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Continuing Kino's travels with Kino no Tabi Season 2 seems like a no-brainer considering the long-term popularity of the series. There are plenty of stories left to tell, so the Kino's Journey anime could continue for a second season, never mind Season 3 and beyond. What younger anime fans may not realize is that the anime Kino's Journey -the Beautiful World- The Animated Series is actually a reboot of an anime series that first came out in Author Keiichi Sigsawa writer of the Gun Gale Online Alternative books , which is getting a anime and illustrator Kouhaku Kuroboshi started the story back in when they first began publishing the Kino no Tabi light novel series. In , the books were adapted into 13 episodes and an OVA episode only to be followed up by two minute movies released in and As of October of , the books are up to Kino no Tabi Volume

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Travelogue Kino's Journey Isn't Like Ordinary Anime

The closest way that would be the case if we watch or read something at a really young age. When we were kids, we could walk into any sort of thing and just watch it for what it is, because we have no preset values or opinions yet.

Those come later. As we see more and more things and establish our likes and dislikes, an unbiased opinion is completely impossible. Maybe that is stretching this a little too far though. I mean, a person could have watched a lot of live action shows for a while and then watch anime for the first time and be stunned by what it can do. After a while with some experience, their opinion start to form and come through which trully represent who and how they are as a person.

There is no turning back or reset button. Yes, this has all the relevance in the world with how I think about this new Kino adaption and writing reviews in genera. This, of course, is not a review because I am not approaching this from a balanced opinion at all. Part of this is my attachment to the series. The two series are as different as night and day. It partially starts with the episode construction. That means the tone of each episode and the meanings behind each episode were all chosen way ahead of time, which made the show feel like it had some direction.

The series is different because the countries that were given an episode were founded by an online pole. With the eight episodes that I watched, the difference is incredibly clear. I can handle being wrong. The next four episodes are most likely not going to change my mind from this opinion either. The first episode, which I still think is the best, still dealt with gun politics. No matter what, my opinion against the kind of stories that this show is going with.

The Kino is this edition is a mad woman that needs to be stopped. She is almost completely emotionless and hardly seems to have any kind of regard toward human life.

He has destabilized a country or two himself along his journey for a home. Because of the incidents that both of these characters cause and the lack of characterization that goes into both of them, Kino and Shizu come off as complete ass holes.

Now, having an ass hole protagonist is nothing something new or a bad thing all the time. You know, the first one with all the mass killing.

Especially now. For the past three episodes, Kino has barely an appearance or was not the main vocal point of the story being told. She either was stock in the fog, conveying a story that happened to some other people for some reason, or is MIA. Um, that might have to be edited and trimmed down. Or maybe just leave it. This is a light novel adaptation too, after all.

There was almost no nuance to it at all, because a lot of the exposition was done through a robotic manner by a motoradd and never through the people. The writing for this edition has just been bad all over the place and even the best episodes could not save it. Goodbye Kino I wish we could have departed on better terms. This was the first series that I reviewed somewhat episodically, so that makes Kino something special for me.

So, what am I going to put in this spot right next? It is almost the end of another year in anime, so maybe I will fill that spot by listing favorites. More content will appear anyway. Thank you all for reading this. Like Liked by 3 people. Like Liked by 2 people. The natural human bias is probably the reason why most people struggle with the concept of liking something you think is bad and disliking something you think is good.

Like Liked by 1 person. I dropped it at episode four and i just plan to marathon it when the series is over. I had never felt so disappointed since I have deep love for the 03 version too. The sad thing is that THIS is the kino the new fanbase is acquianted with. That troubles me the most, tbh. Of course thos is just my opinion. No way that can even be closer to true. No editorials and such, just little segments on how philosophical the episode was. But the mid-season has been really flat and it has become more and more apparent htat this show has no real message or idea and even for an episodic show it lacks any kind of cohesion not helped by the title character being missing from quite a few of the episodes.

I completely agree with everything you said in this post. Kino no Tabi to put it bluntly, is not Kino no Tabi. With that said, great post. Thanks for your insight. I really liked the original series and from your reviews and some others I have found who know the version, this remake sounds so mediocre. I think I can think of a few more series that suffer from the same problem.

