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Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Alongside Elsa Granhiert , it acted as one of the two secondary antagonists of the fourth story arc. Eventually, it was banished to another dimension by the spirit Beatrice , who had fought it alongside her contractor Subaru Natsuki after the Great Rabbit had breached the territory of Lord Roswaal L.

The rabbits that made up the Great Rabbit appeared unassuming and even adorable at first glance. A typical Great Rabbit closely resembled the rabbits found on Earth and were even similarly named. Just like Earth rabbits, every Great Rabbit had a short fluffy tail, large hind legs, long ears, and a coat of fur.

They were adorned with a pair of sharp front teeth that could cleave through flesh and bone with astounding ease. Their fur was as white as snow and their eyes, that lit up when filled with murderous intent, were red.

Although small in size roughly twice as large as a clenched human fist , the Rabbit more then made up for its lack in strength due to the insurmountable amount of it there were.

It had several physical traits common to mabeasts, including a fluorescent pink wheel-like sigil and a horn. The rabbits' sigils were small and located on the lower right side of their backs and their singular horns, which were small and had a drill-like shape, were located on their foreheads.

When creating the Rabbit, Daphne imprinted her own sense of hunger onto the mabeast, resulting in the creature feeling a constant urge to eat. The Great Rabbit's primary concern at all times was satisfying the insatiable hunger it felt.

It considered anything or anyone as suitable food and would devour the flesh, bones, and blood of its targets, leaving nothing behind. It was no more intelligent than most animals, and wasn't capable of making observations about its prey or whatever scenario it was in. It would find new prey by following strong magical signatures to their source, as living creatures generally had the highest concentration of magical energy that could be found.

Because of this, it was possible to lure the Rabbit to a specific location by providing a strong magical trace for it to follow. Despite being made up of numerous singular rabbits, the Great Rabbit functioned as a singular consciousness.

Because of this, the entire collection of Rabbits would always stick closely together. The hunger that the Rabbit felt was so extreme that, if there was no food to consume within a convenient distance, the individual rabbits would consume each other in an attempt to sate the consciousness' thirst for food. Over four hundred years ago, the Witch of Gluttony Daphne sought to wipe starvation from the world. To do so, she created magical creatures called Mabeasts that would feed off of magical energy.

The idea was that, as the creatures fed off of magical energy and not a physical food source, they could serve as a infinitely renewable food source for the people of the world. Of these beasts, there were three that were far superior to all others—the White Whale , the Black Serpent , and the Great Rabbit. The Great Rabbit was a ginormous collection of small fist-sized rabbits that shared a singular consciousness.

Each rabbit could multiply infinitely, and the collective consciousness would only die if every single rabbit was killed simultaneously. Unlike the Whale and the Serpent, Daphne implanted her own insatiable sense of hunger on the Great Rabbit, ensuring that it would grow more and more to provide more food. Unfortunately, the mabeasts created by Daphne went out of control and began consuming living beings as they were typically rich in magical energy. The Great Rabbit was no exception to this, as it went from place to place devouring anything with meat on its body.

It chose its next targets by following concentrated flows of magical energy to their source. Over the years, the Three Great Mabeasts including the Rabbit became known as unstoppable calamities responsible for numerous tragic massacres. After almost four hundred years of rampaging, the Great Rabbit entered the Foutour Plain located within the territory of the noble House of Karsten.

The first people the Rabbit came across were a group of trappers who had been attempting to collect pelts when they were ambushed. Naturally, the Rabbit devoured almost the entirety of the trapper team including its leader. One lucky individual was able to escape to a nearby village where they warned the inhabitants of the oncoming force.

Taking the initiative, the village chief efficiently evacuated the village and sent his son to warn Duke Meckart Karsten of the oncoming calamity. Upon hearing of the incursion, Duke Karsten led a large force of retainers to drive the Rabbit out of his lands. Having already devoured all of the animals and mabeasts in Foutour Forest, the Great Rabbit faced off against the fighting force and wounded Duke Karsten in the process.

However, Meckart's daughter Crusch Karsten arrived on the scene with her knight Ferris. Using her sword and her powerful wind magic, Crusch was able to drive the Great Rabbit from her father's territory.

Due to her efforts during the incident, Crusch received the appellation "the Valkyrie of the Karsten Lands" and was named the new Duchess of the House of Karsten.

