Woody woodpecker full episodes epilogue

Woody Woodpecker is an American animated web series based on the animated film series and cartoon character of the same name created by Walter Lantz. It premiered on YouTube on December 3, On October 21, , a trailer for a second season was released on the official Woody Woodpecker YouTube channel. The second season was released on October 28,

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Like several of the classic cartoons on this list, that irascible, nervous-breakdown-prone Woody Woodpecker started life in a series of theatrical shorts that date back as early as Years later, he would find renewed vigor when the shorts were packaged for television viewing And maybe, just maybe, driving a few of them to nervous breakdowns all their own. As was the case with many of his peers, Woody wasn't always a very likable guy.

No, the Walter Lantz produced toon created by Ben "Bugs" Hardaway was originally a certifiably insane fellow whose design, and personality, evolved over the years into a somewhat more acceptable member of society. Voiced by the inimitable Mel Blanc and later Ben Hardaway and Lantz's wife Grace Stafford , the bird is perhaps best remembered for his unmistakable laugh, which was even incorporated into his theme song eventually. He, he, he, he, ha! Hanna-Barbera produced Josie and it's an amusing show for how it so specifically combined elements from the success of The Archie Show and Hanna-Barbera's own Scooby-Doo , as Josie and her friends not only played music together, but inadvertently stumbled into mysteries they would ultimately help solve.

The show was a weird kind of G. Joe - Transformers hybrid, but it managed to combine the best elements of those franchises while adopting few of their flaws. But what really set it apart was the namesake of the show -- the super-powered masks the characters wore.

The masks provided the ethnically-diverse-yet-stereotypical cast with abilities like anti-gravity, flight, and energy beams. Matt Trakker was the ruggedly handsome, rich, charismatic lead of the show.

His pimp ride was a red Chevrolet Camaro G3 that transformed into a gull-winged fighter plane. And since Scott was always upgrading his expensive buddy, he provided plenty of validation for the little boys who would grow up to be today's tech geeks and robot nerds. But one of the more notable aspects of the show was the fact that it showed a single dad taking care of his only son while fighting the forces of evil. In some ways this is the Firefly of animated series -- aired out of order and then quickly discarded by a network that didn't feel it fit with their programming.

Only six episodes were produced, and only two of them aired, but there was a lot of very funny material in Kevin Smith's adaptation of his own film. A rather brilliant second episode parodied that old television staple, with the characters trapped together, reminiscing on past events -- only here, with only one episode having been produced, all of their memories are of that previous week's events Starring the entire main cast of the Clerks films, not to mention Alec Baldwin as the Lex Luthorish Leonardo Leonardo, Clerks was able to do a lot more broad comedy and parodies than the films, with episodes evoking everything from Fast Times at Ridgemont High to the unfortunate results of a Transformer transforming with a person inside him.

Like many of the shows represented on our Top , The Smurfs is a cartoon we here at IGN grew up with, and as such it holds a special place in our memories. Based on a Belgian comic strip, the tiny blue-skinned Smurfs became an unstoppable media empire with this popular s Hanna-Barbera animated series.

The animation itself wasn't much to speak of, but the stories told over the course of its episodes were kiddie cocaine to those of us who grew up in the '80s. The peaceful Smurfs, led by Papa Smurf and predominantly male with the sole exception of Smurfette , were often chased by the evil wizard Gargamel and his cat Azrael. Watching the series as an adult, one can't help but sympathize a little bit with the Smurf-hating Gargamel -- the constantly upbeat and overly saccharine attitudes of most of the Smurfs, mixed with whininess and an extreme overuse of the word "smurf" by everyone, makes you start to root for the poor, bumbling wizard who just wants to make some nice Smurf stew.

Running for two seasons from to on NBC, these Star Trek half-hour adventures are seen by many fans as the lost fourth year of Captain Kirk and crew's legendary five-year mission. Featuring animation by Filmation, the show didn't typically excel visually -- cartoons proved to most definitely not be the final frontier for the Enterprise. But the world of animation did offer the Star Trek writers the chance to portray things they could never do on a live-action budget at the time -- from three-armed crew members to new and exciting alien worlds.

