Anime 1 30 ninja nonsense review part 2

Podcast: Download Duration: — Is time and space broken, or have the cartoons driven us crazy? Introduction — In a bit of a departure from our typical scope, Gerald was sent a copy of the live-action independent film Big Dreams, Little Tokyo to check out. Somehow we ended up talking a lot about Lost in Translation instead, though Daryl was far more inclined to turn the discourse towards Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai , despite the fact that Ghost Dog was in fact hiding under the SINK, not the toilet as he stated. This is the price we pay for not owning our own copies of Branded to Kill. Is there a quotable sound bite that can be salvaged from this and put up in their Reviews and Links page?

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Anime 1 30 ninja nonsense review part 2

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Quantum Leap: Reboot Coming Fall 2022 Starring Raymond Lee

Publisher: RightStuf! You know you have a really good comedy anime series on your hands when a room filled with boys that much rather watch Death Note or Black Lagoon are laughing at a girl from Shibuya who smacks all three Ganguro girls with a single slap. Along with her friend, Miyu Yamazaki, they rule this ward and are well-known by everyone.

The first season quickly introduces us to the third Gal in the series named Aya Hoshino, who Ran saves from making a mistake from accepting subsidized dates to the possibility of jumping into something far worse.

You see, Ran might be obsessed with shopping, good-looking boys or, in Gal slang, GL boys and having such a good time but she also has a good heart. Aya quickly becomes close to Ran and Miyu and they form a friendship that makes her just as popular in Shibuya.

Well, there is a romance between Aya and one of two handsome boys that show up often in this series. They are Rei and Yuya and later on in the first season we are introduced to a young monkey-like boy named Tatsuki who — like Yuya — is in love with Ran. Half the fun of watching this series is the numerous mishaps that befall Ran and her friends as well as watching Ran piss off her enemies like the trio of Ganguro girls I mentioned and later a debutante named Mami who comically is trying to ruin Ran as well as take over Shibuya.

While the first season is filled with a number of fun episodes, there are also some rather weak ones as well. I could stomach a good personality-switch episodes but two of them is just too much. On top of that, no English dub was recorded for it … although the original Japanese voice cast is back and thankfully so. Still, there are plenty of really great moments in the second season such as Mami becoming far more interesting and a lot more likeable.

The comedy mischief is of the crazy variety and it just works and Ran Kotobuki in particular really is an interesting and likeable Gal that deserves her title. It also explains a few of the sight gags scattered throughout the series. The animation is a wee bit on the dated side with backgrounds that range from nicely detailed to somewhat lazy but it does the trick nicely either way thanks to some great sight gags. Explain It All extras. It pretty much made me realize what a master storyteller Director Mamoru Hosoda is so I expected a lot from his newest feature-length animated film.

As it turns out, not only does he try to top himself with Summer Wars but he succeeds and gives us one of his best work to date. Summer Wars introduces us to the virtual world of OZ that has millions of users logging into this global digital universe where your created avatar can mingle with others, play games and shop.

The reason, of course, is that there are system administrators cleaning codes and keeping things in order.

One day, a fellow classmate of the boys — a cute girl named Netsuke — enters their classroom with a job proposal. Without even knowing what it is or bothering to ask up front, Kenji accepts. You see, Natsuki tells her grandmother and her entire family that Kenji is her boyfriend who has just recently asked to marry her! Being a shy, insecure and skittish young man, Kenji goes along with this for Natsuki.

Just about the only one who does like him is Natsuki and for reasons that movie gets into a bit later. That night, Kenji receives a coded message he believes is a math puzzle. Since he nearly came first place in a local math competition, Kenji solves the numeric code. Thankfully, somebody in the household — a boy named Kazuma — has a computer. Online, he could see that his own account has been taken over and with the help of his friend Kazuki, he sees his avatar creating chaos.

Suddenly, there is global panic as the avatar that calls itself Love Machine is messing with everything from satellites to just about anything that uses computers.

Traffic lights are going haywire and there are automatic emergency calls that turn out to be fake reports. Worst yet, Love Machine is controlling more and more accounts around the world.

He challenges Love Machine in the virtual world in a duel of epic proportions only to lose for the first time. This sets off Love Machine to create more chaos that will endanger the world as it is now connecting to nuclear plants. To top it all off, the family experiences a major loss and a member of the family reveals a secret that is connected to the current situation.

Never mind the fact that a member of the family who happens to be a cop tried to arrest Kenji, this family member knows exactly what Love Machine is capable of so he now joins the fight. In one of the many exciting parts of the movie, Natsuki and her family jump into the virtual world to face off against Love Machine in a final duel for the fate of Japan and the world. Working together and aided by items each family member brings to the fight, it is the most unexpected person who goes head-to-head with Love Machine.

Believe me when I say that you will be on the edge of your seat for this finale. Summer Wars is wonderfully written and even more beautifully animated with the real world driving home the feeling of hot summer days with the sounds of cicadas and a heated baseball game. Add a great soundtrack and a stellar voice acting cast that includes an awesome English dub cast as well and you have yourself one brilliant cinematic experience. Simply put, Summer Wars is one of the best animated features of and an achievement in anime filmmaking.

