Villain : He does not want to be evil and shows great regret that he must fight Sailor V, but is unable to escape his brainwashing.

White Hair, Black Heart : Well, as much as brainwashing counts as a black heart. Even when she tries to save his life, he refuses salvation and dies.

Mio Kuroki. See Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Titus : Jadeite you must be losing your touch, letting that silly little sailor brat bother you. The Seven Great Youma. Always Chaotic Evil : In the Canadian dub. Instead of being evil humans that became evil monsters, natives to the Negaverse seem to just be intrinsically bad. Ascended Extra : Morga is the only Youma to appear in the manga, the 90s anime, and Crystal, since she's the very first villain Sailor Moon ever fights.

Youma as a whole in the nineties anime, since in the manga, Sailor Moon only fights two of them before the generals take to the field. Creepy Doll : Murid and Jumeau. Cute Monster Girl : Some of them are very ugly. Golem : In Crystal , they are made from dolls made of clay. This is also stated in the manga. The Legions of Hell : Damned entities that became hideous for the most part monsters after getting sealed away as punishment for their rebellion.

Oh, Crap! Reduced to Dust : How most of them die, though some of them do something different, like turning to stone and shattering, or dissolving into blue flames. Was Once a Man : In the manga, they're the reborn foot-soldiers who aided Beryl during her rebellion.

Hinted at in the anime as well. Show Spoilers.

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Chibiusa Sailor Moon Sailor Uranus Tuxedo Mask Queen Beryl, queen, queen, cartoon png xpx KB ; Queen Beryl Dark Kingdom Villain Queen Metalia.

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They are the chief villains of the first story arc in every version of the series, and were first introduced in the first chapter of the manga, "Usagi — Sailor Moon", originally published in Japan's Nakayoshi on 28 December In some English adaptations, the Dark Kingdom's title was changed to Negaverse. In each variation of the series, the characters—led by Queen Beryl —attempt to steal life energy from humans and the Silver Crystal so they can release the evil Queen Metaria, who was imprisoned by Queen Serenity during the destruction of the Moon Kingdom during the Silver Millennium period. The names of Queen Beryl and the Four Kings of Heaven are derived from minerals: beryl , jadeite , nephrite , zoisite , and kunzite. Several villains from subsequent arcs follow this pattern of using minerals as namesakes. Beryl has immense magical power and uses it to channel the life energy harvested by her servants into the entity Queen Metaria. In most versions of the story, Beryl has the ability to corrupt others into her service. After discovering Endymion's relationship with Princess Serenity , she sides with Queen Metaria and is corrupted. Though killed by Sailor Venus with the Holy Moon Sword, Beryl is reborn in the 20th century, regaining the memories of her past life upon finding Queen Metaria while traveling to D-Point in the Arctic. She also kidnaps and brainwashes Mamoru to love her and to kill Usagi.

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sailor moon queen beryl

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Sailor Moon is beloved by viewers of all ages, genders, and walks of life for many reasons. It boasts one of the most iconic animated female protagonists of all time.

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Finding herself an avatar in the form of a woman named Beryl, Metalia corrupted the woman by praying on her feelings of jealousy towards Princess Serenity of.

Winning love by daylight Never running from a real fight She is the one named Sailor Moon! In the world of Sailor Moon, Queen Beryl is the commander of the dark kingdom.

Added on August 24, by in Anime. Torrent verified. There'd be a Mecha season at some point. Season 30 would be set in the 30th Century. In the original, a girl goes after Sailor Moon with a broken glass bottle, thus causing her to slam into that blue pillar.

Perhaps you may be able to help solve a Sailor Moon mystery. Alas, much like the hunt for the great Loch Ness monster, there are still some that simply defy all explanation.

Queen Beryl was the commander of the Dark Kingdom. This is the original depiction of the character created by Naoko Takeuchi. Queen Beryl has long, wavy fire-red hair that reaches her waist, dull orange eyes that, instead of having whites, has a pale yellow, and her eyelids are smeared over with a warm cocoa brown, and dark-purple lips, along with pale skin. She is shown always wearing a simple, form-fitting dark-purple dress, with the top of her dress pointed in towards her neck, and a background of black. She wears a silver armlet and a bracelet, along with two small horns peaking out from her shoulders. She is also adorned with a forehead crest, shaped like a black, upside-down boomerang, with two white dots up and down, along with a turquoise stone wrapped around in gold strips and similar earrings.

Queen Beryl is the commander of the Dark Kingdom. Queen Beryl is named after a mineral of the same name. Queen Beryl has long, wavy fire-red hair that reaches her waist, dull orange eyes that, instead of having whites, has a pale yellow, and her eyelids are smeared over with a warm cocoa brown, and dark-purple lips, along with pale skin.

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