Godzilla singular point jet jaguar theme

Welcome to Ani-time Ani-where , a regular column dedicated to helping the uninitiated understand and appreciate the world of anime. As great as the recent MonsterVerse movies can get, they also have a fundamental flaw: human characters that are difficult to like to relate to, and don't contribute much to the movies at large. The other problem is that they have humanized Godzilla to the point where it is more of a superhero than a monster. Luckily, Godzilla: Singular Point fixes that by taking a few pages out of Hideaki Anno's masterful Shin Godzilla as well as Toho's nearly year-old kaiju tradition. The result delvers a true monster mash where Godzilla is finally allowed to be genuinely scary, and where the humans truly drive the action in a meaningful way. The show takes place in the year , where a group of engineers and other scientists discover a mysterious musical broadcast going around the city of Nigashio that heralds the arrival of a substance called "Red Dust," which starts drawing in terrifying monsters all over the planet.

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Godzilla singular point jet jaguar theme

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‘Godzilla Singular Point’ tries to reclaim the monster’s corrupted soul

Well, second to Mechagodzilla. MonsterArts banner. That said, the design has the same visual cues to the original, including the iconic chest paintwork and head design, both are captured in detail in this figure. Speaking of details, the optics are produced with clear parts to replicate how it appears in the series.

It also comes with the flight unit used in the final episode. Lastly, it comes with an unpainted figure of Yun Arikawa who also went with Jet Jaguar in the climactic battle with Godzilla Ultima.

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BANDAI Movie Monster Series JET JAGUAR Vinyl Figure GODZILLA Singular Point NEW

Godzilla fans are already foaming at the mouth waiting to see the new anime titled Godzilla Singu Godzilla fans are already foaming at the mouth waiting to see the new anime titled Godzilla Singular Point that will premiere in Japan on Netflix on March 25th. What's lucky this time, however, is that this series will not necessarily be locked in Netflix jail as the series will also get a network broadcast in Japan starting on April 1st. Perhaps this will lead to the series being released on this side of the Pacific a bit faster than usual? We can only hope! In the third promotional video which hit the internet on Tuesday, March 9th, not only do we get to see the title monster but we also see the robot, Jet Jaguar, two new characters, and a preview of the opening theme song titled "in case…" by the group BiSH which starts at around the mark if that's what you care about most. The thirteen-episode anime will follow two geniuses, Mei Kamino played by Yume Miyamoto and Yun Arikawa played by Shoya Ishige who will be at the epicenter of the unprecedented dangers that will face them.

As Godzilla Singular Point gets ready for its release on Netflix later new take on Godzilla in action alongside new looks for Jet Jaguar.

Listen To Godzilla: Singular Point Anime Opening & Ending Themes

Godzilla Singular Point has stomped its way onto Netflix with all the fury of a thousand nuclear breath attacks, paving the way for an adventure of titanic proportions. But did that adventure live up to our Jet Jaguar-filled expectations, or was the King of the Monsters about ready to abdicate? You love to root for it, you feel stressed out when it takes a beating, and cheer when it finally becomes the key to saving the day in the climax. Transparently awesome These earbuds have active noise cancellation, transparency mode to let in outside sound as needed, and active EQ to ensure you get the best out of your audio. Some fans might be disappointed at just how little Godzilla is actually in Singular Point. The titular beast only really makes himself known around the midway point of the episode season, and even then, much of that presence is lurking in the background of the devastated Tokyo until its final episodes, rather than Godzilla really acting as the driving force of the narrative. But Singular Point shines, and amplifies its monstrous threat, by letting all sorts of classic kaiju, from Rodan to Anguirus, from Kumonga to Salunga the latter of which takes elements from Gabara take the reins.

Godzilla: Singular Point - Jet Jaguar

godzilla singular point jet jaguar theme

Godzilla is back on Netflix, and in animated form again. The first attempt at an anime Godzilla, the 3D-animated film series known as the Godzilla Earth trilogy, proved to be ponderous , pretentious , and disappointing. This series goes in a very different direction — not only set in the very near future instead of the distant post-apocalyptic future, but far more lively, fun, and conceptually dense. Mei Kamino, a nerdy-cute, purple-haired grad student, is called in by the observatory staff to troubleshoot the problem on behalf of the professor she assists. To pay the bills, Otaki and his employees display Jet Jaguar to the public as a novelty for kids at a local summer festival, when a pteranodon attacks out of nowhere.

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Go Jet Jaguar!: Why Godzilla Fans Are Excited About the Legendary Kaiju’s Return

Sign In. Godzilla Singular Point —. Hide Spoilers. Full on neediness that also shows the new origins giant robot Jet Jaguar. Due to the pacing and content - best enjoyed by hardcore Godzilla fans who appreciate the legend and science. Hyper-detailed, fast paced and very nerdy.

New Monsterific Trailer for Godzilla Singular Point!

The second teaser trailer for Godzilla: Singular Point gives fans more information about the upcoming anime, as well as a sample of the new ending theme by Polkadot Stingray. However, what really set the internet on fire was the sight of Jet Jaguar. In the trailer, Goro Otaki is seen munching noodles while exclaiming, "Jet Jaguar! It's strong you know," while Yun Arikawa looks over the robot. While this version looks slightly different from the Jet Jaguar fans are familiar with, the distinctive head shape and red and white body make it clear that this is the latest form of the fan-favorite kaiju. Jet Jaguar has a very unique history.

Netlfix kaiju anime Godzilla: Singular Point revealed a new trailer, one that's focused on the human mecha Jet Jaguar.


Set in Japan in the year , Godzilla Singular Point follows an ensemble of characters and organizations that struggle to survive and make sense of a sudden wave of monster activity in Tokyo. The most entertaining thread that we follow involves two factory worker brothers and their eccentric boss who builds a robot that is none other than Jet Jaguar, the first of many obscure characters and references the series lifts from Godzillas back catalogue. Look forward to a ton of other Easter eggs like these waiting for die hard fans to find them and grin with recognition. I grinned quite a bit.

But in anime, there is an unlimited way to produce a story that can take note of where the franchise has been and expand on it unrestricted by live-action limitations. The setting is Nigashio City, Chiba Prefecture, in the year These two strangers, visiting completely different places as part of completely different investigations, both hear the same song. Mei and Yun carry Singular Point, and they do it beautifully. As a pair, their curiosity drives the show narratively and in different ways.

Until now. The Godzilla Singular Point website has revealed the album will cover 31 tracks.

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Godzilla Singular Point is a gorgeously designed, beautifully animated sci-fi show that often feels like arriving mid-lecture to a physics class. This, somehow, is part of the appeal. The episode anime series is weird and dense if not weird because it is so dense, cramming a prodigious amount of information into a franchise that historically just kind of waves its hands around whenever the science comes up.

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