Cartoon shows with best friends

And some cartoons cater to an adult audience, so you may even come across intense themes or an inappropriate joke or two while you are using them to learn English. Contents Why Learn with Cartoons? Cartoon Clips on FluentU 8. Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere.

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The Greatest Friendships In Disney Animated Movies

A couple misconceptions about animation. One: It's not a genre, it's a medium. It's a method of telling different stories in different genres, just like "live-action filmmaking.

Second of all: Organize your animated films within their actual specific genres, please! And two: While we are appreciative of the many family-friendly , kid-focused animated TV shows, animation is not just for kids.

In fact, we've all been lucky enough to be living through a golden age of adult animated television. If you're looking to dive into some imaginative, shocking, transgressive, often hilarious , and always entertaining animated TV shows for adults, look no further. We've collected all the best cartoons for adults available on your favorite streaming services, from the formative explosions of Adult Swim to Fox's Animation Domination to anime curios and everything in between.

Check out the best animated shows for adults streaming right now — and try not to turn into a pickle while you binge-watch. Of all the cartoons to really offer some solidarity when exploring the trickiness and subtle frustrations of adulthood, I never expected to peg the anime series Aggretsuko as the one to nail it perfectly. This fresh and fun anime series follows Retsuko, a shy and polite accountant who deals with the frustrations of working in an office with a terrible boss and ignorant co-workers by going to karaoke bars after working and singing death metal.

Yes, that is a very real sentence I just wrote and yes, it should immediately have you running to Netflix to binge both seasons and a perfect Christmas special! Retsuko is the metal singing panda hero we need right now because she gets it. Her rollercoaster initiation into adulthood is probably very similar to our own respective initiations into adulthood. Watch on Netflix. An absolutely stunning animated steampunk series, Arcane is loosely based on the hugely popular video game.

Starring Hailee Steinfeld Pitch Perfect 3 and Kevin Alejandro Lucifer , Arcane travels narratively across an upper city, a utopian place called Piltover, as well as the lower class underground dwellings of Zaun.

Along with an abundance of canon to pull from, this surprisingly entertaining science-fiction fantasy series tackles topics like classism and crime while stuffing the first season with easter eggs for game fans. Tuca is a toucan with a big personality, big dreams, but little in the way of proper life skills. Meanwhile, Bertie is a shy bird who lives with her sweet, supportive boyfriend, Speckles Steven Yeun who loves to bake and has a hard time speaking up for himself.

Big Mouth is a fascinating mix of a show that is, on the one hand, extremely graphic, but on the other hand aimed directly at kids. This animated series is a no-holds-barred look at impending adolescence and hormones as told through the eyes of three young pre-teens, two boys and a girl.

Sounds fun! Because you are half-right. But the other half… will knock you on your ass. Tompkins , and slacker roomie Aaron Paul. And all of this is bolstered by wildly imaginative visual gags the underwater episode? If you like to chase your chai lattes with blacker-than-black coffee, BoJack Horseman is your new favorite show. Following the travels and travails of Spike Spiegel and an intergalactic bounty hunting crew, Cowboy Bebop feels like classic noir, contemporary cyberpunk neo-noir, melancholy s case-of-the-week TV crime dramas, and Westerns -- all scored with unbelievable jazz sounds from maestro Yoko Kanno.

At a clean and tight 26 episodes, the series knows exactly what it wants to say and says it perfectly, while giving ample time for experimental, character-driven, self-contained adventures, too.

See you, space cowboy. F Is for Family My only beef with the show is that we don't get enough of it! It premiered nearly two years before Big Mouth , and yet there have been five fewer episodes! That said, the wait between seasons has been worth it, as the writers have done a brilliant job creating compelling storylines for the blue-collar Murphy family, led by co-creator Bill Burr as Frank, a miserable veteran with a quick temper and a foul mouth who works at the airport.

