High rise invasion manga vs anime

The anime follows Yuri Hong, a high school student who discovers she has been moved to this alien world. While searching for her brother Rika, who was also abducted into the realm, she must now take every precaution to avoid being harmed by individuals wearing masks. There have already been rumors of a second season. The first season premiered on February 25th, This anime was first announced on October 26th, , during the Netflix anime festival.

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High rise invasion manga vs anime

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Netflix does it again. Netflix seems to churn out original anime content with impressive regularity. Releasing the High-Rise Invasion anime trailer, Netflix gives us a first proper look into a new anime thriller.

Although it bears some similarities in premise, the story looks completely original and wholly intriguing. Image via Netflix. The new trailer begins with a young girl, seemingly lost inside a building. Trying to reach her big brother on the phone, the girl comes across some weird threats in the structure. She quickly realizes that there are people running around, in masks, trying to kill her.

To avoid death, she has to fight back, somehow, or traverse the heights, escaping to another building. They are connected using a system of ramps. This is where I draw the comparisons to Alice In Borderland. The young girl seems trapped, and there is a game afoot. She has to either fight back or get killed. The people in masks also seem to play a role in this whole thing. There is definitely a larger story going on behind the scenes. Hidden motivations, secret plans, some God-like ideas at play, and overall the High-Rise Invasion anime trailer does a great job of getting me excited for the show.

Image via Manga Box. As with most anime series, High-Rise Invasion is also from a popular manga. Netflix acquired the rights. They announced the series back in October Things moved fairly quickly. This series made it to one of my most anticipated anime in , given its unique premise and broad action concept. The trailer looks bloody, gory, and intensely fast-paced, promising an enjoyable thrill ride.

While the initial mystery of the masks is interesting enough, the trailer does go very deep into a lot of other ideas presented in the show. Finding him seems to be her motivation to fight back and kill the masked peopled. Well, that and not dying. We also see him talking on the phone with others behind this whole mess as well.

There is a Sniper Mask and a Dealer Mask that are in the trailers. Whether those are classifications of the types of masks, or names of the specific antagonists, is unknown. The show also seems to have many other additional characters as well. Are you excited for this new Netflix anime series?

Let me know in the comments below. So save her by engaging him on his own blog at BlankPageBeatdown. High-Rise Invasion anime releases on Netflix on February Featured image via Netflix. Anime News TV Shows. Leave a comment. TV Shows.

天空侵犯 8 [Tenkuu Shinpan 8]

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High-Rise Invasion is Now Streaming on Netflix

This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something, I may earn a small commission, without any extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you! A high school student gets transported into an alternate world where countless skyscrapers are connected by suspension bridges and masked assailants mercilessly kill their confused and fleeing victims. Both main characters get involved in a game where they have to kill others for their survival. They both put people into situations where their morals get tested. It follows the story of Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato who are resurrected along with several other recently deceased people and tasked with killing aliens. Shuichi Kagaya is an ordinary high schooler who lives in a boring little town.

Tenkuu Shinpan ''HIGH RISE INVASION'' Manga Anime Mask

high rise invasion manga vs anime

It was released on February 25, worldwide. To survive in this hellish world, she has two choices: kill the masked figures or be killed. Yuri is determined to survive in order to destroy this irrational world, but what will be her ultimate fate? A teaser trailer was also unveiled, which revealed the anime's worldwide release window in February on the streaming platform. The anime also opened an official website, where it revealed two key visuals, a "human" version and a "mask" version.

Posted by admin Jul 13, 0. Solo Leveling is the franchise that launched many anime and manga followers to the superior world of manhwas.

Top 10 Best Manga/Manhwa Like Solo Leveling

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High-Rise Invasion Season 1 Explained: Who Are The Masks?

Sign In. High-Rise Invasion —. Hide Spoilers. The first episodes felt like a video game tutorial. A lot of exposition and a lot of rules and world building. After that it transitions more towards character development and that is when the story gets going. This show is nothing special yet but it could become pretty good in the next couple of seasons.

Tenkuu shinpan is an amazing manga about a girl called Yuri Honjo who gets isekai'd into a mysterious world of masked people which for an isekai.

Therefore, read the article here! Grand Crew is a Takahiro Oba-created Japanese drama on Netflix about a high school student named Yuri Honj who is transported to a world filled with high-rise buildings and the associated bridges. She is then pursued by mysterious figures wearing veils.

Mech RobotEach cocktail only takes 60 to 90 seconds to make. The Sole Survivor is notified to listen to the new caravan distress call that has appeared on their radio. Mech-5 steers its coded courses and programmed tasks by a mechanical coding wheel. There are many different designs, and their alternate modes range from motorcycles to space stations.

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This is a list of all current volumes of the Japanese manga series Tenkuu Shinpan. High-Rise Invasion Wiki Explore. The Series. Volumes Chapters. High-Rise Invasion Arrive.

There is a lot of content in the 12 episodes that make up Netflix High-rise invasion Season 1. In fact, almost chapters are condensed into the series, which follows the journey of Yuri, Mayuko and their allies and enemies in a kingdom of abnormal skyscrapers. Everyone is vying for power to get to the mysterious helicopter and find a way out, causing a lot of chaos and bloodshed along the way. Rikuya can control the masks with his mind and wants to form an alliance with Yuri and his brother, Rika.

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