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Based on a series of light novels by Japanese author Kazuki Sakuraba , the anime version of Gosick is one of the many episode series which seem to only have enough plot for episodes and so stretch things out by filling early episodes with episode missions or mysteries in this case which bear little or no connection to the overall plot and mostly just reinforce the flavor of the content. Typically such series start getting serious about the bigger picture in the late single digit or early double digit episode counts and improve considerably in storytelling quality once they do, and Gosick follows that pattern, too. Whatever impression you may make about the quality of its story based on the first few episodes will likely change as the series progresses, as this is a better series in its last two-thirds than it is early on. The basic structure of the early episodes — and, indeed, much of the series — is essentially a Goth loli version of Detective Conan flavored with tsundere trappings.

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Gosick – Anime Review

Why you Should watch Gosick if you haven't already. First I want to say this is a recommendation so I will mainly be stating my opinion and small facts not to spoil anything in the anime. So you can read with ease if you haven't watch it, but thought about it. This should help you decide if you want too! I enjoy the mysteries along with the connection to real world events at the time.

It is a great anime that really makes you feel for the main characters along with having amazing action and a good story line and plot. On a scale from 1 to 10 I give it a firm 9 out of The reason being that the story line flows nicely for a mystery anime which are usually episodic type anime. The Characters also have amazing personality and the stories that are introduced usually have deeper meaning behind them than first thought.

Next I'll go into the opening and closings, the plot, the character, and then finally explain my final opinion. Opening-Destine Histoire by Risa Yoshika- it is a beautiful melody that is perfect to open a anime that is to be set in a European setting. It has beautiful art along with the set ups for a lot of the story arcs represented through it. Closing 1-Resuscitated Hope by Lisa Komine- one of my most favorite endings in all the anime I have watched the melody is beautiful and the meaning of the words are great if you want to look them up.

Closing 2- Unity by Lisa Komine- A deeper melody that fits how the story is going from episode 13 onward, but really is not really a favorite of mine for this anime considering the first closing was better by far my opinion.

The setting of this story takes place in a European country called Sauville. The story takes place at a private boarding school, Saint Marguerite Academy, where most of the stories start or take place. It starts out with Kujo Kazuya the third son of a Japanese official that was sent to the school. He is seen as the Dark Reaper by his classmates, by it being a over superstitious time in Europe. The Dark Reaper is suppose to bring misfortune leading everyone to avoid him, until a teacher tells him he should read ghost stories and shows him to the Library which is at least stories tall.

He then finds at the top a beautiful blonde haired girl, he first thinks is a doll. He then approaches her an gets freaked out by her actions Just reading a story on a golden fairy that looks a lot like her. He then figures out that is Victorique De Blois, who lives in the library metaphorically, she actually lives in a small house , so he travels back to meet a detective with a very strange hair style. Grevil De Blois, Her brother who is a detective that comes to her for advice and then takes all the credit if you have ever read Sherlock Holmes, this is about the same plot.

Kujo angry that her brother takes all the credit, Victorique not caring he forces him to take them on a boat ride were the story really takes off. Kujo Kazuya- the male protagonist of this story. He is the Third son of a Japanese official and usually wears the uniform of the school or things accustom to the times. He is seen to have high pride, being raised to have it and always being in the shadow of his two older brothers. He also has a older sister.

He always tries to protect Victorique and help her anyway possible, because of his gentlemanly type nature. He is hot headed when it comes to her and loves her deducing abilities and they create a Sherlock Holmes-John Watson type relationship for a while. Later he starts to fall in love with Victorique. Victorique De Blois- the Female protagonist of the story. Daughter of royalty and a mistress "Dangerous Woman", she is locked away in the depths of the De Blois mansion until finally being able to go to the library at the Boarding school with strict orders never to leave campus.

She is a tsundere type character that fears people she doesn't know. She is only five feet tall and has blonde hair that is very doll-like. She has amazing deducing powers that derive from her mother's side.

She says she reconstructs the chaos to form the answer. He always consults her on cases he does not understand. He is also seen to be the one that us the middle man for Victorique and her father. He is also known for having a weird hair style. He monitors Victorique and make sure she stays on campus. This is a very deep story that I loved and is one of my favorite in both Mystery and Romance.

I would say more about the story line, but this is a recommendation so no spoilers. It is well crafted and is beautiful to watch the character development and the storyline. The ending is well worth watching this 24 episode anime. It has everything both a romance needs and mystery. I gave it a high review, the only down side being the second ending for me. This is my recommendation and small details of why you should watch it if you haven't! Gosick was awesome!! I recommended it to everyone I knew who was an anime fan.

