The whole movie of wolfwalkers

By Matt Grobar. Its protagonist, Robyn, is an apprentice hunter, who journeys with her father from England to help take out a pack of wolves. Ross and I were co-directing a section of The Prophet at the time, and I felt it would be nice for us to co-direct the final piece in our little, semi-spiritual trilogy of folklore. We came up with the idea pretty quickly over lunch, and talked about using folklore from our region, here in Kilkenny. We wanted to talk about species destruction, and the sadness of that. Or did you come to that over time?

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Wolfwalkers: the hand-drawn Irish film taking on Pixar and Disney at the Oscars

Sean Bean stars in a medieval-set fantasy playing a strong father who tries to protect his rebellious teen daughter while struggling to fulfill his duty to a corrupt leader — oh, and there are wolves involved. Bill's crossbow-wielding daughter Robyn Honor Kneafsey , feeling confined by a protected life in their village, ventures into the forbidden forest where she meets a mysterious girl Eva Whittaker with the power to communicate with wolves, setting events into motion that lead to an epic clash.

Some critics have declared the hand-drawn film, from directors Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart, the best animated movie of the year while EW's Christian Holub noted the production "has extra resonance in the time of plague.

In the exclusive interview below, Bean discusses his voiceover role, the GoT comparison, and the film's message. I used to love it as a kid. The original feature film Snow White — I saw that in the cinema, things like that. I was quite good at drawing myself as a kid, so I always had an interest in it. I quite like doing the voices for the faces — you've got a bit more freedom to create the character as you're going along.

I think some Thrones fans will get a kick out of Wolfwalkers because it's tough — at least at first — to not think about Ned and Arya with the relationship between Bill and Robyn. I suppose there's a tendency when something is set during this period of time to think about slipping back into Ned Stark or Boromir. But the guy I play is quite a humble man, he's quite sensitive, and he's just an ordinary man following orders and doing what he's told to do.

It's not until he sees another world through Robyn's eyes that he realizes the world isn't what he's told it was. Speaking of Snow White , the hand-drawn style of the film is gorgeous, and a bit refreshing from the sleek CG animated style that we've grown accustomed to. Yeah, isn't it? There's so much more realism with CGI, it's very clean now and we take that for granted.

When something comes from someone with a pen or pencil, drawing pictures, one after the other, to create a whole film, it's brilliant.

It's so unusual to see that these days. There's also a level of — I don't want to say "darkness," because Wolfwalkers really is a family film — but there are some edgy moments in there that you would expect would get crossed out of the script if it was made at a major Hollywood studio nowadays for a summer release.

You feel like it genuinely means something, that there's a good story to be told that it still maintains its Irish roots and mythology and it was done by people who really felt they needed to tell a story that they felt very strongly and passionately about, rather than thinking about it as a commercial venture and having their hands tied by a studio. When I went to Ireland to [record] it, it was in a big old country house with animals running around.

It felt like being at a friend's house and they would say, "let's just try this or try that. It brought a more earthy realism to it. There's a certain amount of environmental theme there in terms of humans pushing into the wilderness.

But what do you think is important for viewers to take away from the film? I think it's important to remember that there are these stories that are made in mythology and are part of a [culture's] heritage. Wolves have kind of a bad reputation but are very free creatures who can teach Robyn a lot.

It tells me that we shouldn't lose that wildness, that spontaneity, in our great search for new ideas amid lives that we lead that are often quite structured toward not finding those magical moments. Like I have a garden that attracts a lot of wildlife and I love being out there with the smells of the leaves and the plants and trees and the water.

How I feel when I go out into my garden is probably how Robyn feels when she goes into the forest and finds the wolves. But it's the kind of thing I feel we need to hold onto and explore more of instead of being stuck in offices and in rooms with computers and listening to mainstream media.

I think it's important that we go out and find out things for ourselves, and that should be encouraged in all walks of life. Home Movies Sean Bean discusses Wolfwalkers , one of the year's best animated films.

Sean Bean discusses Wolfwalkers , one of the year's best animated films. James Hibberd. FB Tweet More. Wolfwalkers is a refreshing animated fantasy that calls for change: Review The Art of Wolfwalkers preview teases the artistic blend of new animated fantasy film The pandemic animation boom: How cartoons became king in the time of COVID.

View All. All rights reserved. Close this dialog window View image Sean Bean discusses Wolfwalkers , one of the year's best animated films.

Wolfwalkers 2020 English Audio Full Movie Download Apple Tv+ Hd-Rip

Don Morton. Rookie English crossbow hunter Robyn voice by Honor Kneafsey and her professional wolf-hunter dad Sean Bean arrive in Ireland to wipe out the last of a wolf pack that the superstitious villagers consider to be demonic. But things get complicated when she meets and befriends Mebn Eva Whittaker , a free-spirited girl who belongs to a secretive woodland clan that are rumored to turn into wolves at night… and she changes into the very thing her father has been hired to kill. Truly for the whole family, this one will thrill the kids and entrance the parents. There are lessons here that you cannot be too old to learn. View All Events.