Summer Wars really is that phenomenal and once you get caught up in its story and characters you will see why. This is Required Viewing for any fan of animation young or old. However, when a strange puzzle appears on his cell phone, he solves it and thus sparks chaos in the cyber world of OZ where a digital intruder threatens the world. Both worlds — the real one and the digital one — are colorful and impressive so you will certainly find yourself not wanting to look away.

This is definitely one of those movies you have to see on a big screen HDTV with a great sound system hooked up. It also contains six individual interviews with five voice actors and one reserved for Mamoru Hosoda at the Locarno International Film Festival in Switzerland. The set also includes four premium art cards featuring four of the avatars featured in the movie.

Not since their entry into the Soul Society has Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends experienced such resistance from foes who are considerably more power them but Hueco Mundo really is even more dangerous. Oh, but things are going to get worst as we can see from Volume 31 of Bleach.

In the thirtieth volume, Rukia Kuchiki faced off against an opponent who used the one person whose death still tortures her and because of it she loses her battle. To top it all off, the Espada calls in a number of Arrancar minions to finish off the wounded Soul Reaper when — surprisingly enough — an arrow rips through an Arrancar. Meanwhile, Ichigo runs into Ulquiorra and is about to keep moving without raising his Zanpakuto to fight him. His reasons are simple: Ulquiorra has done nothing to harm any of his friends but then the Espada tells him that he was the one responsible for bringing Orihime to Hueco Mundo and thus sparking the fire that has Ichigo attacking the Espada.

He might not be the leader but he is powerful enough that Ichigo makes use of all the tricks he learned during his most recent training. In one of the more endearing moments of this volume, Nel comes to the realization that Ichigo is dying right before her eyes. Instead, two jealous Arrancar girls enter her room and begin to smack the young girl around and Orihime does not defend herself. Somebody does come to her aid, though, and it is none other than Grimmjow who defends Orihime and punishes the two girls.

He has two reasons for stepping in and helping Orihime and one of them is gratitude over the fact that Orihime had used her powers to heal to bring his arm back. The other, well, Orihime finds out as Grimmjow kidnaps her after Orihime heals the two girls that had attacked her. We soon find out exactly what Grimmjow has planned for Orihime as he sets her down near the battered Ichigo.

You see, Grimmjow is intentionally going against Uliquiorra because he considers Ichigo his nemesis and should have been hands-off. In one of the best moments of this volume, Grimmjow and Uliquiorra fight over Orihime and Ichigo while Orihime heals Ichigo. As for Renji and Uryu, it is the young Quincy who pulls off some surprises of his own as he has Renji providing a distraction for when he unleashes an attack assured to bring down their opponent.

However, Szayelaporro is a harder opponent to defeat as the fight is now going to become even more interesting in the next volume. Volume 31 of Bleach finds Ichigo and the others in a tight spot as the Arrancar threat moves their more dangerous agents to go up against them.

However, interesting new developments has Ichigo and Orihime reunited again as he is prepared to face off against Grimmjow in a true battle. However, the real surprise comes when Grimmjow shows up to aid two of the most unlikeliest people. With two casualties already, the others find themselves facing off against Espada who will not easily go down.

Oh but the real fight is about to begin as two major players clash for the right to battle Ichigo. You see, this series is set in a fantasy realm where a god-like demon has been cast out temporarily from the nearby kingdom of Houseman but rest assured that the people are preparing themselves by training their knights for battle as well as putting their faith in a young blacksmith who will craft a sword capable of killing this demon.

One of these knights is young Cecily Cambell from a prestigious household that gave birth the noble knights. One day, she even faces off against a deranged knight who wandered into the city only to be saved by a handsome young man who was out shopping with his cute younger companion. Having broken her blade during the skirmish with the knight, Cecily is referred to a blacksmith that lives away from the town.

Imagine her surprise when she discovers that the blacksmith in question is the same young swordsman that saved her. He is Luke, a rather grumpy yet handsome young man who lives with the oh-so cute Lisa voiced to perfection in the English dub by Monica Rial. Oh, but something evil is afoot as demons appear and Cecily finds herself facing these dangerous monsters only to find herself being rescued by Luke who not only knows how to craft a sword but use it flawlessly in battle.

These attacks might have something to do with a unique item that Cecily is charged with caring for in a mission given to her by her captain. As it turns out, this unique item is a beautiful young woman named Aria who has a very interesting secret. You see, Aria might look and act like a human but her real form is that of a Demon Sword. As a friendship is formed between Cecily and Aria, these two women become closer friends with Luke and Lisa.

A homebody who much rather stare at the mountain from his porch, the sullen Luke finds himself going out more because of Cecily and Aria. The best part of the series comes towards the end as secrets are revealed with the biggest one involving Luke, Lisa and a childhood friend of Luke who lost her life. The Sacred Blacksmith is a good series and one fantasy fans will certainly appreciate.

