Pepe le pew wasn t canceled he s outdated

By Anthony D'Alessandro. The Pepe Le Pew character will likely be a thing of the past across all media. Warner Bros. As we first reported in July , Nance left the production with Malcolm D. Lee taking over. Under the direction of Lee, Pepe Le Pew was eliminated from the sequel a while ago and never animated for the live-action footage which was shot.

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Pepe le pew wasn t canceled he s outdated

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Looney Tunes character ‘canceled’ over actions that allegedly ‘normalized rape culture’

Not if Gabriel Iglesias has anything to say about it. The comedian — who often goes by the stage name "Fluffy" — recently revealed on Twitter that he's voicing Mexico's fastest mouse in the Malcolm D. Lee-directed movie and taunted "cancel culture" to try and catch him. I'm the fastest mouse in all of Mexico. I am the voice of Speedy Gonzales in the new Space Jam. Does this mean they are gonna try to cancel Fluffy too?

Iglesias didn't reveal any additional details about Speedy's exact role in Space Jam 2 , but his defiant note resonated with fans of the character, who first sped onto screens in — although he didn't become the Speedy everyone recognizes now until he starred opposite Sylvester the Cat in the short "Speedy Gonzales. Some of Speedy's Latinx fans expressed their support for Iglesias on Twitter. As an Mexican I freaking love Speedy Gonzalez as much as my family love the Fastest mouse in all of Mexico.

To all the toxic sjw gringos who tried to cancel Speedy Gonzalez Marisol March 9, He was intelligent, witty, the fastest of them all and would always outsmart his rivals. The sombreros? Many Mexicans wear them with pride every World Cup. Im Puerto Rican and dont mind at all.

I think it was cute and accurate. Frederick Luis Aldama — a distinguished university professor at the Ohio State University who specializes in depictions of Latinx culture in film, television and other media — is also glad that Iglesias spoke up in defense of the character. But does that mean that we obliterate him?

No, what it means is that we educate and open discussions so that our kids can understand how stereotypes have existed and how they continue to exist so they can become a critically informed consumer.

If we erase the past, how are we going to learn from the past and make it a better future? That helped them look past some of the aspects of the character and his larger world that were more crudely caricaturish at the time, and even more so today. But there are some positives about the Speedy character we all saw growing up as Latinx kids with no representation out there. In the s, some of those grown kids were involved in a fan campaign to bring Speedy Gonzales back to the airwaves after Cartoon Network retired the cartoons.

Since then, Warner Bros. Meanwhile, Mexican superstar Eugenio Derbez is in the process of developing a Speedy Gonzales feature film that was originally announced in Aldama sees that kind of behind-the-mic change as a positive progression.

I've talked about brown-voice minstrelsy and what it means for Latinx's to be the ones chosen for these roles. We're making change, and I'm of the position it's better to educate than to obliterate. Created in by legendary animator Chuck Jones, the skunk's animated antics primarily involved his relentless pursuit of a female black cat named Penelope Pussycat, who strenuously dodged his advances.

The film's original director, Terence Nance, conceived and shot a sequence where Jane the Virgin star Greice Santo confronts the skunk after he comes onto her in a bar, pouring her drink over his head and slapping him silly. That entire encounter was cut from the film after Lee took over the film over a year ago. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly , Jones's daughter, Linda, said that she understood the studio's decision to scrap the scene.

And I imagine it would have been very important for young Latinas to see in general. It's worth noting that the makers of A New Legacy have already taken the opportunity to transform at least one popular character: Bugs Bunny's teammate, and love interest, Lola Bunny.

Introduced in the original Space Jam , Lola has been given a makeover for the sequel that significantly tones down the exaggerated va-va-voom sexiness from her previous appearance.

It just felt unnecessary, but at the same time there's a long history of that in cartoons. This is It's important to reflect the authenticity of strong, capable female characters. While Lola's new look generated criticism amongst conservative circles , it has been largely embraced on social media as an example of how problematic characters can be reinvented and reimagined, instead of being tossed away. And that's a way forward Aldama would prefer to follow instead of the cyclical — and cynical — debate over "cancel culture," a term he'd like to see canceled in favor of his preferred hashtag: "Don't obliterate, educate.

You may not change your opinion, but let's think about how we can improve, and how we can learn and grow. In Aldama's view, the road to improving Speedy Gonzales is allowing Latinx creators to ultimately decide the character's future — not the corporation that owns him.

Iglesias , starring Fluffy. If we continue to have gatekeeping where only a set number of people are working on these characters, storytelling will never reach the kind of innovations it can. Let's have Latinx, African-American, Asian and indigenous brothers and sisters in those writers' rooms and those creative spaces and, as we've seen, something really powerful and magical will happen.

TCM takes aim at cancel culture arguments with new series devoted to 'problematic' movie classics. The year-old was found dead Thursday afternoon at the bottom of the staircase of her Manhattan home.

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A lawyer is going viral after sharing why she often suggests that shoppers avoid using self-checkout lanes. He isn't sure where to go from here. Before Greece, tennis legend Serena Williams shared pictures of her enjoying some mother and daughter time over afternoon tea in London.

