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Aaaaadventure Time!

What time is it? Use the included accessories to create your own stories and make every day a fun adventure! Watching Adventure Time [is] "a good way to escape the routine after a hard day at work and to recharge the batteries". As does playing with LEGO bricks, as a matter of fact". Here's the box, the usual sturdier fold out flap package that the more "presentation" oriented sets are sold in. It is very attractive and colourful, with the graphics styled like the cartoon and the characters posed in a way reminiscent to the cartoon too.

Showing us just what we get with all the important branding logos too! The back of the box is a cute comic strip arrangement comparing the build-able figures and the characters in the show.

Honestly, this is making me hope that there might be an all LEGO styled episode in the series. The Ideas blurb on the boxout informs you about the set.

The sides have a continuation of the Land of Ooo styled landscape. Inside there are three numbered bags and the full colour instruction manual. The Manual itself has the full instructions and a little character biography for the featured characters. Also, popping up on a few pages are the brick-built characters themselves with little quotes to enjoy as you build.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow, building in a logical way to create each figure. Finn, Jake, BMO and a brick separator.

Very useful tool, but I have nearly 12 now. Included as these Ideas sets are often aimed more at the fan of the theme than the LEGO fan, so it will be useful for them. There are printed tiles and bricks to create our favourite characters and the colours required too.

Certainly it is mostly basic parts, but the result are some very charming figures. Here's the boys and BMO. BMO is just as adorable as in the series. Jake is all the right colours with the usual cheery grin.

The construction of his face means you can build plenty of his morphed forms. I'm looking forward to having a go at building a Jake Suit.

Now our hero himself, Finn the Human Boy. The clean lines of a brick-built figure suit the character, two round tiles as the bear hat ears are a great little detail. Pose-ability is minimal, but the mixel ball joints allow some sword swinging detail.

The simplicity of the sword design also means it is easy to create many more of Finn's favourite things to take into battle. Printed eyes and two printed 1x3 bricks for the faces.

The snowflakes are always lovely to see and these trans-lite-blue ones are great. The pyramid in trans-pink is also very pretty. I just love Marceline's design, getting the hair just right but still LEGO like is excellently accomplished here. Mixel joint arms again let there be some poses, but it is a little hard to get the axe-bass into a good place. Gunter the penguin is a cute little thing, his wings are two shield tiles that leave minimal possibility, Though, how much do penguins need to do?

Ice King has an impressive beard, the nose we all know and the magic crown. The snowflakes are a nice touch and the ball joint arms are perfect for Ice King, you don't see many more movements from him than flying and waving his arms around.

Bag three contents, everything we need for Lady Rainicorn and Princess Bubblegum. Eyes and a printed face, interesting parts include a tan coloured flag and many parts in shades of pink. There are four Unikitty tails in tan also, useful for sculptures and architectural detail. The finished build. Off scale of course, as PB does fly around on Lady.

Lady and Peebs is an excellent example of an episode. Princess Bubblegum looks lovely. Again, the character designs really do suit LEGO. Her crown is well done, the tile is a nice touch too. A few more expressions would have been good, PB has a wide range after all. A better look at Lady, made pose-able from clips and bars, using the new rounded 1x1 plates with bar, you can arrange the legs a little too. The all important rainbow stripes are well done. All in all, she's a great little build.

Overall, this is an excellent set. It was great fun to play with. After I had built them, there was lots of playing to be done. The characters are fun to pose and display. Great to play with and the simplistic design means there are many additions one can make to accessories the characters. This set was completely Algebraic! If you are an Adventure Time fan or have a fan in your life this set is a great buy.

It's a neat set, but probably one of the most bland Ideas ones we've gotten. The grey joints detract from the color schemes, and Finn's face is too wide. Other than that it's alright and I'll likely buy it because I absolutely love the cartoon.

This is not the best LEGO Ideas set by far but at least this shows they are open to different kinds of sets. While the grey joints are a bit unfortunate, they don't bother me too much. I'm more annoyed that the legs don't have any articulation. I also second the wide face on Finn - I wish they'd used a white brick with the face printed on it though then again, the flesh brick would allow to built a hatless Finn. Regardless, these figures look pretty neat. I'm not sure if I will buy these, as I'm not the biggest Adventure Time fan I like the show, but I haven't watched it in ages , but the parts assortment is solid and I like the idea behind them brick-built actionfigures.

The ubiquitous weekday afternoon cartoon for confirmed hipster burnouts. The fact that this got made and the Sherlock set was dumped on tells me all about the "good people" managing the approval process over at Lego Ideas. In fact, I have a good idea about where they can collectively go. That their job is making toys for children, and a cartoon adventure series is just a better fit for that than an adult mystery series that focuses heavily on murder?

Jeez, the whiners are out in full force for this review. For my part, I'm not really a fan of Adventure Time, but this seems like a decent little set for fans of the show.

