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The character of Peter Moosebridge is a moose and co-anchor of the ZTV News, a trusted source of news for the inhabitants of "Zootopia. Disney says the character was specifically written with Canada in mind and intended to be voiced by a Canadian. The comedy-action adventure is about a city where animals from every environment live together. The story centres on a rookie bunny police officer, voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin, who must partner with a fast-talking scam-artist fox, voiced by Jason Bateman, to solve a mystery. Appearing at a Disney preview event in Toronto, Mansbridge said he was offered the role six months ago. Why did I want to do it?

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Walt Disney’s Pluto

He seemed huge, perhaps a little slow on the uptake and less articulate compared to the slender and perky Jimmie Dodd. He was almost like Br'er Bear, obviously good-hearted but dangerous. I don't know what really bothered me about him. Did I fear he would eat one of the Mouseketeers or sit and crush Jiminy Cricket before the little insect could spell "encyclopedia"?

Made a Disney Legend posthumously in , Roy made many amazing contributions to the legacy of Disney, from his story work on the animated shorts to designing over Disney military insignias during World War II including one for the Flying Tigers and from coming up with the concept of the Mouse Ears caps for Disneyland to his appearances on the Mickey Mouse Club television show that helped inspire young artists.

His father passed away before Roy was 12 years old and the family moved to the Los Angeles area. His mother worked in a candy shop and later as a chambermaid at a hotel.

Roy went to Fremont High School, where he gained fame as a football player and was known by his classmates as "Moose" Williams, and as a funny cartoonist for the school newspaper. Roy Williams was made a Disney Legend posthumously in That "Moose" nickname stuck with him his entire life because of his large size and is one of the reasons he was known as the "Big Mooseketeer" on the original Mickey Mouse Club television show.

In at the age of 23, Roy was hired at the Hyperion Studio after a short minute conversation with someone he mistook for the office boy because he looked so young. That young fellow was amused because he was actually Walt Disney.

Walt paid for Roy's training at the Chouinnard Art School for three years, and at the Disney Studio Roy progressed on the then-standard path from inbetweening all the way up to full animator. However, his true strength was his ability to turn out countless gags quickly so Walt moved him into the story department after he saw him pitch an idea about Donald Duck swallowing a magnet and attracting everything metal. He might come up with ideas, but only one or two were really usable.

That's still pretty good for a six-minute cartoon. Marc Davis told me, "Roy Williams was primarily a gag man. Roy was the type of guy you would bring in to get some gags to punch up a scene. He was very volatile. Roy was an incredible character.

Any of us who worked with Roy could tell Roy Williams stories for three to four hours each and never repeat a story. Williams did receive full story credit on several Disney animated shorts. As Jack Kinney recalled: "One director said, 'Damn that Roy, he tells a story so damn funny up there, and then I put 'em in the pictures and they're not funny any more.

Why did we even laugh? Because of his size, his gullibility and his quick temper, Williams was often the victim of pranks, like using a water pistol to shoot him in the crotch so it looked like he had peed in his pants but with his overhanging belly, he never noticed until someone pointed it out.

Of course, Roy was known to do pranks, as well. He used to keep a large gift-wrapped package on the floor of his home in Burbank. Whenever a male visitor came to the house for the first time, he would be told the gift was for him and would be invited to take it away still wrapped. The "gift" was a hunk of iron too heavy for anyone to lift, but it amused Roy to see how long men would struggle before finally giving up. Roy Williams was a legend. Roy was a pound former All-American high school football player.

He was a little baby. He was a child. An enormous gag man. He just churned out these cartoons like you wouldn't believe. Walt decided that Roy should be a little more dignified so we helped Walt out. He had to wear a suit, tie, and a vest…and socks. Then he came over to this new building. They were really just a couple of apartments we had gutted and made into rooms for the storymen.

I got Ethel, who was his wife, to make sure Roy wore the suit and everything. It didn't really fit. Nothing buttoned. Nothing really worked. As gag captain, one of his jobs was to go around and 'pass' on the gags that everyone had done.

He came into the room. We took T. Hee's pants. Hee was a big man in those days. He lost over pounds. We took his pants and wrapped them around and around Sable and tied it up with a belt.

For crying out loud, are those your pants? Have you been on a diet? You should probably check with your doctor. Now about this gag…'. At least he had that much sense. He got the nurse and asked her if sauerkraut juice is good for diets and she says 'yes, but…' and Roy hangs up before she finishes and runs across the street and got a gallon of sauerkraut juice and drank this whole can.

This whole business began to work on poor Roy's insides and there was a lot of Roy to work on. That was the sound coming out of him. Roy would come in to the boards and these sounds are starting. He runs down the hall to where we had a lavatory and we hear 'Bang! Wherever he went there was no chance for him to get any relief. All right. What have you boys got here? Roy bolts out of the door and knocks over everyone in his way and makes it across the street to the main building finally.

Roy was so prolific a cartoonist that during the s and s he sold several one panel cartoons to a variety of top magazines at the time including The New Yorker, Saturday Evening Post, Collier's, American Legion, This Week, True and Liberty just to name a few of the most prominent ones. There were two compilations of some of these cartoons, the hardcover How's the Back View Coming? He dedicated the paperback collection "To the man who has meant the most to me in faith and inspiration: Walt Disney, whose patience and guidance through a lifetime of association are in greatest degree imaginable responsible for the best of Roy Williams.

