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A list of queer-coded anime characters that are actually really obvious when you think about it. Questionably queer anime characters have graced my television screens since the beginning of time, immediately becoming my favorites. The flamboyant villains, sidekicks in drag, and suspiciously close best friendships always had me guessing to which letter on the rainbow alphabet these iconic characters subscribed. It doesn't matter if they're dangling out of the closet, victims of outdated censorship, or part of my unreliable speculation. I stan all these hand-drawn anime heroes for living in their queer-coded truths.

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The Best of 90s Anime: 16 Must-Watch Shows

The exciting storylines, action-packed fight scenes, eye-catching character design, and, yes, even romance, all make for quality entertainment that keeps you wanting more. The best of 90s anime often falls under two categories: the shounen genre or the shoujo genre. When it comes to staying power and cultural impact, there are few anime that can match the powerhouse that is Neon Genesis Evangelion. Evangelion follows the story of protagonist Shinji, a teenage boy recruited by his father to pilot Evangelion, a mecha under the control of an organization known as Nerv.

Neon Genesis Evangelion became one of the best 90s anime because of its complicated themes and, frankly, because piloting giant robots is cool. The show followed in the footsteps of Voltes V , the granddaddy of the mecha anime genre. To Evangelion, there is nothing romantic about being a hero because young teenage heroes rarely have the emotional maturity to handle the demands of saving the world. Winning love by daylight. The Sally the Witch pioneered the magical girl subgenre of shoujo anime.

But it was Sailor Moon that put maho shoujo on the map. Even its Japanese name perfectly encapsulates what the genre is today: pretty soldier. It was the Legally Blonde of action anime, proving that anime girls could fight the forces of evil while looking fabulous. The success of Sailor Moon in the 90s led to a slew of similar shows that kickstarted the golden age of maho shoujo anime. While this 90s anime has a recent iteration in the form of a live-action film , Rurouni Kenshin the anime is in a class of its own.

Following his transgressions against his shogun , a military dictator who commands samurai, Battosai sheds his old name and starts going by Himura Kenshin. Despite their stark differences in setting, the show is similar to Neon Genesis Evangelion when it comes to handling serious themes and subverting genre expectations. Rurouni Kenshin also bears similarities to our previous 90s anime, Sailor Moon. Just like the maho shoujo visionary, Kenshin gave birth to another samurai anime giant, Samurai Champloo.

Like Kenshin , Samurai Champloo depicts the realities of life in a dictatorship and explores what it means to be honorable through its male leads, a ronin and a self-taught swordsman.

Revolutionary Girl Utena is a 90s anime that takes the common high school setting of shoujo anime on a ride for the twisted. This is Kakegurui before Kakegurui but with fencing instead of gambling and a dash of fairytale elements. Revolutionary Girl Utena toys with elements of fantasy, idealism, folklore, psychology, and the wisdom of not meeting your heroes. The story stars a girl named, you guessed it, Utena who was given a ring by a prince following the death of her parents.

This idealistic drive for heroism brings Utena to the gates of Ohtori Academy where she dresses up as a male student. Her engagement to Athy pulls her deeper into the dark underbelly of Ohtori Academy which she begins to uncover while trying to keep Athy safe by her side. Detective Conan a. An incident during one investigation turns him into a child after the Black Organization forces him to drink an experimental poison. Since his child-ification, Shinichi starts going by the name of Conan Edogawa, a child prodigy who lives with his friend, Ran Mori, and her father, a private investigator who he solves cases for whether Kogoro wants him to or not.

Yu Yu Hakusho is a supernatural action shounen series that follows a brash, hard-headed delinquent with a heart of gold. When year-old Yusukei Urameshi sacrifices his life to save a child from being hit by a car, even the denizens of the afterlife are surprised given his reputation for being a bad person.

This 90s anime is one of the greatest classics of the shounen genre and was created by Yoshihiro Togahashi, the same genius behind Hunter x Hunter and Biohazard 3: The Last Escape.

Fans of the anime may recall its seemingly abrupt ending which fans suspect is because of the harsh working conditions in the manga and anime industry. This next 90s anime was the introduction to reverse harems that girls got in the late s and early s. The best part? Now saddled with the responsibilities of being the priestess of the phoenix god Suzaku, our clumsy, food loving heroine is forced to navigate the horrors of war and men fighting over her.

For all its campy and comedic moments, Fushigi Yugi can get into Revolutionary Girl Utena levels of uncomfortable. Nonetheless, Yuu Watase is a master of touching shoujo anime love stories that are sure to keep you at the edge of your seat, screaming at Miaka that, obviously, Hotohori would be the better choice given his gentle nature and being a literal emperor.