Frank and his wife Sue Laura Dern have three kids, Kevin Justin Long , Bill Haley Reinhart and Maureen Debi Derryberry , all of whom are quite different and follow the Simpsons model of the delinquent, the sensitive one, and Daddy's harmless little princess. Burr's gruff Boston accent is well-suited for animation and serves the character of Frank quite well, given his anger issues.

The title sequence alone, set to Redbone 's catchy "Come and Get Your Love," does an expert job of relaying the day-to-day anxieties of middle age.

Meanwhile, as of February, the cast now boasts two Oscar winners between Dern and Sam Rockwell , who plays scene-stealing womanizer Vic Reynolds. A third Oscar winner, Allison Janney , is among the many guest stars who have lent their distinctive voices to the show, including Vince Vaughn , T. Miller and Michael K.

F is for Family may play rough from time to time -- especially given its time, the s -- but there's an underlying sweetness to the show that makes us root for this dysfunctional family. F may be for Family, but it's also for Funny, and personally, I can't wait for season Four.

Each episode is an animated short film that hails from a different writer and director, and the theme holding them all together is the idea of sci-fi technology. As a result you get a wide range of tone from uber-violent to romantic to hysterically funny.

Some are only a few minutes long, while others are longer, offering diversity in length as well. And yes, this is a show for adults. One-Punch Man is, without hyperbole, the greatest anime ever made. The series follows Saitama, a superhero who can defeat literally any foe with a single punch. Consequently, Saitama is thoroughly bored with fighting, which confounds all of the professional heroes around him. The show is absolutely hilarious - Saitama achieved his incredible power by doing a bunch of push-ups, and he does battle with ridiculous characters like Crablante, a man who became a half-crab mutant after eating too much shellfish.

There are currently two seasons, with a third due next year, which leaves you plenty of time to memorize the current batch of episodes before the new ones drop. Martin Croker, Andy Merrill. One of the defining shows of the Adult Swim style of bizarre, absurdist humor, Aqua Teen Hunger Force demonstrated that a cartoon show can be about absolutely nothing and still be great.

Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad live together in a shitty suburban house in New Jersey under the paper-thin pretense of running a private detective agency, a premise the show completely abandons within the first few episodes.

The sentient fast food items encounter everything from vampires to aliens to Glenn Danzig in a series of off-the-wall storylines that come out of nowhere and wind up in the exact same place. The main characters frequently die, the world ends several times, and everything is completely reset in the very next episode.

I love this show. Watch on HBO Max. B Smoove. Harley Quinn is one of the best-animated shows on TV right now and easily one of the greatest to come out of the DC universe. This series follows the titular villain as she breaks up with The Joker and tries to make a name for herself among the villains of Gotham City. Harley Kaley Cuoco gets to discover who she is and what she wants outside of her toxic relationship - just as the character does in the film Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn.

Where the series outshines the film, however, is how absolutely unhinged it can be. Between a drunk and hilariously incompetent Jim Gordon Christopher Meloni , Harley using a flamethrower to carve female anatomy into a block of ice, and a Tom Hardy-esque Bane James Adomian who blows up a smoothie shop after an employee makes fun of him, Harley Quinn is definitely not for kids.

This series excels at subverting expectations of familiar DC Comics characters in both bizarre and surprisingly compelling ways. I could go on and on about every little thing that makes Harley Quinn worth the watch, so please indulge this nerdy writer and give it a chance.

Back in the formative years of Adult Swim, when taking a library Hanna-Barbera character and putting them in a new job or context was a good enough premise to generate hilarity, Michael Ouweleen and Erik Richter made superhero Birdman his last name, threw him in a suit, gave him a law practice, and caused my guts to hurt from laughter.

Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law is not just a fast-paced skewering of legal procedural dramas, but a cleverly postmodern imagination of all the traumas and ringers our favorite and obscure childhood cartoon characters have gone through. And his supporting voice cast? Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law hits me right in the sweet spot of tradition and inventiveness, and I hope it does for you, too.

