Hanna barbera best cartoons of tex avery

Hanna and Barbera originally worked as a team for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 's animation department; their most famous creation for that studio was Tom and Jerry. When MGM closed their animation department, Hanna and Barbera decided to start their own animation studio, producing cartoons for television. Their first series was The Ruff and Reddy Show , a "serialized" cartoon similar to Crusader Rabbit ; their second series, The Huckleberry Hound Show , became popular enough to make them a household name. It shut down a month later. Bill and Joe had met again and decided to form their own studio.

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Harman and Ising poached artists like William Hanna and Robert and Tom McKimson from Warners and so began a merry go round of personnel and sometimes cartoon stars between the studios. Quimby raided more studios for experienced artists but, still unable to establish hit characters, he re-hired Harman and Ising. Soon after this Harman, in a moment of what turned out to be pure genius, teamed storyboard artist and character designer Joseph Barbera with director William Hanna to make their first cartoon, Puss Gets the Boot.

The short concerned a cat called Jasper trying to catch a mouse, nothing radical there and no one thought it was anything special until it unexpectedly turned out to become a huge hit. Joe was the other way, wild as hell. The design of the unnamed mouse in the cartoon is virtually unchanged from the later look of Jerry however.

One difference is that we hear the mouse saying a prayer in a squeaky little voice, whereas a familiar characteristic of the pair in future years was their speechlessness although occasionally voices are heard, such as Tom singing Spike the bulldog to sleep in Quiet Please The Puss Gets the Boot story follows the now-familiar path of the mouse managing to turn the tables on the bullying cat, this time by breaking, or threatening to break, the glass and crockery in the house after the cat is told by Mammy Two-Shoes , the maid whose feet are all we ever see of her that he will be evicted if there are any more breakages.

After the success of Puss Gets the Boot , Hanna and Barbara were set to work making more shorts about the cat and mouse. A competition was held among MGM staff to choose a new name for the duo, and Tom and Jerry was selected.

Tom and Jerry cartoons are considered to have been at their peak in the mid-forties, when story ideas, gags and personality all came together in a string of miniature masterpieces. The theatre shorts were made right up until and after that were created for television, with the TV production ongoing, although sporadically for specials and commercials, to the present day.

Mouse Cleaning , a reworking of Puss Gets the Boot with some excellent gags won another Oscar for the series, and two more came for Two Mouseketeers and Johann Mouse The team worked with Kelly again when they created a whole segment of his portmanteau movie Invitation to the Dance made in but released in , later released on its own as a short feature titled The Magic Lamp. We first see a tough guy mouse Muscles in the big city, mercilessly dispatching a gang of alleycats. He receives a letter asking for help from his cousin Jerry and sets of for the country where Jerry is being terrorised by Tom.

The short ends with Tom subdued into kissing Muscles feet and when Muscles sets off back to the city he leaves Jerry an identical costume so that the mouse worship continues. By the mid-fifties, budget restrictions caused a distressing reduction in quality. In MGM put Hanna and Barbera in charge of their own cartoon division, but it closed in the last Tom and Jerry cartoon, released that year, was Tot Watchers and the pair cashed in their MGM pensions in order to start their own company and make cartoons for television.

He would inspire the rest of us to come up with material, because he was so fast. When they would hand out the work to the animators, they would act out the entire picture, in a very hammy fashion, which seemed exaggerated when they would do it, but it was just right for animation.

There is an underlying bond between Tom and Jerry that gives these cartoons tremendous strength and likeability. Hanna and Barbera spent 15 years working for MGM on Tom and Jerry cartoons, in thier time at the forefront for technical skill and quality of gags, winning seven Oscars and 14 nominations. A year later they hit the jackpot with The Huckleberry Hound Show. Taking the UPA stripped-down, limited animation model but dispensing with the high style, Hanna-Barbera productions became an animation factory that dominated television animation for the next few decades.

After Huckleberry Hound, Hanna-Barbera Productions produced many more hit shows, which will be, along with their catchy theme tunes, instantly familiar to anyone alive in that era.

The Flintstones and then The Jetsons were basically the first animated sitcoms, set in the prehistoric era and the space age.

These are just a few of the many Hanna-Barbera hit shows that, while based on cheap and limited animation, managed to maintain a funny and memorable watchability due to the writing, characters, and the catchy tunes that created a bubblegum pop culture freshness with every new flavour that came off the production line.

As for Tom and Jerry , the series was revived by MGM in and briefly farmed out for a year to ex UPA director Gene Deitch, then based in in Czechoslovakia, with mixed results, and then later taken over by Chuck Jones from at his own Sib Tower 12 Productions company, with another not altogether welcome change of style. None of these later attempts managed to recapture the magic of the Hanna-Barbera shorts, although to be fair the budgets were much reduced.

