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An extraterrestrial ice entity named Princess Snow Kaguya arrives on Earth in an attempt to freeze it, but a fragment of her comet has been lost and she is unable to proceed without it. She has her henchwomen, the Snow Dancers, search for the missing fragment. Luna falls ill and decides to go back to Usagi's house. Along the way, she collapses while crossing the road, and is almost hit by a car, but is rescued and nursed to health by Kakeru. Luna then develops romantic feelings for him, even kissing him on the cheek in his sleep, leaving Artemis crushed. The two are devastated because Himeko is oblivious to Kakeru's belief of Princess Kaguya's existence.

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S Movie Music Collection

The three Sailor Moon movies — released following the '90s anime's second, third and fourth seasons — have been something of a white whale for Western fans, often discussed and rarely seen. Pioneer's censored English dub has been out of print for more than a decade, even though the full-series run of episodes has been available on mainstream streaming platforms for years. Viz Media released a remastered version of Sailor Moon R: The Movie early last year, with a fresh dub from the current English voice cast.

The animation has never looked better; both are major improvements from a standard TV episode. Viz's English dub cast once again delivers solid performances across the board, with chuckle-worthy humor and dramatic action that never becomes overwrought. While neither the S or SuperS movies quite manage to top the SMR movie's killer mix of fun and feels, there's loads here for longtime fans to enjoy.

Sailor Moon S: The Movie , the more affecting story of the two, sees an extraterrestrial being named Princess Snow Kaguya threatening to turn the Earth into a ball of ice. Naturally, her first stop is the Juban neighborhood of Tokyo, Usagi's home turf.

There, a wayward Luna crosses paths with an astronomer named Kakeru, whose obsession with the evil ice queen from space have made him a laughingstock among his colleagues. Luna quickly falls in love with Kakeru, which makes sense because he's essentially an easy-on-the-eyes mix of Mamoru and Haruka. Who wouldn't fancy that? Kakeru falls ill, leading Luna to wish she could become human and pretend to be Princess Snow Kaguya to make his dream —and hers—come true.

Even though her dream boy is a bit of a dud beneath his handsome exterior, Luna's love story is surprisingly moving. Voice actor Michelle Ruff's delivery nails every little wobble and quaver, capturing the raw agony of unrequited romance.

The Sailor Moon S movie also features a solid appearance from three of the Outer Senshi, even a brief innuendo-laced banter between Michiru and Haruka. Saturn, presumably, is off in a nursery somewhere. It also contains what may be the best Tuxedo Mask battle cameo of all time, which I won't spoil here. The Sailor Moon SuperS movie, much like the anime season from which it derives, is a mixed bag. Children throughout the world are being hypnotized by a mysterious faerie, then taken to another world known as Marzipan Castle.

An evil queen known as Badiane seeks to harvest their dream energy, and it's up to Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon to rescue the children and put an end to her plot. Frankly, the SuperS movie is not a great Sailor Moon story, and leans quite heavily on the tiresome "Usagi is jealous of Chibiusa" dynamic, but it's still a fun, silly watch.

There's some standout moments along the way, particularly when Badiane transforms the Sailor Senshi into little-girl versions of themselves, and the scenes in which all the girls bake cookies together at Mako's house.

Badiane comes off like a dime-store Galaxia the big bad of Stars , the fifth season , so the stakes never feel particularly high. Even so, some of the SuperS movie's best moments come from hilarious lines the English voice cast seemingly delivers with a knowing wink, like "My Black Dream Hole needs her Sugar Energy!

During this second—and final! It's pretty spectacular to see the Sailor Senshi on the big screen, and we'd recommend checking out a showing if you can find one that works for you. To find a nearby theater and purchase tickets online, head to the Fathom Events page and enter your zip code.

Have you seen any of the Sailor Moon movies in theaters? Would you buy a copy if they came out on DVD and Blu-ray? Let us know in the comments! Gaming Anime. Newsweek magazine delivered to your door Unlimited access to Newsweek. Unlimited access to Newsweek.

