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Since it aired earlier this year, Sk8 the Infinity has been making all sorts of waves in the anime community. Viewers enjoyed the story, action, and comedy of the series. And of course, they loved the characters. Sk8 the Infinity introduced the audience to a cast of colorful skaters each with their own style, personality, and abilities. One of the biggest draws of the series is how the characters interact with each other, from old friends and S founders Kojiro Nanjo and Kaoru Sakurayashiki, to endearing little brother figure Miya Chinen and the rest of the cast, and of course, leads Reki Kyan and Langa Hasegawa.

The other huge draw of the series is watching how they all skate. Each of the characters has their advantages and disadvantages while on a board, and even upon close inspection, it can be tough to decide how they stack up to one another. Not to worry, though; this list is going to clear it up!

Politician by day and flamboyant skater by night, Adam brings flair to everything he does, and his skating technique is no exception. While Adam does have a lot of technical prowess proven in his ability to master the casper slide and his great speed , much of it comes in the form of tricks for scaring and demoralizing the opponent and that's what puts him at the bottom of this list. In addition, he often turns to brutalizing the opponent to win, as seen in his race against Kaoru Sakurayashiki.

A flower shop employee with a wild side, Shadow always shows up to S in full makeup and with absolute confidence in his abilities. For example, he uses small firecrackers in his race with Reki to make him fall. While his general prowess is admirable, he lacks the finer skills of many other characters and resorting to dirty tricks does not a great skater make. As a passionate skater, Reiki is constantly trying to improve his craft both in terms of skating and board design.

His knowledge was even great enough to teach Langa Hasegawa and create a specialized board for Langa to use to address the issues he was having switching from snowboarding to skateboarding. The resident genius of S, Cherry Blossom combines technology and skating to become an incredibly powerful skater.

His board has an AI named Carla in it that helps him calculate angles to aid him in turns and jumps, as well as following his voice commands. She can also switch between a long and short board to increase and decrease his speed. Cherry Blossom is a wildly skilled skater and is able to pull off numerous tricks and stunts that would be dangerous for the inexperienced, and he is highly observant of other skaters and can often quickly figure out their stunts and strategies.

However, he does rely heavily on Carla and has her to thank for many of his successful landings, and unlike other skaters, he has the advantage of being able to change boards to go faster instead of relying on skilful methods. A newly minted yet prodigy skater, Langa is a former snowboarder that is introduced to skateboarding by Reki Kyan upon moving to Japan. His foundation in snowboarding proved to be useful in his mastery of skateboarding, and he quickly surpassed Reki and many of the best skaters of S in very little time, despite rocky beginnings.

A hopeful for the Japanese national skating team, Miya is perhaps the most technically skilled and well rounded of all the skaters, despite only being twelve years old. Due to participating in tournaments outside of S, Miya is strict about his diet and training schedule, and dedicates a large portion of his day to practicing his skateboarding skills. Tadashi has great reflexes and, like Miya, dedicates a significant amount of time to honing his skateboarding skills.

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'SK8 The Infinity' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Langa and Reki being boyfriends again after their fight! Sk8 The Infinity Episode Anime Badass. Try not to laugh challenge Hunter x Hunter. Gon and Killua first meeting.

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The adventure of Reki and Langa in Sk8: The Infinity is full of charming moments, but these five situations stand out as the most precious. Reki and Langa begin as mere classmates, but as they skateboard together, their friendship develops stronger. As Sk8: The Infinity progresses, their bond grows stronger, even when they understand their differences and clash. Their trip is filled with charming moments, from their first encounter to their final skateboarding scenes together, but these five are our favorites. Langa is then enticed to get aboard and try it out by Reki. Langa, despite being an accomplished snowboarder, biffs it right away, the skateboard flying out from under his feet and causing him to crash flat on his back. Reki busts out laughing at his epic fail, but then decides to teach him how to do it properly. The fervent skateboarder slams into Langa, who has collapsed, and rolls right over him. Shadow notices Joe flirting with girls when the skaters are all hanging out on the beach and decides to intervene. While a sun-drenched Langa is initially perplexed and unresponsive, Reki coaxes him into participating in the short roleplay.

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langa sk8 the infinity moments

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A comedy manga spin-off began serialization on the Young Ace Up manga website in January A manga adaptation of the television series began serialization on the BookLive! In Okinawa, a group of hardcore skaters participate in a secret, no-holds-barred competition after midnight known as "S", racing each other on skateboards down a winding road carved out of an abandoned mine and occasionally forming rivalries, also known as "beefs", with each other. Reki, a high school sophomore and hardcore skater, takes new transfer student Langa to S one night, and ends up pulling him into the world of skateboarding. In an interview with Wakanim , Studio No Border founder Thomas Romain said that after meeting with Bones about Carole and Tuesday , him and the other crew at his studio ran into Suzuki, a producer on the show. After some small changes, they were approved.

sk8 the banana — I can totally see a jealous Langa randomly hugging...

He gets caught up in "S", an underground skateboard race, along with Reki Kyan , and the two are quick to become close friends. Unlike Reki, Langa has no skateboarding experience, but his knowledge in snowboarding helped him get a head start. Langa is the main deuteragonist of the SK8 the Infinity anime. Langa has medium length sky-blue hair described as "snow-like" that grows past his ears and blue eyes. He is above the average height, and noticeably taller than Reki.

At the moment, the most we know about Langa's feelings towards Reki are that they are very strong. Whether they are romantic or platonic is up for debate.

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Sk8: infinity It may be a sports anime about skateboards and high-stakes racing, but the heart of the series is also about fun and friendship. Reki and Langa start out as simple classmates, but their bond grows rapidly the more they skate together. Even when they acknowledge their differences and clash, their connection continues to grow stronger as they Sk8: infinity progress. From their first meeting to their final skate scenes together, their journey is filled with adorable moments, but these five are our top picks.

The Break Up – SK8 the Infinity (Episode Seven) – Season’s Writings

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The latest episode of SK8 The Infinity is finally here. Not surprisingly, Episode 12 features more action for Reki and Langa. However, fans are loving one particular scene and can't stop talking about it. In King vs Nobody , Reki went up against Adam and was actually close to winning.

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SK8 The Infinity Episode 12 Has Fans Freaking Out Over THAT Reki and Langa Scene

Well, it had been teased in the previous episodes, and everything comes to an ugly head here: Reki and Langa have officially broken up. What does this mean for our favourite skater-boy duo? I, for one, hope this is only a temporary separation because I love seeing these two skating the streets of Okinawa together. A lot the focus here is on the slow but sure divide growing between our two leads, as Langa improves and surpasses Reki as a skater. Reki feels jealous and like Langa is leaving him behind. Langa, of course, is just having fun and loving skateboarding, blissfully unaware that the more he improves the more distance he is creating between himself and Reki.

Langa Sk 8 The Infinity

This was an anime series that I decided to watch on a whim at the start of and it unexpectedly turned out to be one of the anime series that I really enjoyed watching! No fiddling of phones during episodes. Everything was so well done that the anime was really fun to watch.

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