Good school animes

Bombing the trigonometry final, taking a dodgeball to the face, realizing one's crush is infatuated with the quarterback — experiences like these can sour students towards school. Yet for all the stress that it can bring, school can be magical. It has its glorious moments: making friends, nailing classwork that once seemed impossible, and summoning the courage to step out on stage and be the best Hamlet that person auditorium has ever seen. That makes it all worth it.

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Will solo leveling anime catch on? – 71Bait

In case you are a newbie looking for a good place to start your anime journey, or a seasoned fan who is somehow running out of shows to watch, here is one more. The Artifice asked a multitude of anime writers to come up with their favorite anime from the s. Their choices have been comprised into this review anthology, which features 20 outstanding titles in no particular order. From touching romcoms like Toradora! This article was a collaborative effort, so please enjoy all the different creative voices of the wonderful writers who contributed!

The works of mangaka Naoki Urasawa are a very good entry point for the anime and manga newcomer, in that they combine the familiar writing of your typical Western thriller series with the sensibility for unique narrative concepts that so often characterizes its Japanese counterparts. Whereas his other iconic work 20th Century Boys is more on the weird and kooky side of this sensibility, his acclaimed title Monster is the epitome of esoteric mystery.

When studio Madhouse released the anime adaptation ten years later, they did an outstanding job at capturing these qualities. The story is set in Cold War Germany, beginning in Dusseldorf in Kenzou Tenma is a young Japanese brain surgeon, who with his remarkable skills is a rising star in the hospital world. Meanwhile, a certain Mr. Liebert arrives in Dusseldorf from East Germany with his wife and two young twin children. A massacre at their residence leaves Mr.

Liebert dead, the son unconscious with a bullet in his head, and the daughter in a state of traumatic shock. As he despairs beside the boy whom he sacrificed everything to save, he wishes death upon his morally unjust superiors.

The next day, his wish is fulfilled, and the Liebert siblings mysteriously disappear. Ten years later, when Tenma has regained his footing as a doctor much due to the ill fate of his superiors , a patient of his is murdered in front of his eyes, and the killer turns out to be none other than the boy that he once saved. This marks the beginning of a long and dark journey for Tenma as he tries to unravel the mystery of this young man, and how to stop him.

While trying to uphold a moral compass in the midst of an immoral system, Tenma gets punished for his morally just actions and rewarded for his immoral desires. This leads to the question of how much it is worth sacrificing for doing the right thing, as well as what exactly the right thing is. Should a man so evil as to be considered a monster be killed for the greater good, or should he be given salvation?

Should a doctor, someone meant to save people, take a life for the sake of others? And what becomes of him if he does— does he become a hero, or a monster himself? These difficult questions are continuously posed by the series through poignant narrative framing.

Glorified by neo-nazis and serial killers alike as a messiah, he is framed as the embodiment of ultimate evil who seeks to be the last man standing at the end of the world. Ultimately, he is an incredibly enigmatic and psychologically complex character — as much a mystery to himself as to those around him.

Beside its thematic qualities, Monster is also a really exciting story. It has everything you could ask for from a commercially appealing thriller series: it has a large cast of fleshed out, well-rounded and interesting characters; it treats each of its many arcs, both big and small, with thorough care to make them as engaging on their own as within the larger context of the series; it has action and tension pumped up with fantastic intensity; and it knows exactly how to deliver dramatic buildup and catharsis in a satisfying way.

Yet added to this is an esoteric otherworldliness, as Tenma delves deeper and deeper into the darkest of rabbit holes at the furthest edge of human reality. That dedication to keeping both feet firmly placed in hard-lined realism is demonstrated visually, with its dim color palette, toned down character designs, restrained animation and complete lack of cartoonish expressivity. Indeed, it could just as easily have been live-action.

The result of this combination of otherworldliness and realism is an exploration not of some alien darkness beyond human perception, but of the darkness within humanity itself. With fascinating themes of morality, constructivism, psychology, identity and existentialism, all wrapped in an extremely well-crafted and entertaining mystery thriller, and featuring one of the most enigmatically complex characters in anime, Monster hits it out of the ball park.

If you want a taste of the richly unique culinary world that anime has to offer served in an easily digestible dish for the uninitiated, then this is a great choice.

If you post a grudge at midnight on a particular website, the mysterious Hell Girl will appear and carry out your vengeance before dragging you away. Hell Girl is a dark series with serious themes about human desire. As with most episodic television series it features a number of writers, and therefore a variety of styles, each telling a separate story. In some of the more haunting scenes the imagery resembles that of horror films like The Grudge and The Ring, or anime series like Rozen Maiden and xxxHolic.

The highlight of the visuals are the character designs by Mariko Oka Ghost Hound , which are interesting and distinct with their oval-shaped eyes, pudgy faces and the sharp lines of their clothing. To absorb the audience and complete the mood, the chosen music does not adopt a glamorous style but instead remains simple and melancholic. Acoustic guitars and orchestral pieces play as the series explores and condemns the dark side of human nature.

