List of looney tunes movies

Very few animated shows have the timeless and perpetually hilarious qualities that are found in Looney Tunes. Since , this show in all its forms has been full of non-stop laughs. The number of iconic characters from Looney Tunes are numerous. Also, for being almost years old, the show is still just as good as ever. Between the films, video games, and spinoffs the future of these characters are looking bright.

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List of looney tunes movies

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In , audiences got the crossover for the ages. Swackhammer and the Monstars. Space Jam became a cult classic and cemented itself in cinematic history. Marvin the Martian was the first to bestow this name upon our red giant. With a height of six feet and four inches and weighing pounds, the rooster provides a solid interior presence. Unfortunately for our bird friend and the rest of the Tune Squad, the opposition has players with eight arms and the ability to turn into water or fire.

Foghorn Leghorn can also be viewed as the veteran leader among the Looney Tunes. The rooster has a grandson named Henery Hawk, one of the only Looney Tunes that have any sort of familial relations.

But even still, Foghorn lets the biased officiate Pete get to him and is promptly ejected from the digitized court. Convinced that the Serververse was the place to be, the Tunes jetted off to various Warner Bros. The gunslinger is a known adversary of Bugs Bunny, but just like in the original Space Jam, Yosemite Sam understands the assignment and the common enemy.

Elmer Fudd is stuck warming the bench for much of the game, but every team needs that reliable moral support.

Dressed as Neo, Speedy dodges incoming bullets from the various Agent Smiths in the same style as the chosen one, Keanu Reeves. If only we saw more of those moves on the basketball court. Making his debut in , Marvin the Martian has frequently appeared as a villain toward Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes. Usually accompanied by his pet alien dog K-9, Marvin is always looking to cause some sort of trouble for the cartoons.

Rhythm, the pair need a way off the Tune World. Lucky for them, Marvin the Martian arrives to do some inspecting and leaves his ship unattended. Instead of acting as the referee like in the first movie, Marvin acts as the only way possible for LeBron and Bugs to find a way off Tune World to recruit the rest of the team. Two of the funniest moments of the film involve Sylvester the cat.

First, after LeBron and Bugs successfully recruit everyone for the Tune Squad, the feline regurgitates a dazed and confused Tweety Bird. The second moment occurs during halftime after the Tune Squad had gotten murderized as Bugs described it by the Goon Squad. With the morale dangerously low, Sylvester seems to have found the one person to save them: Michael Jordan.

To round out the remaining speedsters is the erratic Tasmanian Devil. The Brow went up for a massive dunk, but the Tasmanian Devil spun the court around and the winged Goon scored for the Tune Squad instead. Every basketball team needs an explosive player, so naturally, Wile E. Coyote fits that role to a tee. Mainly used to capture the elusive Road Runner, Wile E.

Although Wile E. Coyote plays a huge role in the Tune Squad coming back from a one thousand point deficit and should easily be considered the MVP , the Goon Squad did try to use his desire to eat Road Runner against him. Coyote on a silver platter.

Coyote, due to the latter's desire to eat the bird. The speedy bird made Wile E. However, Road Runner does make a positive play at the start of the second half, creating a smokescreen for Tweety Bird to convert on a dunk. After surviving an unknown amount of time in the belly of the beast, Tweety Bird is ready for action.

With the help of a well-deployed smokescreen by Road Runner, Tweety can slip past the defense and deliver a heavy slam dunk. Rhythm with his freestyle, but there is no point in really asking that. Just appreciate seeing a pig in a hoodie dropping bars on Don Cheadle. Instead of always vying for playing time and shot attempts, Daffy elected for more of a teaching role and tried to be the head coach.

Despite that, Daffy does his best to make the correct reads for substitutions and play calls. Most people might look at Granny and think nothing of her.

With the Tune Squad down by one thousand points at halftime, Granny was getting her martini on. But after some deep soul-searching, Granny makes arguably the game-saving play of disabling Chronos. Having impressed Wonder Woman by choosing to save LeBron and Bugs from falling into lava, the warrior appoints Lola as a certified Amazon and instructs her to help her friends defeat Al G.

Throughout the game, Lola repeatedly makes the correct basketball play. She sets LeBron up for two amazing assists, including a reenactment of the famous Miami Heat dunk he had with Dwyane Wade. Rhythm to save his friends and Tune World. Although Bugs doesn't make a whole lot of big plays in the first half, he makes the most important play to end the game. Unfortunately, the person performing the shot will presumably get deleted. Even though LeBron offers to take that shot, Bugs intercepts the pass and performs the deadly move.

