The presidents song animaniacs karaoke

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The presidents song animaniacs karaoke

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With Animaniacs (1993) (Sorted by IMDb Rating Descending)

This one is nice and simple. Yakko and Dot run through the studio gate, turn a corner and exit the shot. Wakko follows, stopping quickly to look back and see if Ralph is behind him, and continues running. Ralph is indeed not too far away…. Some terrible off-key singing - courtesy of Dr. The Warners first appear behind him as a back-up chorus, singing forcefully enough to knock Slakmer off stage. Deciding that he really is going to sing all his songs, the Warners get Ralph away from the karaoke machine and turn up the speed as high as it will go, forcing Slakmer to race through his songs as fast as he can.

Finally, the machine explodes, taking the hapless singer with it. Of course, a lot of the enjoyment factor comes with its Shatner caricature. I mean seriously, what sort of person puts down his name dozens of times on a karaoke sign-up sheet? The end joke with Nimoy is just the icing on the cake. And appropriate too, considering that actor also released albums of his own. McClenahan, Siergey and Brandt all get their fair share of animation, and as always their stuff is incredible.

This Spike Brandt-animated scene is my absolute favorite moment in the entire cartoon. Brandt animates the first shot. Siergey animated the second, with one additional shot separating them.

Our very first look at Slakmer and we already know what to think of him. Is that Gertie Bilchmoytner back there? The extremely high foreheads during shocked or surprised facial expressions is another tip-off. Another McClenahan shot. I love the bored expressions, especially on Wakko. The poses on each character conveys their personalities so well. As soon as Slakmer is done with his first song, Wakko and Dot immediately push him right off stage. Quick, which animator handled this shot? Some more great work from Siergey.

Slakmer: What…is…going on? Yakko: We are as soon as you get off! Incredible McClenahan sequence, with fantastic timing, poses and dialogue. Yakko whistles the Animaniacs theme the first time Slakmer glances at him. What an idiot. Gotta love him. The pinkie up in the air completes the drawing. Remember this animator? Ralph is very well drawn here. Some more amazing Siergey animation. The frustrated faces at the start of the scene are perfect, but I also love the flow in the way Yakko reaches over, grabs the clipboard and flips a page.

It really kills me to think that Startoons no longer exists as a studio. Pinky and the Brain are lab mice to the masked superhero the Caped Opossum, a Batman parody who leaves calling cards at the scene of every crime he manages to prevent.

Unfortunately, one villain the Caped Opossum has been unable to defeat is the evil Johnny Badnote, who is still at large. The whiney hero leaves his underground lair, leaving Brain alone to explain his newest world domination plot to Pinky.

He plans to become a costumed vigilante called the Cranial Crusader, foil Johnny Badnote and use his newfound fame to rule the world. With Pinky dressed as his trusty sidekick, the Pink Wonder, Brain commandeers the Possum Mobile and locates a group of warehouses where Badnote should be hiding out.

Pinky, meanwhile, is more concerned with writing a comic book on their exploits. However, the mice free themselves when Pinky notices that his comic book is under the music box. They end up accidentally pulling the pin and sending the music box flying through the air, landing right under Badnote.

The final Pinky and the Brain cartoon of the first season, the mice sadly go out not with a bang, but with a whimper. Batman references had been popping up in WBTA series since Tiny Toon Adventures , while Batman, the Animated Series had been a huge hit, so it was a given that at some point Animaniacs would do a full blown take-off of the caped crusader.

However, what we ended up getting seems like a missed opportunity. Was there a licensing issue, or was the whole calling card business that important to the story? To make matters worse, Johnny Badnote is a terribly uninteresting villain, who gets a cringe-worthy though thankfully short introductory song.

Rob Paulsen is obviously trying to work the voice into something with more versatility than the deeper, cockney accent Pinky started out with, and in my opinion this is probably as far as he should have gone with altering the voice.

The mice would remain popular until the end of the decade, with the spin-off winning several Emmy and Annie awards, but as far as Animaniacs goes, their best days are behind them. I do like the background painting, complete with a sauna. Another decent line. Figures, right? Some very noticeable continuity errors. Then the comic is several times larger and the music box sits on top of the entire thing. Easily the best expression in the cartoon. Decent expression on Brain when he finds out that the Caped Opossum has gotten the credit for defeating Badnote.

The fact that this is as good as the animation on Brain gets is pretty sad. I expect better from Wang. Enter Chicken Boo, dressed in a fancy suit, bow tie, sunglasses and slick hairdo.

P and Hennypenny praise James Boo as a master of counterintelligence, while Mister Hooper takes one look at the agent and calls him a giant chicken.

