Dragon ball super broly trailer 4

After releasing the movie poster for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero animated film, Toei Animation is back with a full trailer. Just under a minute long, the trailer shows off the new 3D CG-style of animation where Piccolo is attacked by a revived Red Ribbon Army and the androids Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 make an appearance. Check out the official trailer above, and look for the film to release in Japan on April 22, Delayed quote. Updated once every 10 mins. Seuss Enterprises Releases 'Seussibles!

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Dragon ball super broly trailer 4

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Dragon Ball Super: Broly Trailer

A light novel of the movie was also released. King Cold watches Planet Vegeta through his scouter screen as his fleet approaches, attended closely by Berryblue , Kikono , Zarbon , Dodoria , the Ginyu Force , and others. The Saiyans take notice as the ships enter the atmosphere; Gine emerges from her house with a concerned expression. Cold's vanguard flies out of the mothership in advance of its landing, and the fleet takes no care avoiding structures as the ships fly up to the king's castle , and some structures are destroyed, which angers Beets.

King Vegeta 's Majordomo enters the throne room to inform him that King Cold has come, but King Vegeta can see that for himself; the king seems displeased at this unexpected visit, and nervous, while Paragus is seen shaking in fear as the ships fly past the windows of the throne room.

The vanguard lands at the spaceport, followed by the mothership. Cold disembarks with his entourage, including his son Frieza. King Vegeta and his retinue go to meet them. Cold greets King Vegeta, who offers his hand in welcome, but Cold ignores it.

He instead introduces the Saiyans to Frieza, and after a brief hesitation, the king welcomes Frieza and kneels before him; the other Saiyans follow suit. Frieza acknowledges their greeting.

Cold announces his retirement and the ascension of his young son, placing a fatherly hand on his shoulder, which Frieza clearly dislikes. Cold explains that Saiyans will serve Frieza as they have served him; the only thing that will change is that Frieza is more cruel than he.

When Cold is done speaking, Frieza flicks the hand off his shoulder and laughs, introducing himself with condescension. He announces that he has high expectations for the Saiyans, causing the king to blanch. However, he has an inaugural gift for his new subjects, a number of devices called scouters, which are a compact version of the Scout-scopes the Saiyans have used previously, and they can be worn as headgear. As Frieza demonstrates the ability of these new scouters to detect life forms and assess battle power, he notices snipers aiming for him from the battlements of the castle.

He remarks that one of them has a battle power of over , and then he takes out all four mutineers before anyone knows what is going on. Frieza leaves them with scouters; the fleet departs, and King Vegeta is left crushing his scouter in frustration. Afterwards, King Vegeta checks on his son in his nursing capsule.

He is proud of Prince Vegeta's potential and declares that his son will rule the universe instead of that monster Frieza. The king becomes angry, however, when he notices an unknown child in a nearby capsule; this nursery is supposed to be exclusive to the Saiyan elites. One of the Saiyan medics on hand tells the king that Broly is the son of Paragus.

His power readings fluctuate but his battle power is abnormally high, maybe even higher than that of Prince Vegeta. King Vegeta does not believe this, so he takes a device for reading battle power from the medic and places it against the tank.

Broly starts crying, and the device explodes. Nion is nearby taking notes and says that, even discounting outlier readings, Broly's battle power is quite high, and she speculates that Broly might be the legendary Super Saiyan. After hearing Nion's words, King Vegeta's resolve hardens and decides his course of action. Soon after, Paragus runs and is half-pushed into the throne room where he takes a knee, begging an audience with the king.

He asks to know why Broly is being sent to a frontier world like a low-class Saiyan. King Vegeta tries to claim that it's a training mission for Broly to develop his extraordinary potential, and cultivating planets for sale is what Saiyans do, isn't it? But Paragus points out that Vampa is just a planetoid with a harsh environment and no humanoid life forms; it wouldn't even be a good planet to sell.

King Vegeta confesses that he fears Broly's power might pose a danger to Planet Vegeta, and maybe even the whole universe; Paragus should be grateful that his son's life was spared.

Paragus suggests that the king is just jealous of Broly's power, which exceeds that of the prince. This gets under the king's skin, so he cruelly informs Paragus that Broly's pod has already taken off.

Paragus flies off in a panic, crashing through the stained-glass window of the throne room to head for the spaceport. Paragus sets his sights on a spaceship to steal and makes a beeline for it, pushing aside a Saiyan named Beets, who follows after him in protest. Paragus wastes no time on him and takes off for Planet Vampa with Beets in tow. As he pilots the ship through the atmosphere, he fills Beets in on the details of his plight and his mission: the king was jealous of Broly's power, and removed him from his nursing capsule to send him to a desolate world.