Along the way, Cecily meets a special girl named Aria as a mysterious figure is targeting her and the blacksmith. Even the character design works well in this fantasy setting so this series does give us something really good to look at throughout the series.

The second disc in both versions come with textless opening and closing theme songs, trailers and a Next Episode feature that really should have been included at the end of each episode.

Sure, there are a few things that could have been handled better to made this a true classic but the great characters will win you over enough to really enjoy this series. As the Bounts make their assault on the Seireitei, the real Soul Reaper smack down begins. Bleach is one of those rare anime series that makes even a really long filler story arc a bearable if not occasionally seriously enjoyable one as well.

Why it took two box sets to get to its finale is beyond me but Bleach totally made the Bount story arc work as it ends this saga on a high note before going back to business for the next season. Season Five ends the Bount story arc that began in the fourth season as it introduced us to a different kind of villains called the Bounts. So in the beginning of this fifth season, Kariya and his followers enter the Soul Society on their mission to destroy the Seireitei and all the Soul Reapers that had condemned the Bounts to a life of suffering.

All over the Seireitei the Soul Reapers are on alert as Head Captain Yamamoto places Squad 10 Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya in command of heading the security force that will deal with the intruders.

Rukia Kuchiki, for instance, runs into the female Bount Yoshi, only to find herself fighting for survival seeing as her powers are still limited to a few attacks.

Not too far away, however, a troubling development arises when Kariya and Koga enter the slums to recruit followers who have always resented the Soul Reapers. Meanwhile, an angry Captain Byakuya Kuchiki encounters Kariya and battles the Bount in an impressive display of skill and power as the two powerful forces prove that they might be evenly matched.

London Anime Con Returns In July With An Expanded Cosplay And Gaming Line-Up

Type keyword s to search. Must Read It's kind of a big deal. Love Island's Millie on if Liam to blame for split. Disney's first trans character makes debut. Corrie's Sally Carman and Joe Duttine get married. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Latest News This just in….

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Ask John: Can John Recommend a Good Ninja Anime?

Reviews by Matt S. The end of year rush is always so busy that I inevitably miss some games that I had otherwise planned on playing and reviewing the awards really do take a lot out of me , and then Christmas break hits, and I really do my best to…. Review by Matt S. Where other kids around me were more into the American superheroes, the very French antics of these very French characters were much more my thing. Consistently hilarious and nonsense but also full of big adventure and fisticuffs,…. Following the profound success of that game, people now expect him to be subversive and deep, sharply funny and wildly creative with everything that he touches. I find the framing of the PlayStation 5 extended edition of Death Stranding intolerable. Oftentimes a film has studio and producer meddling that results in a cinematic….

anime 1 30 ninja nonsense review part 2

I want a new ninja anime, something with action and humor but not overly-goofy like Ninja Nonsense. Could you recommend any good ninja animes for fans? There are a lot of ninja anime, and an even larger number of anime that include ninja characters. Perhaps one or more of these will sound intriguing.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Game music of the day: Ninja Gaiden III

Things you buy through our links may earn New York a commission. This article is regularly updated as more titles join Netflix. Every month, Netflix shuffles in more and more Japanese anime to its massive library of titles. This is, of course, because anime is popular and good. The service has invested truckloads of money into this segment of its programming over the years, producing original series and movies , as well as making big-ticket licensing acquisitions for world-famous franchises like Neon Genesis Evangelion , Attack on Titan , Cardcaptor Sakura , and others on the platform. Anime encompasses countless different genres and subgenres and caters to several distinct demographics and tastes, just like live-action TV and film in the States.

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Not by a lot. It is one definitely worth picking up if you like the comedy genre of anime films. There is a lot of tongue-in-cheek references to older anime and.

Recently, the company has been under fire after reports of the company's tax evasion schemes were revealed to the public, but that shouldn't diminish the impact of the art that came out of such a unique animation studio. Never heard of Ufotable before this article? Many of their series are under 30 episodes, so you can take a break from Naruto or One Piece while you finish one of them in a weekend of binging. A great place to start would be with the top ten best anime produced by the company, according to their IMDb scores of course.

You can talk about all the dramatic shows you wish. It is a mere 12 episodes, but it is filled with self-deprecating humor, ecchi, beautiful artwork, girls in bikinis, hopeless perverts, overheated fantasy sequences and general insanity. It is about Shinobu, a female ninja-in-training OK, the actual term would be kunoichi, but we know ninja immediately. She is skulking about the neighborhood, charged with an assignment by her sensei, Onsokumaru, which she must complete without fail. We see her breaking into the house of Kaeda, Shinobu using her special skills to sneak inside, invisible to all…where she is immediately seen by Kaeda. Some stealth technique.

More than a decade beforeit became an orgy of blood and boobs, Ninja Gaiden was a side-scrolling blockbuster trilogy on the NES. Aside from being a supremely excellent series that introduced most of us to the idea of "cutscenes," Gaiden was also known for its 8-bit soundtracks that always set the proper mood; sometimesthe musicwas a somber tone, other times a pulse-pounding beat or creepy melody.

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