Loonatics unleashed space jam

In , Warner Bros. The film revolved around Bugs Bunny and the other Looney Tunes forced to play a basketball game against aliens from another planet. The aliens at first turned out to be diminutive and bumbling, which is what prompted Bugs and the gang to challenge them at basketball. However, they turn out to have the ability to steal the abilities of top mids basketball stars.

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A new Looney Tunes television series is on the horizon, and the year-old cartoon characters are getting another face lift. I streamlined them and made them bigger. Borutski experienced a backlash of criticism and negativity towards her work. There have been a number of cartoon series and films staring Looney Tunes characters. This, however, backfired.

Baby versions of the toons were too boring and innocent to attract viewers, and the Loonatics were too edgy and dark for most parents and older fans to enjoy. The classic Looney Tunes are known for being quirky, colorful, comedicly violent, and entertaining for both kids and adults.

Looney Tunes merchandise is still a decent money maker for Warner Bros. WB hopes that the upcoming show will promote new product lines, as well as entice a large audience. The premise takes Bugs and Daffy out of the woods and into the suburbs, allowing for more contemporary shenanigans to ensue.

Coyote sketch. The series will premier on Cartoon Network in the fall of this year. According to this short description of the series, it seems the new show will tap into the roots that made Looney Tunes famous in the beginning of its legacy.

They look and feel like the characters that I know and love. Over all I like how this redesign of classic characters look. They knew how to write stories that appealed to young and old alike, and that will be critical to the success of any new series.

This reminds me of the Sensational Spider-Man redesign. When people saw the first art samples, they freaked at how simplified he looked. Then they saw the show in action and everything worked. I have to admit that I like the Loony Tunes' new look it's a major improvement over designs for "The Loonatics Unleashed" which were awful. The female rabbit reminds of Lola from "Space Jam" I'm not saying that it's her but it does look like her but the who are the female duck she looks like a grown up version of the female duck, whose name I can't remember, from "Tiny Toons" and pig characters?

I assume that the female pig is an updated and revived, since she's been mostly absent in the last couple of decades version of Porky's old girlfriend, Petunia. Spielberg got it right with "Tiny Toon Adventures", invent modern characters based on the old, with just enough homage to the originals. The other thing he got right was hiring fantastic writers who didn't just rehash old plots and jokes. I don't like everything about these designs, but I get what they're going for and the changes really aren't that big.

I can't even tell a difference for a few characters. This isn't nearly as drastic a change as bugs went through in the first few years after he was introduced.

That seems like it would lead to the same problem that most of the original Looney Tunes material created over the last 30 years or so has suffered from: Too many recognizable characters crammed into the same story. Look at for example Carrotblanca. Sounds like a winner, right?

Except that someone decided that almost every character in it had to be portrayed by an existing, recognizable Looney Tunes personality with the exception of the Ingrid Bergman character, who was a generic female rabbit. We need them to be generic humans, so we remain focused on Bugs and Elmer. But even there, the primary focus is on Sylvester and Daffy, and the other characters are in and out quickly.

And that was a rare exception—most of the multi-character theatricals have one extra guest starring? High and created new characters as needed.

Just my two cents, from the POV of a longtime fan of the characters. I'm going with Brandon on this, at least with some of the characters. What's wrong with the models that made these characters famous? Remember, Bugs in particular has changed radically in appearance many times — compare Clampett's Bugs' foot-ball-shaped head and swept-back ears to the more rounded head and upright ears of the current Jones-inflected one, for instance.

Okay, it's a Casablanca parody starring Bugs Bunny. When the entire frame is packed with recognizable characters, it's distracting as hell and it pulls you out of the story. If you watch the classic theatrical LTs and Merrie Melodies, you'll see crossovers, sure. The closest those old cartoons come to the cram-everyone-we-can-into-the-frame esthetic is "The Scarlet Pumpernickel," which is loaded with cameos.

Honestly, I think the Duck Dodgers series did it right: They built it around the four characters from the original short I'm counting I. They didn't say, "Hey, let's make Foggy the supercompetent rival captain! Sure, it met the same fate as most recent Cartoon Network originals that weren't about kids 15 and under, but it was good stuff while it was on.

I wonder what it is that makes so many publishers and studio execs believe that the best way to capitalize on valuable properties is to warp them beyond recognition.

Loonatics Unleashed— that was warped. Oh, that's not warped beyond recognition. The hard part will be coming up with new material, without falling into the trap of re-using the gags we have seen for generations.

They are classic but we can see them on DVD. The female characters are: Lola Bunny I hate that she was added.. The characters all were consistently getting re-modeled thru the 30s to the 60s by each director. I think it will be an interesting experiment. I wonder if WB will stay consistent with their new look on all promotional material from this moment on.

Will there be anything out there with the classic look of the characters on it? It may lead confusion to the new generation if its mixed. But then again my 6 year old nephew loves the classic cartoons on DVD! This fan cannot wait for the new show and a fresh take! Hopes that are too high could lead to disappointment though… Time will tell! Melissa was featured in few classic 'toons including "The Scarlet Pumpernickle".

They are perfect in every way. The fact that Warner Bros decided to wave their creative liberities all up in our faces is an insult and I will personally never watch an episode of this tripe. Even forgetting the new sparkly indie coat of paint on all these beloved characters, they have changed the entire show, instead of hilarious blocks of unrelated hijinks featuring several different characters over the course of thirty minutes we have Friends plus Doodlebops.

