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Franklin, one of the iconic characters from "Peanuts," turns He's not as famous as Charlie Brown, Lucy or Snoopy, but he is the first black character in the "Peanuts" gang. And his origin story begins during a polarizing time. During that time, the Brown v. Board of Education decision desegregated schools, activists sat-in and protested for equal rights and, in , Martin Luther King, Jr. Days after King's death, Harriet Glickman, a frustrated retired school teacher, wrote to "Peanuts" creator Charles Schulz asking him to incorporate a black character into his comics.

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Franklin the Turtle originated in a series of books by Brenda Clark illustrator and Paulette Bourgeois author and gained popularity as a Canadian children's television series. The star character on the television series "Franklin the Turtle" is of course the lead character in the books. The books and television series were translated into French and cartoon shorts are presented with Franklin and the other characters, along with a theme song. DVDs of the show that are produced for Canada offer the option of watching them in French or English.

Veterans, cartoon characters, bicyclists, ATVers, politicians, vintage vehicles and fire trucks from Jay, The Franklin Journal.

Franklin and Friends

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‘The Boys’: Eric Kripke on Black Noir’s “Classic Disney” Animated Origin Story

franklin cartoon characters

Your browser is out of date, and may not be compatible with our website. A list of the most popular web browsers can be found below. Just click on the icons to get to the download page. Franklin, the first African-American to appear in the classic comic strip "Peanuts" alongside Charlie Brown and Snoopy, turns 50 on Tuesday -- a major milestone for a character born in a time of racial tensions after the slaying of Martin Luther King. The young Franklin joined the iconic line-up on July 31, during a summer of race riots and civil unrest in the wake of King's assassination on April 4 that year.

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Franklin the turtle turns 25 - and gets a new TV series

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The surprising story behind Franklin, the first black "Peanuts" character

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The scene in question has four characters from Charles M. And in a lawn chair. Things that I did not notice as a child.

After this Peanuts was published daily in black and white and Sunday was the colour printed comic. Add a rating. This series not only has been published in over 2, newspapers globally but it also helped popularize the Here are the 10 most iconic Peanuts comic strips of all time. See also the official Peanuts web site.

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Clarence Page — Feb 20th, No more Charlie Brown? No Lucy? No Snoopy? No Woodstock?

Ron is a student of African American history. His writing highlights the stories of people who overcame prejudice to achieve great things. It was April of , and the United States was in the grip of racial turmoil such as it had seldom seen before. On April 4, Dr.

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