Most importantly, many of the writers of the original show returned here, from D. Fontana to Samuel A. Peeples to Gene Roddenberry himself. That fidelity to the s show, plus the inclusion of William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and most of the other actors or their voices anyway , led to Star Trek: The Animated Series becoming one of the most interesting, if under-viewed, shows in all of the Trek franchise.

Although it's mostly an upbeat story with amazing action scenes, Fullmetal Alchemist scores big points for touching on many aspects of the human condition. The main characters are the Elric brothers, Ed and Al. Ed is the famous Fullmetal Alchemist who almost lost his little brother Al in an accident that occurred when the boys tried to resurrect their dead mother using alchemy. Edward managed to contain his brother's soul in a suit of armor. While he did manage to save his brother's life, he had to pay a great price himself.

To get back what they lost, the brothers embark on a journey to find the legendary Philosopher's Stone. This story doesn't pull any punches. Right from the first few episodes we're presented with the topics of death, lost hope, and betrayal. The real emotional engine of the series is the relationship between Ed and Al, as the two boys go through turmoil that no one of any age should have to deal with.

By the end of this series you just want to give them both a hug and tell them everything will be okay. FMA is one of those special anime that became more than a mere animated show; it was a powerful weekly drama. Based on the comic strip of the same name by African American cartoonist Aaron McGruder, The Boondocks takes a sharp satirical look at American society, with an emphasis on black culture and race relations, from hip-hop and movies to icons like Martin Luther King, Jr.

Controversial from the start, The Boondocks has drawn criticism for its use of the N-word and for its portrayal of such historical figures as King. The series follows the Freeman family -- year-old Huey, his eight-year-old brother Riley and their grandad Robert -- and their experiences after the boys moved from the South Side of Chicago to live with Grandad in the suburbs. The two seasons produced so far have been released on DVD, uncensored and complete with two previously unaired episodes from season two, which were highly critical of BET which makes for some amusing episode commentaries by McGruder and the cast.

Disney Afternoon's response to Batman, but with a duck looking more The Shadow than The Dark Knight, is one of the many reasons why after-school cartoons rule.

This DuckTales spin-off ran from to , and during that time the goofy yet thrilling adventures of Drake Mallard never ceased to satisfy. And how could they not: awesome sidekick who was more Han Solo than Dick Grayson?

Check, his name's Launchpad and he's about 10 different types of cool. Duck-themed aerial transport? Some nods to James Bond and Marvel for good measure? And that theme song makes for a geeky-cool ringtone, which is nice. From DW's misadventures with Gizmoduck to some throw-downs with villain Flintheart Glomgold, our time in the city of St.

Canard was more than worthwhile. It was pure fun. Want to know what kids are thinking? Well yer gonna. Rugrats might have had a sort of hideous animation style that transformed a bunch of toddlers into grotesque monstrosities, but it sure was popular.

Sure, there were grownups around to let us know exactly what was going on, but the focus of the show was "how kids look at things. With all the toddlers able to effectively communicate with each other through baby speak, Rugrats took its cues from earlier shows like Muppet Babies and had the kids use their imaginations to create adventures for themselves. And not only that, the characters have a new show called All Grown Up , where you can find them On the heels of the success of Space Ghost Coast to Coast , Cartoon Network's Adult Swim launched several series using previously created animated characters in offbeat and bizarre new situations.

Harvey Birdman was an especially clever example of this type of show, reimagining the s superhero as a lawyer. A wonderful conceit of the series had Harvey's cases involving other classic cartoon characters, but with many adult scenarios thrown in -- including Scooby and Shaggy arrested for possession, Fred Flintstone turned mafia don, Boo Boo accused of terrorism, and Super Friends 's Apache Chief suing after spilled coffee on his lap prevents him from, ahem, "growing larger.