I also recommend Dantalion no Shoka; its similar to Gosick. Very beautiful Anime I think it's super interesting and the plot was pretty good if I do say so myself :relaxed:.

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GOSICK 2nd Ending Theme – unity

This was a finale that played it straight. I liked the closure. So in a scuffle, Victorique saves him somehow from the huge cliff, but is mortally wounded regardless. The best deed in his pocket is basically him doing absolutely nothing. Roscoe spewed some poetic lines about Seyrun, and Cordelia gets absolutely no lines. Not even a face. Just part of her body.

Sheet music for "Unity" from Gosick Ending (ゴシック), composed by Komine Lisa, arranged by Fernando S. Neto.

Gosick – Final Review

We could classify the period of this anime as something like the period of Kuroshitsuji. The opening song is quite catchy and cute to watch. Kazuya Kujo is an exchange student in the country of Saubure and known as the Black Reaper in the school due to his black eyes. Oh look, weird up-beat teacher alert! She proclaims that Kazuya should find a common ground with his classmates in order to gain friends; she even makes the point that he could make But like all up-beat teachers, they tend to expect the impossible — like climbing the Alps together? He also earns a lecture about how the country of Saubure is a country that loves ghost stories. Now that is surely one tall library. Who would ever climb that number of stairs just to find a book?

Gosick - Review

gosick final

Once or twice when an anime pops with the genre Mystery attached to them, I get curious, not because they are holy rare to find, but because of how much of a failure they can be to the genre. The year is , Gosick starts with the character Kujo who is a Japanese student transferred to fictional semi french country called Sauville. There he finds that, most of the people of the country is either superstitious or firmly believes on ghost stories, except one, the girls name is Victorique. Victorique is unique among the local populace not just because she denies to believe in supernatural, rather, she believes that everything that happens, happens because of deeds of human.

Set in in the fictional kingdom of Saubure, which is nestled between France, Switzerland, and Italy, Gosick tells the story of an unbreakable bond between two characters. Kazuya Kujo, the third son of a Japanese imperial soldier, is sent to Saubure to study at St.


Often the difference between a flawed show being bad and a flawed show being enjoyable is the amount of effort and passion that was handed to it. Gosick is set in the fictional country of Sauville in the s. The majority of the show takes place at the St. Marguerite Academy and follows transfer student, Kazuya Kujo. However, his attention is caught by a long strand of golden hair on the stairs.

Gosick Review: 75/100

And it works well for Gosick , as our main characters, Kujo Kazuya and Victorique de Blois are thrown straight into a mystery by the end of the first episode. To be totally honest, Gosick is not the type of show I normally go for. I wrote a while back on how likable characters can save bad shows , and Gosick was not a bad show needing saving in the first place. Kujo and Victorique are an OTP if I ever saw one and their loyalty to each other—through childish squabbles, hurt feelings, and life-threatening encounters—is the foundation and adhesive of the entire show. Yes, Kujo and Victorique meet other people during their various adventures, but the most important bond is always the bond between the two of them. There are number of really important side characters of whose motivations we know only cursory details. Is that a bad thing?

Gosick Ending (Resuscitated Hope) by null - Karaoke Lyrics on Smule. | Smule Social Singing Karaoke app.

Population GO — Anime Review: GOSICK episode 1

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Gosick Episode 24 Discussion


This is another review I originally produced for a different site. At the time I wrote it, I was considerably less familiar with anime and anime subculture, so I have edited it to give I hope some better insights and context. At the time I originally watched it, the series was streaming on Crunchyroll. While no longer available on that service, it has found a home at Funimation. Gosick , directed by Hitoshi Nanda. Rated TV-MA.

Kogorou Akechi is the founder of the Boy Detectives' Club, a private investigation firm. This group works together on both big and small cases.

Gosick – 01

Post a Comment. Hey all! Shrouded in mystery, folk tales, legends, myths an superstitions, Gosick is all about adventurous pursuits, which the main characters risk their lives in them. The story starts in a school called St. Marguerite Academy, where a Japanese teen, Kujo Kazuya , moves into the school as a foreign student.

Little does she know the weight of history that has been placed on her shoulders through the deviousness of her unloving father. A continually progressive plot set in a very superstitious country, Gosick manages to blend clean logic with impressive character sets to cut through mystery and lay truth bare. No spoilers, but the final episode left me speechless and very satisfied with this series. Final rating: 9.

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