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Trinity Blood is complex series based on light novels written by the late Sunao Yoshida and illustrated by Thores Shibamoto. The story is set years before Armageddon, an apocalyptic war between humans and vampires. Trinity Blood focuses on political tensions between the humans in the Vatican and the vampires known as Methuselah. Trinity Blood plays into timeless vampire lore, but with an interesting twist. Trinity Blood follows a priest named Abel Nightroad.

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Abel Nightroad , also known as Crusnik 02 and born Abel Knightlord , is the main protagonist in the series. Originally, he hated humans because of their role in the creation and experimentation of the four test tube babies for the Red Mars Project, but he ultimately changed his mind after the death of Lilith Sahl.

Abel is a handsome young man with long silvery hair that is tied up by a black ribbon, blue-gray eyes and he wears small, gray, round glasses with a double bridge it is mentioned he has silver hair sometimes blonde-silver , he appears to be thirty years old, he is six feet tall and he weighs one hundred forty-three pounds in the novels.

In his Krusnik form, Abel's eyes turn red and a pair of fangs poke between his lips which turn black. He also has a pair of black wings and a red scythe created from his blood: which is stronger than steel and harder than diamond. The wings allow him to fly in the sky and have the ability to generate bio-electric fields.

He wears a black priest robe with embroidered crosses, white gloves and he has two black belts around his hips under the coat. In The Throne of Roses arc of the manga, he is depicted as a black-eared " The White Rabbit ", as opposed to his white-eared brother.

His arcana in Thores' tarot cards is The Fool, a reference to his personality and status as the main character. Abel appears most often as a clumsy and silly man who is completely unfit for his job.

If he is in the company of others, his reactions tend to be comically exaggerated and ridiculous, which often leaves everyone around him exasperated or embarrassed. However, most of his day-to-day actions and reactions are a facade, when he is alone or caught off guard, his personality is typically fairly quiet and morose.

This is mostly due to the fact that, in the distant past, he helped to wage a war of annihilation against the remaining humans on Earth, believing that coexistence between them and the returning Methuselah was impossible, and hating humanity in general for his creation and use. In private, he is also far more competent and thoughtful than he pretends to be. In battle, he usually attempts to disarm or subdue rather than kill. If the situation calls for killing however, he is not averse to doing so, though in the anime this is somewhat inconsistently portrayed.

Activation of his Krusnik nanomachines adds a detached and ruthless quality to his personality so long as the activation was purposeful. As such, he is far more likely to transform if nobody else is around. Due to his genetically enhanced nature, he is extremely intelligent, and this combined with his pre-Armageddon lifespan gives him exceptional skill at manipulating even the most advanced technological systems.

He displays many odd quirks throughout the series, such as putting thirteen sugars lumps in his tea, and is always short of money. He is noted as having terrible luck as well.

Abel was a short-tempered person in his youth, angry with humans for using himself and other genetically-enhanced humans as tools for colonizing Mars. He served as the Lieutenant-Colonel and in charge of the management of the security division in The Red Mars Project , a project created in response to an overpopulation crisis on Earth.

His rank was below Cain Knightlord and above Seth Nightlord. During this The Mars Colonization project, several colonizers who disliked Abel lured him into the Martian wilderness and ambushed him, damaging his environmental suit and leaving him to die. It was during this time that the two found a highly technologically advanced space ship, later known as " The Ark ".

The Krusnik Bacillus was found to be only compatible with the genetically-enhanced humans after it was used to save Cain's life but killed a normal colonizer, and so the Kudlak Bacillus was given to the , colonizers of the Red Mars Project.

Eventually, nuclear war broke out on Earth as they fought for the Kudlak Bacillus and the Ark, and the same occurred on Mars as they they had representatives from every country. Eighty years later, the colonizers were finally able to rebuild a spaceship to travel back to Earth. Not long after however, due to the Earth's closer proximity to the sun, the colonizers started showing symptoms of vampirism.

A rift started between the "returners" and the humans on Earth. The time period of this war that followed was known as "The Dark Ages". Using the power of the Krusnik nanomachines , Abel, Cain and Seth were responsible for the death of millions. As one of the Contra Mundi "enemy of the world" , he had been called "a God of slaughter", "God of Carnage", and even a "God of Destruction", a name which Dietrich uses to provoke him.