As one of the few currently running cartoons on the list, Afro Samurai has made a quick and indelible impression on us here at IGN. Based on a manga created by Takashi Okazaki, this anime series mixes plenty of top-tier voice talent including Samuel L. Jackson, Kelly Hu, and Ron Perlman, just to name a few with an excellent soundtrack provided by the Wu-Tang Clan's RZA and a budget large enough to ensure the very best quality from every aspect of the show. The story is a simple one: As a child Afro watches his father die at the hands of an evil gunman, only to spend the rest of his life training in the samurai way to take down his father's killer and become "Number One.

As we write this list, Star Wars: The Clone Wars is still a very new show, only halfway through its first season, thus it's hard to fully gauge it as yet. What we've seen though shows plenty of promise, and even though there are definitely some issues with the series -- those ever-annoying Battle Droids perhaps chief among them -- the show consistently delivers solid action and fun.

More importantly, a couple of the early episodes, especially "Rookies" and "Cloak of Darkness" have been true standouts, telling dark and moody stories in the Star Wars universe that are among the best the Expanded Universe has offered. Guided by talented uber- Star Wars fan Dave Filoni, and using notable writers like Batman: The Animated Series 's Paul Dini, The Clone Wars has had to overcome cynicism from older fans and those who feel the Cone Wars series can't be outdone -- and slowly but surely, it's battling past those obstacles and proving to be a quite entertaining series in its own right.

One of the best animated shows of all time? More like one of the most astonishingly awesome creations ever conceived by our miserable race! Frisky Dingo , from the minds that brought you such greats as Sealab , combines everything anyone could ever want into one grand television extravaganza.

It's got billionaire tycoons playing with plastic dinosaurs, Scion partnerships with big-ass cross promotions, rabbit fights, ant farm keyboards, and the line "shut up hooker! If watching Awesome X blast the ever-loving hell out of his own "robotic" Xticle fighting force, seeing the greatest supervillain of all time we just said that Killface shove his fist up a man's half-corpse and then use him like a puppet, or see the blue collar Decepticles -- "More than you bargained for!

If you don't like it, then there's the big ass door. Maybe go try "Homes and Gardens dot com" or something. This show kicks so much ass, you'll probably go blind. Though its popularity in Western cultures has waned over the past couple decades, Astro Boy is a cultural icon in Japan.

Based on a story by Osamu Tezuka a. Each episode involved Astro using his robot powers to save the day. The original show aired in black and white, and when American network execs brought it stateside, it became the first anime to be broadcast outside Japan. A remake of the TV series didn't make waves in the U.

Fans everywhere are praying that it will do justice to the original, and introduce the beloved franchise to a new generation. Hey, you know who's annoying? Just about everyone on Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Taking the Spongebob -ish formula, which is really the Pink Panther -ish formula, of having your main character systematically strip others of their sanity, Foster's creates a whole new genre of kids show. It's almost a twist on Artaud's old "Theater of Cruelty," in which children's programming can no longer exist without an element of torturous lunacy.

Revolving around a halfway house for "retired" imaginary friends, Foster's unleashes insanity at every turn. Because most every character is based on the erratic whims of their child creator, they're all freakin' bonkers, and serve to pester and drive each other mad at every turn. Our hero Mac doesn't want to let go of his best buddy Bloo, so he's allowed to hang around Foster's whenever he wants.

Bloo himself is a study in selfish delinquency and one might wonder why anyone would want to create him in the first place much less keep him around.

The great joy of Foster's however, aside from the animation style and the kickin' theme music, is that it never truly grates on you. Nothing is malicious. Sure, all the characters spiral out of control in their own way, but it's also all very funny and very endearing.