Around three years after the incident in the Karsten Lands, the Great Rabbit came across the Sanctuary of Kremaldy, a hidden village located in the Mathers domain. It had been drawn to the area by a massive pulse of magical energy fired by a mage that had changed the weather to snow.

The Rabbit entered the snow-covered village and devoured every living thing in its path. By the time the Rabbit was done with the inhabitants of the village, there were no traces of the carnage, as they had completely devoured the flesh, bones, and blood of the villagers.

Eventually, a young man named Subaru Natsuki entered the village after having been absent for the massacre. Naturally, he was clueless as to what had happened, as from his perspective any sign of life had simply vanished. The Great Rabbit mercilessly devouring Subaru Natsuki. As he wandered through a snowy field, he encountered a rabbit.

Unaware of the danger it posed, Subaru allowed the rabbit to approach him. When he crouched down to pet the rabbit, it bit his left hand off and began nibbling on the severed limb.

As Subaru keeled over in pain and shock, two more naturally camouflaged rabbits emerged from the snow under his feet and chewed off his left leg from the knee down. Missing his leg, Natsuki fell to the ground in agony as more and more rabbits emerged from the snow with eyes full of bloodlust. The large horde that comprised the Great Rabbit ran at Subaru from all sides and leapt on the helpless boy as he screamed in fear.

The Great Rabbit quickly began ripping Subaru's body apart from the inside and out, causing the boy to experience a sense of unimaginable pain and violation. It didn't take long for him to die. Natsuki had an ability called "Return by Death" that rewound time every time he was killed. In this case, Subaru returned to a point five days before the Rabbit attacked the Sanctuary.

Initially, Natsuki was falling into insanity because of the trauma he had experienced at the hands of the Rabbit, although thanks to the timely intervention of the Witch of Greed Echidna , his mind was saved.

Subaru consulted Echidna about the Rabbit, learning about its identity as one of the Three Great Mabeasts. Echidna, who wasn't particularly knowledgeable on the beast, directed Subaru to its creator Daphne for advice. Subaru followed Echidna's advice and spoke with the Witch of Gluttony, asking her why she had created the mabeasts and how to defeat the Rabbit. After giving vague details on the first question, Daphne revealed to Subaru that the Great Rabbit chose its targets by following magical signatures, meaning it could be lured by an individual with a potent amount of magical energy stored in their body.

The Rabbit itself didn't appear in this loop of time, as Natsuki died facing the Witch of Envy, who, unlike the previous loop, had invaded the Sanctuary five days before the Rabbit was supposed to arrive. In the next loop, the Witch of Envy didn't appear, meaning Subaru was able to make it past the first day. Unlike before, the mage responsible for conjuring the snowstorm did so three days earlier than the other loops, meaning the arrival of the Rabbit would inevitably come sooner.

Like the first time, the Great Rabbit entered the Sanctuary and made its way through the snow-covered fields, although this time it was done at the dead of night. Eventually, the horde came across the hut that the mage responsible, Lord Roswaal L. Mathers , was occupying. Inside the small building, Roswaal spoke with Subaru until he noticed the many eyes of the Rabbit trained on them from the shrubbery outside the hut.

The Great Rabbit approaching Roswaal L. Mathers with killing intent. One of the rabbits crashed through the window of the hut, only to be incinerated mid-air by a blast of fire magic projected by Lord Roswaal. Mathers proceeded to throw Subaru outside of the window and into the snowy field where the Great Rabbit laid in anticipation of its upcoming meal. As he was the source of the potent magical energy, the Rabbit chose Roswaal as its first victim. Mathers, knowing his time had come, allowed the rabbits to clamber onto his body and gorge into his magic-rich flesh.

As the Lord of the Mathers domain fell to the floor silently, more rabbits came streaming forth to completely submerge him. Already having an intimate understanding of the horror the Rabbit could cause, Natsuki resolved to never perish at the hands of the terrifying mabeast again. As he ran, the Rabbit began descending on the unsuspecting innocents within the Sanctuary who screamed out in agony as they were eaten alive.

Desperate to make it to the Tomb of Echidna where he sought to achieve a more peaceful death, Subaru began summoning the emotionless clones of the half-elf girl Ryuzu Meyer to distract the Rabbit.

Meanwhile, the remaining hundred or so occupants of the Sanctuary decided to retreat into the village's cathedral where they set themselves on fire to escape their grim alternative fate. Subaru continued to run from the Rabbit, and although he was fatally injured by various bites and lacerations placed on him by the mabeast along the way, he was able to make it to the Tomb of Echidna.