I absolutely love the 'transformation' sequences where the human turns into wolves and vice versa. Though I've seen other Cartoon Saloon movies.

Review: 'Wolfwalkers'

Cartoon Saloon have been making groundbreaking animated films for years — and with Wolfwalkers, they might just break the studio chokehold on the Oscars. When Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart were carrying out research for their animated environmental opus Wolfwalkers , they came across an unusual anecdote about their hometown in Kilkenny, Ireland. When it came to the witch trials, then, colonists feared that those from Kilkenny might have the same magical powers. That deep, impassioned curiosity for Irish history and mythology is the lifeblood behind Wolfwalkers , one of the best animated films of the year. The latest in a string of visually sumptuous, richly-detailed folklore fantasies from studio Cartoon Saloon — also based in Kilkenny — it is a rapturous ode to nature, unruly childhoods, and the joy of accepting who you are. And with the help of a theatrical run and a major release with Apple TV, it could be the defiantly independent, beautifully hand-drawn gem that finally breaks the studio chokehold on the Best Animated Feature Oscar. These are high expectations, but Wolfwalkers stands on tall shoulders. Wolfwalkers , the first chapter to actually be set in their hometown, transposes the wolves of Ossory legend to the mid-seventeenth century, when Oliver Cromwell led a ruthless English invasion of Ireland.

Wolfwalkers is the best animated film of 2020

the whole movie of wolfwalkers

In the year , Robyn Goodfellowe lives in the Irish town of Kilkenny with her father Bill, a hunter who has come from England to hunt wolves. Robyn soon learns that Mebh is a "Wolfwalker," a being whose spirit leaves their body when they sleep and becomes a wolf. Unfortunately, the forests are under threat by the fanatical Lord Protector , who is determined to tame the land and is willing to slaughter every wolf to do it. Things get complicated as Robyn's relationship with the Wolfwalkers becomes more personal.

The vivid, saturated color palette and thick Irish brogues may be the same.

FlixChatter Review: Wolfwalkers (2021)

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The Magical Queerness of Wolfwalkers

The village is run with an iron fist by the villainous Lord Protector — who is loosely based on the historical figure of Oliver Cronwell, and Robyn feels suffocated by the Puritanical and tyrannical world in which she finds herself. Unexpectedly, she encounters Mebh — a wild native girl who lives in the forest with a pack of wolves. In order to protect Robyn from a precarious situation, Mebh accidentally bites her and Robyn becomes a Wolfwalker herself — and experiences a world of instinct and freedom. The two young women find themselves joining forces in an exhilarating adventure — Mebh has to look for her missing mother and Robyn has now become the very thing her father has been entrusted to hunt. There are so many ideas circling this Celtic adventure — from female empowerment to the protection of the environment — embracing freedom and moving away from oppressive ruling. The adult in me was challenged and the kid in me felt exhilarated. I felt a rush of happiness like never before. The town is full of geometric parents creating a sense of imprisonment.

In a time of superstition and magic, a young apprentice hunter, Robyn Goodfellowe, journeys to Ireland with her father to wipe out the last wolf pack.

Cartoon Saloon founders talk ‘Wolfwalkers’, future plans: “We’re not interested in being giants”

By Carolyn Giardina. Tech Editor. Will Collins Song of the Sea wrote the Wolfwalkers screenplay based on their story, which is set in Kilkenny and follows a young English girl named Robyn, whose father is forced to hunt wolves by the authoritarian Lord Protector, based on Cromwell.

Review: Wolfwalkers

Storyforming is the art of figuring out what stories are trying to tell us. That's what I do in this video when I take a look at the story structure of the film Wolfwalkers. Films like that are labeled as 'well-structured'. Not so much.

Wolfwalkers is a animated fantasy adventure film directed by Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart.

The Small Irish Animation Studio That Keeps Getting the Oscars’ Attention

Original Review by Jonathan Broxton. As their friendship develops, Mebh convinces Robyn to help her search for her missing mother, and before long Robyn is drawn into the enchanted world of the Wolfwalkers. It received a great deal of critical acclaim following its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, and looks set to earn Moore and his team a fourth consecutive Oscar nomination. Each of the four themes gets a concert statement, introducing the ideas to the listener so that the detail of the underscore itself can be revealed. All four pieces are just enchanting, and will appeal to anyone who has an affinity for Irish-flavored music. The rest of the score builds out from these main quartet of core themes, often adapting them into different dramatic and emotional guises, or playing them in intelligent counterpoint to illustrate shifting relationships.

Oliver Cromwell

Well, you are in luck, because that distraction has arrived in the shape of the animated fantasy movie, Wolfwalkers. The film follows the story of a young girl called Robyn, who lives in a small English settlement with her father. But here Robyn encounters a pack of wolves, as well as a mysterious stranger called Mebh.

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