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This latest update comes from a reliable source, Jeff Sneider, who reports that the sequel project has been given some new life. The original Beetlejuice was directed by Burton in and has become a cult favorite. It starred Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis as ghosts who haunt their old home. Writer in the horror community since Editor in Chief of Bloody Disgusting.

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It was about cartoons. Great cartoons. Cartoon series that you memorized the schedule for. Cartoon series that you bought posters for to put up on your walls. Series that you bought action figures for and ate spoonfuls of sugary cereals based on the characters.

And sometimes your favorite cartoon series would be turned into a feature movie! Something you could go and actually see on the big screen. But on the rarest of occasions, that TV-to-theater moment would happen in reverse order.

Sometimes a movie would be released in the theaters, find fantastic success, and be turned into a Saturday morning cartoon series. Instead of getting to know every character and storyline over weeks and weeks of episodic watching, you were now getting to see how the story of your favorite film expands within multiple episodes.

Ghostbusters was a box office sensation when it came out back in But a year later, young fans of the movie nearly became ghosts themselves when they heard the news that the cinematic-phenomenon was being converted into a Saturday morning cartoon called The Real Ghostbusters.

When the series debuted in September , the majority of young fans rejoiced as the storyline followed the same characters catching ghosts in New York, identical to the plot of the original film. Tim Burton always had a way with kids.

But fans were shocked when it was announced that an animated series was to be released in Running four seasons, the show was only loosely based on the original film version, with Beetlejuice and Lydia being the two main characters. Uh, I mean deceased. What do you do when you produce a highly successful, R-rated, ultraviolet, science fiction film?

Well, naturally, you turn it into a kids animated series. Only this time, RoboCop was going to be a little less physically confrontational. Debuting only a year after the film's release, the creators of the series took steps to convert many of the subtle adult-themes to match a younger audience. For example, no more bullets taking down the bad guys, with lasers suddenly becoming the ammunition of choice. Also, RoboCop himself gets an unexplained technical upgrade, leading to plenty of pricey action figure accessories.

The film was a true R-rated event with ultra-violence, strong sexual situations, and a plot line that was clearly geared towards adults. You give him a silly mop sidekick yes it was a live mop , and add a few other equally-mutated characters to join his crusader squad. Then you get weeks and weeks of fun storylines! For producers, this one was a no-brainer. One of the most excellent features of this series unlike the majority of converted films-to-animated series , was that the original cast was used to voice the main characters.

Non-bogus fans got to hear an authentic Ted Keanu Reeves , Bill Alex Winter , and Rufus George Carlin , as they continued their time traveling adventures over two full seasons.

By the time Back To The Future: The Animated Series debuted in the early 90s, the film version had already established itself as a cinematic empire. With three films completed, lunch boxes, themed cereals, and two actual attractions at theme parks were just a sample of how much the franchise was expanding. Therefore, it was no real surprise that an animated series zoomed in at 88 mph towards the small screen. Each episode focused mostly on Dr. Despite some differences, the social message remained the same.

The character Scott Howard returns as the teenage boy who can transform into an upright hairy beast, still searching for social inclusion and self acceptance. So now, his problem of being an outcast is a little more tolerable. So here are some classic movies that you may not have known were turned into an animated series. The Real Ghostbusters Read Next in television.

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The decade known for bright colors, grunge music, and Saturday morning cartoons is the subject of nostalgia on television, cinema, and even in fashion. Of course, not all animation from the era is so well-remembered. Some were lost to time because they simply weren't very good in the eyes of most. Others were only relevant to a particular time and place, and some deserve more recognition and credit but somehow never seem to get mentioned. Updated May 11, , by Gabrielle Huston: No one can resist a little nostalgia now and then.

DVD REVIEW: Nelvana's “Beetlejuice: The Complete Series”. bj For the first time, the long-running animated TV version of the Tim Burton.

15 Things You Might Not Know About Beetlejuice

Thanks to its bonkers blend of comedy and horror, Beetlejuice became an instant hit with audiences when it was released on March 30, —and even more so in the 30 years since, as younger viewers have discovered it on television, DVD, and streaming. The movie also helped to establish Tim Burton, who made his feature directorial debut with Pee-wee's Big Adventure in , as one of Hollywood's most unique new artists. But there were plenty of obstacles that came with bringing this ghost with the most to the big screen, as well as some stellar benefits to its success. As the news continues to spread that a long-talked-about sequel to the film is finally, actually hopefully happening , we're looking back at some fun facts about the cult classic that started it all. Screenwriter Michael McDowell's original script was far darker than the final script, which was rewritten by screenwriters Larry Wilson and Warren Skaaren. Originally it imagined Beetlejuice as a winged demon whose human form was that of a small Middle Eastern man, and his plan for the Deetzes was more about rape and murder than mischief and marriage. Instead of sharing their home with the Deetz family, they move into the model house and renovate it to look like their full-scale version did before the family arrived. Producer David Geffen suggested actor Michael Keaton, who was ultimately chosen and would go on to appear in two other Burton films: Batman and Batman Returns. Anjelica Huston was originally cast to play Delia Deetz, but had to bow out due to an illness. O'Hara met— and eventually married —production designer Bo Welch while working on Beetlejuice.

Animated Beetlejuice Sand Worm

cartoon machine beetlejuice

It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. The reason I ask is because it seems to be a running theme throughout the franchise from the original film, to the cartoon of the 90s, to the scholastic book series, all the way up to modernized properties like Beetlejuice: The Musical. There seems to be no in-universe reason given for this "unwritten rule" or and it only effects Beetlejuice as a ghost, and not others.

It was about cartoons. Great cartoons.

There are two arcs. Both are Cartoonvere mixed with a little Movieverse. There are NO Fakejuice musical fics because I fucking loathe that atrocity. The King of Sin. The First Of Many. School Visit.

Nintendo Acquires Studio Dynamo Pictures to Focus on IP Development

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lydia deetz png cliparts cartoons, full version available Beetlejuice And Lydia Ideas Beetlejuice Tim Burton Tim Burton Movie Of.

With "Quack-Man" no longer a challenge for her, Lydia gladly lets BJ take her to the Neitherworld Arcade for the local video games with the Neither-Game Cashier, who made his own rules, such as the Neither-Game rules, which are "Play at your own risk", "Absolutely no refunds" and "No Loitering littering ", and ends up picking "Scourge" as her main entertainer, which turns out to be the toughest video game in the Neitherworld, not only because there's only one besides her, Deady Eddie, able to get past level one, but like Eddie, she got pulled into cyperspace by the game, which claims that those who loose meets their "dead end"! Beetlejuice uses his own juice to find a way into the game to get Lydia, but once Scourge grounded his powers with a die-ode, it seems the only way they can get out of the game is to win! And Mr. Scourge weakness was the virus, so Mr.

Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio is streamed directly from their servers. People love us! User reviews "Love the offline function" "This is "the" way to handle your podcast subscriptions. It's also a great way to discover new podcasts. Come along with Beetlejuice and Lydia all the way back to September 9, Take a trip back to the 80s, and explore how this poltergeist came to Saturday Morning!

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Loosely based on the homonymous film of the same name , it was developed and executive-produced by the film's director, Tim Burton. The series focus on the life of Goth girl Lydia Deetz and her undead friend Beetlejuice as they explore the Neitherworld , a wacky afterlife realm inhabited by monsters , ghosts , ghouls and zombies. Danny Elfman 's theme for the film was arranged for the cartoon by Elfman himself.

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