Paragus plans to retrieve Broly from Planet Vampa and then serve out their exile on a more habitable planet, though Beets is free to return home. Paragus only sees one path forward for himself: he will train Broly's incredible power and get his revenge against the king.

Paragus and Beets approach Planet Vampa, which is actually a planetoid, almost as small as an asteroid. Paragus ignores cautions from Beets and heads straight for where Broly should have landed two days previous.

This results in a crash landing, but they survive mostly unharmed. Paragus dons some kind of mask and they begin to search for Broly using one of the old scout-scopes. Soon, they hear a noise approaching; a group of Vampa Beetles is approaching. One of them attacks Paragus, but he manages to get free. He tries attacking the creature, but his attacks just bounce off its shell.

They manage to take shelter in a cave, where Beets tearfully informs Paragus that he's not even a fighter. They stay in the cave until sunrise, when they resume their search for Broly. Beets notices that Planet Vampa has a moon , and that it is just short of being full; Beets has never transformed into a Great Ape before, so Paragus advises him to avoid looking at the moon.

During their search, they enter one of the planet's craters which appears to be filled with a soft, grassy surface. Soon, the crater is surrounded with the giant ticks. They penetrate the "grass" with long, barbed appendages extending from their mouths, and start sucking up something underneath the surface. Suddenly, there is an earthquake; Paragus and Beets take to the air as the grassy field takes shape and an open mouth emerges from the surface, extending into a gigantic snake-like creature with the face of an attack dog.

It begins attacking the Vampa Beetles and eating them, causing Paragus to realize how the food chain works on this planet: the Vampa Beetles suck the blood of the Vampa Beasts, and the Vampa Beasts eat the Vampa Beetles.

They distance themselves from the scene, and then Beets spots Broly's pod in the distance. The pod seems to have been ruined in a crash landing, but Broly is not there. Paragus uses a scope to search, and they eventually find Broly inside a cave that seems to serve as a nest for the Vampa Beetles; it is full of what looks like their eggs, and the corpses of several adult creatures.

Broly soon emerges from one of the adult claws, a piece of a sucker-tongue in his hand; Paragus tells Broly how happy he is to see him, but Broly seems wary.

Beets uses the scout-scope to gauge Broly's battle power, which is —higher than his own—but Paragus believes that would not be high enough to combat the Vampa Beetles. He notices that Broly's armor is a little loose on his body, and realizes that Broly must have transformed into a Great Ape the night before when the moon was full.

They return to their ship to escape the planet, but it turns out that the ship's main floater was damaged in their crash landing. They are stranded on Planet Vampa. They are too far away to call for help, and they only have enough food and water for ten days. Beets doubts anyone will find them so quickly; Paragus agrees, and shoots Beets with a Ray Gun to preserve their rations. Five years later, Bardock is returning from battle to Planet Vegeta; Frieza has ordered all the Saiyans to return home.

Leek wakes him from sleep to let him know they are about to arrive. Leek expresses his curiosity about Frieza's order, and Bardock tells him to take off his scouter because someone might be listening. Frieza's Spaceship is already in the planet's orbit, but it will be some time before all the Saiyans return to the planet. Bardock is suspicious about this order; if Frieza wanted to send them an important message, he could have done it wirelessly.

Even if he wanted to give them some kind of new measuring device, there would be no need to rush all the Saiyans back to the home planet. Cold and Frieza have always found the Saiyans to be a useful tool, but Bardock wonders whether Frieza has decided he doesn't need them anymore.

They enter the atmosphere with dozens of other ships and land in Bardock's Village and disembark. The village is bustling with activity, and carts pulling space pods are passing through.

Leek wants to look on the bright side, but Bardock thinks he is being foolish. Taro calls out to Bardock, speculating that Frieza has identified a valuable planet that will require all the Saiyans to purge, and Leek is happy to latch onto this explanation.

Taro then mentions that Frieza has been asking around about the legendary Super Saiyan, which makes Bardock even more suspicious. Frieza agrees, but he doesn't want to take any chances, and this is the perfect opportunity to wipe out the Saiyans once and for all.

Bardock arrives at his house and finds Gine working in her butcher shop; she is happy to see him. Bardock asks about Raditz , and Gine says he is away on a mission with Prince Vegeta, and he also asks if Kakarot is still in his nursing capsule.

Gine says it's almost time to take him out, and asks if Bardock wants to see him. They enter the room with his nursing capsule.

Bardock observes that he is still small, and Gine says he is a late bloomer, but he looks just like Bardock, especially his hair. Bardock's expression becomes grave, and he tells Gine that as soon as night falls, they should steal a space pod and send Kakarot to another planet. Gine protests, but then Bardock explains his suspicions about Frieza; since Kakarot's potential is low, he would have been sent off-world either way, so they should send him now before Frieza makes his move.