There are even moments when the absence of music makes a profound impact, and when simple sound effects or the sheer silence is captivating enough to make you want to watch more. Haruhi is a middle class tomboy who accidentally wanders upon the wealthy, glamorous Host Club of her school. To pay off a debt she must participate in the Host Club disguised as a boy. The protagonist of this tale, Fujioka Haruhi, attends Ouran thanks to her brains rather than her social status.

When she breaks an expensive vase, she decides to join the group as a boy until she can earn the money to pay the club back. At first glance, Haruhi appears to be the only genuine and likable character in the show. But as the plot progresses, the boys get much needed development, each with his own personal quirks. The Host Club for instance attracts the female student body by catering to their Lolita and twincest fantasies. There is also an otaku obsessive anime fan character, and the jokes that come with her may only be fully appreciated by those familiar with anime.

Visually it may not be the strongest work in the studio BONES catalogue, but what character designer and chief animation director Kumiko Takahashi Card Captor Sakura has accomplished with Ouran is as elegant and enchanting as the school grounds of the academy itself.

It fares around the same quality of the quirky, energetic School Rumble without dipping into the simplicity of other comedy hits like Azumanga Daioh or Lucky Star The colors of the opening theme song are bright, the music a sophisticated waltz, and the movements flourished just enough to really bring the viewer into the high class world of the Ouran High School Host Club. Ouran mocks the affluent world while not taking itself too seriously. Two often misjudged high school students decide to help each other in their romantic endeavors.

Negatively judged for their outward appearances, second year high school students Takasu Ryuji and Aisaka Taiga could not be considered popular by any standard. Ryuji tends to automatically be classified as a delinquent because of his narrow, intimidating eyes, even though he has a gentle demeanor and only wants to be liked. Taiga has a ruthless personality with a furrowed brow and violent tongue that immediately makes her peers want to hate her. The two then find out that they live in the same apartment complex and form a strong friendship as they attempt to wade through the trials of love, high school and adolescence together.

Soon, unsurprisingly, they realize that they have fallen in love with each other. Each character is crafted and developed with heart, making for a believable cast that is always engaging to watch onscreen. These are subsequently placed in well-written, touching moments cleverly weaved into situations that, while very typical of anime, are made special in how much the show cares about the story it is telling.

The voice actors do an amazing job of bringing their characters to life. The emotion and inflection in their voices with every line is incredibly captivating and, for a romcom-turned-drama such as this, a big selling point. Their transitions from humor to seriousness help create the awesome atmosphere of tension and release that largely defines Toradora!

The audio is on par in every other field as well— especially the music. It is also visually stunning. C Staff may not be the most prolific studio, but has here created a beautifully animated world that looks gorgeous and moves with elegance. Even during the fast-paced and rougher parts, the animation maintains this graceful essence around it. The style utilizes rich, deep colors instead of the usual bright colors, giving the show a more mature and down-to-earth feel.

The visual quality is thus a key factor that adds to the realism of the show. It ties together the genuine voice acting performances and beautiful backdrops to make it an attractive watch from start to dramatic, wonderful finish. Saeki works as a wedding planner and has just been dumped by his girlfriend. He finds solace in a pretty girl at an amusement park and starts to develop feelings for her, after which they discover that they are siblings.

But unlike many other anime that depict incest as a kind of fetish element, it portrays the development of this relationship in a very gradual, believable way. It is one of the strongest character dramas of the decade, with a style and execution comparable to Rumbling Hearts but with heavier themes. As a character-driven story, the show is more about the journey that the characters go through than any external plot. It initially focuses on the brother, Saeki—his thoughts and emotions, portrayed in a very humanizing fashion.

With a bit of a tummy, a beard and broad features, his design adds an extra layer of realism. Then the focus slowly shifts to the sister, Nanoka. Her perspective is not explored as thoroughly, which, though slightly disappointing, is not a major drawback. The soundtrack by Makoto Yoshimori Baccano!

Similar to the works of Makoto Shinkai and Rumbling Hearts , the majority of the score consists of piano pieces that work to set a somber mood. In some cases it is too much however, and it is highly recommended not to watch the entire series in one go as it can be incredibly draining. The opening song by ef, which shares the name of the show, also fits the tone perfectly. Koi Kaze is one of the only anime that depicts incest through a nuanced grey area, challenging views on incest through a fascinating character study and moving story.

It may be a bit of a slow journey as the drama builds, but there are no filler episodes, and it has a great payoff at the end with intensely emotional moments where the cast truly shines. It is especially worth a watch for those turned off by the incest-fetish-side of anime, being a much more down to earth portrayal of the topic. The series is left open-ended, letting the viewer draw their own conclusions instead of being potentially swayed to think one way or another, or having a message shoved down their throats.

He is encouraged to start going outside when a young woman claims to be able to save him from his emotional problems. Welcome to the NHK is one of the best comedies of its decade, simply for its ability to consistently make one laugh out loud while balancing everything out with serious moments as well. The crux of the story is told from the perspective of the main character Sato, who in the original light novel has a drug abuse problem. The story of Welcome to the NHK is interesting for a number of reasons, the main ones being the chemistry between the characters and the internal struggles they go through.

