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Hello everyone ladies and gentlemen I would like to welcome you all to the first annual truth or dare event featuring the matsuno brothers let's welcome them Osomatsu: hello my lovely fans but mostly the ladies I'm Osomatsu Matsuno the first eldest son Karamatsu: Hello there my Karamatsu girls and boys, I'm Karama Sequel to "Trash" Yandere! Ichimatsu x Reader. I highly recommend you read that book before you read this book! Self Harm, Suicide, and Murder! It's been 4 years since they've seen you.

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Masculinity 🍋(Todomatsu x reader) Lemon

Try Premium. Log in Sign Up. Choromatsu x Innocence - noun, lack of guile or corruption; purity. Partly the reason that your ex dumped you f Happy Life Yandere! Matsu brothers You run as fast as you can. Cold wind hits your body, your legs hurting and hot tears rolling down your face. Behind you, dark shadows following you.

Their eyes glowing Ichimatsu x Reader by Max The final book in my Yandere! Ichimatsu series! Please read "Trash" and "Found" before reading this or nothing will make sense! Osomatsu x Reader by Max My soulmate from another world? You are the typical reader with a sad past. What a cliche, right? Well, can't be helped. Things gone wrong and you got thrown into the world of Osomatsu-san. What will h Challening A Sextuplets Love! With their parents suddenly gone to Hawaii, the sextuplet NEETS need to find a way to have the house still standing when they come back!

Knowing the brothers will fail Your mother passed away and she wants you to fulfill her wish to marry the sextuplets. I don't own this art neither the characters. If anybody has a problem with the pic or something please tell me. Shit and all this dumb stuff that is in my head Ichimatsu x Reade You met on the beach. Sitting by the cliff edge, you met each other, both wanting plunge into the salty water and disappear like trash. Little did you know, you had rece Osomatsu San x Reader: Mat Suddenly, you came up against 6 zombies which looked identic Challenging a Sextuplet's Love!

Once upon a time there was a lovely young princess. Her live was filled with love and joy when suddenly an evil queen took over her kingdom. When she was forced to flee The cheeky Matsuno setuplets start using an app, plotting to seek ladies by exaggerating who they really are.

That is soon ended by futile attempts and never getting any Hey all you Osomatsu-san fans, welcome to my one-shot book, where I'll be writing up some lovely stories about these losers! I had taken a three-year hiatus from this bo Choromatsu x Reader-Music to My Ea The music business was a tough job, but you were up for the challenge.

You spent your whole life playing and creating music, because it was your passion. Music was what Well, just read to find out! Karamatsu x Gho Osomatsu-san Scenarios by yeet 7. Hey, you Yeah you!! Want some Osomatsu x Reader Scenarios? Show more Loading

Secret 🍋(Highschool! Karamatsu+Ichimatsu x reader) Lemon

Another oneshots book open to requests keep in mind some requests, like gore, may be rejected But I'm open to any suggestions. For CryptOfDrawings. I was eating my lunch in the classroom. I was alone.

in this book it will include: lemon's, fluff, limes, and what ever the fuck else.


However, I like there to be a story involved. So this might take a while to get to the good stuff. Sorry to Now that you are alone and can make decisions by yourself, you are sure you want to be a hero to use your quirks and help othe Seriously, Totoko-chan and Nyaa-chan are super cute! Don't you agree?! Read at your own discretion! The sextuplets are back at it again! You've came in town to visit your aunt in Japan, but you didn't to visit your aunt.

Osomatsu-san x Reader [LEMON]

osomatsu san x reader lemon wattpad

Yep, dedicated to all Osomatsu san fans out there looking for a new story to read :D Feel free to comment ideas,request characters and all that mambo jambo This is my first x reader insert story.. I hope it isn't too bad or anything.. Anyways, enjoy! Mai Hello there everyone!

This is the third book of oneshots for Osomatsu-san.

Caught 🍋(Karamatsu x Sister! reader) Fluff/Lemon

This is an Oneshot book, If you didn't already know. I will Not take requests because I'm only doing this when I am really bored. Some oneshots will be long and some will be short. This book contains Lemons and if you don't like Lemons then don't read it. Cover art is not mine nor are the other arts unless I say that

Osomatsu-san Oneshots (Book 2)

Do you love The 6 Neets that we all know and love! This fanfiction brings your Matsuno in different outfits in to different scenario X Reader!! Btw for those who have inocent minds, dont read this! Reader yikes ;;. Got bored late at night and decided to experiment with one of my favorite animes.

Read stories about #aaaaaaa, #art, and #karamatsu on Wattpad, recommended by Karamatsu_The_King. Time for Ichimatsu-sama //Ichimatsu x reader LEMON.

Osomatsu San Jyushimatsu X Reader Sex

You are a surviver thanks to a man in a mask. The man, who name is Karamatsu, says that he saved you during a smog attack, which is a creature that blows deadly smoke out of its mouth. You thank him but he does so much more for you, he cares for you for a couple of months before you have to go back into the world.

Osomatsu-san x Reader *~* One...

Another oneshots book open to requests keep in mind some requests, like gore, may be rejected But I'm open to any suggestions. For DarkReidenMai. I was sitting at the living room table next to my boyfriend, Todomatsu, watching Jyushimatsu spin around the room. It was all fun and games until he bumped into Karamatsu. Both fell to the ground with a grunt so I shot up from my spot on the floor to check on them.

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Akaashi Keiji x Reader Haikyuu! You wanted to run to him and hug him, but a new feeling bubbled in the pit of your stomach that took over; making you anxious as you thought of the male. As an avid haikyuu addict and writer myself, i've finally mustered enough courage to read the whole manga, and damn, was i surprised. A few requested One-shots with your favourite Volleyball cuties! Zenitsu x Fem!

Ey yo what's up guys? I'm coming right back at you with another bad story XD. I've had this idea in my head for awhile now. Hope you like itttttt.

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