2000s cartoons halloween movies for kids

Here are a few flicks the whole family can enjoy together! Stine Black to save the town and return the beasts back to the books where they belong. Rating: PG for some scary images. Rating: PG for mild scary images.

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2000s cartoons halloween movies for kids

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The best Halloween movies for kids of all ages

If the kids are too young to watch your favorite scary movie together, pick out one of these family-friendly films that are just as festive and entertaining. Buzz and Woody are back again. This time, the characters end up stranded at a roadside motel and as toys start to disappear, the crew has to band together to figure out what's going on.

When Sam asks his grandmother for a Dracula figurine, she tells him to write to Santa to ask for it as a gift. But Sam writes to Dracula instead and, well, you'll have to watch to find out what happens. Talk about a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen classic.

Go for a trip down nostalgia lane with this movie where the twins set out to save their parents from their aunt and meet magical friends along the way. Joey Lawrence plays a talking dog named Zeus and Mayim Bialik voices the scary canine he goes up against.

Seriously, it doesn't get better than that. This half hour-long film is based on a children's book by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler about a family with magical skills and is just as beautiful as it is entertaining. When Shrek and his gang finds out they'll have to spend the night in Lord Farquaad's haunted castle, chaos ensues — and you can bet it's all hilarious.

After being fired, a investigative journalist goes to an abandoned luxury hotel to find out why five people disappeared sixty years ago. You won't want to miss a young Kirsten Dunst as his sidekick.

Marnie Piper and her siblings discover their grandmother is a witch who lives in a fantasy world called Halloweentown. They venture around and discover a plot that endangers their own world. After discovering Halloweentown, the Cromwell family decides to split their time between the real world and the magical realm, but while they're away a rival threatens to rid their new home of all its magic.

The kids in Halloweentown want to go to school in the real world where they can hang out with kids their own age, so Marnie convinces her grandmother to help, but the stakes are high. After high school comes Watch Marnie go against her mother's wishes again, but this time it involves her going to college at Halloweentown instead of the real world. Casper the friendly ghost helps a man and his daughter track down the ghost of the man's wife.

In the process, Casper falls in love with the daughter and tries to bring himself back to life. The Mystery Inc. Skylar isn't scared of anything. But she soon finds out her parents are monster hunters, and they've been taken! Watch her fight the monsters on the night before Halloween. Based on the popular TV show, this film details the lives of the spooky Addams clan as they try to determine whether a member of the family, Fester, is actually who he says he is.

Casper is trying to cure his friendliness once and for all! However after studying hard at Haunting , he realizes the headmaster has an evil plot to take over the world, and he may just have to stay the friendliest ghost forever. Saving people from creepy creatures is what Mystery Inc. In this epic sequel, watch Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, and the rest of the gang fight off what else? A young boy named Luke accidentally spies on a convention of witches while staying in a hotel with his grandmother and discovers something terrible — the witches have a plan to turn all children into mice.

Luke is the first subject of the experiment and has to find a way to get turned back into a human. Susan Murphy Reese Witherspoon has just been struck by a meteor, which makes her grow to be 50 feet tall! Now she must try to escape from a government confine with other fellow monsters. A family of ghosts realize that living people have moved into their house, so they hire the terrifying Beetlejuice to scare the living away.

Unfortunately, Beetlejuice has other plans. The Wishbone Family is not as happy as they seem. In order to bond more as a family, they plan a fun night out, but their plan quickly changes when they're turned into monsters. The self-proclaimed King of Halloween decides to try something new: scaring children on Christmas.

Wendy the Good Little Witch Hilary Duff and her aunts seek safety at a resort in an attempt to hide from Desmond Spellman, an evil warlock. While vacationing, the four witches encounter four ghosts, Casper and his three uncles. Monster Squad is an '80s horror classic.

Follow along as a group of preteens try to stop Dracula before he and his monster friends take over the world. This movie is rated PG for mature themes. A young boy, Elliot, finds an alien stranded on Earth and names him "E. A disbelieving teenager named Max accidentally releases three evil witches on Halloween night in this classic Disney movie.

A team of scientists become "ghostbusters" to fight off the ghost population in New York City. They eventually find a portal to another dimension, and must save the city from an evil creature, Gozer.

Most people probably don't realize that there's actually a prequel to the famous How The Grinch Stole Christmas , and it's a Halloween story. This TV short about a terrible storm on Halloween night even won an Emmy. James, an orphan who lives with his two evil aunts, befriends bugs who live inside a peach and they go on an adventure in New York City together. Anything based on a book by Roald Dahl is bound to be just a tad spooky. Type keyword s to search.

