Uta no prince sama series

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Uta no prince sama series

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Uta no Prince-sama is one of those reverse harem anime where two or more male leads go after one female lead fighting for her attention and love. Reverse harem anime is not made for everyone as they are specially marketed towards a young female audience. So it is was pretty natural for Uta no Prince-sama to receive a mixed response from the anime community.

However, that should not stop any new fan from watching this series. Uta no Prince-sama is a pretty high-budget anime with several handsome bishonen male characters. It has tons of music and dance with a little bit of comedy. Aside from good-looking male leads, Uta no Prince-sama also has a main female character who is not just another Mary-Sue type character. The main female character often leads the storyline and not gets overshadowed by the male characters.

Uta no Prince-sama is a show for the fans who enjoy singing, harem, and bishonen. If you are planning to watch Uta no Prince-sama, watch it according to this order. Uta no Prince Sama is a music harem anime series animated by A-1 Pictures studio. The anime is an adaptation based on a multimedia franchise by Broccoli, a Japanese media company.

Synopsis: Nanami Haruka is a shy teenage girl from the countryside who aspires to become a talented songwriter. To further her dreams, she enrolls in Saotome Gakuen, an elite music school that is known for nurturing promising future idols. Saotome Gakuen randomly pairs one songwriter with one singer. However, Haruka ends up paired with three male singers. To make the matter worse, each of them has a very different personality.

Will Haruka be able to overcome her shyness and make these all three boys into future idols? Tokyo Ghoul Watch Order Guide. Girls und Panzer Watch Order Guide. Join our weekly newsletter, where we recommend new anime series every Thursday! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Shen Anigan. Shen is an average internet user who likes to write his bio in the third person to make him feel like an anime protagonist. He spends most of his time debating over 2D characters on Reddit and occasionally posts on Gojinshi.

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Broccoli Announces Three Uta no Prince-sama Games Coming to Nintendo Switch

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As she strives to reach her dream at the academy, one fateful night, a series of events lead Haruka to a mysterious man standing in the moonlight, and he seems.

Uta no Prince-sama Watch Order Guide

Uta no Prince Sama 2. Uta no Prince Sama Revolutions. Uta no Prince Sama Legend Star. Tomoko Konparu Uta no Prince Sama previous three seasons and Sayaka Konno are handling the series composition, Maki Fujioka animation director for three previous seasons is adapting Chinatsu Kurahana 's original character designs for animation and serving as chief animation director, and Elements Garden is again Overall I think this is definitely worth your time to watch as it's very interesting and entertaining. Uta no Prince-sama was originally a dating simulation game which has been adapted into an anime and manga. Hayato has a younger identical twin brother named Ichinose Tokiya.

Uta No Prince Sama 1000%: Season 1 (DVD)

uta no prince sama series

Remake work of Uta no Prince-sama Repeat, which has new voice, illustration, and songs, and the gaming system was upgraded. Third music game of Uta no Prince-sama series, with new songs from the franchise. Sequel of Uta no Prince-sama All Star, with the follow-up plot, same characters, and new songs. Puzzle game application released on iOS and Android devices, with characters from the Uta no Prince-sama franchise. Spin-off game of Uta no Prince-sama Debut.

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On June 27, , following the broadcast of the last episode of the third season, the ending message revealed that a fourth season has been confirmed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Anime News Network. March 25, Retrieved March 25,

Uta No Prince Sama

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Plot Summary: Second season of Uta no Prince-sama. Status: Completed. Views: views. Release: Type: SERIES. Genres: Comedy.

Uta No ★ Prince Sama

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Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love Revolutions (2015)(TV Series)(Complete)

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Haruka Nanami, an aspiring composer from the countryside, longs to write music for her beloved idol, Hayato Ichinose. Determined to accomplish this goal, she enrolls into Saotome Academy, a highly regarded vocational school for the performing arts. Upon her arrival, Haruka soon learns that everyone on staff, including the headmaster, is either an idol, a composer, or a poet. To top it all off, she is surrounded by incredibly talented future idols and composers, and the competition among the students is fierce; with the possibility of recruitment by the Shining Agency upon graduation, the stakes are incredibly high.

Folks still know what Team Girl Squad is, surely?

Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret for Switch launches December 22 in Japan

Ever since she first heard him sing, high school freshman Haruka Nanami has dreamt of writing a song for Hayato, a famous pop idol. To make her dream a reality, she enrolls into Saotome Academy, an elite private school designed to teach idol hopefuls and the composers that work with them the ins-and-outs of the business. While there, she gains the attention and friendship of a colorful cast of male idols-in-training, including the cold and aloof Tokiya Ichinose, who claims to be the identical twin brother of pop superstar Hayato. Oh, did we mention that the principal is voiced by Norio Wakamoto and that romance is absolutely forbidden in the school, and grounds for immediate expulsion? Originally a rather low-budget title which mostly relied on its light-hearted atmosphere and a cast of some of the best singing voices in the seiyuu industry, the game became popular quickly, spawning a whole franchise of its own.

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Sign In. Episode guide. Uta no prince-sama - Revolutions TV Series 24m. Starish are given new assignments in newly divided teams, and they do their best in order to try and impress Shining Saotome into allowing their entry to SSS, a top level music contest.

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