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She has a loving family and best friends, laughs and cries from time to time… Madoka Kaname, an eighth grader of Mitakihara middle school, is one of those who lives such a life. One day, she had a very magical encounter. She has a loving family and best friends. She laughs and cries from time to time While rescuing Kyubey from being attacked by Homura, Madoka and Sayaka lose thei Madoka and Sayaka are getting used to Mami's witch hunting trial run.

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie -Rebellion‪-‬

Madoka Kaname is an Ordinary Middle School Student with a loving family and a close circle of friends. One day, an enigmatic girl named Homura Akemi transfers into her class , setting off a chain of events that will completely change Madoka's life. In the shadows of the city of Mitakihara, a war is being waged between the grotesque witches and the magical girls who fight to limit their destructive influences.

It is said that a mysterious witch, known only as Walpurgisnacht , will appear and destroy the world. A small cat-like creature called Kyubey appears before Madoka, and offers to grant a single wish in exchange for her services as a magical girl.

The idealistic Madoka wants to accept the contract so she can help people in need, but Homura — who reveals herself to be a Dark Magical Girl — seems determined to stop Madoka for unknown reasons. Who is Homura, and what is her deal? Just what are the witches?

Or will she fall to despair? One thing becomes clear early on, though; things are not as they seem. What appears to be a straightforward Magical Girl Warrior tale becomes a twisted, morally complex, and surprisingly terrifying exploration of concepts like hope, despair, entropy, utilitarianism, and the psychological issues of the Magical girls, and it does not pull punches in regards to the horror the girls have to endure.

The series is, in fact, the Trope Codifier for Magical Girl Genre Deconstruction , and has served as the primary inspiration for a whole slew of imitators which, by gradually putting their own spins on the concept, spawned an entire magical girl subgenre.

The full scope of this series' impact is extensive — its influence has been observed in other anime and manga like Magical Girl Raising Project , Day Break Illusion , and Yuki Yuna is a Hero , tokusatsu series like Kamen Rider Gaim note which notably shares a writer with Madoka Magica , and even Western works like the American graphic novel series Sleepless Domain. The show started airing in January as part of the Winter season, though it was put on a temporary hiatus due to the Sendai earthquakes in Japan.

The final two episodes were broadcast back-to-back on April 21st; the initial announcement was met with much rejoicing. When it was aired on Nico Nico Douga, over one million people watched.

Compare this to Lucky Star 's similar stream, which was closer to half a million. The series is available for streaming both subbed and dubbed on Crunchyroll , Hulu , and Netflix. In November , a theatrical film trilogy was announced. It is composed of the following:. In December , a trailer for a new Puella "project" was released. Because of previous announcements that the studio was considering making a Rebellion sequel, this may be confirmation of such a sequel. After an over 4 year long period of total silence regarding a potential continuation of Madoka's story, a new movie titled Puella Magi Madoka Magica Movie: Turning the Tide of Walpurgis , set to continue the story after the ending of Rebellion , was teased on April 25th, , as part of the franchise's 10th anniversary celebration.

In October , it was revealed that the anime will be crossing over with The Battle Cats , featuring characters from the anime as Cat units and enemies. It has not yet been revealed what content will land on Madoka Magica's side. The anime has several spin-offs, such as manga and games, which can be found in detail on the franchise page. Kyubey reveals the truth about the soul gems, which actually house the Magical Girl's soul inside of them, making the girls zombies. Example of: Soul Jar.

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. There is hope beyond despair. Not pictured: Trauma. Careless if they're too bold. And no matter how hard you try to protect others, there's no gratitude. Those who can't comprehend such things aren't fit to be magical girls. You are not alone. Feedback Video Example s :. Puella Magi Mad Show Spoilers.

The truth about the Soul Gems Kyubey reveals the truth about the soul gems, which actually house the Magical Girl's soul inside of them, making the girls zombies. How well does it match the trope? Media sources:. The truth about

15 Anime Heroes Who Became Villains

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Magica Madoka

A creature named Kyubey offers Madoka and Sayaka a wish if they agree to become 'magical girls' and fight abstract beings called 'witches'. However, a magical girl named Homura is, for uncer Read all A creature named Kyubey offers Madoka and Sayaka a wish if they agree to become 'magical girls' and fight abstract beings called 'witches'. However, a magical girl named Homura is, for uncertain reasons, determined to stop this agreement. Mami Tomoe : Tiro Finale! Sign In. Episode guide. Play trailer Animation Drama Fantasy. Creator Gen Urobuchi.

Madoka Magica

madoka magica madoka

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In battling surreal enemies known as "witches", they learn of the anguish and peril associated with their new roles. A manga adaptation of the anime and various spin-off manga have been published by Houbunsha and licensed in North America by Yen Press.

ten Pink-Haired Comic strip Girls You to definitely Strengthen the new Green Locks Supremacy

Miller as Nakazawa Amanda C. Miller Jason C. Miller Mark Allen Jr. Chinese Taiwan cast none. Compare this anime's credits with others.

POP UP PARADE Madoka Kaname

While it is easy to fall in love with the energy and idealism of anime heroes, one ought to by no means ignore the higher complexities of the anime world. Not every bit of plot armor is constructed the identical, and a few anime characters are simply sure to crack and alter below the load of their hefty storylines. In anime reveals, the character improvement of heroic personalities is commonly depicted as they turn out to be extra highly effective because of the challenges they face. However, some anime reveals additionally present heroic characters changing into corrupted and serving as antagonists for part of the storyline. With the myriad of anime reveals on the market, there may be a variety of evil anime characters who had been as soon as on the facet of excellent. During the beginning of Sugar Sugar Rune, Vanilla Mieux, alongside together with her greatest pal Chocolat Meilleure, had been on monitor to changing into the following queen of the magical world. But due to her jealousy in direction of Chocolat, Vanilla gave in to the darkish facet. This allowed Vanilla to be contaminated by the Ogre Prince Pierre.

7 Puella Magi Madoka Magica — Sayaka Miki's Death As A Witch Was Set Puella Magi Madoka Magica's characters — particularly for Sayaka.

Madoka Magica T-Shirts

Mais tarde quando sai para fazer compras em um shopping com suas amigas, Madoka ouve uma voz pedindo socorro, e encontra Homura perseguindo uma pequena criatura chamada Kyubey. Uma Puella Magi que aparece no sonho de Madoka e depois se transfere para a escola dela. Homura na verdade veio do futuro, mas especificamente de uma outra cronologia. Uma colega de classe de Madoka que a ajudou a salvar Kyubey e recebeu a oferta de se tornar uma Puella Magi.

Madokamagica Stories

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Try Premium. Log in Sign Up. Madoka magica Daughter scenarios by Insanity is fun 2.

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