Frieza has been asking about the legend of the Super Saiyan and Bardock thinks he is scared. When night falls, Bardock steals a pod and puts Kakarot inside, and Gine follows as he carries it out into the badlands outside the village. Gine thinks they should all try to escape together, but Bardock tells her they would be detected by scouters if they tried it.

Kakarot is the only one they can save. Bardock has programmed the pod's destination for a planet called Earth , far enough away to escape Frieza's interest, with a native population weak enough to pose no threat to Kakarot. They set the pod down, and Kakarot cries. Bardock then states that if he is wrong about Frieza, they can always go to Earth later and bring him back home. They resolve themselves to their decision; Bardock tells Kakarot to survive, no matter what, and they say goodbye to their son.

Bardock touches the glass of the pod's window, and Kakarot places his hand against the glass too. The pod takes off, and Gine calls out to her son telling him not to forget them and breaks down in tears. Bardock comforts her as they watch him hurtle through space. On Frieza's ship, Kikono warns Frieza that destroying the Saiyans will reduce their forces by nearly half, but Frieza isn't too worried about that; he knows the Saiyans will turn on him the first chance they get.

He decides it's time.


The new film pits Vegeta, Frieza, and Goku against the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly for the first time since the last time they defeated him. At the end of the trailer, Broly reaches enough power to achieve yet another new form of Super Saiyan. Non Necessary cookies to view the content. Just look at these things. They reek of classic Akira Toriyama art, back before he was forced to take himself so seriously. Dragon Ball Super: Broly releases on Dec. All News Reviews Galleries Giveaways.

As fans prepare for the next big film in the franchise -- this April's Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero -- Broly is confirmed to resurface in.

‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ Sets U.S. Theatrical Release Date

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dragon ball super broly trailer 4

Production : Bandai Co. Sabat Christopher R. Xavier Sound Mixing : Daniel S. Compare this anime's credits with others.

Goku and Vegeta encounter Broly, a Saiyan warrior unlike any fighter they've faced before. Cheelai : Hey, wait.

Dragon Ball Super: BROLY trailer

The International version arrived a few days before the English language version dropped during the big panel at yesterday's Comic-Con. Now you can watch as Goku battles a powerful Saiyan in footage that is sure to get any fan excited. Returning to U. Last week, Funimation made the announcement that they were bringing the new Dragon Balll Super to American fans. Now, we have a look at the 20th film in the Dragon Ball franchise.

The new Dragon Ball Super movie is Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

It is nothing more and nothing less than, the member of the pride troops of universe 11, Jiren. It is said that this character possesses a incredible strength with a power capable of overcome the God of destruction of his universe. So in one of the chapters of this franchise, we have seen how Jiren and Broly have faced giving a clear winner. Jiren realizes that Broly is very agile despite his enormous size. It was seen in the Dragon Ball Super tournament of power that Jiren was overwhelmingly superior , as far as power is concerned, compared to his other rivals, something that perplexed the fans, who day by day develop various theories regarding battles between these powerful warriors.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 4 HD 60 FPS Remaster. ( min). Dragon Ball Super Broly - 'Gogeta Arrives' Official Dub Trailer #4 (). (26 min).

Anime is one of the most dominant entertainment forms in the world, with legions of fans hosting conventions, online chat groups, and other avenues to celebrate their dedication to the craft. But there are often fresh, self-contained stories for fans to jump into. Love, vengeance, discovery, heartbreak, and fantasy abound in their narratives, sweeping viewers from the far past into a distant—and at times bleak—future.

A light novel of the movie was also released. King Cold watches Planet Vegeta through his scouter screen as his fleet approaches, attended closely by Berryblue , Kikono , Zarbon , Dodoria , the Ginyu Force , and others. The Saiyans take notice as the ships enter the atmosphere; Gine emerges from her house with a concerned expression. Cold's vanguard flies out of the mothership in advance of its landing, and the fleet takes no care avoiding structures as the ships fly up to the king's castle , and some structures are destroyed, which angers Beets.

During the SDCC panel that featured executive producers Akio Iyoku and Hirihiro Hayashia as well as Goku voice actor, Masako Nozawa, we have some exciting details to share about the upcoming anime film. Note that we will update this article with more information as Toei Animation releases more details about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, so be sure to bookmark this page to get future updates.

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After an explosive series of action-packed teasers of the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, the much anticipated animated film of crackling energy-filled battles is finally here. A final trailer has just been released, hinting at adrenaline-pumping fighting scenes that will leave jaws on the floor. The movie follows protagonists Goku and Vegeta as they encounter the most fearsome villain in the Dragon Ball universe: Broly, a highly unstable yet incredibly powerful Super Saiyan. Taking place directly after the events in Dragon Ball Super , this minute film promises to be a memorable experience for both fans and those who are just getting into the series.

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