Its cast is unlike that of much anime as it consists of young adults outside of a school setting. Sato is trying to deal with noisy neighbors, cooking, rent and looking good to his parents. He tries to deny he has problems by conjuring up a plan to convince both them and Misaki that he has a lot going for him in life. From the mid-point onward, it quickly turns away from its comedic, colorful exterior to explore various forms of mental illness and neuroses in a realistic manner.

Like Ouran High School Host Club , the series makes fun of otaku culture so not all the jokes may be understood to newcomers of anime. That said, the English dub expertly adapts the Japanese jargon to ramp up the comedy tenfold.

15 Best School Life Anime to Remind You of Good Old Days!

High school is a time of drama, learning, romance, and more. Many people who are not familiar with a verity of anime genres should watch these popular anime films and get a new taste. There are a lot of great high school anime movies out there, with excellent animation and compelling stories. Here are ten of the best Japanese high school anime movies:. Romanic and heart wrenching, this movie has a lot of fantasy elements and plays a great deal with the concept of time. This film won many, many awards worldwide and is well worth a watch. Watch it now.

Kumpulan Fanfic Naruto And High School Dxd ; Hello, everyone, See more ideas about highschool dxd, dxd, anime Good DxD Fanfic recommendations?

The 10 best anime series on Netflix in July 2022

Class can feel like a never ending cycle of worksheets and science projects. But in anime, school festivals and romance have never been as exciting. These shows provide a light hearted look into the lives of students trying to pass exams and attend afternoon clubs. These characters make you laugh while also establishing a genuine connection to the audience. As time goes on, I find myself watching these anime again and again. I discover new aspects where I can relate and enjoy each episode like reliving some good old memories. When a struggling video game creation club needs one more member to maintain their club status, they find an unwilling member in Kazama. The club forces Kazama to stay with them through threats of waterboarding and tasers. As a delinquent who couldn't care less about video game creation, Kazama has a hard time understanding the absolutely absurd activities that take place in this afternoon club.

Best slice of life anime — top 25 series 2022

good school animes

Summary : A chronicle of the daily lives of a group of friends from their first year of high school to graduation that mixes the mundane with the surreal and absurd. Azumanga turned a series of four-panel gag strips into solidly paced minute episodes built around a theme, hitting the audience with a variety of gags and slow-burn non-sequiturs destined to be memes while also slowly building up a true sense of affection for the cast well, most of them; the pedophile teacher jokes have aged like warm milk, even with the cast universally grossed out by his existence. The girls have archetypal traits but also feel grounded and familiar, and it even has a few moments of real, effective pathos. Summary : After a chance meeting with stoic solo camper Rin, high schooler Nadeshiko finds herself running full tilt into the world of winter camping.

The best ones will make you laugh, cry, and feel all kinds of feelings.

30 Best high School Romance Anime of All time

In this list, we will be ranking the best slice of life anime of all time. There is something special about the slice of life anime. These anime are simple so they can be watched by anyone, anytime. Slice of life anime usually has ordinary humans spending their usual days so it can be something that we can relate to. These anime have either comedy, romance , etc.

16 Best Anime About A Boy Going To A All Girl School Update 07/2022

There are so many anime series based in high school! It's a period full of romance. For some people, it may be where they form lasting relationships. So here's my list of the 10 best high school romance anime! The trailers included here will help you to choose your next favorite anime! Be sure to vote in the poll for your favorite high school romance anime series! If you get bored of watching long anime series with boring storylines, you should try School Rumble. Each episode of this anime is totally random, even though it tries to keep following the main storyline.

Top 10 Best Magic School Anime · Hagure Yuusha no Estetica [TV] · 9. Ichiban Ushiro no Daimao [TV] · 8. Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to.

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These powers can be physical,psychological,magical and more. Most of the time these genres are fantasy,adventure or isekai. But people also enjoy where the superpower anime is based on school life. During World War I, the Japanese used a powerful technique known as onmyodou magic.

The 10 best anime shows based on school clubs

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Having a career in Animation is not a bad idea because it is one of the well-paying careers in the world. Find the Best Animation Schools in Japan that can help you build up your career. In a nutshell, Let me give you an overview of what to expect from this post. See the table of content here below. Interestingly, you can check out our Top 10 Animation Schools in Canada if you want to study in Canada. Anime in Japan means animation , which means all forms of animated media.

Anime about high school students with powers have always been popular within the anime industry, and not without reason. Since many viewers are high school students themselves, they are accustomed to it and enjoy this setting.

I remember the old-fashioned rooster and hen house arrangement. Having a single man attend an all-girls school is the simplest way to include the harem trope. The school may be co-ed, or there may be some other reason, and it could even veer into cross-dressing for a more subtle creep. In any case, the bare-bones plot allows for the creation of dozens of attractive girls who are, I suppose, just extremely thirsty. Rather of asking him questions, they use him in a variety of bizarre ways. As it aspires to be nothing else, it ends up being a really decent comedy series.

So here it is. With the help of his demonic friend Elsie, this Capturing God must make these women fall in love with him and force the intruders to flee. But after capturing four such ghosts, Keima begins to discover that not every love story can play according to the rules of his beloved games. There are more loose souls in the world, and Keima must free his hosts from their parasitic embrace!

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