Like any seasoned influencer, Kendall Jenner has been exhaustively documenting her Hawaii vacation. And like any seasoned Kardashian-Jenner, the model has simultaneously sparked her own dating rumor buzz. The case of a year-old rape victim is highlighting the election downsides of the new wave of abortion bans. The spectacular mirrored pad comes with a foot indoor pool. Read full article. Story continues. Photo: Warner Bros. Lola has been given a makeover for the sequel, A New Legacy.

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General Looney Tunes / Assorted WB Animation (that isn't DC) Thread.

I'm not saying he's a perfect cartoon character but, believe it or not, I'm not looking to cartoons as my role models. While no reason was given for the removal of the scene, the news came after The New York Times published a column claiming the character "added to rape culture". Writer Charles M Blow argued in the article, itself about the six cancelled Dr Seuss books, that the skunk normalised rape culture. He defended the take on Twitter after he said "right-wing blogs" got mad. Fox News host Katie Pavlich said on Monday's episode of Outnumbered that the scene cut from Space Jam had the skunk being reprimanded for his behaviour. Co-host Kennedy Montgomery agreed that the scene should have been left in the movie for a "teachable moment".

Like the old lecher who doesn't get what he did wrong (here's looking at you, Andrew Cuomo), Pepé Le Pew's “cancellation” is likely more.

Pepe Le Pew's absence from 'Space Jam 2' kick-starts debate on 'cancel culture', 'sexism'

New York Times columnist Charles M. He locks a door to prevent her from escaping. Seuss books saying it will no longer publish six of them due to racist and insensitive imagery. Or driving with their feet like Fred Flintstone? Rape is the rapists fault. Replace these two adorable cartoon characters with your 19 year old daughter and your next door neighbor. Or your daughter and your Governor.

Pepe Le Pew Won’t Be Appearing In Warner Bros’ ‘Space Jam’ Sequel

pepe le pew wasn t canceled he s outdated

One problem, Pepe was not canceled. People just did not bother to read anything and would rather be outraged than informed. Pepe is the Foster Brooks of the Looney Tunes cartoon universe. Brooks was a one trick pony.

No, stop.

Pepé Le Pew and His Cartoon Rape Culture Will Stay In the Past. Good.

It appears that Pepe Le Pew has officially been canceled , as the controversial cartoon skunk won't be featured in any upcoming projects in the works at Warner Bros. This week, it was reported that Pepe had been totally scrubbed from his planned scene in Space Jam: A New Legacy and wouldn't even be making a cameo appearance in the sequel. Now, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that there are no plans for Pepe to return in any other animated movies or TV shows either. In recent days, Pepe had come under fire in a New York Times opinion piece criticizing the skunk as a character who " normalized rape culture. Seuss Enterprises pulling six books from publishing due to insensitive imagery. While the article put the spotlight back onto Pepe, word is the decision to "cancel" the skunk was made at Warner Bros.

Daughter of Pepe Le Pew Creator Says He Didn't Contribute to Rape Culture

But had he appeared, this newer incarnation of the cartoon character would have been spun as an example of what not to do when engaging with a woman. It all sounds like it would have been a firm message against sexual harassment and sexual assault. The scene reportedly was shot in June by filmmaker Terence Nance, who was replaced in July by director Malcolm D. There was no Le Pew footage in a rough cut of the new film viewed three months ago by Deadline sources. Actress Santo, who played the unnamed woman in the bar, found herself on the cutting-room floor along with Le Pew. New York Times columnist Charles M.

Though he starred in the original Warner Bros. “Space Jam” movie back in , Pepe Le Pew will not featured in the upcoming sequel.

Goodbye Pepé: Here’s why a longtime Looney Tunes character was ‘canceled’

While NBC 's The Office is the latest to join the list of cancel culture casualties after the series' "Diversity Day" episode was removed from a recent Sunday Comedy Central marathon , its omission follows that of other popular programming pulled by networks, cable channels and streaming platforms. The range of that content is broad, spanning from '80s television to a famous Muppet, from cop shows to cartoons. Beyond television, the list expands outside of television to classic films, including one long hailed by many fans and critics as the greatest movie ever made. The year old white supremacist—a fan of the Confederacy known in the 19th century for its defense of slavery—murdered nine members of a Black South Carolina church.

In the wake of Dr. Seuss, Mr. Potato Head, Pepe Le Pew, et al. Cancel culture is generally discussed as being performed on social media in the form of group shaming. My first thought is that this applies just as well to, say, censuring Republican Sen.

Want to know more about Scott and Sadie?

First we dealt with some Muppet fans claiming that the Muppets were cancelled because Disney had the audacity to place a disclaimer in front of six episodes of The Muppet Show for containing some outdated, offensive material and to be clear, this material was always offensive, we just now have the vocabulary and awareness to have a dialogue about it. Disney did not take down any of these outdated bits; they kept the episodes intact. So: not cancelled. Then there was the Dr. This is a pretty ridiculous statement. We all know Miss Piggy is not about to be cancelled and this is going to blow over by the end of the week. But hey!

Seuss Enterprises decision to no longer sell six books by the author featuring racist and insensitive imagery. Author Charles M. Deadline reported that there at one point were plans to include him in the anticipated Space Jam Sequel.

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