Within the Tomb, Subaru rested on the lap of his beloved Emilia until he succumbed to his wounds and passed away. Once again, Subaru awoke in the Tomb of Echidna. Seeking the guidance of Echidna once more, Subaru decided to attempt the trial of the present that would allow him an audience with the Witch of Greed.

The trial showed Subaru the possible alternate realities where he had died, and what had happened after he failed in those timelines. During this procedure, Subaru had visions of the Great Rabbit devouring him during their first encounter. Eventually, he was able to make it through the trial and visit the Witch. The Great Rabbit's most potent ability was its power to self-duplicate. The Rabbit could make a seemingly infinity amount of perfect clones of itself that shared its hunger.

Furthermore, the created rabbits could also make an infinity amount of clones of themselves. The collective horde of rabbits shared a single consciousness, acting like a hive-mind that did everything in synchronization.

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This week in Re:Zero , Subaru suffers his most gruesome fate so far: Death by rabbits. I mean, damn. Getting eaten alive by a horde of evil rabbits has got to suck. Elsa's bowel-cutting seems downright tame in comparison to what went down in this episode. And yet At the end, Subaru manages to reunite with Echidna, and he finally gets to tell someone for the very first time about Return by Death.

From the anime series \"Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-\" comes a 1/4th scale bunny girl figure one of the older of the twin maids at the Roswaal.

Snow Bunny - Re:ZERO Memory Snow

Under most conditions, they are larger and stronger than regular fauna and typically possess often hazardous magical abilities. In folklore, Demon Beasts are creatures rumored to have been created by a Witch of Envy with the purpose of wiping out humanity. In actuality, Demon Beasts were artificial beings created by the Witch of Gluttony in a benevolent attempt to eliminate starvation from the world. In theory, artificially created animals with no needs for sustenance and larger biological masses for higher yields of meat would've been a truly groundbreaking for the world had a little more foresight been put into their creation. Because of these two traits, Demon Beasts unfortunately ended up becoming a plague of their own on the world, only exacerbating the threat they were created to end, not to mention their taste is vomit inducing, meaning they could not be consumed even if one is about to starve to death. As they were thought to be attracted to the miasma of witches, Demon Beasts were long thought to have a connection with the Witch Cult , but Echidna pointed out that they actually try to avoid it. The White Whale who is under the control of the Archbishop of Gluttony is the sole exception as the cult's activities often intertwine with its appearance in order to keep interferences away.

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re zero rabbit

For being the Witch of Greed, Echidna sure is helpful and informative! Neither Rem or anyone else are taken into account. The more immediate concern is, of course, that horde of voracious rabbits, which Echidna identifies as the Great Rabbit. The Rabbit can only be killed by killing all of its constituent parts simultaneously. When Subaru requests more info on the Great Rabbit, Echidna arranges for him to meet Daphne one-on-one; such is her ability as the vessel of the souls of all the dead witches.

Mabushina in Mashin Sentai Kiramager is her most well-known live-action role. Minase was born in Tokyo on December 2,

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The following report is from the Jackrabbit Colony, Five Tau, regarding the incidents occurring during , fifth rotation, involving Marine Midwife Unit Eleven-Gamma. Incident report has been taken using the I-Witness program from your friends at Taxon Interrogation Software, with explanatory notes added and our new clarification system, saving you valuable time and manpower! At Taxon, Clarity is Our Business! This is the l-Witness program from Taxon Programming. I will be taking your report today. Please relax and answer normally.

Down The Rabbit Hole

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Down Rabbit Gaps or more Family relations Woods

For being the Witch of Greed, Echidna sure is helpful and informative! Neither Rem or anyone else are taken into account. The more immediate concern is, of course, that horde of voracious rabbits, which Echidna identifies as the Great Rabbit.

Demon Beast

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There were scars left by wind-blades on the trunks of the nearby trees, as well as familiar claw-marks carved into the earth and the rocks, brutally gouged out by whole chunks at a time. But, unsurprisingly, he did not find her. If the enormous tiger really was Garfiel, then, to him, she should have been his long-time crush. Subaru might even have believed it if their feelings grew into something deeper, but,. Because neither of them would back down, it did not end until one had killed the other.

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After being transported into another world, Natsuki Subaru has gone through all kinds of pain and died many times but still returned to life for a very enigmatic reason. The ones who have met him in their world will now see how Natsuki Subaru went t For as long as

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