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More than enough healing and laughing to fill a campsite. I prefer listening to my metal music in my comfy room, streaming challenging video games on my consoles, and of course watching my favorite anime at my desk. For the most part, these activities take place indoors, and I relish the solitude they bring. Indeed, the five laid-back campers of this anime promise a firsthand look-see at the wonder and the happiness that can only be found when taking that first willing step.

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Yuru Camp , also known as Laid-Back Camp , follows the adventurous Nadeshiko Kagamihara, Rin Shima, and their friends for their love for the outdoors in their various travels on campsites around Japan. It was also nominated for the Eisner award under the category of Best U. Edition of International Material—Asia. This travel story of friends who love adventures scored an anime adaptation produced by C-Station and was co-financed and licensed by Crunchyroll. It is currently listed as part of the Top best anime of the s in Crunchyroll. It even had a short anime called Heya Camp.

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Despite its title, Laid-Back Camp a. Yuru Camp is quite an active brand. The original manga by author Afro has spawned two anime seasons, an upcoming film, a live-action series adaptation, and two different video games. Make that three different video games: A new Laid-Back Camp mobile game was announced via a tweet from the official account. The tweet also had a trailer of sorts featuring a chibi-style rendition of camper Rin Shima laying back beside a crackling fire. The official game website was similarly sparse on detail. It merely features the same trailer and links to Laid-Back Camp portal site, and the website for the upcoming animated film adaptation.


yuru camp website

Rent the same gear, eat the same food, and camp in the same place as Rin and Nadeshiko! This casual, slice-of-life, high school girl-led story about camping paints the Japanese countryside in a beautiful light and makes camping look like a dream come true. It might be the reason why camping has seen such a burst in popularity in Japan lately! Fuji a title shared with neighbouring Shizuoka Prefecture and its famed Five Lakes area, a popular site for resorts and campgrounds. The plan is a one-night-only package that lets you stay on the shores of Lake Saiko , which offers a splendid view of Mt.

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The locations listed on this page may be in places where restrictions on movement, temporary closures, and other measures are in place to prevent the spread of COVID Please be responsible and learn about the current status of the places you want to visit and follow the advisory of concerned authorities. The Anime Site Mapping Project shall not be held responsible for any issues that arise from ignoring this advisory. Rin stops here and checks the time while showing us a great view of Mt. Rin first encounters Nadeshiko sleeping here, on a bench near the door of the public toilets.

New Laid-Back Camp Mobile Game Announced for 2022

Main visual [1]. On January 6, , the official website announced that one-shot promotional images would start being released along with a first teaser commercial. On March 24, , the official website announced that special premiere movie cards with special benefits would be released on April 1, On May 10, , the official website announced that Animate stores would be selling advance tickets with goods for the movie. The goods will include acrylic plates using movie poster visuals. Yuru Camp Wiki Explore. Season 1 Season 2.

The upcoming Laid-Back Camp (Yuru Camp) movie will have its roadshow release in , the anime's website revealed in a new update.

Laid-Back Camp Manga Online

Although the first two volumes were already published in and in Japan, Western publishers once again came late to the party and only began translating Yuru Camp when it was adapted into an anime series. Rin takes her moped to go camping, Nadeshiko lets her older sister drive her in the car, and on one occasion, Chiaki, Aoi and Nadeshiko take the train and then have to walk for 4 km, only to find out later that they could have taken a bus. Our protagonist high school girls always put their tents up at official campsites, and these campsites usually come with amenities such as firewood, lots of rules, and sometimes pricey fees.

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The trailer shows an original story that is not being told in the manga.

As of right now, this anime series also known as Laid-Back Camp has two seasons. In addition, the Yuru Camp movie will premiere in Japan in July Clearly, now is a great time to watch this series or rewatch it. But first, what exactly makes Yuru Camp worth watching? Based on a story by manga artist and writer Afro , the anime series Yuru Camp tells about a group of teenage girls who like to go camping. At the start of the series, solo camper Rin Shima meets Nadeshiko, who has just moved from coastal Shizuoka Prefecture to inland Yamanashi.

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