Usually a creator will leave for greener pastures, and the show becomes a shell of its former self see: Family Guy , The Simpsons , but not with South Park.

His former arch-villains now work for him: Zorak C. The endearing, hand-crafted long live SquiggleVision! Jon Benjamin as eight-year-old aspiring filmmakers in an average American town. Sing it with me: He is Franz Kafka! Franz Kafka!

Metalocalypse , the show about a metal band so popular that it has its own economy, is brilliant in every definition of the word. The ultra-violent horror comedy satirizes metal culture as much as it embraces it - the five members of Dethklok are goofy, jaded millionaires, and their fans are insufferable geeks, but it provides creator Brenden Small with an excuse to create hours of amazing music.

The show itself revolves around Dethklok generally being huge idiots trying to navigate their way through comical hurdles, like shopping for their own groceries, getting in shape, and staging a Christmas special on live TV. Rockso is a straight-up indictment of David Lee Roth - a cheeseball hair metal rocker who behaves like a literal clown.

As the series progresses, the mythology starts to become a bit dense, placing the five guys of Dethklok in the middle of some ancient prophecy, but it never stops being absolutely hilarious.

Following the title duo — a vulgar and alcoholic but equally brilliant scientist and his unassuming young grandson, the series follows them on adventures through time, space, and parallel dimensions, each excursion more bonkers and imaginative than the next. Veering between graphic raunchy humor, sometimes horrifyingly dark existential meditations on humanity, and an awe-inspiring imagination for science fiction concepts, Rick and Morty somehow never loses the thread, tying it all up into a one-of-a-kind emotional, visual, and intellectual experience unlike anything else on TV.

I grew up watching Samurai Jack on Cartoon Network, and fell in love swiftly. Cast : H. Through countless spy plots that earnestly grip, abrupt season-long time period and genre shifts, and some of the sharpest writing ever unleashed, Archer has and continues to be a powerhouse of thrilling, comedic television. Plus -- some of the spy shit on this show is, like, really suspenseful and intense, especially a great season three two-parter featuring Bryan Cranston.

Watch on Hulu. Jon Benjamin, also of Archer fame and his family through the highs and lows of trying to run a restaurant in a working-class seaside town. Over the course of 10 seasons an 11th season and a feature film are on the way! There are hijinks a-plenty as the family finds themselves into the center of a new adventure every week, with the zany cranked up to 11 and the jokes coming in hot and fresh. While it came after The Simpsons and is somewhat underrated, Futurama remains one of the best animated TV shows of all time.

Viewers are transported to different worlds, meet new characters, and explore fascinating sci-fi ideas and themes in each episode. Much of the medium of animation is a delightful playground of visual inventiveness, an excuse to manipulate physical realities in ways you never could with live-action footage.

King of the Hill , perhaps more than any other animated series produced during this time, keeps on appreciating in value. The Simpsons , that long-running cartoon sitcom currently streaming on Hulu, is so embedded into my DNA that watching a familiar favorite or newly discovered gem feels like slipping into the warmest, softest bed ever produced. From smart, inadvertently educational pop culture parodies to incisive examinations of the contemporary American family landscape, The Simpsons does it all, and makes me absolutely cry laughing doing so.

Now, for the last time: Are you here to solve my ketchup problem?

They might not get the same attention as the '80s and '90s cartoons or the ones of today, but there are several cartoons from the '00s that are worth remembering. Some of these shows' genius is so evident even adult fans celebrate them. Others aren't as celebrated, and some fall into utter obscurity. Some of the greatest '00s shows have no official releases available, meaning viewers have only their memories to lean on if they want to relive the experience. The ones which do have official releases are well worth supporting.

The animated TV series revolves around an astronaut called Gary Goodspeed and his alien friend named Mooncake. It shows their awesome.

