Who is the mc of magi the kingdom of magic

Magi is a world where labyrinths suddenly appeared all over one day. In these labyrinths, are Djinns. Djinns are very powerful beings in the Magi universe which are created from Rukh and possess incredible powers. Dungeon Capturers who receive the powers of a Djinn become what is known as a 'King Vessel'. King Vessels are often guided by a specific Magi, but this isn't always the case. Master of the Djinn, Dantalion, space and time Djinn from the 71st Dungeon, that appeared in the world of Magi.

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Who is the mc of magi the kingdom of magic

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10 Anime Like "Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic" (2012)

This is a list of characters for the manga series Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic , written and illustrated by Shinobu Ohtaka , and the prequel, Adventure of Sinbad , written by Ohtaka and illustrated Yoshifumi Ohtera.

Both stories borrow elements and character names from the One Thousand and One Nights. The Magi series has an extensive fictional cast. They both travel through a world full of magic , which contain mysterious dungeons full of Djinns , treasures, metal vessels, vast countries, various mysteries, and pasts to be unfolded.

The prequel, Adventure of Sinbad , focuses on Sinbad and his early life where he captures his seven dungeons, the start of his trading company, the creation of Sindria, and recruiting his Eight Generals. Several small nations united by a couple of multilateral treaties including a mutual protection agreement. After the battle of Magnostadt, the Alliance joins forces with the Reim Empire, and helps Hakuryuu's faction win against Kouen's during the Kou Empire Civil War, earning their support as well, effectively establishing ties of trust with all the world's major powers, leading to the foundation of the "International Alliance", which spans almost every nation in the world, and abolishes slavery, conscription, as well as adopting a single currency and allowing its citizens to travel freely inside its territory.

Its realms lie in extreme south of the region that northern mapmakers had labeled 'uncivilized'. These islands were isolated until King Sinbad developed them. The 'City of Dreams' has become known around the world as home of the 'Legendary Dungeon Capturer' attracts many visitors.

The islands teem with people, animals and plants not seen in the northern continents due to their unusual topography and climates. As a result, the country has become prosperous through trade and tourism. It was established after the original Kingdom of Sindria established by Sinbad and his companions was invaded and destroyed by Parthevia.

Their method of expansion involves sending dungeon capturers to invade bordering countries. Its history, culture, and architecture resembles those of early Imperial China.

Following a civil war after Empress Gyokuen is murdered, the Kou Empire declines in power once the International Alliance is established, as it could not cope neither with the abolishment of slavery nor with the competition with other nations in trade and tourism. Its strategic position and culture share many similarities with its real world counterpart, the Ancient Middle-East. A monarchy ruled Balbadd for 23 generations before it was dissolved and the country was annexed by the Kou Empire.

When the Kou Empire was split in two by Hakuryuu's rebellion, Balbadd was promoted to capital of the Western Kou Empire, serving as Kouen and his forces' base of operations, until it is conquered by the Alliance of Seven Seas. After the establishment of the International Alliance, Balbadd finally earned back its independence and turned into a parliamentary republic.

Having many similarities with the historical Roman Empire and extending for most of the western territory, it is one of the two most powerful nations in the world, the other being the Kou Empire, both aiming for global domination.

Once the International Alliance is established, the Reim Empire opts to not join it, but adopts some of its policies, like the abolishment of slavery. Formerly the Musta'sim Kingdom, it is a small nation founded and ruled by Magicians that has rapidly grown in size and power since its establishment due to its advanced magic research. It implements a caste system with most of the non-magician inhabitants living in poor conditions at the slums with their Magoi being slowly drained to power up the magic tools manufactured by the magicians.

Backed up by Al-Thamen during the revolution to overthrow the kingdom, the magicians of Magnostadt were the ones who created the black metal vessels with black Rukh. Coveted by both the Reim and Kou Empire, Magnostadt ends up involved in a war against them to ensure its independence, which leaves the country in ruins.

Assisted by the new united front formed by the Reim Empire and the Alliance of Seven Seas, Magnostadt manages to keep its independence and the caste system is abolished as the entire population joins the effort in rebuild it. The birthland of Sinbad and his comrade Drakon. It was originally a small and prosperous nation which expanded its territory and influence, increasing its prosperity until getting into difficulties upon facing the much stronger Reim Empire.

Throughout history, they had infiltrated several countries, interfering negatively in their societies with the pretense of providing assistance to them. Most of Al Thamen's agents are in fact artificial beings, each created from a hollow Matryoshka -like object whose true form is revealed when defeated.

According to Aladdin, the organization was responsible for the event that caused the destruction of mankind's previous world, Alma Torran, by summoning the corrupt god "Ill Ilah" and intends to do so in the current world as well.

To accomplish that, it is necessary to gather a huge amount of Black Rukh in one place, thus their efforts to ensure that more and more people fall into depravity. After Sinbad establishes the International Alliance and Arba joins forces with him, they start focusing on obtaining access to the "Golden Palace", claiming that they intend to turn Sinbad into the ultimate king, but they actually intend to fuse him with "Ill Ilah".

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Magi (Netflix) was worth watching

The manga ran in Weekly Shonen Sunday from to , for a total of chapters that were compiled into 37 volumes. Aladdin is a traveler in a new world. He has a magic flute that summons a huge, muscular Djinn named Ugo. Ugo tosses aside any threats to Aladdin and whomever Aladdin is trying to protect. In the world of Magi, dungeons periodically appear out of nowhere; mysterious, seemingly extra-dimensional spaces, full of monsters, traps, and fabulous treasures. Alibaba sees Ugo in action, and realizing that Ugo would mitigate a lot of the dangers. Alibaba quickly decides to befriend Aladdin and persuades him to go dungeon diving and capture the dungeon together.

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who is the mc of magi the kingdom of magic

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The Magi is in a way an anime franchise that has three series that are part of the same universe. The three fantasy anime shows can be watched separately and not be confused. We can help you to make that happen. In other words, here is magi order anime :. In spite of being in a nation with a history of the effects of war and economic instability the boy lives a blissful life until tragedy comes in the form someone who shakes his world.

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic - Episode 1

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SPOILER ALERT: Basically our MC got reincarnated in the world of anime called "MAGI: The Labyrinth of Magic" *MC's reincarnated appearance: Kiyotaka.

Advanced Intelligence Morgiana is intelligent enough to know how to read and speak the Torran Language. She learned it from Yunan. Amon lends his power to her Household Vessel, Amol Selseila. Amol Selseila : Once Morgiana successfully captures an opponent with chain, she proceeds to burn them with a huge amount of fire.

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These are the top 25 strongest characters in magi.

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