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31 of the Scariest Kids Movies Ever Made

Need fun halloween movies to watch with kids for Halloween family movie night or a Halloween sleepover party? When looking for Halloween activities for kids, watch some family friendly movies. These not-too-spooky favorites are perfect for your kids after trick or treating or during your Halloween party! Halloween is a holiday that can be scary for kids. If your kids are anything like mine, they prefer funny Halloween movies over spooky or scary Halloween movies. Halloween Birthday Sleepover Activities.

I know for a fact two of the cartoons were Scooby-Doo and Ed-Ed-and-Eddy. I think there were one or two more, one of them might have been Kids.

The 20 Best Animated Horror Movies

No, thanks I'm already a PureWow fan. No, thanks I hate pretty things. Snickers, Almond Joy, toothbrush The end result? Some of the themes and references here will likely be too much for younger kids—witches with the power to suck the life from kids and mild sexual innuendo, among other things—so this one might be a bad choice for, say, a preschooler. Still, the spooks are not so scandalous, and the entertainment is big enough to thrill a tween. Watch on Amazon Prime. We might be going out on a limb here, but everyone loves Toy Story , right? If you agree, tune into this Halloween television special with your little goblin.

Halloween Movies: 250+ to Watch This Halloween

2000s cartoons halloween movies for kids

Happy Haunt Season Hipsters! These Disney movies can be enjoyed on each day of October and is perfect to kick off the spooky month! Which means if you click on certain links, I may receive a small commission at no additional charge to you. This film produced by Pixar animation studios, follows a little boy named Miguel who is transported to the land of the dead by accident. He seeks out the help of his deceased great, great grandfather to him return to his family who is among the living.

Yet, as this article will show, even in beloved classics such as Pinocchio and Sleeping Beauty , despite the fact that good always triumphs over evil in the end, there are traces of what would be considered classic horror tropes —monsters, demons, witches, spells, and malevolent forces that seek to wipe out the planet.

Family Halloween Movies: 17 Non-Horror Flicks For Scaredy-Cats to Watch

A great kids movie is a beautiful and rare thing. But we also tried to point out some less-obvious options, as well, including films from around the world. There are superheroes and, of course, plenty of cuddly anthropomorphic animals. Watch on Netflix. His eyes, then, say everything, open to any modicum of familial comfort. It is extremely ordinary to want to be a part of something, to crave the intimacy of loved ones.


Halloween spans more than just one day for fans of the holiday. For many, the spooky occasion is a month-long affair filled with carving pumpkins , picking apples and watching endless scary movies. But with so many to choose from, how can you fit them all into 31 nights? We focused on movies categorized as horror, thriller, fantasy, comedy and family and took the top box office earners in all things slasher, wizards, witches, ghouls, vampires and spirits, as well as some of the classics set around this spooky holiday. When you think about Halloween, your mind probably jumps right to horror and thriller flicks.

Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie is a American animated direct-to-video film produced by DisneyToon Studios, featuring the characters from.

Vampire Movies For Kids! 27 Family-Friendly Films

These movies are aimed at the preschool crowd and should be safe for all but the most sensitive kiddies. When the sleepy peace of Whoville is disturbed by the howling sour-sweet wind signalling the arrival of Grinch Night, one brave little boy, Eukariah, sets out to save his town. Curious George: Halloween Boo Fest Autumn is here, bringing colorful leaves, hay rides, pumpkin patches, and the annual Boo Festival. After hearing about a legendary scarecrow who steals hats, the inquisitive monkey and his friends set out to find him.

35 Halloween movies for kids to watch for age-appropriate scares

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Horror has always been seen as a genre primarily for adults. Read on for our selections! Strange as it is, however, it also works as a creepy, fun s throwback that has a fun approach to monsters and a hefty dose of imagination. There are few movies in existence that so elegantly capture what it means to be different and feel persecuted, and wrapped up in a beautifully crafted story of zombies and witches curses is an incredibly important message about acceptance and forgiveness. Do yourself and the world a favor by watching this one with your kids.

The leaves are turning, pumpkin spice is in the air, and grocery stores are stocking candy by the pound: it must be Halloween.

Timeline of Halloween-related cartoons

Halloween is one of America's favorite holidays, and it's not hard to see why. Yes, all of these things are what make the spooky holiday so great. But after the sugar high wears off and the rubber masks lose their novelty, parents will need something else to keep their little guys and ghouls occupied. The solution: End the day on October 31 by watching a Disney Halloween movie with your family! Start planning your Halloween movie marathon by checking out the funny Halloween movies on this list. They strike the perfect balance between silly and scary, with a kind-hearted witch for every bad boogeyman.

Movies like Monster House. Find your next favorite and similar movies in two steps: 1. Identify all themes of interest from this film block below.

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