Lilith Abel's former lover sided with the humans but was killed by Cain under the guise of a truce. Enraged, Abel and Seth forced Cain into an airlock and dropped him all the way from outer space into the Earth's atmosphere. Abel spent the next nine hundred years mourning Lilith's death, until Caterina Sforza ran into the the catacombs, fleeing from a vampire attack.

Abel saves her and promises to continue Lilith's legacy. During the main events of Trinity Blood , Abel is a very different person as he is now a priest under the AX Division of the Vatican's Department of Foreign Affairs both to protect and foster peace between the two races. Although Abel usually maintains a childish and goofy demeanor, he is unable to forgive himself for his past atrocities.

He refers to himself many times as a 'sinner' and a 'monster'. He does not argue with other character's accusations of himself as such, rather he is more likely to agree with them. Because he considers himself a sinner, he has made his life's goal to protect the humans, although his goal for destroying Cain Knightlord is not completely for selfless reasons.

In the novels, Abel replies he does believe in God when asked by Vaclav Havel. Abel is first noticed by Esther Blanchett when she hears the sorrowful sound of wings. Abel crashes into as he was actually attacked by crows, destroying Esther's home-made bomb. Abel asks "the boy" is fine, when his head starts to bleed from the impact with the ground. Dietrich von Lohengrin lifts Abel up by his ponytail and threatens the man, that no one hits on Esther, until he realizes Abel is a priest.

Abel greets Bishop Laura Vitez when Esther is also called in. Where Abel comments that he'd mistaken Esther for a boy at first, but is quickly interrupted by a punch from Esther before he could finish. Later when Esther shows Abel to his run-down room, she asks Abel not to tell to Bishop Vitez about their earlier encounter. Abel changes subject, and then doubles over from pain. Esther starts to worried about him, but Abel just says that his stomach is growling, so Esther leaves to find him some food.

In the kitchen of the church Esther makes some sandwiches for Abel , when Dietrich shows up after cleaning the cathedral. The two suddenly hear something from the hall, and they rush to find a vampire, along with the people he had killed. The vampire proclaims he is seeking information about the new priest, and is interrupted as Dietrich shoots him with silver bullets. The vampire steals Dietrich's gun, before the two could even notice.

The vampire knocks out Dietrich, with the intention of capturing the two to present to Gyula. Esther stands her ground and calls him a monster, infuriating him. The vampire grabs Esther by her throat and suffocates her, but at that moment, Abel suddenly falls through the ceiling, landing behind the vampire. Esther then passes out. Abel easily overpowers the vampire and drains him of his blood.

Esther wakes up on a bed with Dietrich sitting next to her, crying and apologizing, but happy that she survived. Esther says it is fine, but then she remembers the vampire and Abel.

Dietrich takes her to the kitchen, where Abel is eating. The priest informs her that the vampire fled when he tried to shoot him.

Esther appears to be shocked. Esther is next shown praying with Bishop Vitez at the funerals for the latest victims of a vampire attack while Dietrich and Abel watch. After she is done, Esther tells Abel and Dietrich that they are now heading to Gyula's mansion to finish this fight. Bishop Vitez hugs Esther, informing her that she had always known what Esther has been doing.

She admits that although she doesn't want to let Esther go, since it was her mission, she encourages Esther to do her best. Bishop Vitez makes Esther promise to return home safely and entrusts Dietrich and Abel to look after her. As the trio head towards the mansion, the church with Bishop Vitez inside is set ablaze by the Star of Sorrow. Abel jumps in front of Esther, shielding her from the shards of glass, before handing her to Dietrich He tells the two to go to somewhere safe while he stays behind to take down the enemy forces.

Esther is next seen alone, mourning for the loss of Bishop Vitez in the middle of the forest. Abel finds her, relieved that she is safe. Esther tells to Abel that Dietrich is has left her to put out the fire on the church.