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Serena: Blah, blah, who are you suppose to be my conscious fairy? Maybe if you knew something about love, you wouldn't be such a stick in the mud. Luna: What's.

Special Bonus Release #4: Sailor Moon S: The Movie!

However, I was determined to find the perfect selection for the event! Even though this is my first time writing about anything Sailor Moon related, I have watched the English dub version of the show years ago. To avoid confusion for my readers, I will refer to the characters by their Japanese and Americanized names, if applicable. One consistent element was the use of color! In some scenes, sparkles were added to provide a layer of dimension to a specific piece of animation. One example is when Luna is looking out at the ocean, as the sparkles give the illusion of the water moving. In some scenes, snow falls from the sky. The snowflakes fall in a steady progression, to the point where you forget it was likely added as an extra layer of animation. The fluid movement of these snowflakes brought realism to a given scene as well as the world of Sailor Moon! But it never felt like these plots were clashing or in competition with one another.

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sailor moon s movie luna

And a…happy new year! The Sailor Moon S movie really is a holiday classic. I was recently talking to a friend who is making his way through the entirety of Sailor Moon. He was very confused when I said that the Sailor Moon S movie was my favorite of the auxiliary Sailor Moon movies, especially after he watched it.

Does anyone know anything about the artist or the artwork on this pin? It appears to be some type of a fan-made item but I never saw this….

Tokyo – Sailor Moon S (Part 2)

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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S: The Movie

Not only was the anime partially responsible for introducing anime to viewers in the United States, but the anime would also influence a generation of cartoonists such as Rebecca Sugar and ND Stevenson. Since then, the anime and its spin-off films have not only been re-dubbed by a new English cast, but they have also spawned a modern remake. In , Sailor Moon Crystal premiered and featured the same iconic characters in storylines that reflected the original manga series. Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Other major characters introduced include the mysterious protector Tuxedo Mask as well as the antagonists known collectively as the Dark Kingdom. Not only does this arc focus on the Sailor Guardians' first adventures, but it also establishes some worldbuilding involving the Moon Kingdom and its reincarnated princess Serenity as well as her destined lover, the reincarnated prince Endymion. The antagonists were also affected, most notably Zoisite; while the original character was male and in love with another male character Malachite , their gender was changed to female due to censorship.

Sailor Moon - sailor moon symbol png download, Sailor Moon - ay pattern, Luna Sailor Moon - sailor moon png uranus.

"Sailor Moon" Inspired by Luna in Human Form! Leisure Items Perfect for Sleeping are Released

Sailor Moon S is set during the winter break when Usagi and all of her friends are on vacation from school. But…as normally happens with Sailor Moon stories, something evil is approaching from outer space. Princess Snow Kaguya, an ice creature, is determined to freeze the Earth solid and rule as its queen. However first she has to find a special crystal that broke off and fell to Earth ahead of her.

Take 3: Sailor Moon S: The Movie Review

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On a clear night in December of , the Ice Princess 3 , who had been banished by Queen Serenity millions of years ago, and her ice comet approached the Earth once again. You will be mine! Astronomer Kakeru was watching the sky from his observation tower. He saw one of the ice crystals streak across the sky and fall to Earth.

Studio: Toei Animation Co.

Sailor Moon was the quintessential girl power manga series of the '90s and it's no surprise that it was adapted into countless TV series and movies in the years that followed. Its popularity has been felt across the world, thanks to the anime series being dubbed into English, French, Portugese and many other languages, with brand new episodes following the titular character and the Sailor Scouts' defence of the world still coming thick and fast on Hulu. But there would be no Sailor Moon without the characters of Luna and Artemis, the black and white cat guardians, with crescent moon symbols, who are as much loved as the Scouts. The cats were advisors to Queen Serenity in the Silver Millennium but sent to Earth, using the power of her Silver Crystal , after the kingdom fell to ruin in order to awaken the Sailor Senshi. They may look like cats but Luna and Artemis are actually aliens from the planet Mau.

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