I was hoping that this series would end up to be good, but we can never get the result we want all the time. That all being said, there is a show that has had a lot of the spirit of The Kino airing this season. It approached a lot of the things that one did in a very different way, which I find great. One of my anime reviews scheduled for this Saturday suffers from this big time, and I have an entire paragraph talking about PCM while bringing up examples from famous shows or movie.

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Like this: Like Loading Rip Kino, your journey was never meant to be. Indeed, lmao Like Liked by 2 people. You can probably imagine the look of horror I have on my face right now. I kid, I kid… Mostly Like Liked by 2 people. That sounds like an interesting idea. XD Like Liked by 3 people. Do you have any certain links about this? Your Avatar fits your comment incredibly well. And thank you for reading. I guess is Kino watchers and lovers just have to stick together.

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Kino (Kino's Journey)

I was taking an introductory course on Buddhism and Japanese Culture at the time, so the fact that I immediately connected Kino to the material I was learning in class is no surprise. First, it shows the core nature of interpretation: you have to pick a certain framework to interpret from. You need to be coming at material from somewhere, since there needs some system in place for establishing value and whatnot. The second thing is that it shows that it is possible to actually look at Kino through the lens of Buddhist philosophy.

Both versions of Kino's Journey are good anime with details in the version, Kino's calm reactions at the end are not comparable to.

Kino’s Journey (Kino no Tabi)

Based on the hit novel series, Kino's Journey now has a beautiful manga adaptation with illustrations by Iruka Shiomiya Ningen Series. His two companions headed for the truck, but he paused. Why is that? The man went silent for a moment, then smiled abruptly. Despite not knowing the men-nor their intentions-Kino decides to hunt rabbits and cook to nurse them back to health. Though the men are truly thankful for these kind deeds, what Kino doesn't know just might come back to bite them Previous page. Print length. Publication date.

Kino’s trip 2003 vs. 2017: Which version of anime is better?

kino no tabi reaction

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I figured that out about half way through, but I was still surprised as to how everything played out. Kino seems to have adopted his very character when it comes to traveling.

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Kino’s Journey -The Beautiful World- The Animated Series Episode 2 Review: Colosseum

This anime is also known as The Good Mushishi. For all its imaginative moments, it settles into a pattern early on and never deviates. Even the last episodes which aim for some harrowing ends up slotting nicely without breaking up picture. Narrow focus on themes is often the source of fantastic exploration of them. By nature, this anime has a wide scope. It follows a person through various countries, each one dominated by a theme.

Yeah, I gotta agree with you here. Kino's reaction was better in the older anime. Anonymous.

Kino No Tabi — Baekhyun’s reaction when Lay called their couple...

So I did get the prediction about somebody having ties to the King right, since it only made sense. Is she so embittered that she wants to pass on the suffering to a fellow traveler? Kino had never been in a situation that resulted in as much agency over a country as this, and their neutrality towards the bloodshed is a little scary.

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When year-old Kino is feeling weighed down by heavy thoughts, one thing always manages to cheer her up: traveling. Nothing fills her heart with joy like exploring the beautiful, wonderful world around her and the fascinating ways people find to live. However, Kino is not as helpless as her cute appearance and courteous demeanor suggest. Armed with "Cannon" and "Woodsman," her trusted handguns, Kino isn't afraid to kill anyone who would dare to get in her way. Always by her side is her best friend and loyal companion Hermes, a sentient motorcycle, who supports Kino through the sorrows and hardships of their journey. Together, they travel the vast countryside with the shared goal of always moving forward, and a single rule: never stay in one country for more than three days.

My recent trip to Japan as a traveler has only rekindled my dormant enthusiasm for this franchise. We begin with Kino camped outside.

Otakus react to NTR Doujin of My Dress-Up Darling made by Ukrainian Artist

It might be best to find out how things relate and where to tackle this all by seeing what stands out, what seems to not belong. Three of the stories relate to the prophecy and the poet, and one does not. Before we go forth, let me ask you a question — Is Kino a traditionalist? Are Travelers traditionalists? I think the answer is that they are. Yes, it means she will not alter things, but also that she relies on tradition. And then we get to the people of the land itself.

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