Are we going to see an episode where Melissa Duck needs tampons and Daffy has to sing a song about how awkward he feels in the feminine hygiene aisle? First of all, the Looney Toons don't need a face lift. Instead of giving this piece of cartoon history to our children, and our children's children, they will remember our Bugs Bunny as being some doe-eyed pink outlined baby faced bunny wabbit.

He's drawn the way he's supposed to be. He's a smart-mouthed wise guy, not a sweety pie. What is this garbage they're making? I'll just stick to old DVDs and reruns at 2am, thank you. I totally love the new designs! I think the new designs are much better than the old designs!!!

They also really fixed up Lola!! I think they should have left the characters alone. What would the show lose without changing the original designs?

However, I agree with you on Lola. Brian Augustyn: Night and Day. Win a Digital Code to M. New images released from Night of the Animated Dead. Win a Candyman Digital Code. Press Releases. Bill Melendez: September 4, June 30, at am. Brandon Barrows says:. August 6, at pm. Christopher Back says:. Chuck Williams says:. June 30, at pm. Travis Penniall says:. June 19, at pm. Nick D says:. Jason M. Bryant says:.

Steve Chaput says:. Paul says:. Jon Williams says:. Glenn Hauman says:. July 1, at am.

Die, Bugs Bunny, Die

I unabashedly love Space Jam. I have rewatched it several times. For my 21st birthday, my friends and I gathered to drink and watch Space Jam. Two years ago, when the 20th anniversary of Space Jam was being celebrated, I was excited because that meant Space Jam swag—more importantly, Lola Bunny merch. Except, out of all the merch I saw being paraded, there was nothing really showing off Lola, not even a poorly rendered pair of sweatpants from Forever

I am a fan of most LT productions. The only exceptions are Space Jam and Baby Looney Tunes. I haven't seen Loonatics Unleashed yet.

Bugs Bunny Returns To The Big Screen

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Looney Tunes , the Warner Bros. From Bugs Bunny to Marvin the Martian, from Daffy Duck to the giant monster covered in red hair, even the most minor of characters have become iconic. This modern lack of awareness is too bad. But HBO Max, the new streaming service, has come to the rescue. The service features a huge collection of the original Looney Tunes cartoons though not all of them , as well as a brand new series of Looney Tunes animated shorts drawn in a modern style, closer to what you might find on Cartoon Network.

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loonatics unleashed space jam

Lola Bunny appears to be far less sexualized in Space Jam 2: A New Legacy compared to the original Space Jam movie, which is the right direction to take. In that movie, she is a talented basketball player and a bit of a tomboy, but most remember her as Bugs's romantic interest. In the years since her debut, she's gone through several evolutions that have made her a quirky character in her own right, making the choice not to sexualize her a smart one. After Space Jam , her next biggest appearance was in Baby Looney Tunes where she was tomboyish and independent, with an affinity for basketball like her grown counterpart. Her descendent, Lexi Bunny, appeared in Loonatics Unleashed , which reimagined Looney Tunes characters as superheroes in a post-apocalyptic future, and was a bit of a girly girl.

Sign In. Loonatics Unleashed —

Episode One-Derland (Cartoons) Loonatics Unleashed

The trailer is currently trending second in social media and the buzz around it is massive. This comes as a huge surprise as no one expected Zendaya to be part of this film, much less to be voicing an iconic Looney Tunes character. Zendaya also shared her excitement as she posted the official character poster of Lola Bunny in her Instagram Story, therefore confirming her huge role Space Jam: A New Legacy. Lola Bunny first made her iconic appearance in the original Space Jam film in Lola Bunny became so popular after the release of the original film that the character eventually made it into multiple media platforms. One of them is famously the Looney Tunes show that aired from till

Heyo — Ducks in suits!!!

Taz the Tazmanian Devil is a cartoon character from the Looney Tunes. He first appeared in the cartoon "Devil May Hare". He is a wild, loud, crazy character. When he spimns his body in a tornado, he moves super-fast and can put his entire body throught a tree trunk. He once tried to eat Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, but they patched their differences inrecent years. Taz spits when he talks, and he speaks broken English. He has his own television series, "Taz-Mania". There, we see his life in Australia with his family and friends.

I did something different today and watched Loonatics Unleashed. Now I can't stop thinking about Space Jam A New Legacy Screenshot Wile and Roadie hug.

Space Jam (Looney Tunes Crossover)

Looney Tunes is one of the oldest and most beloved animated comedy series of all time. Just about everyone grew up with them to some extent, whether it be with the original show, other series that came later, video games, or movies on the big screen. Bugs Bunny was even shown alongside the Warners Bros.

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Loonatics Unleashed is an American superhero animated television series produced by Warner Bros. Loonatics Unleashed is meant to be a mixture of the Looney Tunes shorts' irreverent style of humor and a modern action animated series, with the characters designed in a more action cartoon-inspired style. Unlike previous Looney Tunes -related shows, Loonatics Unleashed has a darker tone and takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting. It follows multiple minor story arcs. The initial concept designs were met with a huge wave of criticism among fans and there were petitions to have the designs changed. Sam Register, who became WB's executive vice president of creative affairs in , considers the character designs "a reminder of what not to do". This serves as the final series of the Looney Tunes TV franchise to premiere in the s decade.

Sign In. Loonatics Unleashed — I'm gonna sound hypocritical because I liked watching the show when I was a kid, but looking back on it now, I think, what the hell did they do to the Looney Tunes?

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