Esther continues to mourn, unable to comprehend why the Bishop had to die. She ponders upon her own insignificance as a single person as the Bishop's last words remind her of her mission. Abel puts her on the head, informs Esther that he will stand by her side, and apologizes for not being able to say anything more in this. Esther starts to cry, promising to Abel that she will not cry anymore. The two are in front of Gyula's mansion, when a huge beam of light comes down from the sky and destroys the mountains near the town.

The two barge into the mansion, where Gyula is already waiting for the two. Esther interrogates Gyula about the light beam, while Abel asks if Gyula has already started the Star of Sorrow. The satellite on the sky was made by Maria Gyula's late wife , with her intention of it originally being the "Star of Hope".

Esther shoots Gyua with her bow gun but the vampire easily catches the arrow. Looking down upon Esther, Gyula retorts whether such a violent race as terrains would get to heaven, before he throws the arrow back at her with blinding speed.

Fortunately, Abel is able to catch it in time. Gyula recognizes Abel as one of the AX Agents. Abel pleads Gyula to stop the satellite, pointing out that the satellite was made to transport electricity, and not used as a weapon of destruction. Gyula reveals then that it was Vatican who murdered his terrain wife, on the basis that he was a vampire, and that the second shot is aimed at The Vatican.

He asks Dietrich about the Star of Sorrow's alignment who uses the opportunity to reveal that he has being lying to Esther the whole time. Shocked, Esther tries to shoot at Gyula, but instead finds her bullet has hit Abel. An amused Dietrich reveals he has used his "Marionette strings," making Esther a puppet and him the puppeteer, and demonstrates the ability further by making her shoot Abel several more times.

Dietrich leaves soon after that, leaving Esther to die. Gyula is about to drain her of her blood when Abel manages shoot Gyula, to Esther's surprise. Elated, Esther runs and hugs Abel, questioning how it was possible that he is still alive. Abel replies that he is honoring his promise to be at her side, and then tells her to go after Dietrich, as he is the only one who can stop the Star of Sorrow.

After Esther leaves, Gyula attacks Abel again, but is astonished when Abel moves behind him so quickly that his movements were not perceivable.

Trinity Blood (TV)

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trinity blood trinity blood

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Scientists at Trinity and the Institute Imagine at Necker Hospital, Paris, today announced a significant advance in our understanding of a very rare condition called alternating hemiplegia of childhood AHC. This devastating condition, which can lead to repeated paralysis of one side of the body — and sometimes both sides at once — usually begins to affect children before 18 months of age. To date, only one causative gene has been identified. The protein product of this gene, claudin-5, is critical for maintaining the integrity of the blood-brain barrier BBB. Intriguingly, the mutated form of the protein turns the barrier into a channel that is selective for negatively charged ions. In this regard, the ionic compositions of the brain are likely shifted in these children and this is a key driver of the condition. The identity of these de novo mutations in unrelated children suggests that the barrier is turning into a channel. Importantly, the work has implications for our basic understanding of the junctional protein that forms the BBB.

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IGN Review. Trinity Blood - Chapter 1.

The image shows a huge increase in blood flow red during an acute stage of hemiplegia one-sided paralysis in a child diagnosed with alternating hemiplegia of childhood AHC , caused by a mutation in the CLDN5 gene. Scientists at Trinity College Dublin and the Institute Imagine at Necker Hospital, Paris, today announced a significant advance in our understanding of a very rare condition called alternating hemiplegia of childhood AHC. This devastating condition, which can lead to repeated paralysis of one side of the body — and sometimes both sides at once — usually begins to affect children before 18 months of age. To date, only one causative gene has been identified. The protein product of this gene, claudin-5, is critical for maintaining the integrity of the blood-brain barrier BBB. Intriguingly, the mutated form of the protein turns the barrier into a channel that is selective for negatively charged ions. In this regard, the ionic compositions of the brain are likely shifted in these children and this is a key driver of the condition.

In the dark and distant future, Armageddon has given rise to an eternal war between the humans, led by the Vatican, and the Methuselah Empire, the domain of the vampires! With the Pope injured and what seems like the entire Vatican turned against them, Esther and Schera must fight for their lives while trying to reveal Cardinal D'Annuncio's fiendish plot. But with so much blood already shed, can even the Lady Saint and her powerful ally escape unscathed?

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