Hamefura keith kiss

I tried to think of what non-human fantasy creatures would fit each character, based on things like personalities, looks, and abilities. This is what I came up with:. I also have this idea of Mary growing actual flowers in her hair, so her hair accessory would be a real flower in this case. It can also add another layer to why her half-sisters dislike her.

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Hamefura keith kiss

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Art Of The Abyss — Happy belated Kiss Day!! Everyone in the harem...

He is the male lead and is considered in the character introductions at the beginning of each Light Novel, to be One of the TWO leads, while the rest of the cast are divided up as secondary to minor characters. But the way the other characters are introduced with each novel changes bit by bit. To the entire Harem minus Geordo being marked as secondary characters in the 3rd novel and onwards.

Katarina and Geordo are clearly marked as being equal in character importance — the Female Lead and the Male Lead. Though, in the actual events of the story, Katarina is clearly the MAIN character while Geordo is just one of the many characters who is rotating around her. Geordo is the first character who we truly meet in the story excluding Katarina.

Signifying his importance to the story as a whole. Because of that, we learn what that actually means for Katarina who is the villainess of the original story. Or at least, what she thinks it means. Being a romantic interest and a doom flag is a character position solely unique to Geordo and Keith. And even in that regard, Geordo and Keith are treated somewhat differently from one another. So, that aspect of the story is a bit forgotten as the story moves forward.

But really, I think that even Katarina realizes that Keith as a doom flag is basically a neutralized threat, because of their close sibling relationship. Geordo on the other hand, is still treated as a Doom Flag. Essentially all of her plans of escaping her doom, are basically plans that focus on Geordo turning on her and how to escape him specifically.

Her snakes and even her sword-fighting which is brought up less than the snakes. We see this with their constant passive aggressive fighting and commentary towards one another, as well as being essential and core elements to the whole Harem and its dynamic.

Now, depending on which medium your engaging with, there are very strong arguments for Maria, Mary, or Alan being a third main rival character or if not that, at least being at a higher level than the others. That alone separates her from the others Harem Members. Mary get in the thick of it as much as Geordo and Keith do especially in the novels. She is a constant thorn and wrench to Geordo and everyone else, but mostly Geordo.

Alan, because of his character design and popularity among fans, he gets leveled up and is given more attention as the story continues to progress and the anime clearly cements him as a main rival.

As shown in Vol 5. While really for comedic sakes, Geordo being the biggest opponent to everyone does, to some degree, tell us about his chances with Katarina or at least I think so. In Novels , there are essentially 8 kisses that Katarina receives from the other characters on her hand to her lips. Out of these kisses, Geordo is the partner 6 times. Out of these kisses there are 3 pictures, that while not depicting the kisses themselves, do depict the moment just before. This is absolutely a kiss scene.

Simple as that. Basically, Katarina realizes that Geordo has romantic feelings for her in this scene. While she initially thought his Retaliation Kiss was just a dream of hers, a dream she was very flustered by, she is now more than aware of what is happening. Keith wakes up from his own Dark Magic Coma so to speak and thinking Katarina is just a dream, he kisses her, much to the shock of Katarina. This scene in particular, especiall with the picture, I think really cements Geordo as the one who Katarina will end up with.

So, to me, this seems very telling. There is no kiss scene between the two in that moment. Out of the 8 Kisses Katarina receives, in Volumes In Ch. So far, Geordo is the only one who has received this treatment.

We get to see his view on their relationship and his feelings for Katarina, as well as the water kiss scene. Geordo gives a brief summary of each of the characters.

I genuinely do think Geordo has the best shot of ending up with Katarina out of all the characters. Now whether I think that because I ship him and Katarina or whether I ship Geordo x Katarina because I think he has the best chance is difficult to say. Probably both.

Geordo There are several reasons for why I think this. This is how the characters are introduced in the Light Novels From Alan and Keith being marked as secondary characters in the 1st novel. To Alan, Keith, and Nicol being marked as secondary characters in the 2nd novel. Though Keith is a close second in that regard. All of that marks her as being if not a main rival, then certainly higher than others. Mary Mary get in the thick of it as much as Geordo and Keith do especially in the novels.

Alan Alan, because of his character design and popularity among fans, he gets leveled up and is given more attention as the story continues to progress and the anime clearly cements him as a main rival. Hand Kiss — Geordo Vol. Neck Kiss — Geordo Vol. Water Kiss — Geordo Vol. Neck Kiss 2. Retaliation Kiss — Geordo Vol. Confession Kiss — Geordo Vol. Waking Up Kiss — Keith Vol.

No Picture. Retaliation Kiss 2. Any others, I have no idea about. Largely because Katarina is so happy. Thanks for the question!