Williams was apparently popular or at least prolific and persistent to appear in so many highly competitive magazine markets.

His artistic style lacks "line weight" and his faces are surprisingly inexpressive for an artist whose gags often depend upon facial reactions for their effectiveness. He was a "soft" cartoonist. There is no malice in his work and, unfortunately, it usually only provokes an occasional grin rather than a laugh. His line work is wobbly and characters' eyes are usually two black dots with the eyebrows either pointed down for anger or up for a more whimsical expression. Only one cartoon in the Secret World has a Disney reference.

A panhandler uses a Davy Crockett cap to solicit contributions. The other cartoons in the book? A boss says "Smithers you've got an eye for business. A parrot keeps repeating "Polly wants a cracker" while the annoyed pet shop owner lights a fire cracker with glee to give to the unsuspecting bird. Cracker, firecracker, get it? Yet another shows a woman leaving a supermarket with not a dog on a leash but a kangaroo who carries all the purchases in its pouch. II, No.

Apparently, Walt Disney and his brother Roy pulled Williams aside and asked him not to submit any more gag cartoons to magazines because he might be giving away his best stuff that could be used in the Disney animated shorts. Like other artists at the studio, he would turn out lots of quick gag caricature sketches of his peers.

This ability to draw quickly and be personable and funny made him in demand for events, especially with children and the press, where he would amaze audiences by doing multiple quick sketches of Disney characters in seconds and even demonstrating how to draw Mickey Mouse.

Walt first had him do it for the studio in at press events for a re-release of Snow White. It was something he would later do in the early years at Disneyland usually at the Art Corner and sometimes outside of the Red Wagon Inn off of the Hub with special easel paper with his name and listing him as a Disney artist. He would appear in Disneyland parades as his health permitted. Many people saved those quick, loose sketches, since it was their only personal encounter with a real Disney artist.

A Mousekartooner kit was issued by Mattel in the mids with a ten-inch tall lithograph tin full-figure of Roy that could be moved to trace the drawing underneath to help teach kids how to draw cartoons. He was personally chosen to be the Big Mooseketeer by Walt Disney. He told an interviewer, "I was scared to death…. I was no actor but I had faith in Walt's vision. One day Walt walked into my office and said, 'Say, you're fat and funny lookin'.

In , I got to interview several of the original Mousekeeters and here are some of their memories that they shared with me about Roy:. He would have swim parties there and have us all over like it was a family birthday party.

Roy was incredible. In the studio cafeteria there would be these paper placemats with scalloped edges and while we were eating, Roy would walk by and draw cartoons on them.

I think I may have saved some they were so good. He would tell jokes that were a little off-color. He was the fastest artist I ever saw.

The Black Phone

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Disney changed a minor character in 'Zootopia' for foreign audiences

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disney moose character

Just like her boyfriend, Minnie is brave and she won't hesitate to help Mickey in his adventures. She is recognized as one of Disney's most famous and influential characters. Mickey Mouse is arguably the most famous and well-known cartoon character ever. Though not as rambunctious and mischievous as he once was, this iconic character remains a symbol of goodwill, kindness, friendship, and imagination. The clumsy, dimwitted Goofy is one of the most well known and beloved Disney characters.

Pluto got the part and turned out so well, we used him twice. Finally, most likely in honor of the headline-grabbing newly discovered planet, and certainly with an eye to alliteration, the imaginative producer decided on Pluto the Pup.

Today's Wordle answer and hints — solution #392, Saturday, July 16

The creator of Yu-Gi-Oh has died. For many of those people, Yu-Gi-Oh was probably a beloved gateway into the large world of anime. The property went on to influence tons of other works in the genre, as well as spawning many spin-offs and sequels that many enjoy to this day. Takahashi started his career as a mangaka in , struggling to get any of his series off the ground until When he began work on Yu-Gi-Oh , it quickly became a hit.

Moose Disney Doorables Mini Peek CDU Playset

Sign In. Morris the Midget Moose Hide Spoilers. If you are looking for this short, try the "Disney Timeless Treasures: Volume 3". It's there along with several other seldom-seen cartoon shorts.

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36 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Disney

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Post a Comment. Wednesday, February 10, Moose Hunters. The goodness continues today with another trio short, and another classic — Moose Hunters. Well, Mickey, Goofy and Donald go hunting moose. What did you think it was about? It has some great gags and fantastic usage of the side characters.

S Tipton by London who thought he was a real moose. Cody gets jealous of Moose because he thinks he is better than him.

Zootopia had itself, what the movie business calls, one hell of an opening weekend. One character was swapped out in several regions. While we in the States got a news-reading moose in one scene, other countries got animals a little closer to their own homes. While North America, and apparently France, got a moose in this scene, there were five other animals in that seat for other nations. Japan got a tanuki, a raccoon-like creature well known to players of Super Mario Bros. Australia and New Zealand got a koala, for obvious reasons.

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