Woody Woodpecker: Escape from Buzz Buzzard Park FULL GAME Longplay (PS2, PC)

Woody Woodpecker is an American animated web series starring the cartoon character of the same name created by Walter Lantz. The series premiered on YouTube on December 3, and ended on November 25, The series currently airs in reruns on the YouTube channel. The first season was directed by Alex Zamm , who also directed the movie. Woody Woodpecker web series. Article Talk.

The News and Newsmakers of American Journalism Lost Episodes (cc) Mon/Let Banzai Mon/Movie: Falling in Love (cc) Tue/Movie: The Happy Ending 8 Love.

To Catch A Woodpecker 1957 Movie Clips

Nostalgia is a look at what we loved, way back when. Teri is a journalist who enjoys writing about life and the cool stuff of yesteryear. But before televisions became a part of American life, cartoons were shown to audiences in movie theaters. Remember all of the cartoons you loved as a kid? The spinning disk reflecting in a mirror shows the images moving. Although optical toys can be traced back to the 17th century, many animation inventions came about in the s, including the Taumatrope ; a spinning disc with different images on each side, suspended and pulled between two twisted strings and the Phenakistoscope ; a series of still drawings on a disc moving against another disc with holes in it. In , famed inventor Thomas Alva Edison introduced the Kinetoscope, essentially a lighted box containing photographs that spun quickly on a reel. Felix the Cat , the first character-driven series of animated cartoons, began as Feline Follies in -- becoming very popular during the s. Although many were later created in color, the Felix cartoons faltered financially in the s, partly because of poor economic times but also because of legal issues over ownership rights.

New Episodes of Woody Woodpecker Coming to YouTube

woody woodpecker full episodes epilogue

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New Woody Woodpecker Show commercial bumpers #1, 1989

The IAD is in financial trouble. Please read here. The early Woody Woodpecker as designed by Alex Lovy in Click to enlarge. In early , the Walter Lantz studio was in trouble. Universal decided to cut its weekly advance to the operation, forcing it to scramble in search of alternative funds.

Woody Woodpecker | Bad Weather | Woody Woodpecker Full Episode | Kids Cartoon | Videos for Kids

Team USA's roster hasn't yet been set, but one thing's for sure: every player on Team USA will be employed by a professional basketball team. But back in — the first year that the Olympics featured basketball — the players representing Team USA were amateurs who played for company teams. In fact, half of that U. Olympic basketball team worked at an oil refinery about 50 miles from Wichita, Kansas. The other half came from Universal Pictures. Yes, the same Universal Pictures that brought us such timeless classics as "E. And how this happened — how a bunch of guys who worked as stage hands and promoters for a movie studio ended up representing the U.

These are the last pieces John Stanley did for New Funnies--ending a run of almost five years in this magazine. Other artists, including Dick.

Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers (2022) Movie Review – A sharp and witty reboot

Welcome back, everyone! Three guesses as to how well that goes. Hogwash, a military pig who was introduced in this series who is on working vacation. You know, for a fat pig, catching a penguin during a water chase is a pretty impressive achievement.

Internet Spotlight: The New Woody Woodpecker YouTube Show

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Great stuff here, Frank! Having recently taken a closer look at Jack Cole's 1-pagers and gag cartoons, I find it interesting to study Stanley's shorter works. It's not easy to pull this sort of thing off so gracefully. I agree, this is some dern fine cartooning! Thanks for sharing these one-pagers! Some are a little crude though; the lifeguard one is really poor in my opinion.

No Gabby Gator or Mrs. Meany sadly, but fellow Lantz characters Chilly Willy and Andy Panda Woody debuting in an old Andy Panda short back when it was about young Andy and his dad have been added to the official cast and adventures in the forest.

Sign In. Woody and the Beanstalk 7m. Animation Family Short. Add a plot in your language. Director Paul J.

I friendly welcome every fan of animation at my blog. The goal is to support the love and rediscovery of Classic Theatrical Cartoons from the Golden Age of Animation, keeping meanwhile an eye on Golden Age "Funny Animals" Comics as well as on modern animated productions! Stay Tooned and Enjoy the place!

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