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Adult Animation Revolution: Cartoon Network Studios Announces New Projects

The Sesame Street commercial with Big Bird talking about vaccinations needs to be discontinued. I am extremely disappointed that this message is being sent to children. Stick to educating mind skills and not brainwashing kids on what to do with their bodies.

Cartoon network US to be exact hasn't been airing a show my son Hassan really likes, that being Ninjago. I've seen also multiple complaints around the internet that the show hasn't been aired yet on cartoon network and it really saddens my child that he can't watch his favorite tv show. You show either old episodes of Oggy the cockroaches or the future episodes. I liked yhe present episodes very much. Sir I am a big fan of the cartoon Network some years ago but for the few years you are stopping all the b eat shows which were telecasted in your channel so I request you kindly to bring back again those awesome cartoons like Ben 10 and Scooby doo.

What are trying to do this new reboot of Thundercats Roar is a sad excuse to be aired it should burn in hell! This show is a garbage joke you ruined Snarf a robotic cat now I think after so many ratings the show gets canceled for bad views of a poor ass show that can do better. But please if you think it's going to do well then all means try? Why you are brodcast oggy and cockroach ,roll no21 and pleace broadcast a dragonball z and ben 10 ultimatrice in prime time like a india time 6pm also old cartoons brodcast.

IF you broad cast a old cartoon any one see your channel. I'm home from a Caribbean cruise approximately Thursday the 4th of April. I was in my stateroom somewhere between 1 and 2 a. It was a scene where there were a group of African-Americans dancing on a dance floor. Not once but multiple of times He took quotes from Martin Luther King's speech I have a dream, but as far as I was concerned he used it the speech in a negative way. I think I speak for most African-Americans and that is that cartoon segment should be removed from your programming.

And I apologize for making a threat but if I see it again I'm going to take it a step further and bring it to the attention of social media. And I'm also asking for someone to return comment on this problem thank you. Iwant tosay to cartoon network to show all ben 10 cartoons at5pm daily all children like hersoplease.

We need past shows but pokemon also available in Tamil hindi I seen your worst and ugly shows like roll no 21 and oggy and the cockroaches. Please please please dragon Ball z old seasons all episodes in Hindi and specially season 1 in Hindi I am a biggest fan of dragon Ball z it's my humble request to you I hope you will take quick action and also telecast dragon Ball super in Hindi in squel wise and please at least only dbZ season 1 in Hindi.

Please please please dragon Ball z old all seasons in Hindi specially season 1 in Hindi please I am biggest fan of dragon Ball z please telecast dbZ season 1 to season 9 all episodes sequel wise and also telecast dragon Ball super in Hindi I hope you will take quick action.

The people that answer your calls at your corporate office is rude and I'm not talking slightly rude, she was nasty so I got nasty back. I need someone I can talk to an what y'all are airing all day. Cartoon network has fallen off.

This network has become a big scam. Black Jesus very embarrassing. Can anyone explain the purpose of this show to me? This has no place or educational value on a children television network. I do understand the term adult swim, this should mean cartoons made for older children viewing.

This network was built for kids and nonstop cartoon viewing. You have become a joke, you play the same boring cartoons that are made for kids ages 8 and younger, and have no educational value what so ever. I don't understand the message your trying to send with shows like Teen Titan Go. My kids are 5, 7, and 9 and they always ask why cartoons like toonami only play one night a week instead of 5 days a week like they use to?

Instead of later in the day like they use to. Why is that? What is soo hard about showing differnt cartoon shows throughout the day? One more thing stop trying to remake shows that are fine the way they are.

What happened to the variety in cartoon entertainment? My kids really want to watch Sky High as it says on the schedule. This has happened many times and there is no good phone number to call Cartoon Network. Each time customer care directs me to a web form.

Who wants to do that? It's my humble request to bring back old cartoons powerpuff girls, dexter laboratory, courage the cowardly dog etc,. Where are all the plots? Where did all the story lines go? Where are all the original shows that actually meant something?

Bring back the original Voltron. The story lines were fine. Bring back the original Thundercats and the original Teen Titans. The ones with Slade and the one where they went to Tokyo. Now you turned the Teen Titans into babies. You made them a bunch of babbling idiots. That is a shame to any super hero, to make them fools. Would you do this to batman or superman?

What would Stan Lee think about this? That you would take his comic book characters and turn them into babbling idiots. He'd probably have a heart attack. Bill Finger and Bob Kane would be shocked to find their creations turned into fools and dummies. Think about it, children need to think about plots. What is left to the imagination. Be serious, you're destroying good cartoons.

It's a crying shame. Children don't need to be taught to be dumb, let them have a hero to truly believe in. Not some bobble-headed goof balls. I want dragon ball z, to be restarted again, we a group of students love this program very much please restart it again.