Super Best Friends Forever

Media, however, proves things were a bit more complicated. You just need to do a brief marathon watch of any of your favorites on Netflix or Hulu, or however you kids are watching television these days to witness for yourself. Or scroll down: I collected plenty of groupings of female friendships that taught us squadgoals before squad goals were a thing or, like, hashtags. From the too-cool-for-school besties to the color-coordinated cliques of betties to the literal siblings that epitomized pre-millennium sisterhood, I've rounded them all up for your nostalgic pleasure. Hopefully ,these ladies inspired you to bond with your gal pal over a slice rather than have catfights before homecoming. Some may view the Helga-Phoebe dynamic as somewhat subservient, but, as someone who's been the Helga in that dynamic, your sharp-as-a-whip Phoebe holds all the power. Choosing to ignore your friend's secret affection for someone is testament to her sweetness and loyalty, yet it's also a secret to keep in Phoebe's back pocket in case the day comes when Helga really sets her off. High school best friendships are all fun and fake IDs until Luke Perry and his massive forehead get in the way.

From Best Friends To Lovers: 19 TV Friendships That Turned Romantic Over Time

cartoon shows with best friends

A couple misconceptions about animation. One: It's not a genre, it's a medium. It's a method of telling different stories in different genres, just like "live-action filmmaking. Second of all: Organize your animated films within their actual specific genres, please!

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The 28 Best Cartoon Network Shows Of All Time

The show originally launched online on YouTube in Debuting in , it is currently in its fifth season. The series has been hailed for its inclusive storytelling as well as its standout soundtrack. Everything changes for Bee, a young woman with employment woes, when she is introduced to the world of space temp work by the adorable but mysterious PuppyCat, whom she meets when he falls out of the sky one day. Accompanying Uncle Grandpa on his adventures?

5 Animated Netflix Original Series Where Representation Matters

So here's our pick Twins Dak and Leyla are the heroes of this fun animation based on the hugely successful How to Train Your Dragon franchise. Rescued by a mother dragon from a shipwreck, the twins were raised by dragons and now fly around with their gang of four friendly beasts — Summer, Winger, Cutter and Burple — rescuing other dragons and sometimes the odd person too. In the first episode, they help Duggard, the chief of Viking village Huttsgalor, where they decide to stay and lend a hand. Why Watch: The dragons are really cute and the series is positive and fun, with a strong message about helping and caring for each other, no matter what your differences. A new series based on the original film starring Tom Hanks. From beyond the grave Scott Sr.

Story: The Garfield Show is a French/American CGI animated television series that premiered in France on France 3 on December 22, English-language.

Top 10 Best Best Friends In Cartoons

Ethan Brehm. Category: Entertainment. Where cinema had lived through three full eras prior to the first animated theatrical release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in , commercial television has essentially grown up with cartoons.

10 popular friendships of the animated world that will make you miss your friends

It just is. Even in an ideal group of friends, time can become a barrier as you enter different phases in life. But the sky is the limit on-screen, right? This was probably a staple of your high school TV-watching career; it's like the Christmas morning of reality TV shows. But, while the drama was exciting and every single person on the show was suspiciously good-looking, I wouldn't count on having a heart-to-heart with any of these "friends. Daring, imaginative, nakey

Cartoon Network shows have been bringing some of the funniest and most action-packed cartoons that both kids and adults can enjoy since the '90s. This list of the top Cartoon Network TV series even classic CN shows , both current and canceled series, includes the date when each cartoon first aired as well as lists of the casts of actors.

30 Best Netflix Animated Series to Watch Right Now

A good friendship is vital to many an existence. On television, it also helps make good characters great. Thus, the show will do better. Thanks to syndication and streaming services, there are plenty of best friends to quench our viewing thirst. Bringing famed comic book characters to life can be difficult. Especially ones who are not action heroes. Yet, Riverdale has been a hit for The CW since debuting in

The 16 best kids cartoons to stream right now

Find your next favorite and similar movies in two steps: 1. Identify all themes of interest from this film block below. Look for them in the presented list. Talking Tom and Friends

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