Hopping aboard a small hovercraft, James Boo tracks down Doctor Not and his henchman Daylabor on an island, where they plan on using a missile to blow up several large cities. The bad guys soon get the upper hand and sic a couple of sharks on the special agent. In the scuffle, James Boo loses his clothes, revealing himself as the giant chicken he is. Boo is then tied to a missile and launched into space, where he ends up stranded on the moon.

Back at headquarters, P laments that they had no idea that James Boo was chicken. It features a much more proactive Chicken Boo, which in this case suits the story, not to mention the fact that James Boo hovering from a hand cranked helicopter dropping eggs on people is a really funny visual. This is our last Chicken Boo cartoon of the first production season. Very well, then. See you in season three, Chicken Boo! Variable Verse: Chicken Chow Mein-y! Ralph is indeed not too far away… Some terrible off-key singing - courtesy of Dr.

Just cause. Great face on Dot, which looks so much better in motion. Pinky and the Brain intro Wang Pinky and the Brain are lab mice to the masked superhero the Caped Opossum, a Batman parody who leaves calling cards at the scene of every crime he manages to prevent. A good example or how Brain looks throughout the cartoon. This is shockingly bad for Wang. I like these shark designs.

Poor Chicken Boo. Like a deer in headlights. Frank Welker really sells the clucking in this short.

Overture (The Who song)

The Warner brothers, Yakko and Wakko, and the Warner sister, Dot--three inseparable, irascible siblings--have a great time wreaking havoc and mayhem in the lives of everyone they meet. Scratchansniff uses every psychiatric technique he knows to "de-zani-tize" t Yakko sings the name of every country in the world. The Warners help Albert Eins In "H.

Karaoke Songs - Mountain Music DJ & Karaoke. Animaniacs Tv Themes Dune Buggy Presidents of The USA

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We're continuously trying to improve TheTVDB, and the best way we can do that is to get feedback from you. Please consider taking this quick survey to let us know how we're doing and what we can do better. Scratchansniff relates the story of how he once tried to make the Warners less zany with psychoanalysis. In a parody of Calypso music, the Warners and Dr. Scratchansniff sing about the tumultuous relationship. In a slight parody of Winnie the Pooh, each of the Animaniacs are wished a good night sleep. Yakko sings a song to the tune of the Mexican Hat Dance listing the nations of the world.

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the presidents song animaniacs karaoke

Ferdinand the Bull Oh there once lived a bull a magnificent bull In a pasture near old Barcelona He would romp and hed play through the flowers all day Till he smelled just like eau de cologne-a He was gentle and kind and his moo was refined Which the rest of the bulls all resented So when hed start to moo in a moment or two Hed have all the cows discontented Ferdinand, Ferdinand the bull with the delicate ego Ferdinand, Ferdinand, the heifers all called him amigo Ferdinand, Ferdinand hed curtsey and greet them politely He knew how to tango and dance the fandango but he never learned how to fight Now there once lived a bee, a magnificent bee who was feeling so chuck full of vigor That he got out of hand and he stung Ferdinand with his sharp little thingamajigger Ferdinand was so hurt he was pawing the dirt when a bold picador chanced to sight him Oh! Ferdinand, Ferdinand, he smiled when the picador faced him, Ferdinand, Ferdinand, he winked and the picador chased him Ferdinand, Ferdinand, he viewed the occasion so lightly When the picador missed him, why Ferdinand kissed him, cause he never learned how to fight, fight, fight, fight, he never learned how to fight. November 11, September 20,

Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs!

President Song For Kids Lyrics Education

I was the only life long bachelor. I am Abraham Lincoln. The 16th president. The only one to hold a patent. Andrew Johnson here. Education Details: With some bluegrass music in the background, it'll be hard to stop yourself from tapping your feet while you attempt to memorize all of the 46 Presidents of the United States of America, past and present in Chronological Order.

Animaniacs Theme Song Lyrics

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ii; SECOND WORD CASS Yakko's World/Animaniacs "Snoopy's Classical Classiks On Toys" MARLBORO RECORDS Kevin Roth: "Train Songs & Other Tracks" MEDICINE.

List of Animaniacs songs

The following is a list of episodes for the Warner Bros. The series first premiered on Fox Kids on September 13, A feature-length direct-to-video movie, Wakko's Wish , was released on December 21, The series also had a spin-off series Pinky and the Brain , which premiered on September 9, , and concluded on November 14,

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A Reflection of Culture, Values, and Achievements. More Like This. As she did, she began to come up with rhymes to help her remember each President. After sharing this method with her family, they told her that many children in the United Kingdom are taught a poem to help them learn the order of the Kings and Queens. Genevieve decided to write a similar poem with the goal of teaching the Presidents to American children. As the project grew from a simple poem into a more elaborate musical piece, Genevieve turned to those around her for guidance and assistance on the project.

To this day they were the focus of the Warner Bros. The three characters living up in the water tower at Warner Bros.

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