All of the anime on this list started as manga before being adapted to anime and, later, live action formats. But Hanayori Dango is unmatched in the live action department. Fans of this 90s anime who are also into Asian dramas will know the anime has three different drama series adaptations. You would have to be an Asian in Asia to understand the full cultural impact of Hanayori Dango.

This anime singlehandedly shaped the trajectory of Asian dramas, starting with the release of Meteor Garden in the early s. More hit adaptations like the Japanese Hanayori Dango live-action and the Korean Boys Over Flowers would follow with the latter catapulting Korean dramas onto an international stage.

Hanayori Dango is a reverse harem shoujo anime with all the trappings of modern Asian dramas. It has a poor ugly duckling, good-looking and rich male leads, and angry friends and family who oppose a poor-rich romance. The story starts when Ranma Saotome and his father Genma accidentally submerge themselves in a cursed spring that turns people into whatever previously died in the water. The show was a product of Toei Animation, the same studio behind One Piece. Artist Kazuki Takahashi initially illustrated and wrote the story as a manga.

Instead of being an older boy turning into a child, Yugi turns into a genius card game duelist in his mid to late teens. Apparently, Takahashi initially wanted to draw a horror manga, not a shounen one.

But his love for horror shows in the way he drew certain scenes in Yu-Gi-Oh. Neither the manga, anime, or trading card game shy away from depicting eldritch horrors. The 90s shounen anime did for game anime what Sailor Moon did for the mahou shojo genre. A more direct successor is Cardfight! Though it still counts as a 90s anime, given its longevity, Doraemon actually had its start in the 70s. Say what you will about its older artistic style, but that is some serious staying power.

The show was initially conceived as a manga by artist Fujiko F. Fujio , well, artists is the better term given that the artist is a pen name shared by Hiroshi Fujimoto and Motoo Abiko. Slam Dunk is the 90s anime that walked so that Haikyuu!! Slam Dunk is a story of love, camaraderie, basketball, and the good memories made in high school. While Sakuragi starts playing because of Haruko Akagi, he later develops a personal love for the sport as he becomes a great player.

The show is a gripping basketball anime with a wholesome set of lessons at its core. The time that Sakuragi takes to discover himself and develop his character pays off as Slam Dunk later hints that he and Haruko Akagi get together. Plus, his involvement in the basketball team allow him to develop healthy friendships with his fellow players.

So, how large of a cultural impact does Slam Dunk have? Initial D follows Takumi Fujiwara, a young delivery boy on his journey to becoming a living legend in drag racing. Written by Shuichi Shigeno, Initial D is a classic case of when art imitates life. The anime and manga are based on real life events with many scenes, settings, and even people in the show having a real life counterpart.

The team behind Drift Hunter , a YouTube documentary with a focus on the Japanese racing scene, had a serendipitous encounter with Jun Fujinoki, the guy who inspired Takumi Fujiwara.

The underdog story of Initial D still inspires petrolheads today. The show remains a massive hit among car enthusiasts and racing fans , with many aspiring to go to Japan and take a speedy drift down Mt. It takes an exceptional artist to create one 90s anime hit and a truly legendary one to make two. Yoshihiro Togahashi managed the latter. His Hunter x Hunter is another shounen classic with a focus on the supernatural.

The anime was released in October , putting it at the tail end of the 90s. This shounen adventure anime is arguably the most popular and globally recognizable anime of all time. Pokemon needs no introduction.

It follows the journey of Ash Ketchum on his path to becoming the very best that no one ever was. His dream is to become a Pokemon master, following in the footsteps of his father who disappeared when he was a child. This mahou shoujo subgenre classic features Sakura, another unlucky heroine that has an encounter with the magical in a library.

Its premise has clear inspirations from Greek mythology seeing as Sakura gets her powers because she must now recapture all the card spirits she had released into the world by accident. Mahou shoujo Pandora, basically. Cardcaptor Sakura still has a strong follower base, often made up of female cosplayers , otakus, and gamers. For women who grew up in the late 90s and early s, CCS is the quintessential mahou shoujo adventure. Its popularity is to thank for the following projects of female manga artist group CLAMP such as Chobits and xxxHolic , a dark fantasy with slight horror elements.

The show later had a sequel in the form of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle that left fans disappointed given its more shounen flavor.

There you have it. If I missed any of your favorites, tell me in the comments down below. The 90s were a golden age for anime and this shoujo is bound to miss a few. We tell stories that impact lives. Support our editorial team and help us make an impact on society and communities. I'm a something writer who likes fantasy worldbuilding projects a little too much. As someone with experience in the intersections of psychology and the law, I support causes relating to minor victims of sexual abuse.