Thankfully, since he is a Tune, Bugs Bunny is able to avoid death and reunites with his fellow cartoon friends in Tune World. Read Next in movies.

Looney Tunes (Original Movies)

Plot- The show chronicles the colorful and humorous exploits of the endearing hairy hero Love Monster as he looks for the appropriate course of action in a world where he stands out. Young viewers at home may learn to manage various emotions by following his travels as he overcomes the difficulties of having a quirky appearance in a world of pretty, fluffy creatures. Everything that will be added to the service in June demonstrates that Hulu is not out to let users down. Along with the return of popular shows like Only Murders in the Building, Love Victor, and The Orville in June, the site will also welcome a number of popular films and classic TV shows. Die Hard, Alien vs.

See some of your favourite Looney Tunes characters, including Bugs Bunny, Tweety and Sylvester! See the DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains. Commences at Scooby-.

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Menu Top Editors Login. Animation animated films 3L, T. The list consists of 28 members and 2 sublists. Connections Looney Tunes. List Gallery Activity. Looney Tunes films by character. Looney Tunes shorts. Space Jam film directed by Joe Pytka. The film presents a fictionalized account of what happened between Release date: 10 November

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list of looney tunes movies

This is a list of feature films with appearances by the Looney Tunes characters, either centered on that series or just cameo roles only. All directed by Friz Freleng except where noted. All on DVD except where noted. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rotten Tomatoes.

It was made following the success of Space Jam , to which it was originally developed as a direct sequel, titled Spy Jam.

Is it the Berenstein Bears or the Berenstain Bears? Does Curious George have a tail or not? These are classic examples of what's called the Mandela Effect. But what is the Mandela Effect exactly? This guide on the Mandela Effect, plus 50 Mandela Effect examples, will help you make sense of this fascinating phenomenon.

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It's possibly both one of the most beloved and most hated movies of the entire 90s. It was notably hated by Chuck Jones , an animator famous for his work on the original Looney Tunes shorts, though, to be fair, Chuck Jones pretty much hated anything Looney Tunes that he didn't do himself, and also about half of his own stuff. Flayrah 's own coverage of Back in Action was not pro- Space Jam , calling it a "disaster". On the beloved side of the equation, however, Warner Bros. But despite the fact that the original website is still up with the following link, this article is now in compliance with ancient Internet law stating that all articles about Space Jam must mention the original website , there isn't really a good list anywhere on the Internet that provides the complete line-up of the members of the Tune Squad, the Looney Tunes basketball team in the film. Seriously, the Space Jam Wiki does not have a team roster. Well, that won't stand.

Looney Tunes films ; Space Jam. film directed by Joe Pytka · Space Jam. Release date: 10 November ; Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed. film directed.

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We're continuously trying to improve TheTVDB, and the best way we can do that is to get feedback from you. Please consider taking this quick survey to let us know how we're doing and what we can do better. This inventive mixture of live-action and animation served to introduce the character of Bosko, a lovable and ever-jovial character.

When Hank discovers Jimbo is a washed-up samurai himself, he weasels his way into some training. As Ika Chu gathers an evil army to destroy their village, Hank and the villagers will have to learn to band together to save their home. But most importantly, Hank will have to earn a breakthrough with stern samurai Jimbo, who has turned to the bottle after a great shame in his past. The jokes are fast and dense, and the filmmakers manage to squeeze in many movie references within the brief runtime, as well as some stylistic experimentation.

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This is a list of feature films with appearances by the Looney Tunes characters, either centered on that series or just cameo roles only. All directed by Friz Freleng except where noted. All on DVD except where noted. Template:Looney Tunes movies. Warner Bros.

Over the years, there have been hundreds, perhaps thousands of different cartoon series that appeared both on television screens and in movies, but few are as well-known and influential as the cartoon classic Looney Tunes and its sister series Merrie Melodies. This animated series, produced by Warner Bros, ran from to , during the golden age of American animation, and the legendary series boasts some of the greatest and most recognizable cartoon characters ever created. It has gone on to become a worldwide media franchise with video games, comic books, and feature films, and this has led it to become one of the flagship properties of Warner Bros. With that in mind, here are some brilliant facts about the immensely influential and incredibly popular series.

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