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Before it was announced, it seemed inevitable that Walt Disney Pictures would add its Aladdin movie to its dossier of live-action updates. While fans are entitled to their opinions regarding a remake to such a lightning-in-a-bottle movie, the classic still clearly holds up. But how well do you really know know the original Aladdin movie? Much of the credit goes to future Academy Award-winner Robin Williams, whom the filmmakers allowed to go hog wild with the role, given that they had already written the character with him in mind. Williams went much deeper into the role than the rest of the Aladdin cast, and so much that his time spent in the recording studio ended up resulting in almost 16 hours of potentially usable material, although a clause in his will says Disney can't use it until 25 years after his death.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Aladdin – an adapted classic for the whole family

Kane has appeared on shows such as Fringe and Law and Order , as well as films Starship Troopers and Extinction , which he also wrote, including Freddy vs. Williams brought Genie to life in the animated film. His role was written for him. He was named a Disney Legend in He performed in other animated films such as Happy Fest and voiced the character of Dr.

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Live-Action Aladdin Movie: 20 Differences Between Remake And The Animated Classic

In live-action cinema, spotting a good performance isn't all that hard. In animated movies, though, good voice performances are a much subtler and hard-to-pinpoint act. When one comes across an extraordinary voice performance, though, it's rather hard to miss. As animated cinema has evolved throughout the decades, so too has the way actors and actresses lend their voices to their characters. This means that audiences have gotten to see a wide variety of stunning voice acting that's as endearing as a live-action performance, from the jovial but layered like Amy Poehler in Inside Out , to the philosophical and deliberate like Johnny Depp in Rango. The Emperor's New Groove is arguably one of Disney's best comedies. Running at a swift 78 minutes, with a delightfully simple plot and cartoonishly amusing animation, it's as straightforward as movies come, and it tries little else than to be as entertaining and hilarious as it can be—Which it definitely succeeds at. It's only fitting, then, that the film should have what's perhaps the funniest villain in the studio's history in the form of Eartha Kitt 's Yzma, the ambitious former adviser of the conceited Emperor Kuzco David Spade.

What You Probably Never Knew About Disney's Aladdin

aladdin movie cartoon full movie all

The Popcorn Champs looks back at the highest grossing movie in America from every year since In tracing the evolution of blockbuster cinema, maybe we can answer a question Hollywood has been asking itself for more than a century: What do people want to see? Imagine being the person who has to dig through hours upon hours of tape of Robin Williams riffing. Goldberg was a fan, so he was happy to do the job.

Not so. We know quite a bit about the mists.

Movie: Aladdin (1992)

From Jiminy Cricket to the Genie, Disney sidekicks have always been loyal and lovable but sometimes say things that go against their personalities. Like Jiminy, Disney sidekicks have always been there to either help the hero or serve the villain, sometimes providing comic relief or marketable cuteness. Yet there are moments where sidekicks can falter in their actions or in themselves, and sometimes say things that go against their personalities. As Pinocchio's conscience, Jiminy was always there to try and steer the wooden boy from wrong, even getting his hands dirty when needed. However, when Pinocchio starts weaving lies to the Blue Fairy and she asks where Jiminy was, the little cricket quickly whispers to Pinocchio "Leave me out of this!

Rewriting the Past Won’t Make Disney More Progressive

Disney fans are living the dream these days, as it seems like the studio announces new live-action remakes of their classic animated films every day. And why wouldn't the entertainment giant take advantage of our nostalgia cravings? With a catalog full of classic tales like Hercules , Cinderella , and Robin Hood , the film opportunities are there and ready for the making! While we adore the OG animated films that we were practically raised on, there's nothing quite like seeing your favorite princesses or furry friend hiya, Winnie the Pooh, and Piglet! Even though the release dates for some of the newest adaptations were delayed due to COVID shutting down production, it seems like Disney is fully back on track, producing the films that they've promised fans. And of course, they've given us a whole lineup of remakes to look forward to this year and next, with Pinocchio, The Little Mermaid , and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on deck starring young celebs like Rachel Zegler and Halle Bailey. Ahead, find all of the deets on every Disney live-action remake movie — past, present, and future.

Within three years of Aladdin's release, Pixar would change the game entirely with Toy Story, the first full-length animated movie done completely on.

The SNES Version Of Aladdin Was Better Than The Genesis Version

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Disney's Aladdin The Making of an Animated Film

At the beginning of the '90s, Disney's animation division was fully enjoying its time at the top, contentedly tanning itself in the glow of a new golden age. Yes, the Mouse House was justifiably brimming with confidence. So something was bound to go wrong. Enter Ron Clements and John Musker - the animation directors responsible for starting the Disney revolution with The Little Mermaid - who came in and screwed up Aladdin with astonishing panache. Suggested as a project by composers Alan Menken and Howard Ashman, the directors' take on the story about a street boy who finds a magic lamp was an undeniable mess.

Abu and Genie at a Cast Member Celebration!

Disney's Aladdin is one of the greatest animated movies ever made. Telling an amazing underdog, rags to riches tale with compelling characters that bring the story to life in the most amazing manner. Whether it's Robin Williams' unforgettable performance as The Genie or the heartwarming personality of Aladdin himself, there's so much fun to be had with this. The movie has brilliant music that has become iconic throughout the years, with a great blend of romance, comedy, and action all the way throughout. There's always something happening within this film, which is packed with energy and while it's tough to top, that doesn't mean there aren't similar movies that fans of Aladdin would love. Shrek is another very popular and successful animation movie, and rightfully so. It has many similar qualities to Aladdin with its tone and wide range of characters.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Director: Ron Clements and John Musker. Sure, Disney had done the princess thing, and it had done it well.

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