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He previously worked for the author of the journals, only to wipe his memory after due to the super natural goings on he'd witnessed being too much to handle, with his own invention. However, the invention warps the minds of those who use it, and so, after 2 years, McGucket's entire memory had been scrambled, to the point he remembers nothing of what happened to him prviously. To give you the best experience, this site uses cookies. By continuing, you're giving consent to cookies being used. Learn more

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Old Man McGucket

At the start of the show McGucket Was a crazy Homeless man that lived in a junkyard but later we did know that he would've been one of the most important people in the show. He was actually fords helper but left him for his dangerous invention that ford wtorked for his life on. McGucket made a invetion himself to earase his memory from every scary thing he found in gravity falls. In the mids, Fiddleford attended Backupsmore University, where he befriended the gifted Ford Pines, who perceived Fiddleford to be a "young but brilliant mechanic.

In the midst of his work, he received contact from Ford, who sought his mechanical genius in constructing a transuniversal poly-dimensional metavortex beneath his home in Gravity Falls, Oregon. Albeit with hesitation as to whether the device would be feasible to construct, Fiddleford agreed, leaving his wife and young son behind to set out for the sleepy hamlet. From then on, Fiddleford acted as Ford's assistant, aiding him in his studies and in building contraptions such as the Universe Portal and some machinery in the underground bunker.

Though Ford was annoyed by his tobacco chewing, banjo playing and hamboning, he considered him an invaluable partner. One day, while returning from an expedition to the crashed Flying saucer, Ford and Fiddleford stopped to observe a sleeping Gremloblin.

After Ford drew a picture of it, it unexpectedly woke up and attacked Fiddleford, staring him in the eyes and forcing him to see his worst nightmare.

Though Ford was able to rescue Fiddleford, the encounter left the latter deeply scarred. Determined to return his sanity and eradicate the experience from his mind, he utilized his genius ability to invent a memory erasing gun, permanently relieving him of his nightmares.

He continued to use the memory gun throughout his remaining time with Ford, and it is implied that he even used the gun on Ford himself after he complained of Fiddleford's reliance on it. Throughout the construction of Ford's greatest scientific achievement, Fiddleford was given access to his laboratory hidden beneath the forest, where he utilized one of his functioning prototype laptops to aid in the ongoing research and development of the portal.

The night before testing the machine, Fiddleford expressed his concerns to Ford about the portal's stability, suggesting that Ford publish his research as a thesis and forget the portal, to which Ford- already manipulated by Bill into mistrusting Fiddleford's motives and intentions- angrily refused.

The following day, on January 18, , Ford and Fiddleford performed their first trial with the active machine, which quickly went awry as the dummy placed into the portal dragged Fiddleford along with it. Though his experience within the device was brief as Ford had rescued him shortly thereafter , Fiddleford returned horrified with the visions he had endured while inside specifically, Bill Cipher removing his exoskeleton to feed , predicting that an apocalyptic catastrophe would occur should the portal reach its full potential.

This was due in part to getting a glimpse of the Nightmare Realm. After quitting the project when Ford refused to give up the pinnacle of his life's work, Fiddleford found himself haunted by his encounters with the supernatural as paranoia and insomnia consumed him. He continued to use the memory gun. The device became an inspiration for Fiddleford to found an organization within Gravity Falls known as the Blind Eye Society, hoping to give others a similar chance at alleviating their deepest regrets and awful memories.

Unfortunately, continuous encounters with paranormal entities within the town and a heavy over-reliance on his creation deteriorated Fiddleford's mind, draining him of his sanity and increasingly devolving him into a crazed and lunatic old man.

Old Man McGucket, local kook. Are the wax figures alive? And follow up question: can I survive the wax man uprising? Hit me with your best shot, Baldy. But my mind's been gone for thirty-odd years. You can't break what's already broken! This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences.

Weapons: Stick. Introduction to the show: At the start of the show McGucket Was a crazy Homeless man that lived in a junkyard but later we did know that he would've been one of the most important people in the show He was actually fords helper but left him for his dangerous invention that ford wtorked for his life on. Likes Comments 9. Like Gamer Related wiki Team Voltron.

Related wiki [ Review Template ]. Related wiki Chowder. Into Cartoon? Join the community. Get App. Cookie Policy This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Regained his sanity, sold his patents, became rich, and moved into Northwest Manor. Well, first I just hootynanied up a bio mechanical brain-wave generator, and then I learned how to operate a stick shift with my beard.

Gravity Falls Old Man Mcgucket

In show terms, quite literally. This is a line I have heard applied to many a senior analyst in my day. I vividly remember the first time I was introduced this way as well… I tried to take it as well as McGucket might. Since I still remember it so well, I am fairly certain I did not. McGucket began his career the way most analysts prior to did — in another profession entirely.

Checkmate · The two things Ford buys when McGucket arrives in Gravity Falls are microchips and banjo strings. Sure, Fiddleford might've said he.

Old Man Mcgucket

He is one of the oldest known people in Gravity Falls, Oregon , and is the local kook. Sometime in the s , Fiddleford attended Backupsmore University, where he met and later befriended Stanford Pines. According to Ford, Fiddleford was a young but brilliant mechanic. Following his graduation, he eventually settled down in a suburb home out in Palo Alto, California , where he established his own business and tried to sell personal computers in his garage. He then received a call from Ford, asking him to come up to Gravity Falls, Oregon and help him build a Universe Portal —to which Ford considered was his greatest scientific achievement. Fiddleford agreed and headed out. Throughout the construction, Fiddleford designed a prototype of his laptop to follow along with the portals research.

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gravity falls characters fiddleford mcgucket

Who do you think wrote the journals? Now, we may not know that much about the author of the journals right at the moment, but from what we do know about them, 1. They either have or had six fingers, and their first name starts with "F" I believe that possibly Old Man McGucket is the author of the journals. Also, McGucket is always seen with a cast on his left arm, and the reason could potentially be that he lost one of his fingers and is either waiting for his hand to fully heal, or he may be trying to hide the fact he had six fingers. The video is only 55 seconds long, but it may just very well prove that McGucket is the author.

At the start of the show McGucket Was a crazy Homeless man that lived in a junkyard but later we did know that he would've been one of the most important people in the show.


All of the characters listed have appeared in the first and second seasons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It has been suggested that this section be split out into another article titled Bill Cipher. Discuss July Disney Channel Media Net. May

Why did Gravity Falls get Cancelled?

He is also an occasional ally of Dipper and Mabel Pines. McGucket is, like Jobs, working on computers. Does Old Man McGucket have a son? Cut to clip of McGucket Yroo Xrksvi! You name it. This implies that at the time of his flashback, McGucket was the same age as, or younger, than Ford.

Real sweet y'all are still thinkin' of ol' Fiddleford Mcgucket these Yet, Gravity Falls granted me characters so strong and rich and.

Sign In. Showing all 15 items. McGucket is, like Jobs, working on computers.

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To celebrate 10 years of Gravity Falls.

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He represents the spectacles on the Zodiac for being scholarly. The law of Gravity Falls. True to the tradition of fictional small town cops, they are mostly useless.

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