Screw Destiny! I'll Make My Own Destiny! (HameFura/ASoIaF)

Stuff for Pets is here! Bandanas, blankets, and mats with purr-sonality. Quality kiss-cut, vinyl decal, Chibi Keith stickers. Removable and super stickery. Perfect for phone cases, laptops , journals, guitars, refrigerators, windows, walls, skateboards, cars , bumpers, helmets , water bottles, hydro flasks , computers, or whatever needs a dose of originality.

There was nothing wrong or offensive or potentially reputation-ruining about a brother and sister exchanging affectionate kisses, so she would kiss Keith in.


Ah, Mary and Geordo and Keith all combating each other openly, not realizing that stealthy Maria, Raphael, Sophia and Nicol are the ones making the big moves this episode! Alan is as clueless as Katarina, lol. One year later everyone is now 19 and Keith and Katarina are getting married next month, Katarina has over come her doom flags or so she thought. She sat in the library at the ministry of magic looking threw some reports on black magic being used in the area, mostly targeting young couples. In town she arrives only to come face to face with not just Keith but Geordo and Mary had also showed up. Ptince Geordo! Gerodo holds his hand out but turns out Keith is infront of him, so he ended up touching Keith. He takes his hand away quick as possible his face flushed red.

The Capture Targets

hamefura keith kiss

Raphael fights the shadows until they dissipate—no Maria light magic necessary. He then decides to join the Department of Magic and make a new life with his birth name and identity, while Marchioness Dieke and her accomplices are arrested for their crimes. Her final trial is the graduation party, which is where Game Maria eventually chooses the guy she loves and wants to spend her life with. This also leads to Game Catarina either being killed or exiled. All the others echo their undying love and desire to spend the rest of their lives with Catarina.

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Mynextlifeasavillainess Stories

Our heroine Catarina Claes just freed herself from the bad end by friendzoning everyone in the anime and decides to go on a cruise with her step-bro Keith in the place of her parents on one of the Quido cruise ships along with other people form her country. Geordo Stuart — Well the game is obviously going to be biased towards Georgo since the 2nd season of the anime snuck in several kiss scenes — since my man is done holding back. And so finally in the ending, they get married and the bonus CG is from their wedding night. Just like with Geordo, and basically everyone else in this game, Keith has of course been in love with Catarina since they were kids — in fact he even reminded me that he fell in love with her the moment she broke down the door to his room with an axe. Alan Stuart — Alan starts off all fidgety around Catarina as usual so we get tons of really cute lovecom moments between the two of them at the start of the route. Due to this Alan and Catarina moments suddenly vanish until literally the very end of the final chapter where Alan reminds Catarina that he too has been in love with her since she was like 8 years old.

Keith Claes

He was adopted from a branch family because of his huge magical powers. He is treated coldly by his adoptive sister and adoptive mother. As a reaction to this lack of affection, he grew up to be a playboy. Keith is a handsome boy with flaxen hair and blue eyes. He wears a suit with a light purple waistcoat and a dark purple tie, under a long white and purple jacket. Keith is a fine young man who grew up to be a hardworking and intelligent gentleman thanks to Katarina's encouragement.

There was nothing wrong or offensive or potentially reputation-ruining about a brother and sister exchanging affectionate kisses, so she would kiss Keith in.

My Next Life as a Villainess - All Routes Lead to Doom! — Hamefura Ep. 8 - Keith’s “desire”

Originally posted by bubbleous. Keith x reader keith kogane voltron x reader voltron. Cosmic Dust. Anonymous asked: nsfw keith with thigh hickies???

What A Cutie Patootie

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He felt triumphant at the idea of Katarina bringing pastries straight to his own lips. But Keith wants to feed Katarina? To be finally be the one to feed her instead of the other way around! He wants to be as confident and suave as Geordo when it comes to his advances with her. I have just finished reading the extra story which comes with the Japanese special edition of Volume 11 of the light novel. It is a story about the childhood of the Stuart Brothers, which has been partly adapted in episode S2 Episode 5 of the anime.

What's a girl who expected to have to fight to survive her role as a villainess to do once she's survived her storyline and being kidnapped? In the case of one Katarina Claes, it's try her best to keep enjoying her second life with her friends while figuring out how to put off Jeord's insistence that they get married right after graduation.

Chibi Keith Stickers

Keith fears they would still be among them. However she figures she should rather think of her situation. But she really considers she is past the events of Fortune Lover? Aside from this, Katarina wonders if Ryle really wanted to sell them. Ryle is still unconscious so she will need to wait for him to wake up to know. Since it is not clear what they should do, the Council decides Katarina should ask Keith for advice to decide the actions to take. They arrive in a mansion.

Well my friends, looks like this penultimate episode is really ominous with that dark magic energy emanating from that abandoned mansion over there. Does it remind you of the final episode of HameFura Season 1? Of course, going inside the mansion is one dangerous task and while Catarina Claes is eager to go there, someone needs to distract the guards.

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