It's a fairly good adaptation of the original proposal, as well with some figures like Princess Bubblegum and the penguin arguably improved. Unless I do get interested in Adventure Time I probably won't have much interest in this set, and there are certainly no small number of projects I would have preferred that have failed review. But you won't see me complaining about this set's mere existence because I'm a mature adult who recognizes that the world doesn't revolve solely around myself and my interests.

Eh, I'm not a hipster burnout. I totally agree that it is a set for the fans of the show. Trying to grab someone who wants a neat toy of something they already like. If one is deemed more appealing than another, then it will be made into a set. Thanks for the review! This is a unique and imaginative set that makes great use of brightly-colored basic bricks to recreate the show's iconic characters.

And perhaps if this sells well it might pave the way for other sets inspired by modern cartoons. There will always be people who think being judgmental snobs gives them the right to lash out at fans of sets and Ideas projects they don't care for.

Perhaps after enough disappointments they'll learn some perspective. The LEGO Ideas team has done a great job delivering widely beloved sets, even if they haven't all been my cup of tea, and I'm glad to see that continue!

To be honest, this set is, well, weird. No idea where LEGO's going with this one. It's original but I am not a fan, let's put it that way. Then again, I can imagine other people are, and fair play to them. It all adds to the diversity, and that's a good thing! Kids, it is about the kids. That is what LEGO does. It is not about AFOLs. How often is this forgotten or overlooked. Thank you for reminding those who forget. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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Lego Rebrick Adventure Time Character Competition Winners

What time is it? Use the included accessories to create your own stories and make every day a fun adventure! Watching Adventure Time [is] "a good way to escape the routine after a hard day at work and to recharge the batteries". As does playing with LEGO bricks, as a matter of fact". Here's the box, the usual sturdier fold out flap package that the more "presentation" oriented sets are sold in. It is very attractive and colourful, with the graphics styled like the cartoon and the characters posed in a way reminiscent to the cartoon too.

Based on the latest episode of Adventure Time -- "Henchmen". Watch Adventure Time on Monday nights on Cartoon Network!

Adventure Time Opening Sequence Made With LEGO Bricks

In the world of collectible toys, perhaps none takes as many forms as the venerable Lego minifigure. There are close to 4, distinct varieties, and the company has licensed so many pop-culture properties that The Lego Movie needed a scene set in a meeting hall to cram in as many cameo appearances as it could. But last year, the Simpsons minifigure series famously paired standard-issue bodies with non-standard-issue heads to add more realism to the denizens of Springfield. That move created an opening that Chris Malec didn't hesitate to jump through. Malec, an artist based in Buckinghamshire, England, has borrowed that technique to create a range of custom minifigs from another fanciful animated series: Adventure Time. The Land of Ooo, as navigated by Jake the dog and Finn the human, is an otherworldly playground of never-ending surreal adventures; in other words, it's perfectly suited to the imaginative creativity of building with Lego. Kaleidoscopic colors and a vaguely medieval fantasy settingwith a cavalcade of extraordinarily weird characters in towmakes Adventure Time a potent pipe dream for future Lego endeavors. Malec has worked on other Adventure Time -related projects before; his series of Batman crossover figures featured Ice King as Mr. Matt Ribel.

Adventures in LEGO Dimensions Episode 9 – Adventure Time World

lego adventure time episode

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To read our review of last week's Westworld episode, "Well Enough Alone," click here. It was the most exciting, and devious, Season 4 episode so far, saddling up very close to what might be the big secret of this new storyline, which is robots puppeting human beings as if they were machines. To be fair , we've seen this happen already with William's flies. We've witnessed people become A. Now we just have to, perhaps, broaden our scope a bit.

Adventure Time Lego Set Submitted On Lego Ideas

Adventure Time Tree House. Adventure Time Tree Fort. My little rendition of the Tree Fort from Adventure Time. Adventure Time Tree House5. Adventure Time. BMO Adventure Time. Adventure Time Medal Guitar.

The level follows the story of the Adventure Time episode The Enchiridion (season 1, episode 5). It starts with Finn hanging out in his tree.

LEGO Dimensions Year Two: Wave 6 Rundown

Enjoy accessible games for younger players and party games that bring family and friends together. Discover the game you never knew you loved from a selection of quirky indies and sleeper-hits. Browse the full list of games available in each membership plan.

Adventure Time Level Pack – A Book and a Bad Guy – Full Playthrough – LEGO Dimensions Year 2!

The competition follows the release of the LEGO Ideas Adventure Time Lego Number: brick figure set which originated from a submitted proposal via the Lego Ideas website, which was later greenlit and went into production. What time is it? Winner time! This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible.

The bundle aims to raise money to support the Active Minds charity, an organisation dedicated to change the conversation around mental health.

There is Finally a Dunder Mifflin Scranton Lego Set — And Preorders Are Open

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Enable HLS to view with audio, or disable this notification. Anyways, there seems to be an over arching storyline maybe? With marceline and ice king, and the lich is around a bit as well, so i do realize there is some level of continuance or overall story arch, but never found out what it was. TLDR; So the entire question, is it worth to watch from the beginning?

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