This oggy and cockroaches is very bad. What type of rubbish and fuck you are telecasting in cartoon network. You must stop telecasting following cartoons. And you should must telecast following cartoons- 1 dragon ball z 2 inazuma 11 3 beyblade new 4 spiderman 5 x-men 6 transformers 7 justice league 8 green lantern 9 batman 10 pokemon 11 iron man 12 avengers.

So please Heartly Regards, cartoon network fans. It is absolutely ridiculous that I have to make the decision to not allow my kids to watch a channel which is supposedly designed especially for them.

The fact that I hear cursing on an advertisement geared toward children is a travesty. The network, corporate authorities and your sponsors should all be ashamed of yourselves. For the verbiage to have gone through several decision makers hands and still get the okay to go ahead is thoughtless, morally, and socially irresponsible. I am pleased with cn and you should be too. Skip to main content. Rated 1.

Contact Cartoon Network Corporate Toll free phone number: Welcome to the Cartoon Network complaints department brought to you by HissingKitty. Experienced poor customer service? We make it easy to file a formal complaint against Cartoon Network online. Simply use our free form and your feedback will be instantly forwarded for review. Need to contact the Cartoon Network corporate office? We have the mailing address, phone number, and email address listed below.

Company website www. Support email address contact cartoonnetwork. Customer service hours 24 hours a day. Browse reviews of other TV Networks. Discovery Channel 29 reviews. ESPN reviews. Disney 92 reviews. MTV 52 reviews. NBC reviews. Nickelodeon reviews.

Disney Channel 34 reviews.

How to Add Cartoon Network on Roku?

Cartoon Network is an Indian cable and satellite television channel operated by Warner Bros. Discovery under its International division. The channel is Indian equivalent to the original American network and was launched on 1 May , as the first kids' network in India. The channel, primarily airs animated programming. Cartoon Network was the first dedicated kids channel in India, which was launched on 1 May , as a dual-channel with Cartoon Network operating from a. On 1 July , Cartoon Network India became a separate hour channel.

They don't make 'em like they used to. Black tee featuring short sleeves, a crew neck, and airbrushed Cartoon Network graphics. Shop rue21!

Tig N Seek Character Design (Cartoon Network)

An American cable television channel Cartoon Network is launched on October 1, It is being operated by Warner Bros. In the United States, you can purchase the cable at lower amount. Many of us are looking forward for the headquarters office contact details of Cartoon Network and here we are going to represent it before you. We are not having the Headquarters Office Contact Number. We will represent it soon at this correct place. Please, stay connected to get the information. If you would like to contact Boomerang Team , then the email address is contact catoonnetwork. Journalist can contact press office through this email address UKPressOffice turner. If you have any queries related to the mobile app, then this email address is useful to you.

Cartoon Network: Play Positive

cartoon network email

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The Sesame Street commercial with Big Bird talking about vaccinations needs to be discontinued.

Cartoon Network’s ‘Victor and Valentino’ gets a premiere date

It also builds world-class licensing partnerships for its shows and franchises. Cartoon Network is available in 29 countries throughout Asia Pacific and is currently seen in more than million pay-TV homes. Internationally, it is seen in countries and over million homes, and is an industry leader with a global offering of the best in award-winning animated entertainment for kids and families. The brand is known for putting its fans at the centre of everything by applying creative thinking and innovation across multiple platforms. The brand also reaches millions more through its websites, games and apps, including Cartoon Network Watch and Play.

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I select the channel and it load for a bit and then it goes back to the roku home NancyH Thanks for reaching out! We recommend starting here to troubleshoot channel issues :. Having the same issue. Removed the channel, restarted the roku device then reinstalled CN app still did not solve the issue. My cable svc provider is Frontier.

Complete list of Cartoon Network India complaints. Scam, unauthorized charges, rip off, defective product, poor service.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Cartoon Network announced that it will bring the action role-playing games to Switch both separately and in a bundled set, composed of both games at a discount. That will be available not only on Nintendo eShop, but also in stores.

Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the television channel. The channel, owned by Warner Brothers, operates as a pay channel that broadcasts animated television series for children. It is also the first channel to have been dedicated solely to showing animated movies. The channel is available in a number of languages too and it includes Danish, Dutch, Espaniol, French, Czech and many others.

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By nominating your best friend or a family, you are putting them in the running to win the So Much Christmas prize pack, including all the holiday-themed decorations and toys that one would need to bring the magic of Christmas into their home! Dear Parent or Guardian, Your child has completed the first section of this Cartoon Network competition you can see the entry on the previous screen for reference and we now need you to confirm a few details so we can enter them into the prize draw. We need the following so we can contact you if they win. We only use this information for the purposes of fulfilling this competition. Please tap the check boxes below to indicate that you agree.

Cartoon Network App Cartoon Network. Catch up on the latest full episodes available the day after they air! Watch unlocked episodes with no login required. Laugh, play, and learn with Cartoonito from Cartoon Network.

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