First animated movie with an openly gay character

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‘Beauty and the Beast’: Josh Gad Plays Disney’s First-Ever Gay Character

Another day, another casting controversy. Throughout the past few months specifically, there have been more and more casting controversies as networks and studios try to improve representation in media.

But then they announced the casting. Disney immediately received backlash from the LGBTQ community, who argued that this is a perfect example of inaccurate representation.

As always, there are two sides to the controversy, and both have taken to Twitter to express their views. One side argues that casting Whitehall, a straight man, as their first openly gay character takes LGBTQ representation a step backward, regardless of how good of an actor he is. As Omar Sharif Jr. In addition to this, gay men are often turned away from being cast as straight men.

While yes, acting is the art of becoming a different person, the real problem in this scenario is the lack of representation in Hollywood. Come on Disney, you were supposed to be the good guys.

Skip to content Toggle navigation. Screens x August 14, Fans say that Whitehall's portrayal of a gay man will inevitably play off of the stereotypes surrounding gay men. Image via The Independent. Disney executives have apparently been collectively living under a rock. I agree to my Facebook data being stored and used as per Privacy Policy. Must Read. How Lizzo Reclaimed Her Confidence. The Decline and Fall of Hot Topic. Related Posts.

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Conservative groups have urged a boycott of Disney over news that the family-friendly studio would feature its first "exclusively gay moment" in the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast. Following that announcement, evangelical preacher Franklin Graham warned that Disney is trying to "push the LGBT agenda into the hearts and minds of… children. The backlash is overblown for a number of reasons. Although Disney is marketing Beauty and the Beast as a major step forward for the studio, Le Fou's blossoming sexuality only receives but passing acknowledgment—a blink-and-you'll-miss-it aside that's more of an Easter Egg for LGBT viewers than a full-on coming out. But in truth, the Mouse House has a long and complicated relationship with queer representation. Le Fou might be the first character that Disney has openly recognized as being gay, but that doesn't mean LGBT people haven't been there all along.

The original version was dubbed to eliminate the homosexual references. 'Onward' will feature a purple police officer cyclops, voiced by.

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Disney faced a wave of backlash after donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to backers of the "Don't Say Gay" bill in Florida, a state where the company dominates in political power. Notably, much of that backlash came from within the company itself: employees held a walkout and organized open letters to CEO Bob Chapek, and many prominent staffers have been vocal on social media - fundraising for LGBTQ-supporting charities. On the one hand, these characters are so groundbreaking, they stir up lots of headlines and controversy, yet they seem pretty minor considering it's hard to name a single one. The complicated relationship between Disney and the LGBTQ community goes back — from Chinese censorship boards, to queer-coded lions, to the political showdown happening right now in the Florida state senate. The eight "first" openly gay characters range from minor characters to just figures in the background — some have just one or two lines. Characters that explicitly identify their sexuality, or are seen with a same-sex partner, are typically blink-and-you'll miss it moments. Many online have theorized this is because it makes it easier to edit them out for overseas movie markets. The "Star Wars" kiss stayed in for China, and despite demands from the Malaysian government, Disney refused to edit out the same-sex dance moment at the end of "Beauty and the Beast. So strict censorship boards abroad may definitely be a factor — particularly in China, which is expected to overtake the U. From the s up until , the Motion Picture Production Code , or the Hays Code, prohibited any explicit depictions of homosexuality.

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first animated movie with an openly gay character

Credit: pixarpost. On April 20 th , , Trans March, an organization in San Francisco, posted on Twitter that Disney Pixar is looking for a youth voice actress who can authentically play a year-old transgender girl. So, it is very likely that the character will be played by a transgender actress. The organization later sent a follow-up tweet stating that the casting call is legitimate and encouraged their followers to share their message to everyone they knew. The image has received over 30, likes and has been shared by millions of people.

By Joseph Reberkenny on June 22,

History of LGBT characters in animation

To recall the first gay character in a kids' movie or the first children's cartoon to feature a queer wedding doesn't require looking back very far. For decades, these potentially groundbreaking scenes never aired. They'd be conceptualized and carefully crafted by writers and producers, but then networks would invariably push back. They'd cite age-appropriateness as a reason to scrap whole storylines, character arcs, or even ancillary references to gay culture. Certainly, the TV Parental Guidelines rating system — which has long served as a way for broadcast networks to flag parents about the maturity of a show's content — muddied progress, as have a few powerful conservative parent "watchdog" groups that would threaten boycotts and peddle petitions at even a hint of what they considered "amoral" subject matter. So the fact that the last decade — namely, the past five years — has moved the needle on children's programming with such magnitude is a clear sign of a cultural turning point not necessarily in film studios, but in the homes of families who now demand inclusion.

Disney Introduces Its First Openly Gay Character In Tom Holland's Onward

Ten years ago was a great time to grow up if you were addicted to cartoons, but not if you were gay. In the s and aughts, Hey Arnold! The Proud Family and Kim Possible depicted romantic relationships with narratives that took mature approaches to dating, crushes, and holding hands. And yet: As progressive and illuminating as the cartoons of the era were, networks like Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon fell short in a major way—almost universally, they failed to represent queer people. A coming-of-age story about a young boy and his adventures with three women called the Crystal Gems, Steven Universe combines old-school sci-fi with progressive social mores. The show's Crystal Gems possess the power to fuse together to create a single, more powerful version of themselves.

Plus, this creates history as the character is one of the first openly gay characters in a Disney movie. Disney has had a few goes now in.

Pixar Unveils First Gay Main Character In Its New Emotional Short Film ‘Out’

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Disney Censors Same-Sex Affection in Pixar Films, According to Letter From Employees

RELATED VIDEO: Disney Introduces First Gay Character

At the time, the Hayes code was a set of industry moral guidelines applied to most films released in the USA. In a brilliant new podcast, he and presenter Jamie Wareham have a fascinating debate about potentially gay characters in Disney flicks and wonder whether if there has been a shift in tone from the studio bearing in mind that Disney recently introduced its first openly gay character in the new Disney Channel programme, Andi Mack. But enough of us wittering on about it, check out the podcast HERE. Lost your password? Fashion Grooming. Trending Now Week Month.

A false story is circulating this week that Disney has announced 'Princes', an animated feature about two men who set off to rescue a princess but end up falling in love.

Disney finally introduce its first openly gay character – why has it taken so long?

You hear the occasional story of the first twins who climbed the mountain together, or the first woman from a specific district of India, or the first Pakistani man to do it without oxygen. And after a while, they feel so damn specific that you wonder what the point is. CambieArt February 22, Reminds me of all those cartoons that love making nonbinary people into creatures…Somebody needs to have a long talk with the people making these decisions. This is literally so tone deaf that only a marketing group could have come up with it. Gore JacobGoregeous February 22,

While Disney has owned or acquired other brands and networks such as Touchstone, Miramax, 20th Century Fox, ABC, and Hulu, these more adult-oriented labels have been mostly treated as a separate from the family-oriented "Disney" image. Also missing from this list are unnamed background characters and characters who only appear in a single episode of a given TV show aside from two historically significant exceptions. With all that out of the way, let's get to the characters.

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