Best disney cartoons of all time series

Disney Pixar's next venture, Lightyear , set to hit theatres on June 17, , once again proves that nostalgia still has a powerful hold on audiences when it comes to the media giant. Whether it be spin-offs, reboots, or revivals, Disney thrives on reminding audiences of their childhoods and showcasing its animated storytelling. Of course, some of Disney's best cartoon ventures came on the small screen. Note: Ranker lists are live and continue to accrue votes, so some rankings may have changed after this publishing.

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Best disney cartoons of all time series

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The 50 best Disney movies for family night

To help narrow down your viewing choices, these are the top 20 best animated Disney movies of all time ranked in order. To keep the decision making process simpler, we ranked the best Pixar movies separately. Based on the book by T. While it lacks the memorable songs of other Disney musicals, the movie breaks the British legend down into a fun and colorful story for kids.

But the issues critics found back then —its linear animation style was too modern and its villain Maleficent was too scary—are what make it one of the best Disney movies of all time.

Set in s New Orleans to a soundtrack of jazz music, the movie follows Tiana, who dreams of opening her own restaurant. But after kissing a prince who was turned into a frog by a voodoo sorcerer, she is also transformed into an amphibian. Before she can fulfill her life goal, she and Prince Naveen must break the spell to become human again before they run out of time.

Cruella de Vil surely is easily one of the most evil Disney villains of all time—she wants to make a coat out of puppy fur, after all. The only thing this Disney movie shares with the original Hans Christian Andersen tale is that they both feature a cocky emperor. With the help of Pacha John Goodman , he is able to regain his throne and learns several lessons in kindness and humanity along the way. Yzma is hardly the most evil of Disney villains, but she and her minion Kronk are definitely two of the funniest.

The second princess movie Disney made after Snow White , Cinderella finds true love with the help of her fairy godmother and animal friends despite the evil workings of her stepmother and stepsisters.

For one, this spunkier Rapunzel voiced by Mandy Moore is a princess who falls in love with the thief Flynn Rider, instead of a peasant girl who is rescued by a prince. After the titular fawn loses his mother to a hunter, he must make his own way through the woods and find friends along the way.

In order to save her father from certain death in the army, Fa Mulan takes his place disguising herself as a man to fight against the invading Hun army. Comic relief is provided by the small dragon Mushu, voiced by Eddie Murphy. For the sake of all children born in the s, including Frozen on this list is a must. But Hercules is seriously underrated — especially for its music. The story is based on the Greek mythology, but the soundtrack is modern with the muses played by a gospel choir.

After using one of his three wishes to be transformed into Prince Ali, Aladdin wins the heart of Princess Jasmine and defeats Jafar. To help save her village, she must set sail across the ocean to find the demigod Maui voiced by Dwayne Johnson and return an ancient stone to the goddess Te Fiti. With music by Lin-Manuel Miranda, this movie is one of the most fun and original stories Disney has told in years. Not only was it the first full-length animated film from Walt Disney Studios, but also the first animated feature ever produced in Technicolor.

Only the second animated full-length feature from Walt Disney Animation Studios, film historians consider Pinocchio to be one of the most technically perfect Disney animated movies.

After the woodworker Gepetto wishes on a star for a son, the puppet Pinocchio comes to life. Even with Jiminy Cricket acting as his conscious, Pinocchio is led astray time and time again until he rescues Gepetto from Monstro the whale and is transformed into a real boy.

After a three decade hiatus, Disney returned to classic fairy tales with this retelling of the Hans Christian Andersen story about a mermaid who turns into a human with the help of the sea witch Ursula. Along with the help of his childhood friend Nala, and his new pals, Timon, the meerkat, and Pumba, the warthog, Simba takes back Pride Rock from Scar and his gang of hyenas. It was also the first animated feature ever to receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture.

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To help narrow down your viewing choices, these are the top 20 best animated Disney movies of all time ranked in order. To keep the decision making process simpler, we ranked the best Pixar movies separately. Based on the book by T. While it lacks the memorable songs of other Disney musicals, the movie breaks the British legend down into a fun and colorful story for kids. But the issues critics found back then —its linear animation style was too modern and its villain Maleficent was too scary—are what make it one of the best Disney movies of all time.

The 25 greatest animated shows of all time · “Bojack Horseman” · “Family Guy” · “Batman: The Animated Series” · “South Park” · “.

