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Also my first naruto fic. We will see how it goes. Hope I did your request justice! Not proof read at all, sorry about that. Jeez, how was it that someone like her managed to meet someone as perfect as him?

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chanfictions — Restraint Madara x Reader 18+ Content! MINORS,...

Her eye closed with a wince as she tried to hold back her groan. Blood from the battle that had happened just moments ago stained the side of her cloak. His threads seeped back into his own arm. He pulled the black and red cloak down over the arm. He was kneeling down on one knee in front of his wounded teammate who was up against a tree.

She held out her arm and wiggled it around. Thank you. She winced again and that was his answer. The scene of her losing that arm was on repeat in his mind. They had been ambushed by two men. One had a sword while the other was just a simple Taijutsu user. The two got back to back while fighting and somehow switched opponents.

He could still hear her calling out his name. The swordsman was going to stab Kakuzu in the back, but she got in front. He switched the way he was holding the hilt of his sword and sliced right through her arm.

A clean cut. Her blood sprayed out and she toppled to the ground. Kakuzu still had some red on his back and the front of his mask. It was going to be a tedious task getting it out. But when he heard her cry of agony the only color he saw after that was red. It pained all of his hearts to see her get hurt. He blamed himself for all of it.

It was a small fork in the road and yet it went too far and she got hurt. His iron fist clenched tightly against his leg. Are you an idiot? She could see right through his tough guy act. When they first started to team up it would piss her off to no end. They argued about everything. Everyone else found it annoying how much they argued. Expenses this and bounties that. Soon enough though the arguing stopped. Kakuzu actually found himself having fun on most of them which was new. She could tell that he was bothered.

The way his eyebrows were stitched together. His eyes had a glint of guilt in them that smashed the anger he was trying to show. Even with the mask on, she knew his frown was a sad one. When she continued smiling, his eyes softened. The woods around them disappeared and all of a sudden he was flying high in the air. He could hear his hearts pounding in his chest. Was he right to feel this way? He had such a bad record that he almost forgot that he was allowed to love.

Allowed to be loved. He forgot that he could be happy. He turned his head to the side to hide the blush that was rising over his mask. She looked between the two boys. Kisame was leaning against a wall with his arms crossed. He tried smiling at her, but it came off as a creepy smirk. Itachi was obviously asked over here to sweet talk her into doing something. She pushed herself off her chair and tried to hold back the laugh she had been hiding the moment Itachi said spoil.

Was it that obvious? She gently slid open his door and peered inside his room. It was neat for the most part. His hair was pulled back into a low ponytail. He was sitting down in his chair and doing what he loves the most. Counting away some money that laid gently in his hands. His mask was off as well showing off his slit mouth. He chuckled. He opened his arm up for her. She took in the empty space that he left for her.

His arm wrapped around her waist and she squealed as he brought her down into his lap. She leaned against his other arm while her legs were slung over his. His eyes were still on his money that slipped through each finger. He rolled his eyes with a scoff. How could they call him a softie? Or he could take their hearts and sell it to the black market. He looked at the laughing girl beside him and almost started laughing himself. He squeezed the sides of her waist causing her to flinch with a squeal.

While she was still shocked, he took this time to crash his lips against hers. Another noise left her mouth, but soon she closed her eyes and let her arms snake around his neck. He moved her legs to straddle his lap while he pulled away. Her lips went down to his neck to busy herself. With one hand on her waist, the other reached over and counted a few bills that she asked for.

He pulled her arms off his neck which caused her to pull away and face him. Originally posted by neologyro. Originally posted by elaizaelric. Originally posted by nobara-is-gorgeous. Originally posted by spirituxl-dxrling. Originally posted by hokages. She had just come up to him and held two bracelets in his face so how was he supposed to react? They had rainbow beads all around except for the middle which had their names in other beads.

They were absolutely horrendous to look at. She brought the bracelets close to her like they were her babies. But that sick feeling faded when glanced up at him with sad eyes. He thought about telling her just how ugly they are. They hurt his eyes to look at. Besides if he were to tell a lie then it would only make the situation worse.

He watched it all happen in a split second. Yet all he could picture for the next few hours was her face scrunched up after being heartbroken from a rejected friendship. It kept popping up from the sea of thoughts in his head and it was really starting to irritate him.

No matter how hard he tried he still had those rainbow beads burned into his skull. The sun was finally going to the other side of the world leaving a golden blanket around them.

He found himself liking the way the sun glowed against her skin and made her hair shine. The sea ahead of them crashed their waves onto the warm sand while a gentle breeze blew by them. She was still upset from earlier. She worked hard on those bracelets and even managed to gain the courage to give them to him. He was completely out of his comfort zone.

He could feel his hand become more clammy with each second that passed. He moved his hand outward, holding it next to her. When her eyes darted over to his closed hand he took the opportunity and opened it.

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Polanco Cantina Elsa: A look at what conditions could be in each Central Florida county Naruto Madara X Reader Wattpad - Nutoru none Elsa didn't mind.

The Search: World Peace (Male Reader X Konan) (Naruto Fanfiction)

Three boys from the Academy were picking on another boy with bright blonde hair and blue eyes. The poor kid was going to get beat to a pulp if no one stepped in, and for some reason no one around seemed to want to interfere. The three boys whipped their heads around in fear, but soon began to snicker once they saw you. But you knew what would. They mumbled half-hearted apologies and scurried away without a glance back at you. The boy smiled and took your hand. You giggled. Naruto grinned sheepishly.

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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. She ends up at the doorstep of a village and finds out its the village in the leaf, konoha.

Her eye closed with a wince as she tried to hold back her groan.

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Can I request some sai content? Literally dont even care what it is I just love him and you write him so well. He was obsessed with you since you walked into the chemistry class the first day of school. Call me babe. I have a boyfriend, I told you!


Browse through and read or take aot x reader stories, quizzes, and other creations. You were 11 and you were out running. Anyways I'm going to try to update either weekly or daily depending on my schedule. The reader could only helplessly look on as the protagonist was abused and betrayed, finally embarking on the road to becoming completely evil. Jun 12 broken cheater rwby x male reader part 1. Only I know the end of this world.

Browse through and read naruto x reader stories and books. Reader is OP! on account of years of shinobi training. If you read this before the th/

Kakashi's wife — Promise (Naruto x reader)

Jjk x klee reader. Poly bros x reader perhaps, he He also sends you hoodies, and any merch of himself he personally receives goes to you Axeman! Yuji x f! Reader mama!

Grandma — Softie ❁ Kakuzu x Reader

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Pretty much everyone in the anime community has seen or is at least familiar with Naruto. But not everyone is familiar with the thriving community of fanfiction authors populate the fandom. All over the Internet, talented writers are putting their own spin on the series. Whether it's an AU where Kakashi becomes a rogue ninja raising a baby Naruto, a full rewrite of the series itself, or Itachi Uchiha traveling through time, there's no shortage of good Naruto fanfiction out there.

Op Worm FanficA location between life and the afterlife where people are selected to be given a second chance at life with the powers of a gamer. Wyrm Wrecking Worm Warning: This is a short story, a straight-up power wank.

Originally posted by hokages. How are you? So, following up to my last ask thanks for replying! If you want to repost my work. There was a deafening crack, and you hugged yourself, a silent scream leaving your lips as you tried to calm your breathing. Who was no more than a twelve year old girl, not trained enough to be able to take on those trained to kill.

Chapter 1. About lemon Akeno. Thanks again to kueerkid for dabi x male!

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