In recent years, the odango has been updated to blend with another anime trope: Neko […]. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Search this website. Become a Supporter. Notify of.

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Top 20 Most Iconic Black Anime Characters

Things you buy through our links may earn New York a commission. This article is regularly updated as more titles join Netflix. Every month, Netflix shuffles in more and more Japanese anime to its massive library of titles. This is, of course, because anime is popular and good. The service has invested truckloads of money into this segment of its programming over the years, producing original series and movies , as well as making big-ticket licensing acquisitions for world-famous franchises like Neon Genesis Evangelion , Attack on Titan , Cardcaptor Sakura , and others on the platform.

Overpowered Main Characters anime Action- Martial Arts- Badass Main popular female anime character from the 90s by Newtype magazine Reiji Takayama from.

The evolution of Russian anime characters

Guest Post by Rowegn blogger at 90sanime. The history of anime is full of strong female characters with complicated backstories and dynamic character development. These characters engage in memorable adventures and leave an emotional impact long after the story has ended. Many of the most popular anime shows or movies of the 90s featured strong female leads. And although characters like Faye Valentine and Asuka Langley come to mind when you think of female anime characters of the s, this list is focused on anime female characters in the lead role. Teenage sorceress Lina Inverse is incredibly powerful and leaves a wave of destruction everywhere she goes. Despite her hot-headedness, Lina uses her powers for good and overcomes several demon lords throughout her many adventures. Lain Iwakura is an introverted fourteen-year-old who is a bit of a social outcast at her school.

Top 90 Coolest Anime Characters Ever

90s anime fighters

Social media has buzzed with a discussion of dramatic shows to popular shonen to even slice-of-life affairs. And of course, this widespread discussion has led to a presence in memes. These memes become more than the characters who appear in them. They represent sentiments and ideas all of their own.

In previous titles, exploration and exposition often trumped over the fighting games the developer was known for. While many considered the game to be an amazing Dragon Ball game, there were those who weren't satisfied.

10 Best Anime Fighting Games Of 2022

The anime industry has progressed quite a lot over the years. There has been a significant jump in the quantity of anime, which makes it easier to find an anime that suits one's tastes. With so many new series being produced, it is easy to forget about the anime that were released in the last year, let alone over a decade ago. Thus, it's pretty obvious that fans have a tough time remembering anime from the 90s. Yet, there are some excellent anime from the decade that every anime fan should watch. Some of the best anime of all time come from the 90s, and fans shouldn't overlook them.

How to Draw Male Anime Characters Step by Step

However, cartoon characters and anime have placed their own places among people there is a difference between them. Now, we are living in 21st century and our source of entertainment is becoming more popular and fascinating. Do you still love it? However, anime is a term used for animated cartoons in japan but people from all over the world love to watch anime movies and television series. And popularity of anime cartoons is still increasing and there is a reason behind the popularity of anime cartoons. If you love anime cartoons, you better know the significance of anime and the history of anime. Why do people fell in love with anime? As you know, every anime cartoon gets engaged with different genre of mood and emotions.

The pilot of Evangelion Unit 02 is such a fan favourite that Asuka Langley was voted the third most popular female anime character from the 90s.

Young kids today don't know how good '80s anime and '90s anime really were. With the abundance of new anime that is available these days, sometimes it's nice to kick your feet back and check out some nostalgic classics. Here is our list of the best old school anime of all time, consisting of anime from and before.

This step by step tutorial shows how to draw male anime and manga characters. It includes a total eight examples of some of the more popular character archetypes with three variations of each. The main focus of this tutorial is on personality. It shows how you can take the same anime style male face and transform it into different characters by tweaking the facial features and hairstyle.

These shows are what I grew up on.

Nowadays, there are dozens of popular anime with characters who are each strong in their own way. Although the anime characters from these modern series are incredibly unique, they are all influenced by anime characters of the past. Whether they are human, cyborg or something else entirely, anime from the s has strong characters that many fans still look up to. In many ways, anime from the early s and earlier has set the tone for what makes a strong character. As a full cyborg, she has several abilities, including camouflage. She is also incredibly intelligent and able to access multitudes of information in the blink of an eye. Her body can be completely destroyed, but that still doesn't kill her.

But one thing I can say for sure that was ace way back in the day was the anime scene. There were hundreds of incredible anime floating around , each with its own set of memorable and enjoyable characters. Each one might be on here for a myriad of reasons, but they all have one thing in common: their propensity for standing out the most in days gone by.

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