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I am a grown man now, but I have never stopped loving Disney movies. It deals with death and the struggles of life, telling a beautiful story about a man who loses his life right before he gets his big musical break. When he meets a new soul on the other side who refuses to come to Earth, he finds himself rediscovering the true meaning of life through the eyes of someone who never had the chance to live. Read less Read more. Right off the bat, this Pixar film punches you in the gut with a wrenching look into the inevitable end of all good things. Fortunately, what starts as a depiction of loss and despair quickly turns into the heartwarming story of a man who feels he has lost any reason to live finding hope in a young child who needs him. Another Pixar movie that hits you in the feelings like this one is Inside Out , but for the sake of condensing this list to only 12 picks, I chose to feature Up instead. With likable animal characters, complicated themes, and a memorable soundtrack from the minds of Elton John and Tim Rice, it has everything you could ever want from a Disney movie. I was born in the 90s, so naturally, Aladdin is number 1 on my list of Disney movies. While it can be argued that the only reason this movie was only so good is that Robin Williams brought total originality to the Genie, no argument will ever get me to remove this animated film from the top of my list.

All Disney Princess Movies, Ranked

best disney cartoons of all time series

Western cartoons are funny , and every year, the American animated movies hoisting Oscars over their heads are the ones consumed by kids and marketed for families and designed to make everyone laugh and feel good about themselves and their anthropomorphized feelings. TV shows? And with darker, heavier, more violent content, animation is starting to have its adult moment again this time without the empty inanity of Beavis and Butthead or South Park ; we'll still watch those classics, though. BoJack Horseman and Archer have proven that jaded comedies could still have a lot of heart. Series like Amazon's Undone find creative ways to illustrate challenges to mental health.

But which is the best?

The Top 15 English Animated Movies by Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks and More

Looking for a feel-good new show to watch or a classic fave to revisit? Well, luckily, most Disney Channel series still continue to be hits even after all these years. Not only is it fun to revisit them in some of their first roles, but their Disney Channel shows will bring you right back to your childhood with a fun dose of nostalgia. This show was set up to be the musical we all needed. T program at a high school.

All 26 Pixar Movies, Ranked

Disney Channel had such a range of brilliant animated shows that somehow appealed to both kids and adults alike. There's not a single formula to crafting a great animated show and indeed each one from Disney Channel offered something completely different. Each was vibrant in its own way though and featured characters that really resonated with the audience, defining an era of the station. While it's not one of the highest-rated shows on IMDb it's one of the most fondly remembered amongst fans of a certain era. With great animation and a gripping action plot, American Dragon really stood out compared to other Disney Channel animated shows. Its extensive lore was pretty unique, as titular Jake Long took on a double life, leading heroic missions by transforming into the American Dragon. The adventures were intense but there were a lot of laughs to be had along the way as Jake was accompanied by wacky companions like his sister, elderly master, and talking dog.

This Disney Channel original series follows the adventures of Dipper Pines and his twin sister, Mabel, after they've been sent to live with.

The 12 Best Disney Movies of All Time, Ranked

Consider this: If Disney had never purchased Lucasfilm, Marvel, or 20th Century Fox, it would still be an entertainment juggernaut thanks to its own original animated films and live-action movies. What you could use is a bit of curation, because not even Disney films are immune from the occasional stinker. Toy Story g Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers pg

Every Disney Animated Movie Since 2010, Ranked

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Halloween is one of America's favorite holidays, and it's not hard to see why. Yes, all of these things are what make the spooky holiday so great. But after the sugar high wears off and the rubber masks lose their novelty, parents will need something else to keep their little guys and ghouls occupied. The solution: End the day on October 31 by watching a Disney Halloween movie with your family! Start planning your Halloween movie marathon by checking out the funny Halloween movies on this list. They strike the perfect balance between silly and scary, with a kind-hearted witch for every bad boogeyman.

Starting with Flash Forward in , the Disney Channel has created plus sitcoms, cartoons, reality series, and game shows under the originals banner, some of which have helped make household names of Miley Cyrus , the Jonas Brothers , Demi Lovato , Selena Gomez , Zendaya , and even some non-musical stars Shia LaBeouf , looking at you. Here is our definitive ranking of the top

We Ranked the 51 Best Animated Movies of All Time, From Snow White to Soul

There's nothing that can take you back to your childhood quite like a Disney animated movie. From the animated fairy tales to literary adaptations and more, Disney is responsible for a lot of memories and magic! But which classic movies are truly the best, and which ones are a little disappointing when we look back on them? We've ranked them to find out. Since there are a lot of Disney movies , we've laid out some ground rules to make this a little easier. We're talking about "classic" Disney movies, so we've limited ourselves to movies from the classic era through the Disney "renaissance" period — aka films made before the year To keep it manageable, too, we've only ranked movies that are recognizable to most people — sorry, no Make Mine Music or Melody Tree on this list!

Who says cartoons are just for kids? Animation has been a big part of television for decades. With that in mind, here is our ranking of the best animated shows of all time. Also, you might think a show about a former celebrity horse is a trifle.

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