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Published on: February 10, The series then got transformed from web manhwa to an anime television series that was aired on Naver Series in South Korea. It was then immediately broadcasted in Japan. The anime series was directed by Takashi Sano and was produced by Joseph Chou.

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Tower of God to go on indefinite hiatus after the release of Chapter 550

Will the anime series Tower of God be renewed for a second season? Before we get into the solution to this question, let's have a look at the Tower of God franchise. Tower of God is a South Korean manhwa webtoon series that premiered in and continues to this day. Beginning in July , Line Webtoon began providing official English translations for the series. Over the years, the webtoon series has gained enormous popularity, and it is still running today.

Chapter was made available on December 27, In , the successful manhwa brand produced a mobile role-playing game, which quickly gained widespread popularity as well. Aside from the mobile game, Telecom Animation Film will release an anime adaptation of Tower of God in , based on the same characters. There are 13 episodes in total in the first season of the Tower of God anime, which will air in Japan from April 2, , to June 24, Due to the well-crafted storyline and visually appealing animation in the first season of Tower Of God, the show earned positive reviews from anime lovers.

Moreover, the anime was praised by the critics for its accurate adaptation of the manga. To be more specific, Tower of God was one of the best animes to come out in Season 1 consisted of 13 episodes. It's been nearly a year since the last episode aired on the network. The fans are now eager to learn whether or not Tower of God will be renewed for a second season. We'd like to inform you that there hasn't been any official confirmation from the studio or Crunchyroll regarding whether or not the series will be renewed for a second season at the time of writing.

So let's not get too excited about it, and let's not have unrealistic expectations for how quickly things will happen. Based on the source material and popular demand, let's try to determine whether a second season is likely to be produced. It has been more than ten years since the Tower of God manhwa first appeared.

Season 1 contains only 13 episodes, therefore there is enough of source material to go around. As for popularity, we have already noted that Tower of God was one of the finest anime shows of , and we will reiterate this point.

Season 1 had a rousing reception, and fans have been clamouring for more episodes ever since the show's first season concluded its run on television. When it Will Be Premiere? In addition, the first season of the anime, as well as the manhwa webtoon, generated a substantial amount of revenue, allowing the producers to proceed with Tower of God season 2 without hesitation. It is impossible for it to be a one-season anime.

As a result, it would be premature to speculate about its release date. If Crunchyroll approves season 2 and the animation studio begins working on it within the next couple of months, we can expect the Tower of God Season 2 to air in on Crunchyroll. Yes, there is a boy with a peculiar given name. So the story revolves around this Bam guy, and his life revolves around a Tower behind which he lived, as well as his best friend, Rachael, who is also the protagonist.

Despite this, when Rachael entered the Tower, Bam had been decimated. Now, Bam is willing to go to any length to see Rachael again, even if it means risking his life in the process of doing so.

Most of the rest of the story revolves around his trek within the tower, during which he encounters several allies who assist him in his objective. The writer of the manhwa S. U, aka Lee Jong Hui, was taking a sabbatical because he was experiencing wrist and back discomfort. The key reason for this is that he continued to work on a regular basis without taking any breaks.

He also had some issues with his mental health. This news came as a disappointment to the fans. However, in November , S. Another crucial concern regarding the Tower of God anime is how many episodes would be included in the series, which is currently unknown.

The first season of the anime consisted of 13 episodes, which premiered on April 1, , and ran until June 24, The animation was produced by Studio Ghibli. There is enough source material left to make not just two, but three seasons of Tower of God, assuming that the show is not cancelled. According to our predictions, the second season will similarly consist of approximately 12 to 15 episodes, and if it achieves the same level of success as the first, the studio would move through with a third season.

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Tower of God Episode 13 Release Date, Official Preview Images, Summary , Watch Online

Money and wealth? Honor and pride? Authority and power? Or something that transcends them all?

There is no official news about the second season of Tower of God, but we think the anime will have a new season, and there are some clear.

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Ever since middle school, this powerful Esper succeeded in everything he did, all thanks to his natural magical powers. These psychic powers only improved as time went on, causing Suzuki to rely on them more and more, giving him confidence along the way. The older he got, the more brash he became, acting the complete opposite of Mob, thinking that this power made him untouchable. This causes him to plot world domination, as he founds Claw for that purpose. Over the next 20 years, he recruits, manipulates, and kidnaps Espers to form an army to accomplish his goal of world domination at any cost. There is also plenty of nuance to the character, as the show features plenty of backstory about his family that comes back around for a satisfying payoff in the end. That is what makes Rachel in Tower of God so deliciously despicable at the end of season one.

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tower of god anime new episode

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Tower of God is a Korean webtoon illustrated and written by S. Eventually, it got a merchandise and a mobile game.

Tower of God season 2: Will the hit anime series return on Crunchyroll?

It has been serialized in Naver Corporation 's webtoon platform Naver Webtoon since June , with the individual chapters collected and published by Young Com into nine volumes as of March It has received a mobile game and merchandise. In Japan, the web manhwa received an anime television series adaptation by Telecom Animation Film that first premiered on Naver Series On in South Korea, and aired in Japan immediately afterward. It originally aired from April to June Crunchyroll licensed and simulcasted the Japanese broadcast version of the anime for its streaming service.

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Erika Yoshida wrote and directed the show, with Takashi Sano serving as executive producer. Back in April , the anime premiered and finished in June The season has 13 episodes, and we expect the Tower of God Season 2 to have the same number. Unfortunately, Crunchyroll has not stated a release date for season 2 or even confirmed if the series will return for a second season. Crunchyroll, on the other hand, has not canceled the show. There is still a chance that a second season may be produced. However, this is only speculation at this point. Rachel discovers in the season 1 finale that the Tower never contacted her.

Crunchyroll only ever hosted a single, episode season of the series. Today, fans are still asking for more, seemingly to no avail. Regardless.

[Season 2] Ep. 1

Tower of God Season 2 is coming up, and you must have all the details associated with it. The anime is based on the South Korean online manhwa series. The show premiered in April and concluded in June There are 13 episodes in this season, and we believe that the next season will have 13 episodes.

In the midst of an important act of war, manhwa will say goodbye to fans. As the Hunter X Hunter, Berserk and Chainsaw Man comic books return to screens, a standout outing will be left for readers. So, what is the reason behind this breakdown? How long will the hiatus last?

Last week, I noted that the Tower of God anime now finds itself at a crossroads. Not only is it about to embark on a brand new arc, but it is also about to undergo a fundamental transformation in the way that it functions, as its power and battle system get fleshed out.

The anime aired from April to June The first season has 13 episodes, and we plan the second season to have 13 episodes as well. Crunchyroll has yet to announce the release date for season 2 or even confirm whether the show will return for a second season. Season 2 may potentially come in the future. However, for the time being, this is only speculation.

Rachel, a young lady, comes through the breach one day, carrying the most recent news from around the world with her. Their bond grows stronger as they spend more time together. Rachel, on the other hand, ultimately goes, explaining that she must ascend a mysterious tower in order to return home safely.

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