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OBITUARIES : Daws Butler; Voice of Well-Known Cartoon Characters

Frederick Bean "Tex" Avery February 26 , — August 26 , was an animator , cartoonist , and director , famous for producing animated cartoons during the Golden Age of Hollywood. He did his most significant work for the Warner Bros. Termite Terrace and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios, creating the characters of Bugs Bunny , Daffy Duck , and Droopy ; and his influence was found in almost all of the animated cartoon series by various studios in the s and s. Avery's style of directing broke the mold of ultra-realism established by Walt Disney , and encouraged animators to stretch the boundaries of the medium to do things in a cartoon that could not be done in the world of live-action film. An often-quoted line from Avery's cartoons was, "In a cartoon you can do anything," and his cartoons often did just that. A popular catchphrase at his high school was "What's up, doc?

He was the film sales executive in charge of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer cartoon studio, which included Tex Avery, as well as William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

Cartoon Network's Greatest Cartoon Countdown

Nationality: American. Born: Melrose, New Mexico, 14 July, Born: New York City, Jekyll And Mr. Blue Monday cartoon short; d—Hanna ; What a Lion! Anchors Aweigh d—Sidney ds—animated sequences. Holiday in Mexico d—Sidney ds—animated sequences. Neptune's Daughter d—Buzzell ds—animated sequences. Dangerous When Wet d—Walters ds—animated sequences.

‘Take Back Our Cartoons’

hanna barbera best cartoons of tex avery

May 27, G. Michael Dobbs news thereminder. If you venture into reading magazines or books about the art form you realize there are many people who deserve just as great an amount of attention as those three men, and Tex Avery is at the top of the list. This new collection of his work at MGM from the s will undoubtedly allow a new generation of cartoon fans to appreciate his enormous contributions and influence. Talk to the current generation of people working in the field and they frequently site The Fleischer Brothers — Popeye and Betty Boop — Bob Clampett — another influential director at Warner Brothers — and Avery as guiding lights.

Little Beeper is a cartoon character from the Warner Bros. Even includes a second car to add to your TrackMaster playset.

Top 10 Oldest Cartoon Characters in the World

Tex Avery was an American animator , cartoonist , voice actor , and director. He became famous for producing animated cartoons during the Golden age of American animation and produced his most significant work while employed by the Warner Bros. He developed the characters of Porky Pig from the Warner Bros. Avery first began his animation career at the Walter Lantz studio in the early s, working on the majority of the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoons from He is listed as "animator" on the original title card credits on the Oswald cartoons. He later claimed to have directed two cartoons during this time.


He was 71 and died of a heart attack. A spokesman for Hanna-Barbera Productions, where Butler had been prime studio communicator for three decades, said the publicly invisible but highly respected actor had suffered a stroke and been battling pneumonia in the last few months. Joseph Barbera, co-founder with William Hanna of the famed animation studios, said Butler did not just provide the sound but contributed to the development of the characters whose voice he would become. Barbera recalled the time when he and his partner had first set up shop on La Brea Avenue where the old Charlie Chaplin studios had been. He helped find the voices for our two original characters, Ruff and Ready, and then when I told him we were going to do a laid back-dog and needed a Southern accent, he gave us versions of dialects for each of the Southern states. What always amazed me was that his own speaking voice was not inspiring at all. He had met Freberg through TV producer Bob Clampett, who wanted Butler to portray a little boy opposite a sea serpent in a live puppet show. The soft-spoken Butler was the boy with the propeller-hat and the brash Freberg the voice of the opinionated Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent.

Their first series was The Ruff and Reddy Show (), a "serialized" cartoon similar to Crusader Rabbit; their second series, The.

‘Tex’ Avery: Master Cartoonist & Director, Influencing the World of Animation

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The best have their own unique art styles and most also have their own art books.

William Hanna and Joseph Barbera: The Sultans of Saturday Morning (Legends of Animation)

Things you buy through our links may earn New York a commission. In , it can be hard to remember how dire the state of American animated television was not so long ago. In the s, repetitive adventure series designed to sell action figures, like Transformers , He-Man and the Masters of the Universe , G. Joe , and Thundercats, dominated TVs nationwide. Easily the best toons on the tube at the time were reruns of theatrical shorts from the golden age of animation — Looney Tunes , Merrie Melodies , and Tom and Jerry.

Tom and Jerry Is the Best Cartoon Series Ever!

Pin this. Saturday, May 8- am ET. One of the most influential theatrical animators of the 20th century, Tex Avery shepherded Warner Bros.

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